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Channeling 12/10/2009 "Amplification"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on December 12, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We’re ready to talk. And halleluiah, times are changing. And we mean this for all of you, not just Paul. We have a time coming to you each, and it is time of auspicious beginnings. And we would like you each to understand this: That the New Year heralds change on the internal planes, not just on a calendar year. And what you choose to bring to the New Year will be what you create. So we’re going to take some time tonight to remind you of what you have created so you understand that you are manifestation in action, and what you have created thus far has been your job, and what you’ll create next will be in your dominion as well.

Now this week is about amplification of that which comes to you each in heralding new ideals. We want you to understand this. As you create anew, you bring to you new information. And as you do this, you charge it and you amplify it and you send it out as thought, as a re-patterning of your own lives. And really, that is what thought is. As you change your thoughts, you change your lives.

Now there are thoughts that you keep that you don’t want, but you keep them because they are believed by you to be you, and you cannot imagine yourself without them. And consequently you have areas in your lives where you are stuck, where you are plodding along, or where you say “No, no, no, this is not going to change, because I don’t believe it can.” You don’t believe it can because the thought is entrenched.

Now there are thoughts that you hold and there are thoughts that are held by you that are connected to larger thoughts on a planetary level. And you are already bypassing some of that here. We have told you already that you can manifest your gifts as healers, as thinkers, as seers and you are beginning to do that. Each one of you, in your way, has created a new ideal of herself, or himself in regard to the work that we have been doing. And you come each week and you say “Okay, let’s go for it.” So you have done this so far, and you have required a group of people and our presence to affirm this with you. And we are happy to do this with you up to the point where we can throw you out of the nest and demand that you fly.

Now to fly in this regard really means that you will be holding thoughts that are new, that are in defiance of popular thought or matrix and will bring you what your really require. Now it can be a small thing, which is, “I want to change my name, I want to call myself something else,” so you can have a new experience of your vibration. Or it can be a grand thought, which would be, “I can see in the dark, I can do things now that I did not believe I was allowed to do because I was told that could not be done.”

How you choose to create things is really up to you. We have spent time, in the past, discussing limitations of thought and how you are held by beliefs in structures that are heralded as permanent and time is one of them. And how you experience yourself in time is an agreed upon structure and absolutely nothing else.

Now tonight we want to show you something. We want to show you who you are. We’re not telling you anymore. We have told you are Word, you are a divine aspect of the creator. You don’t believe us, because you’re still sitting here and you’re not working with it to the extent that you claim. So we want to show you. When you are shown something, you agree with it. And we want you to know this in your cell memory “I am that I say that I am.” As you require this to be so, it is so. And we want to tell you this. As your experience changes in this regard, your frequency will elevate rapidly. As your frequency is elevating rapidly you are in creative force and flow. And as you are in flow, what you call to you is what you require. It can be a meal, it can be information, it can be anything you desire. Instantaneous creation, we would say, is where we could go with you each if you would remember, always, who you are.

“I am Word” is not just a significator. It is not a title. It does not go on your desk or on a pin on your lapel. It is an understanding of what you are in essence. “I am this mind. I am this creation. I am this creator. This is what I say, and I express.” Expression is pivotal now. What are you expressing? Where are your lives expressing what you say you want? Where are your lives standing still? What do you not believe can be held and held in safety in your lives?”

Now we want to talk about specific things for you tonight. And this is actually important. We say specific because when you claim what you’ve known “I have achieved this, I have demonstrated that,” you are specific. “I can feel energy now.” “I can see people’s auric fields.” “I can know things without between told.” But you are being specific.

Now we want to talk about what you are not countering, and where you are not healing, and what the thought behind that may be so we can equip you with the discipline and the exchange of ideas that will allow you to do this on your own. And we say that adamantly: On your own. The Class for Teachers, we said, is an important one, and that means to you each that your responsibility will be to demonstrate this action in your lives so that you can change other’s minds through expression of your frequency and your consciousness.

As you embody in the higher levels your life has to transform. It cannot be not so. As you decide that it cannot be not so, you change. The moment you agree that your life can be transformed you are in transformation. And this can be your money issues, or your sex issues, or your fear issues, or your blame issues, or whatever issues you want to call to you and say “Okay already, enough of this, I am in transformation.” And by saying this, you call to you the frequency of the Word to do what is required, and you allow it. You don’t have to block it. You don’t have to question it. You embody your energies ands you say, “Yes, I am willing to change. I am changing. And I am in my transformation.”

Now each one of you tonight will be asked two things. “What is one thing in your life that you have transformed? What is one thing in your life that you have changed and manifested anew through the work that we do here? What have you created in consciousness?” Then we will ask you a second question. “What has not moved and why?” And we want to hear what you say, and we say it in a different way when we express to you what we believe to be the reason that you have been holding back your light from this aspect of your life.

When you hold something in the light it adorns itself, and it accrues light, and it is transformed in light. When you block the light out of fear or unknowing of how to proceed and go into guardedness, you hold that thing in place and you don’t require the movement to come that would transform you. So tonight we have the questions for you and we will give you some answers as well. But we said to you we wanted to show you this. Now what does that means? You must know what you are in your experience. And experience is important now, because when it becomes conjecture, “Well, maybe so, I guess it’s so,” you dismantle it. You dismantle the work that you have done and then you have to build again.

Now Paul is wondering “Isn’t that a first step for somebody? ‘I guess it can be so’.” Well, it is up to a point. But the reservation that is held holds much more than reservation. It holds to it the affirmation that things do not change, that there cannot be a Christ alive within you seeking his realization, that you cannot be light in fullness and in love.

Now, love, love, love. We have a little speech to give you and we’ve prepared it carefully. Tonight is love. You are each in love and the triumph of your love will be your song. And your song is what you sing in your frequency when you walk down the aisle in the supermarket, and when you are standing alone on the corner, and when you are singing to yourself in the bathroom, and when you are shaking hands with a stranger. Your song is your resonance. And your resonance in love is what we give you as an aspect of your experience.

Now when you judge others, you fall out of alignment. When you are enraged at others, you fall out of frequency; you drop your vibration. But you all have questions then about what to do with the feelings as they clamor for attention.

“I want to kill that woman, she makes me so angry.” Well, if you deny the feeling and you sublimate it, you create other issues. So we want to give you a technique right now to heal these things as they occur.

“I am now choosing to choose a higher knowing of this situation, or this important idea. I am now accepting that I am the one in choice about how I experience this. And I am allowing myself to live in a high frequency regardless of what is presented to me. I am Word though this knowing and through this response. Word I am Word.”

Now when you work with this, you may simplify it. You may choose it in a new way, but we are telling you this: That is not sublimation. That is not pretending. That is making a choice to work in higher frequency. When you do this, then you allow yourself to be in a new exchange of energy with the situation you are complaining about. Is this making sense to you? It’s a way of operation that can engage you at a higher frequency as opposed to what you do impulsively, which is go to the lower to fight back, to complain, to enjoy you irritation or your self-righteousness. Get it, everybody. When you are angry with somebody you are hurting yourself as much as anything else and when you are blaming somebody else you are forgetting that you are the creator of your own lives and experience. When you justify the behavior of another that is not healthy you are enabling them to continue, so we are not recommending that. We are simply saying to you, you have a choice in how you engage and as you require the energy to stay high, you will be given the opportunity to do so.

We are telling you this for a reason. As you amplify your light, which you are each doing now, you are going to meet with resistance form others. And others’ resistance may take different forms. It can be aggression. It can be fear. And this has nothing to do, by the way, with your discussing this, or doing the energy work publicly. It has to do with your frequency and your light absorbing and reflecting and being in response to the issues and the negativity that others are holding. When you are confronted with this, you have choices. Do I want to engage at their level, or do I want to move upwards in frequency?

If you look at Paul’s hand now, you will see that he is upping a dial. He has a dial in his hand and he is tuning it up. And you can do this yourself. Take the gesture if you wish. See what it feels like. Your response is to turn the volume up, or the energy up in frequency. That is all you need to do. You have the tricks; you have the behavior. “I am Word through my knowing” calls this to you, and the choices that you make from your knowing are high choices. You have been trained already. We have given you the exercise to know when you are in your knowing and we expect that you do. But you allow yourselves, still, to stay where you were in the habitual sense because you don’t want to go there. You don’t want to be responsible for what you create.

Now if you created the stuff you don’t like, you can change it. We will tell you this. The belief that you cannot is what we are going to counter tonight through our exercises with you. Now if you ask something tonight in a question form we will take the question because we have a mission now. This next six months prior to the publication of our book is to ready you to work with those who you are called to work with. You have the information, you have the knowing and (guess what, everybody?) you have the frequency, you just have to use it and believe it, and say, “Yes, yes, yes, I am Word. I am aligned. I am in my progress and I am in my wonder.”

Get ready everybody. We are not leaving you behind. We have work to do with you still, but it is the work you’ve come for, and we will give it to you. So now we say this to you:

I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.
I am Word though my vibration. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.

And let the teaching begin. We will continue now with the work of the night. This has been our talk. We thank you each.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Channeling 12/3/2009 "Responsibility in Ascension"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on December 3, 2009. It was followed by group and individual instruction and energy work.)

We’re gonna talk now, and there’s a lot to talk about, and responsibility is the issue tonight, and your responsibility for the caretaking of yourselves. And what does that mean? To caretake the self means to be in requirement of knowing your needs and responding to them according to what is required and nothing more than that. However, the ambitions that you have as souls is to ascend, and the requirements for one who wishes to ascend is remarkably different than the one who gets up in the morning and brushes her teeth and goes about her business.

When one is in ascension, one is responding to a call of the soul that wants to resonate in a higher frequency, and consequently the soul is choosing the circumstances and experiences she needs to bring about this change. Once you are in this situation of calling to you the experiences your require for your ascension you are, in truth, responding to new circumstances at a rapid rate because the pattern of ascension is a rapid one. It can be stalled. You can walk away from it. However, the choice to ascend, once it is begun, is remarkably quick and the obstacles that come up to be faced, to be recognized, are your responsibility.

Now may people get frightened at a juncture when there is a big choice to make. And you ask yourselves, “Am I responding from my higher self, or from the pattern of safety that I have known? Am I in my habituated response, or am I in a new way, and where am I going?”

Now the soul already knows the answer to these things, which is very interesting to you, because you do not ask yourself at a higher level which aspect of the self you are moving towards. If you were to do this simple question, “Am I moving towards my highest good?” you would know very quickly through the feeling in your systems. It would feel very slow; it would feel fearful in a negative way if it was not a high choice. When you are in a high choice, you move into high frequency, and the resistance to that can bring about fear or choices outside of what you want, but the truth of the choice will be a high note that will be singing. So you must get used to asking yourself these questions now. If you do this often, you will become habituated to knowing yourselves fully in terms of what you require to bring about the changes you seek.

Now Paul is wondering what it means to go into your ascension process without knowing what you want. “I said okay, I am in this process, I will go forward, but what does it really mean?” We will tell you what it means. It means to become yourself in your truth in a frequency that is in accord with your soul’s jurisdiction in a high frequency. As you go forward and you operate at this level, you become magical, in a way. And we don’t say “magical” in a silly way. We are not talking about pointing at things with wands and turning them into things. We are talking about becoming what you are in the most perfect self that you are in truth as realized.

Now the physical body that you stand in needs to be achieved at a certain frequency to align to this, and this is now a responsibility of this group. Where is the body not in alignment to the new work? Where is the body stopping itself and, quite simply, what does the body require to move up an octave, as it were? When you ask the body this, you can begin to hear that as well and your whole system begins to move in one accord.

Now you want to know what happens to you when you are in your ascension. You become yourself in truth, and that is what it is. But what that truly means is that you are operating in a new field, and your field will be truthful and responsive to the Creator and to your soul’s intentions. You become in accord with a key element of your destiny, which is the return of the self to the God-self incarnate.

Now nobody is going to tell you that you are going to walk on water, however the passage through phenomenon will be one that many of you will take. As you change and as you begin to realize that your consciousness impacts matter, you will call circumstances to you to prove this. And the way that you will do this will be very, very simple. “I am thinking about this, and then it happens,” and then you will know that you are there. You are in your manifestation and your are operating at a frequency level that will call to you your consciousness rapidly.

Now the design of this, in terms of your teaching, is to bring you into a knowledge of your decisions and a thought, frankly, is a decision, and you don’t realize that yet. And you deal with the consequences of them you begin to realign your experience and then you go forward with the new ideal that will come to you through that system of exchange of information with the self in experience. As you do this again and again, your choices change, and your choices will become higher because the system that you are will call those to them. Do you understand this?

So when we said responsibility in ascension what we are truly saying is: you are the one here, you are the one there and how you grow there is your choice in comparison to the old system where you remain passive to your experience and you decide that you are not the one in charge. Now the design of this, we will say, is about moving forward and upward in frequency and as we said, your soul calls to itself now those experiences you require to bring about the learning that you need. Period, period, period.

Now we want to ask you something. Are you willing tonight to go forward in a frequency that will realign you to your decision-making process? Are you willing to decide tonight that you can choose differently, that you can reintegrate the pattern of knowing in a different way so that your choices become seamless and you are not fighting yourself as you have in the past?

The requirement of this, quite simply, is to appropriate a system that we would give you in terms to attuning to a knowing in terms of response. When you say, “yes,” feel your system. How does you system feel? When you say, “yes” to something you don’t want to do, how does your system feel? When you say, “no” to something you do want to do, how does your system feel? What happens to your frequency? As you begin to navigate in frequency, you can bypass the intellect which may have perfectly good reasons why you should do something you should not do that is a lower choice. But once you operate from an energy field, you attune anew.

So the programming we would like to give you tonight is about response to your feelings. “I want you all to go out tonight and rob something of somebody.” How does it feel to be told that? Do you fear it? Are you repelled? Does it feel untruthful? Does it feel wrong-minded? Do you understand this? Know how you feel.

“We want you all to go out tonight and see the light in everyone.” How does that feel? What does it mean? What does your system respond with? Now don’t go to the intellect. Please say this:

“I am now choosing to respond to myself in my knowing through my intuitive senses. I am now experiencing myself as knowing through vibration and consciousness. I am now realigning the passage of accruing knowledge to this system and leaving behind limited ways and patterns that allow me limited benefit. I am choosing this in alignment with my highest good and with the accord of my soul. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now we have said it. Now the practice of it becomes the issue. So tonight we want to work with you a little bit differently, and Paul is saying, “What the heck is going on?” But we will say this. We want you to begin to feel what it feels like to know in your body, in your mind, in your frequency. Of course we have taught you in the past to know things through feeling, but we are trying at this time to show you what you are doing and how you can work with a system of knowing that bypasses the intellect. This is not about knowing things on an information level of practical-ness. It is about knowing things on a deep level of resonance. There is a big difference, do you understand?

“There is a sale at Macy’s, things are discounted” is informational knowing. “I am in love with this woman. I am in knowing of my need to be with her” is resonant. Do you understand the difference? One is profound and it is within the system and, of course, it bypasses the intellect. When you are in resonance with love you are not in your intellect, and that is why we are giving you that example. But you can be in resonance with many other things. The home Paul goes to must be in his resonance. The jobs that you take in the future must align to your knowing in order to be fruitful for you in passage. You are no longer able to sustain systems that operate at a low frequency. That is the benefit of this work, but it’s also the difficulty of it, because you are still attached to the meaning you have given things in the past and you assume them to be recognized by you as the truth when, in fact, they may be from a system that you are no longer in accord with.

We will give you an example. “I need to have a job with benefits.” Well, that is okay. There is nothing wrong with having that. But it also a decision based in worry and practicality. You may be called to go someplace else where that would not be a requirement. And understand then, that the same needs that you have would be responded to in that situation. “I need to date a blonde,” whatever it might be, that is based in past practice and information may not resonate anymore, and you have to discover this for yourself.

Now the requirements we give you for this knowing are very, very simple. The choice to know will call to you the knowing you require. The choice to know will bring you the knowing you require. The decision to know will bring to you the knowing you require, and this will be the passage. But your understanding of not knowing, or the fear of knowing, or the fear of choosing is what is getting in the way, because you are still habituated to believe that you don’t. Your soul knows already. Your frequency knows already. So please begin to ask.