Friday, October 16, 2009

Channeling 10/15/2009 "Moving Upwards"

(The following is the transcript of the lecture portion of a group channeling conducted in New York City on October 15, 2009. It was followed by instruction and individual energy work.)

We want to talk tonight and it’s a big night tonight, believe it or not, for Paul’s system, which is actually acclimating to the new frequency and he doesn’t even see it. But the profound change will be that we can talk directly much sooner than anticipated. The change in systems happens when a body changes its alignment and each one of you will go through this in your own way as you passage. And we say “passage” by saying you are all in transit. Everyone here is already in change.

Now the resistance to change is what we will talk about briefly before we go farther. And the decibel of this room needs to stay quiet for Paul to hear through the din of his own mind. But the change of changes, we will say, is upon him, and you will be following quickly.

Now resistance to change simply has to do with embodying yourself with what you used to have and not with what you are. It’s really that simple. Every day, you go through your routines, and you have your food and you have your choices. And so much of this is systematized behavior that you are unconscious of.

The first thing that happens when you require yourself anew in this frequency is that everything becomes conscious again out of necessity, because in many ways it’s as if you are in a new body that it is having it’s own requirements and its own experiences. And as you justify this by saying “Well, it’s a new day, I don’t know what’s really going on, things look kind of different.” That’s one way of actually saying “I am having a new experience in my being” and you have to get used to it once it starts. And once it starts, the temptation, of course, is to pretend that the old things are still there and will work for you. And they will not in the way that they have.

If you have sought comfort in behaviors that are not supportive of your highest good you can count on the fact that they will not be working in the same way they have. If you have felt in the past that you needed certain things to be yourself “I am not myself without this or that," you will find that those things are no longer working for you. As you traverse this passage you begin to unbind the self to those things and those beings that you have been tethered to, for better and for worse, that are no longer in alignment to your new growth, and those beings will leave you as well.

Now this is a passage. It’s a passage of time, it’s a passage of experience, no one is hurt in this. It’s a way of moving forward and understanding that what you have chosen through our work here is to become yourself in higher frequency.

Now we have a new member tonight and we want to discuss something with him so that he knows what we are talking about. As people grow in spiritual alignment, they vibrate at a higher frequency. And when the frequency is vibrating at a higher level, those things that it is no longer in congruence with will be leaving. It’s really that simple.

We will talk again now about alignment and the requirement of alignment as growth continues. Now each one of you present, regardless of how long you’ve attended this group, have been in alignment with the frequency we call Word for some time. And the Word is the active ingredient here. It is the Christ manifestation come into fruition. And we would like to claim it with each of you now:

“I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my vibration. Word I am word.
I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word. Word I am Word.”

And this will shift you upwards as you work with it, and intentions will come to serve you. Now we want to talk about what is really happening in terms of your alignment, and this will be of benefit to you.

Your choice to stay here and to continue with your work has actually moved you up a notch in frequency, and as you continue your work here, the notches continue to uplift, as it were, and your frequency continues to realign itself rapidly, and with rapid motion you proceed forward in your life. But you can only carry with you those things that are in alignment with where you are going. And the choice to do this, individually, is always your own. When you feel changed, you no longer require the old things in the way that you thought that you did. And your intention, quite simply, will be to allow them to be what they are without becoming overly invested in what they were to you at the time you created them. Do you understand this?

Something is what something is, but the only power it ever has had is that which you have invested it with. And there is always something that is in transit in this way. That blouse that you loved four years ago may look silly on you now and the investment in the blouse is what it was, it is not what it is. It is a piece of fabric that no longer serves you. The same may be said for a relationship, or a job, or way of knowing things. And by “knowing things” we mean, establishing what things mean to you by what they were to you at one time. Something today has a new relationship with the seer when it is seen. Something yesterday was seen and the memory of it is what you are operating from. So if you see your body and you bemoan it because it does not look like it did five years ago, you are operating from memory and what it was. What it is what we are dealing with now.

Each and every one of you, what it is, what you have before you today, what you are contending with in the now is what we are dealing with. Now as you grow, you realign your frequency and the frequency will draw to you those things, those individuals that you need to move forward with. There is a regrouping happening now, in many cases, here and part of the work in your partnerships in the group is to become acquainted on a level of frequency with someone outside of your circle in the outside world. And as you realize what it means to be in congruence in frequency, you choose things differently elsewhere. Once you understand, finally that you are frequency, that is what you are born of, that is what you stand in, that is your consciousness, your consciousness will see those who are operating in a similar formation.

This is one group operating here out of thousands on the planet at this time and as this group continues to grow what it will do will become transforming for those who attend. Those who have stayed with the work will be seen, finally, as teachers of the work, and that is going to be important because you are going to have your own students in time that you will choose to work with and teach in frequency. Now this does not mean you open up a school or you have to run a group. But what it does mean is the investment that you have in your work will be there and be made available to others through your knowing. Period. That is how this operates and nowhere else can you know yourself but in your own energy field.

So you will be drawing to you those who require the frequency and the information and as your realign, you need to be in allowance for their coming. Now this is choice on your part. We have never ever told you to do anything. We have recommended and we have made suggestions. But your ambitions spiritually are such that it would be to your benefit to begin to share you work with others because that is how you will begin to own it. Everyone here has the opportunity to become what they say they are, which is an aspect of the Creator embodied in soul purpose on this plane. Period.

Now we want to talk to the new man for a moment so that he understands what this really is. This is a mini-school of ascension, and the requirements of ascension, very simply put, are that those who produce this work move forward in frequency and manifest themselves in divine order as their Christed Selves. And by Christed we mean, their true selves, their Divine Selves embodied on this plane. This is a passage that is occurring here, not just in this group but on this planet and the planet moves up in frequency. However the ramifications of not working on it consciously makes it very difficult for those who decide that there is nothing going on.

As you materialize yourselves as you Divine Selves, you abilities begin to change to reflect the new work that you have chosen. And with that we bring to you the teachings of this class, which are clairvoyance, clairsentience, empathic work, and your own knowing on a deeper level of your own divinity. As you claim that fully, “I am Word, I am Word, I am Word,” what you bring to you is the manifestation of God embodied as you. Period.

Now as you choose this, week after week and day after day, you have choices to make. And these are always choices about saying, “yes” to these aspect of yourself that is God. Where are you not acting as God in a body? Where are you not realizing yourself as a piece of God in action in service to the Great Creator? Where are you forgetting who you were born to be, which is a joyful being manifested in the full glory of his soul’s worth? Why don’t you claim it again each time you forget? “I am worthy of knowing myself as my soul’s choice to be embodied as Word. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now the recognition that you each have of your abilities as you work with a partner are just the beginning and as you move forward and outward in your work you will begin to see more and more is available to you. And as you choose it, it will claim you as well. You will be working in tandem with others to bring forth this creation embodied on this plane. There is no one without God, finally. That is not even possible. But the forgetting of it as a cause of great grief and the realization that God is present in every situation, regardless of what it might be perceived to be, is your choice and will be the choice of others. As you recognize the good or the God in everything, you amplify that. That becomes the frequency you see. “I am Word through all that I see before me” is that teaching. “I am Word through all that I see before me” states that that which you see before you is in resonance with the Creator. Period. And as you see it that way you endow it with that and you realize it. To be realized is to be made manifest as such.

If you would each now decide that one thing in your life that does not feel as if it’s in its perfection is perfect in its way and claim “I am Word through all that I see before me” in this situation you will become liberated to see it as it is. It is only the ego that blames. It is only fear that states it should not be so. As you un-tether yourselves from those expectations, your realign yourself anew and call to you the perfect experiences for your own availability in service, “I am Word.”

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Channeling 10/8/2009 "Realignment"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling conducted in New York City on October 8, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work)

We have things to discuss tonight, and they’re pertinent to the times and the ways you feel. As you navigate though this time you will each be experiencing your differentials. And what this actually means is that the way that you experience yourself will be transitioning. And as you experience the transitions what happens are those old feelings that have cropped up to be re-experienced are actually being released. This is actually very important, because as you move up higher you have to disengage from the lower, and those “baggages” you have carried will be releasing rapidly as you move upward in frequency. The time is rapidly changing and as you move forward you must begin to understand that your responsibility is to transition yourselves, as you are, into the new frequency.

Your responsibility, each one of you, is to recruit yourself to the next level of consciousness. And we would like you to do this with us through this intention:

“I am now choosing to realign my energy field to support the next level of consciousness that is available to me. And I will realign my frequency as is required for my highest good in ease and in availability to my trust and my faith in my safety. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now understand everyone that your choice to do this work brings with it responsibility. If you decide you don’t want to do this work anymore, you are still going to have the responsibility because the work, once begun, does not end. Now the work that you are doing as a group is beneficial to you. It stays with you, you are learning from it, you are systematizing to it in a way that can make itself known and comfortable in your frequency.

However, if you decide that you don’t want this work, you have still committed yourself in frequency to anchoring in the frequency of Word and the changes will come anyway. So really, all we are telling you right now that you might as well accept that you are on a journey regardless of whether you’re present here, or anybody is, to move forward in your consciousness.

Now your availability to your recruitment of higher frequency comes in stages. And the stages they come in are actually chosen by you on a level of knowing. Now when you decide that you move up a notch you realize quickly that there are certain things you have to disengage from because they will not align you to the next level of understanding and engagement. And you say “yes,” and then you move through this process of co-creating your next level of being-ness.

No one is doing anything to you anymore, regardless go what you might think. And you are actually the one choosing how you are going to release those patterns that have come up for releasing. But as we said, this happens in stages, and this is for your safety.

Now we say safety only in that there is a temptation among some of you to claim everything today and then when you do that, you put in motion all of those changes. And it is as of your life is in a tornado and everything is flying around you and you do not know what I what until the storm stops and you get to pick through the damage, as it were, in this new level of awareness that you’ve come to. Now that’s a choice. However, it’s not required to do it all tonight. Your Higher Self, your Divine Self is working with you tonight to decide how fast you can realize yourselves, how quickly you an anchor in your knowing and how swiftly you can navigate the changes that you incur.

When you begin to stumble over your feet it’s sometimes because the earth is moving. The changes are happening in your landscape and you don’t know how quite to move forward because you’re used to your old ways of doing things, and the new ways have not made themselves known yet. And if this is the case, and this I what you are experiencing, ask for support. Call on the energy of the frequency of the group. Call on your own guides, call on your own knowing to support you as you move forward. But don’t begin to take actions just for the sake of taking actions.

While you are reforming your lives, you have to understand that tethering yourself to the known is habitual. It is what you would first do if you heard that there were job cuts, or that your home was being sold, or that something else could happen that would be a challenge to what you have believed to be permanent. So you do these things out of habit. And we are not dismissing that, however, we are saying that you don’t need to. You can actually trust that you are being lifted and replaced someplace new. When you change your choices, your environment changes and you cannot do this work without changing your choices.

We spoke to you last week about higher and lower choice and gave you a system to begin to navigate them and we are pleased at the work that you are have been doing. So we want to ask you tonight, are you willing now to renegotiate the deal? And this is the deal:
Are you willing now to become what you say you are in the perfect way for you?

“I am Word” is a huge statement of responsibility. Understand this now. When you are claiming “I am Word” you are choosing love. You are not choosing evil, you are not choosing cruelty, you are not choosing anything but love and that is an action. The Christ, in manifestation, is Word. That is what it is, and that is love embodied. That is the work here. Now to say “I am Word” as a code for something, as a credo, could be okay if there weren’t choices to be made from that place.

But each one of you here has a mission and the mission is to be you in this light and in this frequency. Why else would we convene each week with this teaching? Now as you demonstrate this knowing, you have to lift your frequency, there is nothing else that could happen in response to claiming yourself in your divinity. But when you claim this, you become response for it, and you choose it and then you must understand what that means. We will say that this is what it means: “ I am in love.” “I am in love with all that I see before me.” “I am in love with him.” “I am in love with her.” “I am in love with that one and this one.” And this is not speaking any other way than truthfully. That is not a light thing to say. When you say “I love” and you are in your truth, you become the thing you say. That is the truth of metaphysics. And you align in frequency to what you have claimed to be. So you can no longer say, “I am Word” and dismiss that one, or curse that one, or this one, with your choice of words. Do you understand this?

Now Paul is already saying, “Oh boy. I’m off the boat. I have too much rage. I don’t know how to do this. What’s the fun in that?” It’s not about fun. It’s about truth. And those are two very different things.

Now understand this everyone: When you move into the frequency of love, that is what you are in. It is a sea of love, if you would, that you exist in. And you vibrate in that frequency, it is what you draw to you, it is what you work with. That is the truth of it. Now that is wondrous. Fun is having a good time. Do you understand the difference? But responsibility, we will say, is coming to you each. You cannot claim mastery without doing the work. There will be those who come who will not do the work, who will have an experience, and that will happen more and more as this group expands. People will want to see what it is. But the true work of the group is the responsibility of it.

No one can claim your consciousness for you but you. You do know this, yes? No one can tell you how you feel but you, no one can think your thoughts, no one be your frequency. That is your job to do it. If you choose to do this work in its fullness, you will be lifting rapidly. But as you lift rapidly you are going to contend with those things that you don’t want to look at necessarily, that you would rather leave behind you unchecked.

Paul saw the image earlier of someone rising in the air carrying suitcases. Those are the suitcases with your baggage in it. How many of you want to keep your baggage, if you relay think about it? Well, since you don’t, why do you hold it to yourself so tightly? Why don’t you just get rid of it? Well, that’s what’s happening, really, but it’s not always that easy. And the primary reason it’s not easy is you’re frightened of it. You’re frightened of seeing what you carry, or you’re frightened that you will not be who you think you are without it, do you understand?

“If I am not this way, I would not be me, so what am I now?” “I am Word” is the response we give you.

Now this is demonstrated. Until you understand this in your own truth, in your own way of knowing, it’s conversation. But we want to give you the experience of your frequency so you know what you are. So that you have something to hold to experientially that will be with you as you move forward. No one can tell you are going to Mexico and then not leave you there. If you’re not in Mexico, you sure know it. So we want to give you the frequency that you can operate from so that you know it, so that you can recognize it and work with it. And that is the attunement to the frequency of the Word.

“I am Word though my body
I am Word trough my vibration.
I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.”

That is the teaching of this group and it is a technology, if you would Paul was given that word yesterday, and he fought it tooth and nail, but frankly, a system is only a system if it’s helpful and if it does what it says it is. So your choice to believe must be rooted in your own experience above and beyond what we tell you, and that is why the work in this group has to become experiential for you when you are not sitting here. That is your responsibility and it’s the choice that you make when you commission the self to be requiring your own knowing “I am Word.”

Now tonight we want to lift the frequency of this group and get some work done. Paul has been through it this week. He needs some work too. We’re going to work on people, you’re going to work on each other, and that will be this night. Now we align you each to our frequency with this clearing of knowing:

“I am now choosing to release all of those beliefs that are precluding me from being in my own knowing of my own truth as a Divine Being. I am now choosing to relinquish my need to give my power to others. I am now choosing to bring my knowing into the alignment of my own Divine Self so that I can serve myself and my fellows from this source. I am Word through this intention, Word I am Word.”

Thank you each. Now we will start the group work.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Channeling 10/1/2009 "Knowing"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on October 2, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We’re ready to talk. And the jurisdiction of your soul’s choices is really what you’re contending with again and the manifestations of what you have chosen in past incarnations is actually up again as well. The ties you have to the past are what are being addressed right now whether you know it or not, and the contentiousness that you are experiencing in your physical world is part of this release.

When you have an issue that has had this basis in a previous incarnation what you actually contend with is a multi-layered creation. And you have the opportunity in this lifetime to release it in its entirely, but this cannot be done without allowing it to come up.

The fact that you each spend time repressing these issues of fear or guilt or subordination of your impulses because you are frightened of them, because you judge them, means that they don’t get addressed cleanly. If you can imagine yourself laying down on a bed of nails and saying “Okay, time to turn over,” you’re not very inclined to do that and, in a funny way, that’s what you do when you lay down on your stuff. And your stuff are those things, those creations that you want to protect, for whatever reason.

Now you all have choices, and as you embody as yourselves, as your Divine Selves, what you are required to do is learn what these things are and act upon them decisively. The choice to do this in responsibility will give you the allowance to change your knowing to a higher caliber of frequency.

Now we want to explain this to you. When you choose from a fundamental place, which is what you know, you cannot be in error. You are actually in honestly, but you can also understand that there are gradations of knowing and different levels of awareness. So a tree is a tree until it starts being a table, or firewood, or a splinter in your toe. This is all the same energy manifesting in different forms. So when you say “I know” you may be perfectly accurate from a certain level of awareness, but understand now, please, that there is a higher level of awareness for you to be contending with.

So the self-justification that you each have in your knowing, “I am right. I chose right. I do what I do from my knowing” may be integrally truthful but may still be operating from low frequency. Now if you can understand that you have choices about this, you can begin to respond differently, and we would like to give you an example:

When you choose to do something fearful and you are facing your fear, you are breaking through on a certain level of consciousness and you congratulate yourself. However, when your realize there was never anything to fear, you have shifted consciousness. So working in the face of fear in your knowing is quite different that moving beyond it so it’s no longer even an issue. Do you understand what we are saying?

Now when you choose the higher, you become responsible for your choice, and that incurs change. Every time you choose you are incurring change whether or not you know it, and this includes those things that you choose in your passivity “I will not call him,” “I will not take that job,” “I will just sit here.” Do you all understand? You are still incurring choice and you are incurring change. So all we are asking you to do right now is realign your knowing to a higher place of subordination to the will of the Divine. So when you become one with your own sense of knowing in higher frequency you move into an awareness of higher will, and as you move into your congruence with Divine Will, you begin to move effortlessly.

Now as you learn to talk a new language you begin with easy words. And the words that you choose are the ones that you require to operate and navigate readily though a new experience in another country. The same is true with working in frequency. We have given you the preschool version up until now in terms of the basis of your responsibility to your own creations. And now we are telling you they are layered, not only from jobs done, as it were, in this lifetime but also those things done, accepted and chosen in prior incarnations. And as we said earlier, when you are clearing one thing now, you may also be clearing that which is contained within it from previous inhabitations on this plane and others.

Please understand everybody: Your awareness of yourself in this lifetime is deeply informed by prior constructions. These are constructions not only of yourself and the lives you have lived, but all that has been agreed upon internationally on this plane for thousands of years. You are all choosing again and again and again to recreate past paradigms because they are what you have known. And as you choose anew, your responsibility now is to lift above the basic level of construction that you have been living with until this day.

So tonight we want to teach you some things. And we want to teach you about manifestations and also about choice, so that you understand that when you choose this are choosing in your congruence with your own truth. How this is done will be a new technique for Paul and we’re gong to have to withdraw him as much as we can so he doesn’t intrude and say “What the hell is this?”

This is really about allowance tonight. As you have been changing in your frequency you have risen above certain things. And the things that you have risen above are those sorts of things that have changed you and kept you at bay in the past. So now that you are rising, you are beginning to have a view of what you have chosen up until now, and some of you are saying “What the heck was I thinking?” “Why was this so important?” “What did he mean, she mean to me?” “What was this life about?”

The uncomfortability that you are experiencing at times is actually about the un-tethering of these creations in your lives. You have chosen to rise, and as you ascend in frequency what you create must change as well. It cannot be the same. How you breathe at two feet is different than two thousand feet and, in a funny way, that’s a very apt metaphor for shifting in consciousness.

Now the residual fears that are called up as this process continues are some of the things that you have been contending with. “My this, my that” those things you have claimed to be you from lower understanding, from fear, from others claims on you. All of these things, in fact, have been coming up and you’ve all been grabbing at them and holding them because, in a funny way, the familiarity of your pain comforts you, and you call it back because you believe, still, that you are protected by your fear, by your pain.

“If I don’t worry about it, something terrible could happen.” “If I don’t fight it, I will be hurt.” “If I don’t create a wall to separate myself from my brother, I will be hurt.” These are the kinds of constructions now that, in fact, you are contending with once again because it’s time to let them go. And so you hold them, you have that experience once again, and then you realize, hopefully, that it’s not required. That you don’t need it anymore in order to serve yourselves as the protected one, as it were.

Now Paul is already wondering, “What is this new technique?” It’s less of a technique than a way of understanding. When you are in your knowing you have choices to make. So say this: You are in a store and you know that need a sweater, and you can buy a sweater, any sweater in the store. But what is the high choice and what is the low choice?

Now that’s a poor example only in that a sweater is a sweater, but it can be a relationship, or a career choice, or a spiritual teacher you may deciding about. And then the question becomes how do you know what the high frequency is? Sometimes your knowing, still, is based on the predictability of habit. “Everybody says this is a great sweater” so that’s the sweater you get, or the partner, or the job, or the teacher. It’s really up to you.

So the level of resonance we would like to work with you with tonight is on higher and lower frequency. We would like you to focus on something, a choice that you made in the past that was a faulty choice. You can each thing of an example, please. But think of a time in your life when you chose based on assumption or thinking as opposed to your knowing. Please do this now and see what it feels like to remember it, to establish yourself in that frequency again. What does it feel like to know? You are in our knowing on a certain level when you chose, so we are asking you to summon it.

Now go, please, to a choice that you made that worked out beautifully. And we would like you to go where you were, as you can, as you were making that choice. Go back into the memory of it and see what you feel, see what you felt, and re-member yourself to that action as best you can. What you may experience, frankly, is a gradation of frequency. There are no wrong choices, really, but there are choices that are informed by fear and by cultural obligation that have absolutely nothing to do with your higher needs. If you each think about where you went to school, or who you dated and you ask yourself how you were conforming to obligation, you are going to get a whole lot of information where you have gone into agreement with paradigms that were not chosen by you but for you that you went into agreement with.

Now as you move into higher frequency, we want you to know this, your responsibilities become increased ultimately, because you have the knowing, you have the choice, you’re not operating in the dark anymore. So you are being required, in a funny way, to hear yourselves and regard yourselves as the one who knows form the Creative Source. Now the Creative source, we will say, is the Christ within you “I am Word” is the Christ in manifestation. This is all divine frequency that is available to you.

Now we would like to do a teaching with you, as it were, and the teaching we would like to do with you has to do with amplifying frequency and calling in information. And this is new for Paul again, but we’re going to try it and see and what happens.

We would like you all, at this time, to begin to amplify your frequency. Everybody, if they would, respond by amplifying your energy field until it is becoming larger and larger and larger. And now ask yourself a question: “What do I need to know about this or that? I am now claiming my knowing. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.” And allow the frequency to come to you as you call it.

Please understand, everybody, that you do not need to be listening with you ears. You need to be moving into your knowing. Now we gave you an exercise earlier of remembering your knowing from a fear-based choice, or from a faulty choice, or from a higher choice to ask you to remember what the feelings were. So now you have something to assess as you call forth your own information in frequency.

“I am calling forth the knowing that I need to ‘blank.’ I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.” And allow your energy frequency to know. “I am in my knowing. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Our choices with you are to give you permission to claim your authority as yourselves, as your Divine Self. That’s what we are working with you on. Each and every one of you is getting training at this time on knowing and that is the exercise that you are doing with your partners, and that is what goes in the notebook you should be keeping. Because as you can anchor your knowing, you begin to call more and more of it to you. Now we will teach you something new:

“I am now choosing to realign my energy field to allow myself to release those creations from the past that are now limiting my understanding and my ability to access my knowing. I am now choosing to release any and all inhibitions to my Divine Knowing that are ready to be cleared in accordance with my highest good. And I am bringing into form my knowing in the way that is most perfect for me. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”