Saturday, May 30, 2009

Channeling 5/28/2009

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling held in NYC on June 28, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work. If you are new to this blog, it is recommended that you begin with the initial archived lectures.)

We want to talk and we want to talk about love and the requirements of love for you each to discern your needs and your choices as you move forward in life.

The reality in your lives is your traditions hold you to form: “I am this kind of a woman, I require this kind of a man” “I am this kind of a mother, I require this behavior for my child,” “I am this kind of a person, I have to introduce myself to everyone as such so that they can affirm who they think I am as I give them my permission.” This is not love. This is attitude and behavior.

Now you can be in love with the appropriate person you believe you should be with, and you can love the child who behaves in the perfect way, and you can be in love with those who give you permission to be in your selfhood the way you would decide, but that is an equation mathematically that won’t happen very often. And you decide already that this is who you are and what you must bring to you if you are to remain yourselves.

As you choose to leave yourself as you are and re-acclimate yourself to your wisdom as a light being, you choose to listen to a higher calling in all ways. And love comes forth as love would come forth: In it’s own love, which is beyond personality, form and bearing. It is beyond condition. It is beyond an elemental choice except the choice to be in love.

Now most of you still think that you are “in love” when you are in a variety of positions in your relationships that resemble a pattern that you have been given from the media, from your parents’ lives, from societal rules. That is why so many people get sad when their behavior does not conform to an authoritated way of exhibiting feeling:

“I love a man, I am a man. I love something that must not be good, I must be bad.” And love gets distorted. Love does not, actually, but the belief in love becomes a distortion because it’s been leveled by a structure that would have it adhere to its own systems. As you move beyond the structures that you have inherited you bequeath unto yourself freedom. And in freedom comes wisdom. In wisdom comes compassion. In compassion comes great love. As you understand that what your really desire is wisdom, you can then make a pathway to love. If you find love to be the thing that is buried at the center of the garden maze, the path of wisdom and truth can take you there.

In this room tonight there are many people who are grateful for the love that they know. Who have love blessed to them. And there are also people who are frightened of love and don’t believe their worth will hold them in love beyond a system that they have believed is the only system that they can play through. And if you stay with this system that will be the case, and you will be sorry, in your way.

Now those of you who have love and believe you have love have great reason for joy. However, we would also say that the ways in which you can still experience your love can be magnificent in this new paradigm. And this shift we speak of is “I am Love. I am the vibration of love. I bequeath love through my being and through my creations in love.” If you are in the frequency of love what comes from you cannot be other than true love. And true love hold s no fear, it holds no desire other than to be in love.

Now we want to give you something tonight to begin to work with on your own, and that is your assimilation to a frequency in love. And we say “in love” for a simple reason. When you stand in the frequency of love you balance your own systems to the extent that you give permission to. When you are in that system empowered through the frequency of love you can begin to meditate as love. Do you understand this?

You don’t become John who is in love as John, you become love empowered as John magnified. Love becomes the truth of who you are and the magnificence of this love stands forth in holiness.

Now this is not a tribute to you, this is a tribute to the divine aspect of the self that is in love and incarnates as love and the balancing we speak of in love is the acclimation you require to make this so. We have manifested Word here. We have brought through the anchoring and the foundation in frequency as Word, and this is what will now enable us to take you on the next step of this journey into the frequency empowered as, identified as Love Incarnate.

Now the truth of this for each of you is that it’s going to require you to dismantle some systems of creation that have kept you at bay in your legacies. When you look at your lives and you imagine them, imagine a shadow falling across the times when there was no love. And even those of you who have benefited from great love have not only allowed it to be experienced by you in the way you would, you have defied it at times and hidden from the frequency of it because it has brought you sorrow and it reminded you of your unworthiness and your grief.

Now we will speak of God for a minute and we will use the word God big-time tonight, because if you can understand for a moment that God is the king who sits in the throne, as it were, you can actually be in balance. Now we don’t talk of God on a cloud on a throne. We speak of God as that aspect of the self that is incarnated within you now and all men and women. And this part of the self is the legacy of the self that is ascending and carrying the rest of you with it.

But if you imagine for a moment that there is a God holding all that would bring you love, you can allow it, for the moment you need it, to change and transmute and clear the legacy of fear of being in love. And we say “in love” in the truest way, which is “I am in the frequency of love, and in that frequency of love I am manifested as my true self. I am that I am, I am in love, I am in truth and I am created in the image and likeness of my God.”

I now ask each of you present to claim your divinity in wholeness.

“I choose now to anchor in my divinity in a way that I can experience and hold, I chose now to hold forth and anchor in my own awareness of my own divine self in love. I chose now to become aware of those things that disengage me from my ability to give and receive the frequency of love so that I can release them to my divine self to release to the creator. I am now choosing to relinquish control of all of the beliefs that I have held of what love is supposed to be, who I am to love, what I am to love, who I am allowed to know, who I am allowed to be, who I can be seen with, who I can loved by, what I have chosen, what I have been taught, what the rules have been, what the government has said, what the bible has said, any tradition that has hampered my ability to be in my love at this time must be disengaged and released so that I may have my truth.

“I give now my full permission to release this engagement in holiness. I give forth my permission to allow the release of the distancing and the cruelty and the empowerment of fear that has kept me from my love and I do this through my own choice and my own free will. I am Word through this intention, Word I am Word.”

Friday, May 15, 2009

Channeling 5/14/2009

(The following is a transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on May 14, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We’re set for this. And we want to talk about things and responsibility for your creations. And this is very important this week and you are already understanding that the requirements of the time are about choice. Choice, choice, choice. And your decisions must be born out of the higher choice in order for you to manifest what you want.

The extent to which you are anchoring in the old patterns of reprisal and damnation and separation and trouble are the extent to which you create them. Now we talk about responsibility very clearly and each one of you understands already that the time is responsibility and the time is choice. But you don’t understand yet that you think anyway in ways that circumvent and derail your choices that you say you want. Do you understand this?

Now we are speaking angrily tonight although there is no anger. However we are making a point by volume and intention. We want you to understand right now that what you have brought to you in our lives thus far in your lives has been created by you and no one else. What responsibility you have, now, in this time, is to anchor in the frequency of “I am Word” in order to anchor forth the creations you say you want.

You say you want love and you derail love through fear or through self-reprisal, or through self-recrimination of past events. You say you want financial security but you decide that you cannot have it by saying no to those things that might anchor that kind of continuity for you. You say you want love, you create fear. You say you want choice, you create indecision. Do you understand what we are saying?

Now we love you all, deeply, and we are moved by your choices as they bring you forth in light. They bring you great news. They bring you wonderful ideals. They bring you choice in wonder. And that’s what this time is about if you allow it to be, if you allow it to be, if you allow it to be.

You create wonder through intention. You choose wonder through action. You do things in anticipation of wonder. Can you understand this? “I am having a wonderful time.” “I am in my wonder.”

This is the gift of the time if you take it. If you don’t take it, we can’t honor it. We can’t bring it to you, as we would love to. You are loved, you are loved, you are loved, anchor this in, even for a moment. To understand fully that you are loved will change your life. You have never believed fully that there is a creator, a divine force in love with you. You have never believed that this was truly so because the organism that you are has belief systems hanging on to it that deride that possibility.

We are changing this tonight. We are bringing forth the love that is required to move this boulder that stands in the way of your truth activating fully. And we are going to do this in an ambitious way.

Now the teaching of the night will commence in stages. The anchoring in of the energies tonight will come in stages and respect what we say when we say you are going to be moved, anchored in, as it were, in your own awareness of your love for your fellows. And in that, we can anchor in our love for you.

You understand in a little way the extent to which your raise your frequency in light facilitates more knowing and response to energies. You have felt this. You come here every week and you receive frequency in ways that you can understand.

Now love is a frequency, it is a frequency, it is a frequency. Love demands love to be itself in all that is. Love is a joy. It is the movement of God in love in action. The Word is God is action. Love is the energy of God, the love of God in action. They work in tandem, they operate congruently. We have never separated them in choice, but we have worked with you in Word to discern this energy as the force that can create on this plane in manifestation.

“I am Word through all that I see before me” anchors in Word in that which is before you. If you anchor in love through the one you see before you, you bring forth love. If you can bring forth love in your fellow, you can anchor love into the self. You don’t believe this yet because it has not been fully experienced. It will be tonight to the extent that you align to it.

This is not a great promise in response to Paul’s question “what are you doing?” This is the truth of the action of Spirit as it’s presented to those who have come to be healed. And this is the healing circle that we come to weekly in instruction and in truth.

We do this each week for several reasons. The mission of this group is to be a cell among several cells that are anchoring in the frequency of Word. The frequency of Word is here and is in truth. To the extent that this group is aligned to this frequency, this group is transformed individually and as a group. And as this happens, the truth emerges in a way that you can honor and experience in your own lives.

Now we are telling you one thing. There are other reasons this work is happening and this planet is in transition now whether you understand this or not, and the frequency of the planet is shifting.

If you become the Word in action, you change the frequency of everything, everyone you think of, that you encounter and that you see. Do you understand this? You become magnificent in a way that is no your ego but is your frequency. As you do this, you choose differently. And as you choose differently, you bring to you the experiences and the reasons for those experiences that you need to embody yourself as your Higher Self, your Christed Self, Your True Self, your Divine Self, your Higher Self, whatever you wish to call it, it is your choice in language. But you understand that the reason for this goes well beyond your own well-being, your own comfort and your own security. You respect what you have and you move forward in this work as you would any positive thing in your lives. And we support you each step of the way as you are taught.

You come forth in your own Christed Self and you think, “What have I become? What is this teaching? What do I do with this learning?’ And then you are told: “I am Word through that that I see before me.” “I am Word through my knowing.” “I am Word through the choices I make.” “I am Word trough the love that I hold for myself and for my fellows.”

We would love you to the extent that you would gift us with the opening to our love. We would open to you to the extent that you would gift us with the willingness to be received in our love. We enjoin with you today to bring forth the reasons that you are worthy of this love and we contribute in our way to that which can be received though your systems.

Now tonight we will work on your thinking about love. First, now this is important to understand: Nothing can be held by you that you do not believe you can hold. Nothing can be held by you that you believed you cannot hold.

“I don’t believe I can be loved” does not hold love. We cannot pierce the armor of that choice, of that belief without your permission. And the reason for this is you choose your will. You act on your will and the beliefs that have created this choice of lack of love are strong and are harnessed by you each in ways that you cannot decide to release without fear. So the first thing to work on is the choice to release the need to believe in any way shape or form that you cannot be loved.

We will work quietly tonight for Paul's system is hurtling through stallions. We are racing across the track as it were in preparation for his symposium. This will bring him the creation that is required for his next step in journeying.

Now your work tonight is about responsibility and this is the first one we will choose to be responsible for.

“I am now choosing to release from my entire being, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth chakra, energy systems, any beliefs that I cannot be loved by divine spirit, by my fellows, by myself. I am now choosing to release in fullness any behaviors, any patterning, any choice ever made that contributes to the resolve that love is not permitted in my being. I am now releasing all vestiges of lovelessness and crucifixion that align to the lack and the prohibition of love. I am Word through this intention, Word I am Word.”

Please be soft in your speech, Paul cannot hear us when the talk is high.

Now we have just done something enormous and the energies that will begin to collect to move this through your choice will be coming tonight to work on you.

Now the reason that we work with you at this level is to release patterning. But patterning that has been held for lifetimes or has been created and been reported in other patterning to be held tightly becomes what we call a “boulder.” And the boulder must be cracked open in order to be released. And that is what we are doing tonight.

“I am Word though this choice to release any and all patterning that is creating any boulder of belief in my inability to love and to be loved by myself, my by Creator, by my knowing of my fellows. I am Word through this intention, Word I am Word.”

Receive to the knowing of the body. Align to the knowing of the body, and receive energy through the crown center down. Receive, receive, receive.

We are working on each of you individually now. Let it come, let it come, let it come.

This is choice. This is the choice to be received as loved. The choice to be received as loved may require you to release great pain, because the pain that has been created that hold this pattern deeply has been held in cherished places. It is your pain that you are protected by from harm when you say, “I cannot have this love.” So we would like now to begin now to release any pain and any fear and any grief that is associated with this pattern of not receiving love, not receiving you can be loved or any times in your lives where you chose, for whatever reasons, not to love and to allow love.

I set this intention now:

“I am now choosing to release any and all patterning that has created pain and fear around love being received by me, though me and from me to my fellows, from my fellows, to my Creator, from my Creator, to All That Is from All That Is. I am choosing to release this pain now. I am choosing to release this fear now in perfect ways that will
bring me love and wonder. I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

Receive, receive, receive through the third eye, through the throat center, through the throat center through the heart center, through the solar plexus, through the hara, though the first chakra. Receive, receive, receive. Bring yourselves into light.

“I am Word though my body, Word I am Word. I am Word though my vibration, Word I am Word. I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word. Word I am Word.”

“I am now being restored to my own perfection as the Loved One. I am now being restored to my own knowing as the Loved One. And I am now believing myself to be worthy of love: The love of my fellows, the love of myself, and the love of my Creator. I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Channeling 5/7/2009

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling held in New York City on May 7, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We want to receive you each into the light. And that’s what the work of the night is about. You have been in receptive mode for some weeks now and you have been battling a bit, but tonight we would like you to receive. We have talked a lot lately and we will talk some more, but tonight is really about your needs and your requirements for your own ability to be in response mode to your own energies. What are my energies? How do I know my own energies? How do I work with the energies that I talk about? That is what we would like to talk about tonight.

We’re going to talk about needs first, for a little bit and what needs are. Need are those things that you identify as needing to be done now, “I need to get bathed,” “I need to get a watch,” “I need to talk to the dog.” Whatever is it, what do you need to do? If you are in identification of your needs, you can work towards getting your needs met, do you understand this?

To a certain extent, those of you here are not in identification of your needs are consequently are befuddled when it comes to rearranging your lives and deciding what it is your require to get things moving again. “Do I need to write a book? Do I need to get a lover? Do I need to move my home? What is it I need to get things going again?” This is the question for this night, and it is about identification of those needs you have so you can discern what you need to do with your time, with our time, with our time.

We say with your time three times because you need to begin to understand what when you talk about these things in the abstract, you keep them abstract, you keep them in conjecture. You continue to think of things as if this will happen someday. I will get to this path, I will get to this growth, I will be in my knowing in some kind of strange other world that allows for these things to happen. When in fact, we would tell you very simply, today is the day to be in your discernment of what you need. “I am in my needing of blank.” Fill in the blank if you wish. “I am in need of my dinner,” “of my home,” “of my path to be clear,” “of my spouse to be clear,” “of my name to be clear,” “of the requirements of my growth to be told to me.” Whatever it is that you are deciding on now you will create as a need, and as you create it as a conscious need, you can go about the business of addressing it. To the extent that you keep things vague, you continue to in a place of misalignment of your own energies.

Now we are not telling you right now that you need to know everything. That is not the case at all. This is not about knowing everything. This is simply about identifying what you need in order to do what is required of you. Do you understand this?

Now the trials you have been facing lately, many of you, have been about a misalignment of your ideals with the reality of the time. “I believe it should be a certain way and I don’t experience it that way and so there must be something very wrong.” And that has been going on for some time. Once we decide now that things are beginning conscious and the needs are being required to be meet, you can begin to take actions to require yourself to know what you need and to act upon them, period. So that is what we are doing with you tonight. We are working with you on your needs to discern what they are so that you can begin to vibrate in such a way to take responsibility for them.

Now they’re not all physical actions. They’re not all about going to the attorney, or going to the delicatessen, or going to marriage counselor, or going to the dating service. Those are physical actions. As much as anything else, the needs of this time are about your own significance as Christed beings, as divine beings, the needs that you have to begin to enable yourselves to vibrate at the frequency you claim to be. When we do this with you, we begin to bring you into the higher alignment that will make sense, and once that happens for you, you begin to shift designs of your lives. When the designs are shifted what you bring into being transforms. Period.

So we want to do some work with you each to begin to decide one thing that you want to realize tonight.

“I want to bring this into fruition for myself as a decider. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now what we mean by this, very simply put, is one thing will be deiced on tonight that you can take action in frequency, and when that is done, you can begin to take action on the physical realms, in the higher realms, to make this shift happen as it’s meant to.

So we can say tonight:

“I am choosing tonight to do one thing in decision, and I will make it clear to myself what this thing is so that I can move forward in my requirements for my livelihood. Word I am Word.”

So take this moment please and make a decision. What is the one thing you would change in a decision? Do you want to know what a decision is? I am deciding to “blank.” What is the need? What is the need that can be expressed this way? What do you get when you listen to yourself? What do you know when you ask, “what do I need?” Ask now, please.

Now ask them each to receive love in through the hands and feet. Let it come, let it come, let it come, let it come. Receive, receive, receive. Let the energies begin to come in through the third now, allow them to come in through the thirds eye and through the mind. Blessings to each of you. And now allow yourselves to receive in through the seventh chakra down. And blessings to you. Feel this please.

“I am word through my decision to do this.” Please claim this now: “ through my decision to do this thing I have decided. Word I am Word through this intention, Word I am Word “

(Energy work commences)

We want each one to know themselves as responsible for their own actions. This is imperative right now, and it’s part of the change that’s going on. As you each require yourself to begin to move forward you make choices. And you make these choices with the intention to align yourselves to your own knowing and to your own growth. Yet still you wonder and still you question why you do what you do. To the extent that you can take responsibility for your actions on a daily basis and your decisions, which are based on your needs, you can come into consciousness without respecting the patterns that created the old decision making process.

Now there is a difference right now in the way you are honoring yourselves through consciousness and the way you have done things in the past. Once you begin to align yourselves to your choice in a higher frequency, you make choices that align to that frequency. You no longer require yourselves to do what you have done in the lower frequency because it no longer works for you. As you become accustomed to this, it gets easier and you will automatically choose the higher because it feels better, it feels more truthful, and it feels like you are in honoring yourselves when you act.

When you begin to understand this, then you can take full responsibility for what you are doing. There is no explanation required. And we want to work on you individually for a moment, and then we want to work on the group to bring you into alignment with your next choice. We are working with choices now, and we are working with requirements for your growth.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Channeling 4/30/2009

(The following is a transcript of a group channeling that was held in New York City on April 30 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We have to talk. And the recognition of this time is refusal to align to yourselves as your Christed Being. That’s really what's going on here, and what has been going on for a little while. And when we say refusal we actually mean you are saying, “No, I won’t, I can’t, it’s not honest, I am not this thing I am claiming to be, so I won’t and you can’t make me.”

That’s really the thinking right now. Paul’s been immersed in it for two weeks and fighting us each step of the way. There are others of you who are contending with this as well and this manifests in different ways. The first way it manifests is saying, “I am not this thing. I cannot be. I am not good enough,” or worse still ‘There is no such thing to be.” When you go to that place, the first place you go to is fear, and this is fear of your own divine nature and also fear of failure at it, and that means, very simply, when you are in fear of failure in your divine nature you cannot connect to yourself as your Divine Self because you refuse to accept it.

Now, Paul is getting up and back and we’re trying to pull him out a bit so he can connect to this information because it will support him as well as the rest of you.

The commencement of this time as a responsibility is very important. We cannot usher you into a room of salvation when you do not wish to be saved. We say salvation not in the way you might think because there is no damnation attached to this intent, only about a requirement of accepting your divinity. We cannot usher to you to this place of responsibility for your own divinity when you demand that you cannot have it. We cannot take you to lunch if you won’t eat. Do you understand this?

Now your responsibility through this time is really one of recognition. And we say recognition directly because you are being asked right now to recognize the self as the self that is created in divine light. Period. You are being requested to be in your own presence as a divine being and when you fear this, you remove yourself from the possibility of this. It’s like taking a step back when you mean to step back and observe. Instead you take a step back and refuse. That has been going on for a little while.

Now we do not anger at this at all. It’s actually truthful to be in a place of anticipation and wonder about all of this work. You have taken a vow when you have claimed yourself “I am Word,” when you have chosen to realize the self as the divine aspect that you truly are. You have claimed it and now you are having buyer’s remorse, as it were. You have said “Oh no.”

Now we can't get angry at that and of course you don’t understand there is no anger attached to anything that we do with you. We are here in support of your own creation of your own self as the realized self you truly are. The ambition that has first stated this truth “I am Word” comes from a higher level of knowing. That aspect of yourself that already is incarnated and aware of himself, herself as her divine being is willing to say this readily. We have an issue, though, with that aspect of the self that denies it’s divinity because it loses control to the higher levels of creation and that’s all that’s going on here.

Paul is wondering and interjecting “Is this about personality self?” Yes and no. The personality is just an aspect of the self that is being informed and self-identities as the creative self when in fact it’s the mask that self wears. That self of you, that aspect of you that is the Divine Self recognizes itself immediately as its truth and cannot be lied to. However the lower self, or we would say, that aspect of the self that has been in charge has real issues with control and losing it and also terrible fear of denial. And what this means is that you don’t want to be hurt by yourselves as your journey forward in this light.

Paul goes “I am willing, I am willing, I asked for it,” and at the same time he goes, “What if it’s not happening? What if I don’t do it right? What if I can’t handle it and what if it doesn’t happen the way it’s supposed to?” Now all of those questions actually affirm a negative reality that then has to be countered.

We will say this. When we talk of faith, what you are really saying is “I am in my knowing.” Period. “I am in my knowing of what I know and when I know it, in an eternal sense, in a true sense, in a vibratory sense.” And when you are in this place you know the Self as who you truly are.

We have committed you each in wonder. We have said to you each in loyalty, “I am Word though the one before me” and we have done this with the intention to align you to your own beauty and to your own recognition of yourselves as your truth. When you deny this you create another pattern of denial and rage that comes up to fight this issue.

Now we will tell you this, implied with the other ideas that we have already told you, that the rage at the Christ or the rage at the Light is coming from an aspect of the self that does not want to be in the light, to be refused by the light, or believes itself to be unworthy of the light. Do you understand this?

The aspect of the self that is in ruin, or is in fear, or is in violence, or is in refusal of his own divinity because he feels ashamed or unworthy or vengeful or in deceit is the aspect of the self that attempts to counter the work that we do. And if you can imagine a light coming into a window in a darkened room that pierces the darkness and sends the rodents scurrying for the corners, that is, in many ways what is happening now. But in reality these aspects of the self that are in denial or in rage or in fear or in vengefulness are aspects of the self that have been created by you with your intentions that now must be cleared. So we want to work on this with you tonight.

Now this is a process, and we want to work with on the process first. And the process engages you in multiple levels of identity. Paul is saying “I don’t know what you’re going to talk about,” and this is accurate, you don’t. This is a new exercise for this group to contend with. We say multiple aspects of the self because there is a higher self in aspect that realigns itself to its knowing through confirmation and reflection of it’s own divinity through the work that you do. You are always in that aspect of the self on a certain level when you are in tune with your divine nature.

Then you have the aspect of the self that operates on a daily basis and we will actually call this your “real self” in terms of physical reality. It’s how you identify yourself when you face yourself in the mirror. And then there is the fear-based self, that aspect of the self that has created these resistance patterns in order to maintain its control.

Paul is questioning “real self” because it implies to him that that is the self that is manifested as truth, and in fact, we will say no. That’s the personality self that walks around and buys a hotdog on the street knowing that’s the wrong thing to eat and wonders what’s on TV today and thinks about how to get out of the work that’s on the desk. In many ways, it’s an aspect of the self that is functional, idealized and reality based. The wisdom self, which is beyond this aspect is what is attempting to be in its creation.

Now you understand already that you do not lose yourself through the creation of the Christ within you. Through the aspect of that self, the Divine Self, realizing itself as you. You do not lose the self, however, you become the self you actually are, and you disengage from those aspects of the self that are in lower dimensional reality, that were created in fear or are operating from a place of ego without acknowledgment of the truth of essence of the Christ as operative through it. Period.

So when we work tonight, we’re going to work on three different aspects of the self to clear resistance of incarnating in your own divinity. Now you all have one issue right now that is making you crazy. One issue that more than anything else is making you fear that this is accurate that nothing will happen that “I cannot progress spirituality as I believed I could a month ago,” and if you would create this pattern now through a choice to release it, we will work with you on this now. We will not ask you to speak it, but we will ask you set this intention.

At this time we now ask you to set this intention:

“I am now choosing to release this pattern that has created in me a fear of manifesting as my Divine Self. I am now clearing this pattern from my Divine Self, my real self and my personality fear-based self as cleanly and as quickly as I can align to the new vibration. I do this with the intention to release myself and any fellows of any attachments created through this fear and I do this with willingness on all levels. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now feel this please. What you will begin to experience in your shift is your own frequency moving around you. When you are aware of this, say “yes.”

You are shifting your energy. We are not doing it for you. You have claimed that you are releasing a patterning that has realized itself as a block to your progress and you are saying on three different levels that you not willing to hold it and you are willing to release it. Now we want to give you a booster shot, as it were, to support you in this frequency release. You claimed one thing that was making you crazy, if you didn’t, you can do it now. But we are going to ask you to claim this silently and as you do the group will Word through you to support you in the release of this creation. We are going to ask those who are not in attendance to be included in this so that they can be supported on an auditory level when they hear this tape or respond to this teaching on the page.

So we will start with the one next to Paul. Paul is working with his eyes closed tonight for a while so we will ask that you state your name as you set this intention to be released from this one pattern that is creating problems for you that would clear you to proceed to the next level of your highest growth.

“I am Word through this intention for the one before me. Word I am Word,” is the affirmation. When you wish to, silently set the intention that you wish to release and when you do so, say "yes" and the group will Word to support you in this intention.

(Individual energy work commences)

Thank you each. Now we want to talk a little bit about fear and what this is really made of. The fears that you are experiencing these days, in many ways, are about control and what you believe you have dominion over and how it related to others. “Will he do what I wish? Will I get what I ask for? Will the job come through? Will the offer be made? Will I say I love and be refused? Will I gain prestige from the one in power?” These are all questions that are in relationships that bring about fear, and we want to address these things directly for a moment or two.

And we sent this intention for this group: We set this intention for each of you that any disharmony you are experiencing now with your fellows will be raised into a higher alignment and released in perfect peace through your own knowing of yourself as a Christed Being and the relation that your fellows are as well. And we set this intention for you each in the worthiness of your individual intentions to raise up and respond to the call to be in your own dominion as the Christed Self you truly are. So if you have issues at this time with your fellows we respond to you this way:

“I am Word through those before me. I am Word through all that I see before me. I am Word through my love. I am Word through my knowing. I am Word through those I see and cherish and fear” and whatever else you wish to claim. However, we would bring to you, tonight, the awareness of your own recognition of the self as in Divine Order, and we affirm that your relationships with your fellows is in perfect order as well. When you move into your own alignment, all comes into order and those patterns that have withheld alignment come to light to be released.

“I am Word through those before me. Word I am Word.”

Now we said we would explain something and we will. As you adjust to your new frequency your changes are out pictured in your life. Your desires change, your habits begin to change, how you used to self-identify begins to change and that causes fear. And when you look to others to give you what you want to confirm the old identity they cannot in the way that they have because the pieces of the puzzle do not fit.

So we will give you an example: You look for affirmation from your friend about the work that you are now doing and the friend cannot give it because you have moved beyond that structure. You look to your boss for approval of the work you have done and you do not get it because you are moving beyond the response that requires approval for your own sense of well being. So when it feels uncomfortable you have to adjust to the fact that your inability to control others is a huge gift if you will let it be so. Because if you were able to maintain your relationships through control there would be no joy. There would only be recreation. There would not be growth, there would only be the same old thing.

So we are asking you now, are you willing to grow and change as you respond to your own soul’s course? You are the only one in charge, finally. Your divine nature calls you, and as you choose to respond you step into your life in a brand new way. We affirm this with you, if you wish.

“I am now allowing myself to move forward in my life with a new awareness of my gift in my relationships to all my fellows and I bless those before me as I change and recognize myself in the mirror of their love and their awareness. I give myself permission to release the past and the expectations of the past that have tethered me to relationships based in fear or requirements of my personality self that are no longer serving my highest good. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.

Now we have given you a deal, in a funny way. We have said to you we are sponsoring your growth to the extent that you are willing to engage in it. We have said we cannot make you go and we will not make you go and we will not override your free will in any way, shape or form. We believe in you and your own ability to choose your Christed Self as you work through the time of resistance that you have been experiencing.

We want to work now on the three levels that we spoke of: higher self, operational self and lower self, and we will do this now with the group as a whole.

“I am now setting the intention to release any and all resistance to stepping forward in my spiritual growth, from my higher self, my personality self and my lower self. Word I am word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

“I am now setting the intention or release any and all binding and attachment to those things that are impeding my ability to grow and learn on my spiritual path. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

“I am now aligning to the responsibility to move forward in my own knowing of my own divine self and my worthiness to be in the presence of my own divinity. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

We are working with you now on a divine sense of order. And we bring you now into an awareness of your own placement in the cosmic scheme of things. And we do this as follows.

“I am now aware of my availability to myself to step into order with this following intention: I am in divine order, I am established in divine order and I am in the order that affirms my own placement in my own choice to move forward in my own spiritualization as my own divine self. Word I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”