Saturday, November 13, 2010

Channeling 3/18/10 "Recreation"

We’re ready to go. And thank you all for being here and accommodating us. Because tonight is about us, and the requirements we have for the movement you need as individuals as a group and as a consciousness energy that is hoping to stand up in the light in fullness.

Now each one of you have the ability. Each one of you has the knowing of what is required of you. Each one of you knows, on a certain level, that the requirements of this time are about understanding what you need and moving towards it in consciousness. And we’re going to ask you tonight to know what you need and to become what you need in action. And this means there is no more stalling, there is no more saying “Okay, I’m, wiling to do the work when I get around to it.”

Now the work for each of you is different in some ways and the same in others. There are people here who have withstood these teachings for lifetimes and are coming into their own once again. And there are people here who are newer to the work, but on a different level. Each one present has a common knowing of what is required. And the traditions we speak of when we say “work,” mean discipline and action, and those things that you do in action.

This is no longer about waiting to be told what to do. So we said our requirements are thus. And as we continue with you, and we intend to continue with you for some time, we ask that the group restates its commitment to one another to support one another through this growth process and to stand up for yourselves in the light. And that means to be responsible for what you have created, and what you do create and no longer allowed are you to blame another for your situations or your circumstances.

Now tonight we’re going to teach you something new, and that’s about creativity and what creativity really means. And we’re not talking about arts and crafts. We are talking about intention, and that which you put out into the world to create form.

Each one you present already is creative, in that you are creating form. And things that you bring forth are things that you have required, in one way or another, to facilitate your learning. If you could understand it in that way, you are no longer victims by your circumstances. You are simply there in the first row of the class and the life you have created is the teacher and the lesson in one.

Now if you decide tonight that the way that you create can be transformed you will be helped to create anew. And what this means is that those things that you have created will come into form in a new way. You are still dealing, right now, with the residual impacts of what you have created in the past. But the past is the past, and to the extent that you align you frequency to the task at hand, what you create with now will bring you to a new place. How could it not, we say to you? How could it take you someplace you’ve been when the thought is transformed in consciousness?

So tonight we are teaching you a new way of being creative and establishing this as a habit is your job. We cannot sit by you each day and monitor each thought that you have, but we can stand next to you and urge you to the right thought. And as we urge you to the right thought we support you in making the choices that would come to you in this way. So tonight is about creating anew and a new way of thinking. We will teach you this now.

So you’ve been standing in a room and you have not liked what you’ve seen. Your first impulse is to do one of two things, to leave the room, or to live with the room as it is. You tend to think in those terms. When you do not like your job you decide you need to leave your job or stick with it and suffer. The idea that you could be creative within this situation has always bypassed you because you are trained this way. The new way to be creative in your thinking it to listen to the self in a new way, and as you are listening to the self in a new way what you think will change because you will realize that the bifurcating of experience has been a process of choice. You do not decide that you can leave your husband or stay and suffer the marriage or to work on it. You decide in things that will support you now and how you are supported by your thoughts is part of the creative action we speak of.

So this is the system we would like to give you tonight:

“I am choosing to think the thoughts that will support me in recreating any situation in my life that requires recreation.”

Everybody here needs to do this. And as you do this, you work with the energy and the frequency of the Word to bring about change.

Now if you set an intention, “I am Word through this, or I am Word through that,” and you do not follow through with action, you are sitting back with an expectation of mumbo jumbo. Now you can choose to Word through things and allow the frequency to do the work that is required of it, but if you engage in the same patterns of behavior that create the situation, or created an illness you are not contributing to change. It is as if you are saying “I am going to buy the diet book but I am not going to eat what’s on the page.” Do you understand this?

So tonight we tell you this. You have the directions; you can recreate any situation in your life through this action.

Now Paul is wondering what recreation means, and we will tell him. It means what has been is bring realigned to a new frequency where it cannot extend to its old patterning. Because the new frequency is higher, what has been in the old frequency no longer can stay. It is truly that simple. However, each one of you has a habitual pattern of saying “Yes I want it but I don’t want it at the same time, because if I did want it I would have it already. Because I don’t have it must mean I don’t deserve it, or cannot have, it or somebody says I should not have it.” And thereby you sit by the wayside and wonder why you don’t manifest.

You do not manifest because you do not believe and you do not allow your frequency to hold what you ask for. Now if you want something to come into form in a creative way, “I am Word through the new job.” “I am Word through the new hip.” “I am Word through my body in a new way” you can do this and, in fact, you are doing this when you set an intention in “I Am Word.” And when you do this, you each decide that this can be so through the action of saying it.

However, if you do not hold this to be true, you have spoken a litany of words, and you can work on this as well and we will tell you how. When you want something but you do not hold it in your field, it disappears. When you want something and you cannot hold it you can believe that you were not able to hold it in your frequency for one of several reasons.

The primary reason is fear of having it and the belief that you cannot have it, or you would be hurt by what you wanted or it would be taken from you. So therefore, even though you manifest what you say you want, what you truly want and what you truly believe has been out pictured through the response to it. And this is why people have money and lose it or find a lover and lose it and say “There I go again, I have lost another lover.” Now again, if you feel that you are victimized by circumstance in this way, you are actually contributing to the resistance of the Divine Light that would support you in changing the pattern. You are, of course, empowering the pattern to stay entrenched.

So how do you change your frequency to be able to hold a new vibration? “I am Word trough this, I am Word through that.”

Well the first thing we would tell you is that you need to know that this is real, and that the work you do is real. And each one of you has had enough experience here with the frequency of Word to know that we are not talking blindly. But then the question comes, “How far does it go? How far can I go with this work?” We will tell you this: How far do you want to go? That should be your question. As far as you want to go in creation is as far as this frequency can take you. No on can stop you but you. Now this is a group frequency when you gather, and when you are on your own you are individualizing it in your choices when you contribute to the light though “I am Word.”

When you decide today that what you say you want you can hold, what you hold will stay with you and the resistance you have had to holding it will need to be recreated. And yes, again, we come back to the idea of recreation as an action you can take. So if you’ve always believed that if you have money you will be scorned, or you will be used, you have to recreate that thought, you need to release the patterning that created that thought or transmute the whole frequency through “I am Word.”

Now we will tell you what this means: When you choose something to recreate it is in your frequency, it is in your conscious energy field already. It hangs out like a label on a store that says pickles five dollars or fresh fruit. It’s a label that you have given yourself. And you will walk around with that label in your frequency and you will be that pickle, or that orange, or an out pictured belief system to the extent that it continues to stay there. But when you choose to move it, “I am now choosing to release this need to believe in such and such. I am now carrying a new wave of frequency through the situation and this belief system to transform me. I am Word through this intention, Word I am Word,” what you do, essentially, is clean up the label. You are peeling it off and throwing it away. It no longer needs to be there, and consequently, it no longer needs to hold itself to you.

Now those beliefs that you had around these things stick around as well. And sometimes there is a chain reaction to a belief. Things get entrenched in multiple ways and therefore they must be cleaned through the same process. “I am now choosing to Word through this belief system that is contributing to this pattern. I am Word through this intention, Word I am Word.” And then you are responsible to it. Not just for speaking the words, but moving with the frequency, where the frequency leads you.

Now you are not alone in this. You are being worked with and supported and we are teaching you as we can to stand up for yourselves in the light, which means we see you as grownups, aspiring to growth and to authority of mastery as a Christed being. There is no one who can keep you from this but you, and we say this one more time: You are the one who chooses. You are the one who gives permission to this process, through the asking and trough the receiving of it. You are being worked with by us and you are choosing this each time you arrive here and each time you decide that this is worthy of your attention.

So we thank you for listening to us. Tonight was a talk about what we need from you in order to work with you more effectively. We must give you the work to do so that you can work with us, and as we work with you, we realign our frequency to you for greater effectiveness. The triumph of this group, in our eyes, is the willingness to continue, and to learn, and to leave behind the self that was no longer helped by the old patternings that are releasing from you now.

So we thank you each and we will continue now with the group in frequency work.

Channeling 3/11/10 "Judgement"

We’re ready to talk. And tonight’s about knowing and responsibility and judgment. And we say judgment for the very reason you think we might. The ideal of being out of judgment contains problems within it, but the deal breaker is when one is in judgment, one is not operating in frequency at a level where a level where you can be attuned to the Christ vibration.

Now we tell you this. The hunger you each have for embodiment as source, as that aspect of the self that is divine, is recognized by each of us who attends you. And each of us commits to you the work that is required to assuage you away from the temptation to be in judgment of the self and of your fellows and of your work and worth. However, all we can do is provide you with the instruments, the techniques, the ability to shift your energy frequency to a higher vibration in conjunction with your own will and intent. We cannot for you decide that you are no longer in judgment when in fact, you are. And when you are in judgment you are assuaging yourself out of the design you have aspired to be in.

Now our consciousness, at the level we vibrate, in does not hold judgment. We have moved beyond that, and we do not instill it in anyone we teach. We do not work in that way. So you must understand this tonight: that any judgment you hold against yourselves and your fellows and your worth and your work is something that you are in charge of yourselves. You cannot say, equally, that we are together in this function because we are not, and you are not in charge of it to the extent that you are unconscious of it. And tonight we must bring you into consciousness of judgment and where you gain energy from it in ways that are not supportive of your growth and ambition to ascend.

Now tonight the frequency is high and it will get higher as the night progresses. But each one of you here still holds to you those things that you judge, that you have decided about, that you believe to be so in your self righteousness, in your awareness of your own worth in comparison to the worth of someone else. And to the extent that you continue this habit of believing yourselves to be higher or lower than another is the extent that you lie about your own growth. Because a very fast way to sit on the sidelines and watch the game progress without you is to judge the other players on the field as inferior. And in fact, the doing of this creates an obstruction to your own awareness of your Christed Self.

Jesus the Christ, the one who embodied, as others have, was without judgment. He learned though his lessons and the teachings that we gave him that there is no such thing as love in judgment. It cannot exist as such. And as each of you grow and ascend the rungs of this teaching of consciousness you will become faced with that aspect of the self that chooses to judge and goes into agreement with judgment at a higher level.

Now we say “higher level” by meaning this: In spiritual growth there are categories of development. As you have gone to school and you ascended through your grades, the same thing happens in our work with you. But you do not judge the first grader. You do not judge the second grader as anything other than perhaps more advanced in his study. He is not greater than. He may be younger than. But there are many youngsters who move faster through their studies than people twice their age. So the barometers you use to tend to judgment can be camouflaged in rankings or decisions that have been culturally accepted.

It is approved of to talk about people as unenlightened who do not agree with you. Paul and Jeannette had this discussion last night and we were laughing because they were both judging and in agreement about those that they judged. And they are not judging, they are just agreeing with a system that they partake in. We will explain:

If the group of you decides that the group down the block must be misguided because they are working with a different energy and a different technique, you can sit back on your chairs and congratulate yourselves for being right, or you can accept that there are different stations that the train stops at to get to the higher destination, and many people take different trains to get to work, as it were.

Now tonight we are telling you that judgment does not serve you. And this is not new information. But will be new is the level of authority you are now given to teach yourselves what it means to be out of of judgment, and out of judgment means to be in lightened. Period. When you are out of judgment, when you no longer see the inferior as damned or lower and you see it for what it is which is a stage of evolution and development, then you can know who you are, which is a piece of God evolving as herself, as himself, in her realization, in his realization of his Godhood.

Now tonight we give to you the presence of the sacred knowing of love. And what we mean by this is the sacred knowing of love will transmute the frequency of judgment when it is called upon in action. When you are in belief of the self in a judgmental way you can call on the frequency of love to teach you a new consciousness and allow the divine action of love to heal that aspect of the self that requires judgment to assuage her fear, his fear, that perhaps you are not good enough, or that someone else is worse than you, or better than, or however you mask your fear.

We have said to you that what you fear you are in judgment of and what you are in judgment of you fear, and there are reasons for this. As you choose your growth, you call to you things you need to learn. And you learn them through action and through the aspiration to move into higher knowing as you shift upwards through the experience you have called to you.

So now tonight we gift you with the knowing of love, and this is a little different, because it will be an action you call in to serve you in your growth in an active way. We are a little tired, at this point, of having to explain everything many times before you decide that you do not have to question and you can accept, now we encourage you to question and work with our teaching. We do not want you to decide at one moment that it all must be accurate and therefore there are no questions needed. However, if you do not work with the teachings you are gifted with and keep it in the realm of conjecture, we cannot move you forward. We are not able to without your choice. And your choice, of course, is to go upstairs, to fifth grade as it were, or to graduate school, if you wish. But as long as you are still reading the primer from first grade and trying to decide whether it’s okay or not we cannot give you the new textbooks.

So Paul is wondering what does this mean on a practical level. What it means is that everyone present is aspiring and everyone is moving and the choice to move, while it is honored, can only be taken so far. As you ready yourselves for each stage of development, you will call to you the experiences you require to serve you in this next stage. This is promised. You do not graduate without a test, and sometimes the tests comes in ways you do not like, but they are workable, they can be worked with, and you will continue to work with them in your choices as your grow.

So tonight’s work is in loving and knowing and vibrating in love as you grow, so that you can bypass judgment through consciousness and not stick the pin in the map of judgment in a way what keeps you there again and again out of habitual thinking. So we keep you upwards tonight in vibration so that the work can happen expeditiously and we will do it with you, we assure you of this.

Now we will talk for a moment about vibration and how you are choosing to create new vibration through your choice to Word. When you claim “I am Word through this or that, it myself or her, or his bones or her limbs or her tongue or her false consciousness,” you are assisting the energies in vibrating at a new frequency. We have turned the light on, as it were, and as we turn on the light those things that must be illumined and created anew will be connected to that possibility. It is not a static action. And tonight we will you this: The choice to Word creates a new frequency within you as you work with it. You do not deny the self the food that you gift to your brother, however, you can’t partake of the food unless you work with it consciously. We will say to you this: There will come a time, in fact, when you are vibrating all the time in this frequency because it is what you know and what you have become. You will be gaining in frequency as this work continues but, until that time, you must become conscious of the action of Word and use it as a conscious action.

Now those of you who work with this daily are participating in a new way, in a new paradigm of light and intention that we decide with you will work with you as it does. We have worked with this before, but you are, in fact, the first group to hold this system fully and activate with it through the language we have offered you. And tonight we will work with you newly in love in a similar fashion.

The deprivation of love that you have each experienced has made it very difficult for us to give you love in ways that you can align to fully, because you are fearful of the love that we would gift you. You believe that if you are loved you will be hurt, or it will be taken from you out of sin, or self-judgment, or illusion, and we do not do that with you, we promise. We are serving God in our action. Our function is to teach and to serve the evolution of consciousness on this plane through this triumphant time of great knowing that will befall this planet and this plane of consciousness in the coming years. And as this comes, those of you who have been taught will be the teachers of those who require the teaching. We have gifted you each with the choice to become yourselves in consciousness. And as you have consciously committed to this action you have gifted yourself with the choice to embody as Word.

“I am Word through all that I see before me” is the commitment to God, to God’s creation in alignment with His intention of love.

Now we personify God as “he” for several reasons, but we do not want you to get caught up in a vocabulary that may not be in service to your own requirements or agendas. But the masculine principle, “I am in action,” is “I am Word,” and the marriage of the Divine Feminine with this action is the Christ that is born in man.

You are the vehicles of the Word. You are the piece of God illumined in soul to come forth as love.

Now we say love. The action of God in love is, in fact, the requirement of your work tonight and, in an ongoing way, will be the work of this group for a while. And we say “a while” because we have no idea how long it will take us to work with you to bypass the self-hatred, or the fear of divine love that you have inherited globally, culturally, and through incarnations over time.

Those of you who were in service in past lives were burned, were heretics, or served in love with a denial of the self as part of your teaching. And we can no longer teach as we have. You do not have to go into service to bypass physical form to have an experience of love anymore. The bodies that you stand in are the vehicles of God in expression. Your frequency is the expression of God in the body. And when you die, when you dis-inhabit this form, this frequency will ascend as you have left it and rejoin and merge with the plane of consciousness that it has ascended from. We gift you tonight in love with this consciousness.

“I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.

I am Word through my vibration. Word I am Word.

I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.

I Am Word through all that I see before me, and I am knowing myself in love.

I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

The triumph we spoke of last week was a triumph of the will as it aligns to higher vibration, to ascend. It is not all passive you know. You do not sit in meditation without doing what you are called to do in action through a result of our teachings with you. It is not a passive experience anymore and, in fact, the extent that which you pretend it is is the extent that you slow down your growth.

“I am in my knowing of the requirements for my growth” will begin to serve you with the issues you need to contend with directly in love and consciousness as you continue your ascension, so tonight’s work in love is the vibration of Christ in consciousness in the growth you have sought and in the awareness “I am in my knowing of all that I require to continue my path in the highest frequency available to me.”

So we thank you each for your participation in this and we gift you tonight “I am in my knowing of myself as love. I am Word through those that I see before me. Word I am Word.”

Channeling 3/4/10 "Triumph"

We’re ready to go. And we have been waiting, for this week is a good one, to triumph. And by “triumph” we mean to stand in your power and claim victory over those aspects of the self that have been in disturbance, have been in fear, have been in rotation, and keeping you at bay from claiming your victory as soul-worthy of “I am Word.”

Now to claim this fully, we will say, is a strategy that will bring you where you need to go in your lives. Wherever you need to go you will be called to through the information that is given to you as you claim your power in Word. As you decide, you become the decider in truth. As you decide, you become the decider in triumph. And as you decide you are carried forward by your choices in high esteem by those who would support you on your journeys.

Now the triumph that we are speaking of tonight is about a refusal to allow the lower self to stand guard over the truth of who you are. The lower self would like to keep you in a place of abeyance to its needs, and the needs it has created have been formed out of requirements of the soul that were there that are no longer required. So as you once needed some behavior to support you and you outgrow that, the need for it is gone.

Now we said soul creates these things and Paul is wondering what we mean. In a funny way, the self that you are today has been manufactured by you throughout a long time of incarnations to bring you to this place you stand in. And the way you have been formed has been through experiences that are imprinted into the energy fields that you hold to you. And as you stand in your frequency, the way that you stand is inhabited by this past-self recollection of what has gone before it. So those things were created and they are in your field, and they can be un-created as you decide that you are no longer allowing yourself to be held back by the self that would keep you in abeyance to past history.

So tonight we decide with you that the decision is made, that you can now be cleaned up of the past in such a way that you can claim victory. Paul is seeing an image of a man standing on a castle wall, looking out at the horizon. It is a high wall. It has been a wall of protection, and the vista is wonderful outside of the castle wall. And he has been held there for a period of time by the requirements he has created, he has chosen, he has been gifted with through societal needs and norms. Now today he stands and he faces the future with wonder.

The requirement for you each as you journey forward is to stand in your knowing. “In my knowing” means I am coming from that aspect of the self that is in truth, that is in wonder, and that is in alliance with my Higher Self, the Divine Self, “I am Word.” As you have done this, as you have chosen this, you have chosen to move forward and outward more fully than you ever have. Each one present has done this in one way or another, and those who join you tonight and other nights will be joining you on this journey to triumph. And we say “triumph” with gratefulness because we are grateful to you for your work. And we are grateful to you for the willingness to allow this work to continue forward.

Now we try to connect each one of you to your knowing through these nights, and through these meditations. And we choose to work with you, as we can, in frequency, to bring forth the needs that you have that must be recreated in a higher way to carry you to where you say you want to go. And when we say this, “I am Word through those I see before me,” we are claiming for you your power and your victory.

So we said, this week is a big one. You each have things you wish to clean out. You each have things you have chosen to clear out and you will. But the big one that comes up tonight is fear of love. The fear of being loved in a deep way that will heal you to receive the grace you require. As this is done as a group the cracks appear in the armor you have worn, and the light pours through, and heals and fills and liberates the souls that have been unloved, those aspects of the self that have been held in sorrow and guilt and unworthiness.

Now the fear of this, we will say, is not only your own, but is a matrix of sorts that holds the planet in a respect, because it has been held for so long. Now the belief that you are not loved by the Divine is inherited by you culturally. And the withstanding of it, the belief that you could be without this love, is held systematically in many religions, because you were told you had to go to the altar, to someone else, to receive the blessing of the light. Well, we say those days are long gone, and you each have privilege, every man and woman has their entitlement to God and to love. As you choose it, it comes. As you allow for it, you create through it. And as you join in your knowing with the possibility that love is there, love is there. Period, period, period.

So we say to you tonight, your joy is our joy, your truth is our truth, and your freedom is our choice as we continue to work with you. Tonight is the night you say “yes” to the self in a deeper way, the self that requires love and the self that is free to move forward on his path in wonder and worth. So we will work with you each tonight, and we will also treat you to a solitary knowing. And that is this: The worth that you have in your knowing, the worth that you have as you are known by us in truth, must be identified and must be loved and held in truth, and we will give this to you.

We are telling you this: We are going to shine our light on you in such a way that that aspect of the self that is already in involvement with our frequency will be higher and receptive than it has been before. And you will each receive the frequency lifting at the heart center that you require to name yourself in a deeper way: “I am in Love. I am in the frequency of Love. And I am in Truth in my knowing. I am Truth in my being. And I am willing to serve as I grow and claim my power as a minister in the frequency of Word.”

Each one of you present has claimed power in knowing. Each one of you present has chosen this. Each one of you has decided that your path will be taken at a higher frequency in this incarnation. And the knowing of this withstands all other things and temptations as they come, only go to prove to yourself that this was the path that you were to take. As you admonish the fear, the fear will release. As you trust yourself, the fear has no place to go, because the fear is in deceit. As you listen to the body you stand in, the body will become transforming, in its own way, what it is required to be in order to serve at the highest level you can. And as you choose this, your frequency rises and you are greeted by us in light and truth and worth because, of course, we know who you are. We have chosen you as you have chosen us. And we have come to you in respect and with an offering.

Now we want to welcome a new one tonight, and we wish to say this to James. Your choice to be here tonight is a reflection of many things, not the least of which is your desire to serve. But your awareness at this stage of your evolution, that there is more than the physical body, will become what you accelerate at. And by this we mean, this frequency that we are offering you to support you in your work, will be held by you in awareness and cognizance in a trusting way that your authority can accept. And once you are in accepting of it, it will work with you in tandem of your awareness and your knowing.

So the group tonight is about triumph, and the welcoming to each of you is about worth in love, and “I am now choosing to stand in my knowing as a loved one. I am now allowing myself to bring forth the truth that I own and accept the truth that is offered to me. And I realign my frequency in high knowing in accordance with my own desire to serve. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now tonight is for you each and we will commence with the work in a moment. But we want to start out by telling you one thing. As you work with others in this frequency, your awareness will change, of what the work is. And as you work on this frequency with others, your ability to share it will enlighten you and you will be carried forward in the work, as you choose it. To the extent that you allow yourself to serve, you will be chosen to serve. To the extent that you gift yourself the opportunities to be in attunement with the frequency of Word is the extent that those you are required to work with will be brought to you in Truth.

Channeling 2/25/10 "Knowing and Responsibility"

We are ready to go. You have to get ready to go, because this is a teaching. We are going to go forward regardless of what you are feeling like because we have an agenda, and a teaching to give you, and it’s about responsibility. You are responsible for this, Paul, as is everybody else. Each one of you present is responsible for your creations. And the moment that you decide that you are not, you fall out of grace, because you stop your alignment and you begin to believe that you are a victim of circumstance.

Now, we will tell you this. There are things that happen in a life that cannot be controlled by the individual. And we will tell you this. You are indeed responsible for your responses to them. However, you do not make the weather change, you do not make the war start on a level of individual causation. These are things that are done on a responsible level in collective consciousness and the individuals impacted have their responses to be accountable for.

Now, each one present here tonight has an issue. Something is up. Each one of you present has a worry or a frustration, or an anger. And we’re going to trust you to tell us how you wish to deal with them tonight because we are giving you the responsibility to impact yourselves with the frequency you work with. Each one of you here has been prepared, in one way or another, to come into your own power as a divine being. And as you choose this, you no longer are allowed to blame another for your circumstances. You cannot afford it. It is too easy. The abnegation of authority is what is at issue here, and if you wish to change your lives, get with the program.

“I am Word through all that I see before me” creates change in the whole program. However, if you have an issue that you are not contending with directly, or you are in avoidance of, it is time to move it fast, as it were. Because the parade is in progress, and the parade is forward motion to your own knowing. You are in your knowing as you claim it. However, you do not claim it when you are faced with things that you feel are not your problem, and you decide that things can go on their own way. You are in responsibility to everything that you see as it is part of your creation.

The moment you deny a man his desire for light because it is not convenient for you, you have abnegated your authority as a divine being. The moment you decide that you do not have to do the work, because the work is hard, and effortful, and somebody else can do the work for you, you have denied your own self as a Christed being. You have the authority. You have the power now. You have the decision-making abilities. Each one present already here has created things in their lives that have brought them forward in their own knowing.

Now each one present tonight has ability in their own knowing in divine Word. And we are going to take you up on your offers to seal this promise with us: That you are going to commit to your own knowing in a way that will change your lives. Each one of you present has the ability to stand in your knowing and heal yourselves and change your patterning. And if you do this with the willingness to do so, your lives will be transformed. We do not lie to you. However, we will give you this information. The day you decide that this is not possible is the day that it is not possible. The day you decide that you can be living your lives as you were is the day you decide you no longer need the Divine Self treating you through itself as its manifestation. You are one with the power that created you, regardless of what you choose. However, your choice to be in the knowing of this is what aligns you. Everyone is in the water, as it were, only some of you know it. The rest of everybody has just accepted it as the norm.

Now your choice tonight is to hold yourself in your knowing. And we want to teach you how to do this, because this is ability. This is not just something you do. When you train yourselves to know, you hear yourselves. You hear yourselves in a deep way and, consequently, the information that comes to you through your feeling-knowing, your senses, your identity-knowing, “I know this,” all of these things will be accessed, and you will be informed through them. As you go forward, you will hear yourselves.

Now we have taught you in the past that there are things that have to change in order for you to hear. We talked about clairaudience and the ability to hear as if you were an antenna calling in the higher frequencies and this is still so. However, you cannot know what is yours when you do not know what is yours on a daily basis. When you are hearing yourselves, when you are in your knowing, you are accessing that aspect of the self that is the Divine Self, and you are knowing it. You do not question it. It has its own authority. And you will learn from it because you know it. “Know, know, know, know, know.” This is the word of the night. “I am in my knowing.”

Now, the triumph of knowing, believe it or not, is that you are always called to be where you are meant to be. The moment you ask and receive your knowing you hear it and you respond to it. You are effortlessly placed in the opportunities that you require for your own growth and for the ability to heal yourselves and to heal others. Each one of you present knows, already, that this is so on a very basic level.

Now we want to teach you something. As you know things, you respond to them. But if you are still frightened of knowing, if you are still scared that knowing will feel like something else, or from outside of yourselves, or something that will tell you bad things, you will not access this aspect of the self as fully as you would otherwise. Each one present already knows a lot. We want you to know what you know. We want you to hear what you hear and to say, “yes” to what you know to be true.

Now, tonight, you each have to ask for something. Some thing that you need to know. I am now choosing to know “blank.” I am now choosing to know what I need to know about “blank.” And allow the authority of yourself as “I am Word” to come into alignment with this request. “I am now choosing to know what I need to know. I am Word through this intention to know. Word I am Word.” Through this choice you access yourself.

Now those of you who do not meditate will be needing a practice of some kind to support you. It can be whatever you call it. But if you are running to the store, and you set your affirmation, and you do not allow yourself to listen to the response you get, you are bypassing your own ability to know it. And that is your responsibility as well.

“What do I need to know?” Ask this question if you would. “What is it that I need to know? I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.” Now, allow yourself to be in receipt of the knowing you require. Allow this to come simply. Do not effort; simply allow. Trust yourself. You are the one who chooses to know. Let it come. Let it come. Let it come. We want you each to ask and to listen. Let it come. Let it come. Let it come. (Pause) We are working on each of you now. “I am in my knowing. Word I am Word.” Let each one know what they need to know. Trust yourselves, please. And know what you need to know. Blessings to each of you.

Now the answers you get are your responsibility as well. What you do with the answers that you get are your responsibility. Now, if you trust yourself in your knowing, your knowing is accessible to you. You trust that you can walk. You trust that you can breathe. These are things you do not debate. So allow your knowing to be part of you, an accessible part of you. You do not have to reach to the sky to know.

You have to accept what you know, and that you know. Now, if you want to know something that is out of your purview, you can ask for that as well. And don’t be surprised when the answers come, for they will come. The requests that you make are heard. Each one of you present hears already. And the responsibility for this has been your own, will continue to be your own, as you continue to move upward in your frequency. Now desire to know will bless you with knowing. And the fear of not knowing will frighten you from knowing. So trust yourself to know.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Channeling 2/4/10 "I Am Knowing Myself As Love"

Tonight is about love, and what it means to be in love and how you navigate your life through love. Now you each have a conception of love that we want to move past, and that has to do with emotional selves expressing themselves as love. Now we want to say that that’s fine, but to be in the frequency of love means to stand in knowing and to state the truth: “I am in my knowing, I am in my love, and I am knowing this. As I express myself as love, what I bring to me is in love, and in love I create and I move and I have my being.” Now you can say that God is love is you wish, and you can use that term to serve this purpose, but you each have an ideal, still, of love that we want to move you past.

Now the reckoning that you have when you go through this is that love is not a feeling; love is not an identity. “I am love” as a saying, love as an identity is the incorporation of the divine aspect of love in your knowing. And as knowing, love creates in love.

Now we want to explain what we’re saying here. When you are standing in your knowing, you have to decide what level of understanding you are coming from. As love, you come from an understanding that is predisposed by a cultural response to what you believe love is. It is not a pretty thing, it is not a little butterfly, it is not even anything that you see in a movie that says “I love you, isn’t this romantic.” That is an aspect of love being expressed through personality. But the frequency of love that we speak of tonight, which is in knowing, will come to you to state itself through your knowing.

Now what this means for each of you is that as you choose to be in love, you correspond to an energetic frequency that is existing here and now. And in this frequency, you live and move and have your being. All that you see then you know to be in love because you cannot be in love and see that which is out of love. Do you understand this? If you want to use the metaphor of being in the ocean and all things are in the ocean with you, everything is in the ocean. If you are standing in love, everything must be in love with you. You cannot create separation where there is none intended.

Now Paul is wondering what this is all about. This sounds like a very tall order. And in fact it is. But it is the next juncture for your growth; it is the manifestation of love as an expression of yourselves to stand firm in your knowing of love. Now to state this intention, “I am in my knowing as love,” will correspond to certain changes in your psychology. And your psychology, we would say, is the way that you process your experience based on the information that you have.

As you stand firm, “I am in my knowing as love,” and you begin to have an expression of love in your life, you correspond to that frequency. As you are aligning to that frequency, what you create is in love. Now this is very specific. We are not making things up tonight. Paul is wondering what this is about, and what it is for you each is a decision that you must now make to create in your knowing the room for the love we speak of. And in order for that to be so, you have to get out of your mind any pretty pictures you hold of what this is supposed to feel like, because that will lead you to delusion. There is a compassion in love, of course, but the great love that we speak of to you is the Christ love. And the Christ love we speak of is the expression of God in man as love.

Now, to state this intention, “I am in my knowing of myself as love,” is a decision, and that decision has consequences. And each of you standing tonight will resurrect an aspect of the self as love as you claim this. And the decision you make will create a new knowing. Now the new knowing is, “I am knowing myself as love.” As love. As love. You become what you state you are. And those things that do not correspond to this will be releasing in jurisdiction of this safety.

Now we will talk to you about your requirements for this intention. If you are still choosing to hang onto a feeling about love that is old-fashioned and moored in your past experience, you are going to have a very hard time letting it go unless you believe that what is coming in its place is more powerful and more truthful. The embryonic expression of this will be kind of small. It will be a small way of expressing the frequency of love, but it will grow as you choose to stand firm in the knowing we speak of.

As you create as love, the energy will build and build, we say, to the extent that you can begin to realize yourself as this. Now we say “realize” not in a way of “Aha, I realize something.” We are saying you become what you say you are. Each one of you here, through choice, is holding a frequency “I am Word,” that you can express, that you can feel, that you can work with, in one way or another. You have chosen it; it has come into manifestation through Paul’s work with us, and your work with our work. And this has been a big achievement. And larger, we would say, than any one of you here has an idea of. And that has chosen to be expressed as you. I am Word, I am Word, I am Word.

“I am in my knowing of myself as love” is the next step of realization. I am realizing myself as love and in my knowing as love, I begin to create in love. And as I create in love, what I call to me is in love. And there can be no other way for this to be so. So we say embryonic because it’s a small thing that requires nurturing and expression. You do not plant a seed and then walk away and expect it to grow without tilling the soil and making sure there is ample water. You do not realize yourself as love without doing the work that is required of you.

Paul has wondered at times if people assume that this work is pretty work, it’s a nice thing to do on an evening, but then it goes away and I don’t have to think of it again. Well, that’s okay, that’s fine for people who want a small experience that may come to pass in time as a great experience. But the Group for Teachers that we are convening with those in attendance tonight is super school. And we say “super school” in that we expect you to exceed your own expectations. We expect you to remember to state “I am Word through this and that.” And we expect you to remember each day to know you are Word in one aspect or another of yourselves. Because that is the exercise.

If you were living in a culture where there were aborigines and you did not look like them, but you believed you were that, you would be an aborigine until you realized yourself as other. And the realization that you are embarked on on several different levels is the remembrance of your true selves in Christ. And we say “in Christ” so you know there is a lineage here. There is a succession here. And there is a history of this evolution of divinity in expression. And again we say to you, this is not Christianity in the way that you would assume. This is the truth in the way that you would express it. And to label it through religion ultimately is a way of chaining to doctrine and to law that does not serve your evolution. And the Christ, we say, belongs to no religion. It is the essence of the aspect of God in realization.

Now, divine love, we would say, is an aspect of God. Any aspect of God must be created in you through your willingness to be in alignment to it. You do not go into alignment with your frequency by running away from it. Last week we taught you each about tuning the volume up a higher frequency so that you could be expressed as such, and the benefits were felt and experienced. And what we are telling you tonight is, Yes, yes, yes. You are doing it in love now. “How long does it take?” is Paul’s question. “What are we in for? Will we feel it? What happens to us? Is this going to happen for real?” Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And the time it takes to come into manifestation in love is your choice, it has to do with willingness, and it has to do with allowance of the frequency to do its work on you, in you and through you. You must remember, always, you are the vessel of the divine, expressed, embodied as yourselves. You do not become something other. You do not wear a white robe and stand on a mountaintop and state decrees. But what you do do is sing your song in vibration and that vibration will sing you; you will be the song of God expressed in man.

Now don’t believe for a minute that this is goofy stuff, that this is anything other than yourselves as that aspect of yourself embodied in truth. As you realize this, your joy increases, because you are in remembrance. And remembrance means you have re-membered yourselves to the source of your being. You have called to yourself the flow of the light and you are singing your song, “I am Word. I am in my knowing of myself as love,” to all who will come and receive the song’s duty. The song’s duty, we would say, is to be in realization, and it sings the perfect tune to all who need to hear it. The song you sing will be the song that is truthful for you.

Now Paul wonders if this is the river that we wrote about in our second book. And we will say, yes, we are taking them in a river to the sea, and the sea of love is where you are re-membered, and where we know you in love. You go into a union, you see, with frequency at this stage of evolution. Now, you do not bypass your daily life, but your expression of yourselves creates a different kind of life that you navigate and the work that you are called to do from this place serves others. And they are served through your choice to be in your manifestation as this Christed self, if you wish.

Now, we say to you this: The choice to do this work requires commitment. The choice to do this work requires re-membrance of that aspect of yourself, “I am Word” each day. The choice to do this work is a special action that you are taking in your lives that will carry you through the next two years of your experience. The cycle that we are in now is a two-year cycle of understanding and growth. And we are asking you to say “yes” to being in this role as student to our knowing, so that we can lead you fully to your own.

Paul is wondering, “Why two years?” We will say to you this: Two years is an outline. There is an outline that has been drawn for each of you. We see you each already in your realization. And how that energy gets filled, how the picture gets filled out, if you wish, is in many ways your calling and your choice. Understand this, please. We can create the template with you but we cannot fill it in without you. Do you understand this? So two years, we say, will keep you focused on your path of growth with a sense of realization to come. Now, if there is no realization, there is no work. And we want you to know this. We want this work to be experiential for those who come to you to be taught. We want this work to be truthful for you so that you can teach it in your integrity. “I am in my knowing of myself as Love” is the integrity we speak of. If you are not operating from that place, you are merely in guessing. And that is an okay place to start.

We will say this to you: You have the expression of Word. You have each had experiences with the frequency at one time or another, and most of you express it each time you meet in an amplified way that you can know. So why don’t you know yourselves as Word as you walk down the street, as you stand before your class, as you sit at your computer, as you make love to your partner? Why don’t you know yourself as Word? Paul has this question every day. He’s in a difficult position, and we acknowledge that. He has the ability to bring us through clearly, but he is a wastrel when it comes to his own commitment to the expression in his life. And by wastrel we mean he is worried all the time that he cannot be who we say we are.

Now, we say we are an expression of God, and we know this to be so. God, God, God. Call it what you wish; that’s up to you. We know ourselves as this, and we know you as this. Do you understand this? We know you already as the divine expression of Source realizing himself, realizing herself, in Word. Now, all you have to do is catch up and get on the boat and ride the wave of love. Do the work. One assignment each day will serve you to build the muscle we speak of, “I am in my knowing of myself as Love,” and we will give you one now.

Each day you are to state this intention, and then meditate on what it means. Five minutes will do you for now, but meditate on the meaning of the sentence “I am in my knowing of myself as Love.” As you are expressing this idea, you are creating room for it in your consciousness. And as you do that, you are tilling the soil so the seed can take hold and begin to grow. Is this an acceptable assignment for you each? This is all we ask of you at first. But as we said, you are making a very great decision here, to go into this expression. And your lives, we will say, will transform as a result.

Now, transformation, we have to tell you, is another one of those words, like love, that people get excited about and create ideas around. “Oh, I am in my transformation.” Well guess what, everybody? Transformation is not always pretty. If you look at a field that has been burned, to create room for new growth, that is transformation. And as you create new consciousness, the old consciousness must be released to create room for the new.

In the past we have had the experience of people being frightened by the work because it meant giving up something, or foregoing a sense of self that the self was attached to. And we bless them, and we trust them to be on their journeys. In your case, we require you to strap yourself in as it were and go on the ride. Transformation, we will say to you, will be experiential. Your lives will have to become the vehicle for your expression. And you have to be where you are required to be in order to be gifted with the lessons you need to relinquish the past behaviors that you have created in fear. And that means when you have not been “in love.” So we will say to you tonight, it will be of benefit to this group to state this intention:

“I am now choosing to be in support of my fellows as I move on to this next stage of my development. I am now choosing to remember this instruction, that the transformation I experience may, at times, not be to my liking, but will be of my benefit as I move through it. And I trust myself to know what is good for me at all times. I am Word through this intention. Word, I am Word.”

Now, the mission of this night has been stated to you several times with a lot of explanation. And we would like to say, we are glad for this opportunity to speak to you so directly. As we speak to you we learn more about your requirements for your evolution. We are in school too, you see, and part of our learning is our cooperation with each of you as you emerge into your own knowing. “I am in my knowing of myself as Love.”

So tonight we will gift you with love. We want you to have the expression of love. And we want you to remember always that we are in love with you. “In love” meaning “in the frequency of love.” Of course, as you understood it, as we spoke it earlier, we are in the sea of love, and consequently all we see is in that sea, if you wish. We cannot see anyone out of love, because all is of God. And God, we say, is an aspect of Love embodying within you now. So we bless you each individually and collectively tonight, and we thank you for having come this far.

Paul is asking where this lecture goes. Is this part of the book that is being written? It is the book that is being written through your experiences together. This group is its own expression of God embodying in man. And so we say to you this: The song this group sings together is a high song, a high vibration, and we will begin to work with you tonight on its expression.

“I am now choosing to know myself as love. I am now choosing to know myself as love. I am now choosing to know myself as love. I am Word through this intention. Word, I am Word. I am now choosing to realize myself as love. I am now choosing to realize myself as love. I am now choosing to realize myself as love. I am Word through this intention. Word, I am Word. I am now choosing to sing in the vibration of love. I am now choosing to sing in the vibration of love. I am now choosing to sing in the vibration of love. Word through this intention. Word, I am Word.”

Now, choice is a key here. As you have stated these intentions, you have created a momentum in choice. And we say to you this: You may begin to feel your frequency around you shift already, because you are moving energy, as we promised. If you are feeling your frequency shift, say yes.

Now we want to sing to you, and we want you to be in receptive mode.

I have come to each of you in praise. I have come to each of you in song. I have come to each of you in love, and I have come to each of you in remembrance. Tonight I give you my knowing. Tonight I give you my peace. Tonight I give you the love that was gifted to me through the Christ through the knowing of myself as Love. I am the no one. I am the all that is. I am the benefactor, and I am the song. I have come to you now in readiness to bless you and to heal you of your fear of inhabiting me in fullness. I have come to each of you to be given my name back through your expression of me. I am Word. I am Word. I am Word.”

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Channeling 1/28/10 "Expression"

(The following is a transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on January 28, 2010.  It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We have to talk tonight and it is actually imperative that you have to talk to each other about what you’re feeling when you do this work. The understanding that you have, which is individual, is only helpful once you understand that you are sharing an experience with others.  And the reason we gave you assignments to go out into the world and teach others is because you have become the teachers of the Word in manifestation. Now, this is a tall order.  But it is one that will carry you many years into the future, because the work that is beginning now will be taking form for many years to come.

Understand this each one of you:  The justification you’ve had in the past for being yourselves, individuated, in Christ manifestation, is here now.  It is come.  However, the removal of those aspects of the self that are hindering the expression of your divinity, must come into form and be seen to be cleaned out.  Now, we are not talking about cutting away something that is present. We are simply talking about outgrowing something that no longer needs form. So those of you who are held in patternings that no longer support you are ready to leave them.  And those of you who wish to move forward will do so in the times to come.

Now the responsibility that each one of you has now, in terms of communication with others, has to do with teaching and making a commitment to know yourselves in form as I am Word.  As you do this each day, what you call to you brings to you the requirements of teaching, and you will be in tandem with others who require your discussion and individuation of Divine Self inhabited, embodied, as Word. That is the time you have entered into. There is no longer an excuse, if you wish, to fear yourselves in this regard. There is no longer a reason to doubt the safety of the energy frequency you have been working with. There is no longer reason to fear yourselves as one who can hold this frequency. You have had experience with it each week, you have attended here, and you have come to know it in a way that you can feel.

As you express yourselves in form as Word, the frequency builds. As you are inhabiting yourself in this form your expression expands, and you reach more people. As you stand in your knowing and you teach others, the removal of those aspects of the self that will stop the expression of the Word from coming forward will have to be addressed. And that happens very rapidly now. As each one of you stands in your knowing, you free up frequency and allow expression to come forward.

We have to talk now about what it means to be a teacher, and what this responsibility entails, because each one of you who has committed to this work has already embarked on their teaching practice, know it or not, and the teaching practice that you have begun has been given to you with a willingness to serve. As we speak to you we expect you to speak to others. As we teach you, we anticipate you will be the emissaries of this speech.

Now, Paul is wondering what the book has to do with this. And the book is, in fact, textbook number one in the manifestation of the Word, in a remedial place that will serve others. You are ahead of the game. You have been taught this previously. You have come into your knowing already. So you have a manual to fall back on if you need it. But your work will be given to you, and we promise you this. The moment you say “yes” to your work, you will be called to service as teachers of the light.

Now you have the jobs that you support yourselves with. You have the lives you live, and you have the expectations of those lives. And we’re not telling you to give them up, or anything like that.  However we will be telling you this: As you outgrow your forms and stand in new forms, you will call to you different experiences, and different ways of expressing yourselves. And as you stand in your new expression, you may find that what you care about has transformed, and what you require has changed, and where you wish to be has summoned a new experience to you, to benefit you and to call to you those who would benefit from your light.

 Now this is a promise from us; we do not make these lightly. As you stand in your knowing, “I am Word through my expression,” your expression will be delivered in the forms that are appropriate to you individually. We will not call you to do something that is not in Truth with who you are. We will not ask you to serve in a way that will diminish you. We would only see you expressed in your glory, as a manifestation of the Christ.

You must understand, though, that the beliefs you have held up until now will be challenged by this because you can no longer claim that identity when a new one has come into form. “I can no longer be a hippopotamus when I am suddenly an eagle.” “I can no longer hold myself to the ground when I am born to fly.”

 Now, you may have misconstrued your identity in the past. You may have discovered that you are not a hippopotamus, but you are not this thing yet that is airborne. Well, guess what, everybody. You are this thing you say you are. You are the Christ in manifestation. All men, in fact, are the Christ awaiting their recognition of their soul’s journey forward. That is the truth of Christ in man.

Now the difference in this time, we would say, is that the teaching of the Christ from 2000 years ago is made practical in its manifestation without the regard of a service attached to it. There is no Christ in a service; a service is a series of actions brought about to create an expression of energy form. And that is fine, but the Christ indwelling in man is what we are awakening, what you have awakened, and what the awakening of this whole world will be, in vibration. We do not speak of a second coming in terms of people falling out of the clouds. We simply mean that who you are in truth has beckoned to it others, and the light that you share has illuminated all things. All things are illuminated in this light of Truth. We will say this is so.

What are the questions about this? “What does it mean to do this work?” “Where do I do this work?” “Who are my students to be?” “Why am I doing this? Is it because you are telling me or because I am choosing it?” We would never tell you to do something. Everything is free will. However, you have asked for homework. We have offered it to you. And we can only teach you to the level that you go to.  If you do not go to the level that we teach at, we cannot progress as a classroom. This is understood, yes? If you do not do your homework, you cannot stand up and recite the answers when called upon.

Now we will tell you this. The choice to do the work is your soul’s choice. And the personality at times will fight the soul. Because the personality self has an attachment to who he or she believes she was supposed to be in a form that is limited. And we will tell you this: As you surmount the ego, as you bypass those transitions of self that would tell you “no,” you illuminate more. You bring to you grace in new ways. The fear of moving forward is less about the unknown, you see, than relinquishing a sense of control over your reality that you have been given societally, culturally, through other paradigms. When you no longer believe them to be true, you are no longer held and bound by them. If your father told you you were supposed to be a doctor, and you believed that all your life, until the day you realized you could be whatever you chose, you would have been in a form of limitation up until that day, when your consciousness was liberated by a new idea. This is the same thing. The constraints that you have been given all your lives implicitly control you. The beliefs you have been given all your life have given you permission not to bypass them, and therefore stay on the straight and narrow path that limits you.

Now, the freedom that we are offering you is your own freedom. It is not our freedom. It is your own choice to become who you say you are, “I am Word, I am Word, I am Word.” That is the speech we sing. That is the decree of the time. It is the invocation of Christ in man. “Word, I am Word.”

Now, the song we sing to you tonight is about expression. Teaching is expression. As you teach the Word, you are not dealing intellectually with constructs; you are standing in frequency, and the frequency is the teacher. You are not the teacher. The frequency is the teacher. Understand this, please. You are the energy field come into form. You stand in your knowing, “I am in my frequency; I am Word; I am Word; I am Word.” And the energy that you are sings the song in its promise, and the resonance of you in frequency requires others to rise in vibration, in recognition of this song. And the song is heard. This is the teaching of the Word. When you teach another to say, “I am Word through my body; I am Word through my vibration; I am Word through my knowing of myself,” you are singing to them. You are listening to them as well, because you will begin to feel in your own energy field the activations that you bring forth in them. You are working in tandem with their energy fields.

Now, Paul is asking, could Jeffrey stand before his class and Word through them all? And we will say yes, of course. Could Dean stand before a television camera and Word through all those before him? Of course he could. Those are ways of working. But the teaching of the Word, finally, and the craft of the teacher, is to be embodied. As you are embodied everything you do becomes and expression of this. It is not a thing you do at 2:00. You inhabit the Word. You are always the Word, and you are the Christ embodied as Word, and so all that you do sings the song and calls to you that frequency.

"Who are your students?" is the question then.  Everyone and anything you encounter is your student—and your teacher. Because how you teach is taught to you through the students you require. That is how you learn to do this. And the woman on the street with the bags and the funny hat who is cursing under her breath is your student, as is the lovely man in the suit and the child in the high chair. All of them are expressions of the Christ waiting to be reborn as Word.

Now the talk is a different way of teaching. And last week you were assigned to sit with someone and talk to them, and be in this expression. And we are requiring you to do this each week for the next three weeks. Which is to state the intention to sing this song to someone new each week, and to feel what you feel, and to learn what you learn. But your job, frankly, is to be the singer, and the song is sung through you. “I am Word” is not your teaching. “I am Word” is not Paul’s teaching. “I am Word” is the teaching of the Christ brought forth in this time in the history of the planet. This is the song that is being sung, all over, and will be sung for many years to come.

So your students, we tell you, are the ones you call to you and the ones you speak to. But ultimately they will be everyone you see on the street. And the ones that you really don’t like are your best teachers, because the understanding of them as the light, in truth, will free you from things you don’t even see yet.

Paul is wondering about someone he saw yesterday whom he would like to yell at, and he wonders if yelling is a healthier response, in empowerment, than saying “I am Word through the one I see before me”. That is a very good question and requires an explanation.

When you Word through someone you are having a problem with, you are actually bypassing that aspect of the self that you are in difficulty with, and lifting frequency to allow a new formation of energy exchange. The old frequency, which has been held in tandem with emotional frustration, can then be moved and liberated, and lifted as well. If you can imagine you are unblocking a cork in a bottle and allowing the fluid to rise up and out, that is the manifestation of doing this work with someone you are frustrated with. However to speak the words without an understanding of what you are saying is hocus pocus and will get you nowhere. “I am Word through that angry person I never want to see again” will not do much for you or them. The intention is not to heal. The intention is to yell at them still. But you are just using nicer language.

When you claim “I am Word through the one I see before me,” regardless of  what they present, you are seeking them at their truest level and you are acknowledging the God within them as the truth of their expression.  Each time you do this, you change your frequency, and you are your frequency. You are your frequency. You are your frequency. And as you are your frequency, your responsibility is to keep it high. Doesn’t that sound simple? So those things that bring your frequency down are those things that you will be encountering and choosing to release through this next decade of understanding yourselves. You want it done tomorrow. Well, guess what, everybody?  It could be done. But we promise you this: If you were to relinquish all your fears once and for all tonight, you would call most of them back by two in the morning, because you would be frightened not to have them. So you will have to let them go as they go. And you have to see them for what they are each time they arise, which are forms of limitation, embodied as limitation, to keep you in your own worry and fear, and thereby stay where you are. Do you understand this, yes?

Now we are singing a song to you tonight, and we will sing it loudly tonight. “I am Word. I am Word. I am Word.”  And we are going to sing it to each of you. And we are going to go around the room with you as we sing, to sing you up an octave, as it were, so you begin to understand what you can do as you listen to this song. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Channeling 11/6/2009 "Creating Healing"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in Vermont on November 6, 2009.  It was followed by group and individual energy work.  Thanks to Sarah Van Hoy for recording and transcribing this session.)

Listen, we’re going to work now, because we have a lot to talk about; more than you think.  And it is a little group but it is a big day.  And what a big day means is Triumph.  And what triumph means is success and overcoming limitations.  And everyone gathered here tonight is in service in one way or another.  And that’s what has to happen now.  Those who are in service have to be regarded in their own light, to move what needs to be moved in order to bring forth the changes that are required in their lives.  And this is significant.  We say significant with the intention that you understand that the purpose that you live with is actually choice. 

Each one present here has choices to make at this standing.  And as you make them, your lives transform.  And as your lives transform, you feel differently about yourself and then your actions take a new shape.  And when your actions take a new shape, that which you bring forth in your creations will be completely transformed. 

Now there is resistance to this, and the resistance we speak of is about solitude, and a belief that you in your solitude you can move the mountains you wish, when in fact it is a collective frequency that will begin to do that level of work.  And mountain moving, we will say, is coming to this group, and all the groups, in all the collective energies that are working toward transformation. 

And the mountains are big ones.  They are actually about structures of creations, and how people have systematized their own thinking to a level of creative ability that no longer serves them.  And when these things have been embedded throughout centuries, and centuries, and centuries – they create a matrix.  And when a matrix is moved, it is disassembled.  It is cleared.  And there is chaos as a new system comes in at a higher level to replace it.  So we have to give you each something to think about as you move forward in your time.

Each one of you present is confirmed in a certain way to withstand the changes that are being made present in your lives in service.  And we say again “service” so that you remind yourselves that the work you are here to do is not solely your own work, but is work to benefit others.  And as you are reminded of this, it makes your passage stronger, because you understand that the agenda that you may have carried is in limitation, and in fact the real work of the time is much, much, much more significant.

Now as you choose to be in service, you call to you the opportunities to create new systems through which this service can occur.  And to the extent that you are bound by the existing models of healing, of choice, of support, which you have embedded in your consciousness, you are limited by them.  As you move past the matrixes of systematized healing, you call to you a new possibility.  Now we will not talk about energy work as a science, because Paul gets frightened of our language when we do this.  But we will tell you this, as you create a new system of understanding, your own abilities in healing your own lives and the lives of others, you are propelled by the systems that you have been in agreement with. 

And you have been in agreement, we will say, about most things in your lives that are causing you pain.  “He is my husband; I should do this.” “He my lover; I should stay there.”  “He is my child; I should feel that.” “This is my home; I should understand it.”  All of these things you will say are creations in agreement of other ways that you have been told you should be thinking about yourselves.  And consequently, you have been moored, as a boat is moored in a harbor, by these thinking patterns and ways of understanding yourselves that are attributed to grand schemes and collective agreement about behavior and systematized understanding that what you have created is all that you should get.

If you believe today that the problem that you have had your whole life, could be moved tonight, truly and truly it would be moved, it would be cleared, and there would be nothing to tether it to.  However the consciousness that you have has not yet agreed upon that and that is why things take time.  We have given Paul the information before of the woman who touched the Christ’s robe and was healed in her knowing that she would be healed.  And in your case, as we will say, the same thing is true in frequency.  However you must agree that you can be healed.  And as you protect your pain and those systems of pain that you have given power to, you keep yourself from the healing you say you want. 

So this is the discussion right now.  But we talked about you in service, and we will return to this idea now.  When one chooses to be in service, one creates a system with which to serve.  Anyone in any time who has asked for service has been given the opportunity to serve and the vehicles that they have chosen have been the ones that they believe were appropriate to them.  “I am a writer I will write a healing.” “I am a nurse, I will heal the sick.”  “I am a practitioner of this or that and that will be my method.”  Well, that is all well and good.  And that is the way in the doorway.  But the opportunities that are beckoning to you now, withstand knowing and are without form in traditional ways.  And that is why those are eschewed.  “It can’t be real if…” “It can’t really work if I don’t feel it this way…” And so consequently, before you have even gone on the voyage, you have decided to moor yourself as the ship again and hang out in the harbor with is what is known for you to contend with, so that you are not challenged by a larger system of creating healing. 

Now Paul is asking, what does ‘creating healing’ mean?  And creating healing means to bring about a systematized change in the energy fields of those you are working with that will rebalance and reconnect them to their own ability to be healed in an instant.  And your attachment to process is what makes it so difficult.  I cannot heal a wound that has been given to me unless I get stitches and the skin heals in the way that I believe the skin should heal.”  And in fact what you are doing then is you are limiting the divine of its own capabilities and decided for it that you are in agreement with methodology.  Period, period, period.

So we are not telling you to go out and do silly things, we are simply telling you to expand your senses to embrace this new option that healing can be manifest today, tonight, in this moment as you collectively agree that you have a right to it, that you are no longer bound by the systems that you cannot have this today.  Do you understand what we are speaking of?  This is about choice as much as anything else.  It is also about dedication to your own sense of self-worth that you are entitled to this. 

The woman who touched the robe believed that she would be healed, and in that belief was the inherent knowing that she deserved her healing.  Paul does not agree with this.  He actually thinks that he should suffer long and hard and that one day he will be worthy of the healing that he requests.  And guess what everybody - that will be his truth for as long as he embraces that.  That is true for each one of you here in your own way.  You command your knowing in the areas of life where you are comfortable and confident.  And the ones where you are not, you dismay at and say “OK, well what it hasn’t happened yet, so it may not.  I haven’t figured this out yet, so I may not.  And if I haven’t by now, maybe I never will. Oh woe is me.”  Do you understand this as a way of operating?

Now we cannot give you this opportunity to claim your worth, until you decide you can experience it.  In order for this to happen, you need to be in triumph.  And we said that this is the lecture tonight, it is on triumph.  And the benediction of the God-self to the third dimensional reality that you are experiencing yourself through and the limitations and constraints that you have attributed to this reality are ready to be completely expanded, to enhance yourselves and to be recreated as you in a multidimensional operational system, so that you are not only congruent with what you experience here but what you can be capable of as you emerge and direct your frequency at higher levels of understanding.  Are you interested in what we are speaking of?  We are telling you things without an awareness of your comprehension, but we believe we are being supportive of you in your own individual processes through this discussion.

Now we will take you somewhere.  And this is what we would like to offer you.  Your challenges individually have been named by you.  Your decisions to be in your pain in whatever areas of your lives you choose to be in pain with have been made by you.  And as you choose tonight to congratulate yourselves on the freedom from these, you can lift your frequency to a new level where you are realigning your own energy field to the healing we claim for you.  Do you understand what we are saying?

So tonight I say to myself, “I am choosing to be free of this thing that I have claimed to be my truth, that is no longer serving me. I am collectively stating this intention.  I am now choosing to release to that which I say that I need to release in order to prosper and be in my freedom as a true love incarnate, as an aspect of the creator in form, manifesting myself in my own divine knowing of my worth.  As I state this intention, I now decree that I am now leaving the bands of restraint that have kept me embodied in limitation and I am in agreement that I am free of the pain I say I wish to release.  I am Word through this intention.  Word I am Word. 

I am choosing to release myself from those things that have bound me to lower frequency.  I am now choosing to ascend in frequency to a realignment of my soul’s worth so that I may manifest my own life in service to my creator in accordance with my soul’s choices.  Word I am Word through this intention.  Word I am Word.”

Through this system we have given you, “I am Word through this and that” you reclaim your power from others and from limited beliefs that would control you.  As you go through this passage you re-identify those aspects of your life that are no longer serving you, that are not in congruence with the vibration you are ascending to.  And then you go into battle or you relinquish the battle to realign yourself again and again to higher frequency.

Paul is saying, “why battle?” We say battle because the ego self that you have self-identified with has reclaimed itself and wants to control the show and a battle ensues until you say OK I give in and then you realign again in higher frequency. 

We are going to work on your ownership now of your love.  And we say ownership of love not because one can own love but one can own the fact that one is Love, and one can be Love, and “I am owning my love” serves as the reminder that you are, in fact, a vehicle through which Love expresses itself.  And in Love, there is God.  Period. Period. Period.