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Channeling 11/19/2009 "Rectification"

(The following is the transcript of a lecture portion of a group channeling conducted in New York City on November 19, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

Okay, lets get ready to talk. And the wisdom of the time is about nourishment, and how you are nourishing yourselves, and the ways that you are not nourishing yourselves are at pointed observation right now. And that’s part of what Paul’s contending with, but you are contending with it as well, because it’s a piece of the passage.

How do you take care of yourselves when you’re in transit? How do you nourish the body? How do you nourish the feelings you have when you are uncertain of what you feel? Where do you go when you are uncertain of your path, and what is your knowing when you do not know? How do you anchor it when you are confused and when you are frightened of the self as being the one responsible for the self? So these are some questions for the night, and they’re really about hearing yourselves and hearing yourselves as wisdom, as the one who can know, even when you don’t feel like you do.

When you feel frightened of the self, when the self that you stand in is frightened, you must hear the self in love. You must hear the frightened words in a place of love so that the fear can be dissolved and the soul can be heard, because what stands before you always is love when you are acting from love. Now the embellishments you carry with you that tell you that you are supposed to feel, and that you should know certain things are what makes for confusion. Each and every day you are confronted with symbols that you have to contend with that tell you where you should be. “I am 35 years old, I should own a home” "I am 50 years old, I should have been married long ago.” "I I am 70 years old, why cannot I retire?” These are questions that people contend with because they use monitoring systems that are not present for them but imported for them by culture and by society’s dictates.

So when you stand in your "unknowing", in your confusion, in fact, what you are saying is “I’m supposed to know, because I’m this person I should know, and I don’t know so what am I gonna do now?” And therein lies the problem tonight.

We are telling you this: When you are in a passage of knowing, you go through a passage to know. You don’t come to your knowing through a forced issue. You don’t come to a knowing through an anchoring of decision-making that is not brought forth in love. You do not come to your knowing through the dictates of others. You come to your knowing though asking and reception and honoring that aspect of the self that does, in fact, know.

On a higher level you know everything, believe it or not. You are an aspect of the Creator and you know everything already, and our work with you has always been to trust you, to show you, to gift you with that access to that aspect of the self that is the Christed Self that does know. But you cannot make that happen. And when you are in a place of unknowing perhaps that is okay for a little while. But to try to manifest knowing by moving through energies forcefully to make something happen does not necessarily support you in gaining the knowing that you have requested. Are we making sense, yes?

Now the nourishment issue is a very big one, and Paul is dealing with this right now in several ways, in the body and in the soul. But in fact, everyone does this as well, in different ways. The issue of self-care is an interesting one, because what it means to care for the self might not be right to others.

To eat a pizza is not right, but it may be okay. To run around the block five times in your underwear may not be the best thing in the world to do, but it may get you what you need. You really don’t necessarily know what you require until you are in that place of understanding how you require nourishment. Now, you have to ask yourself each time you contend with a need where it is coming from. What am I supporting right now? What is the need right now, and have I identified it truthfully? If I need to yell, maybe is that a real need, and maybe that is a release of energy that can concur with other things that would be in support of you. However, the identification of the need for nourishment is the issue here. If you need something in truth, to support yourself you should bring it to yourself. But you misunderstand too frequently what it is you need, and you offer the self to activity or decision that is not based in need to but is based in the desire to stop the feeling, or to stop the anger, or to stop whatever. Now this is sublimation, yes, but beyond that, it is also a way of avoiding the self.

Now the body knows what it needs. It knows what it needs to eat, it knows what it needs to live, it knows when it is thirsty, it knows when it needs to defecate. These are all easy things, but you don’t honor them necessarily from a place of knowing. When you have to go to the bathroom you get up and go, you don’t wonder what you need. When you need to feed the body, you need to ask the body what it requires and not ask that aspect of the self that would tell you what it wants to sublimate or to support another issue. When you need sex, when you need play, you have to ask yourselves questions, “Am I coming from a truthful place of my knowing what I need, or am I acting on another impulse that is not in truth? ” Do you understand what we are saying?

Now the choice to nourish the self in a high way contends with the lower aspects of the self that would fight it and that is part of the process that happens. “I know I can be calm. I know I can know what I need, but I do not so I fight myself or I choose another way to express myself so I don’t act on my anger, but I sublimate the anger in another way.” Do you understand this? These are processes that are common to you.

However, as you change energy fields, as you move upward in frequency, there is often a little bit of a duel that happens between the higher and the lower selves, that aspect of the self that fears change, that fears relinquishing what it’s controlling, and that aspect of the self in a higher level that knows everything and knows that this is all for good regardless of what you might think.

The choices that you make at these times are actually very important. They are not pass and fail questions, as on a test, but they dictate the next steps for you. So you have to understand right now that as you are moving in frequency, you call to you new opportunities for change and growth, and then what you call to you is the resistance to those changes that you must choose to contend with.

So we ask you tonight, are you willing to let the self be in balance as you move through the psychic changes that you have undertaken through this work and through your passage? Are you willing to stay in knowing to allow the knowing to come to you as required, tonight and forever, as you move forwards in the ways that are most perfect for you? Are you allowing yourself tonight and forever to be teachable, to be allowing yourself to learn, to understand and to recognize what is required of you as you grow? As you are taught by the higher self you recognize the self as the one who knows, and the higher self may call it other people, situations, lectures, books, what have you, that will amplify what you require to know.

Have you had the experience ever of thinking something before a group and then having it answered as part of the lecture? That is happening here frequently because we are listening. Now you also have other guides that work with you, and they support you very directly. So if you tell yourself that you need growth you can call to you that growth and you will be supported in it by those emissaries that support you in your requirement for change and for knowing.

Now tonight we want to teach you something a little bit different. It’s about rectification. When there is a problem in a situation with other people, how might your rectify it? How might you bring frequency to the situation to heal misunderstanding or misuse of energy, or mis-thought, as it were? How do you require healing in a situation when you are not in control of an outcome? How do you bring rectification to a situation where the parties are not in agreement?

Well the first thing we would tell you is this: Stay out of the way. Do not force it. Do not allow your ego to dictate the situation as to how it is to be altered. That is you trying to control the situation. In a friendship, in a business situation, in a love relationship, there is often a conflict of the will, and you decide that that can be changed, that may be very well true. But how it is to be changed is not your journey, is not your decision. But if you can create the energy frequency of balance within a field that is imbalanced, you can actually allow for the change to come forth that is most perfect. Now sometimes, that may require separation. Sometimes, that may require hard talk in truth, but it may the perfect outcome. And as long as you do not deiced that this will be rectified in such and such a way, you have the opportunity then to support it with frequency

So we would like you to choose one situation in your lives tonight that needs a healing, that needs to be rebalanced and we will work with it in the following way:

“I am now choosing to remove myself from this struggle that I have engaged in with (name the person or the situation). I am now choosing to remove myself entirely from a place of action and responsibility for the outcome or the healing of the situation. I am now blessing the situation in its perfect outcome, the perfect outcome for all involved that is now being bequeathed upon us though this balancing of my energy field, and the frequency of this situation is being altered as a result of this. As I do this, I allow myself to know that I am safe with whatever the result is of the situation’s outcome, that I am protected and in perfect alignment with my own highest good, and all parties involved in the situation will be brought forth into light in perfect ways. I am Word through this situation. I am Word through this relationship. I am Word through what I need to do. Word I am Word.”

Now each of you has just said this to the selves. Now as you work on this soul-y, we invite you to release it with the following intention each time it aligns up to your knowing in a way that makes want to move it forcefully:

“I am now releasing this situation in its perfection to be healed in the God Light. Word I am Word.” It’s that simple.

Now Paul wants to know “Well, what if we are inspired to take action to solve something, or to heal something, or to rectify something?” If you are inspired, then you will move. We are not speaking about non-action; we are speaking about relying on the self-will to fix something that may be damaged or out of alignment when, in fact, what you can be doing in frequency is much, much more effective. Do you understand what we are saying?

Now tonight, we want you each to choose one ting, one situation that needs a required situational healing to be brought forth to the group in light. And we will say this with you: “I am Word through the healing of this situation. Word I am Word.”

Channeling 11/12/2009 "Creations and How to Know"

The following is the transcript of a lecture portion of a group channeling held in New York City on November 12, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We are ready to talk to Paul now. And we’re going to address Paul first and then we are going to teach you something. But Paul needs talking to, and he only listens to us clearly when you are present in the room. You act as an inhibitor, believe it or not, to his system. The energy frequency rises in the collective energy of the group and, consequently, we can talk a little more loudly, and his system appreciates it.

So, we will talk to him for a moment about where he lives. And this is the space you live in today. This is the home to choose today. And to move out mentally before you’re prepared actually signifies fear. It is as if somebody came knocking at the door and said “go elsewhere,” when, in fact, that has not happened. If you choose to move elsewhere, you can do it, and if you choose to stay, you will stay and there is nothing else to say. However, where you live is where you inhabit space and as you inhabit space, you create frequency. And where we work with you becomes important in that regard because we have specific needs about the kind of frequency we wish to work in.

Now, everyone here is acclimated already to frequency, and you have to understand now that part of this adjustment that you have gone through as a group has been to shift your knowing to a place of connectedness with each other in this group. You ask why we gave you exercises together. Well, part of it was to connect you telepathically so the work that we do as a group could continue quickly. And it is our intention to continue quickly, and we will do so as long as we are allowed.

Now, space is not the issue here as much as creating an environment with your own frequency that will support the work that you do. And this goes for Paul and for everyone here. When you live in a space, the space reflects your needs because you have created the space. And if there are problems in the space, you have created those problems. You cannot dismantle problems by fearing them. You can only dismantle problems by un-creating them. And every problem that you have ever had has, in many ways, been created through fear. Think about it for a moment.

Now, we don’t say that he feared something and it became a problem. There are larger systems at play that do this with you. And those thoughts that you keep shepherding along about prosperity, or safety, or damnation or what ever you want to call it become the systems that you end up creating through. And as you do this each week, you build a mantle. And that mantle you carry. And that becomes your environment and your experience reflects it. So, we are saying to each one of you tonight “Get ready to move upwards.” Upwards please. Not move out. Move upwards. What a difference that sounds like. Yes? “I am moving out of my problems.” Well, that’s okay but “I am moving upward to a level where the problems no longer can reach me is a much more decided way of elevating frequency and aligning frequency in new regards.”

Now, we are proud of each one of you here. We believe that you have invested yourselves in our teachings enough that we can continue to teach you newly. And we will start taking questions from you in this group as they pertain to the work that we do. But we will not do that yet. We have to teach you something tonight. And what will teach you is about knowing and your jobs as knowers.

Now, when you know something for real, you choose it because there is nothing else to do. “I know it in my heart, and you have that resonance and that resonance decides for you. And you are decided with in that choosing. When you are in your knowing, you create beautifully because there is nothing else but the knowing that you come from. And as you operate from that place, you contribute to the knowing of all. Each great choice that has ever been made has been made from a place of knowing. Each bad choice, and we use the word “bad” in a qualified way because there is no “bad,” but each choice that has been created in fear has created more fear. And if you think back on your own lives, you will see how this is so. So, in your knowing we tell you this:

“Tonight I am commanding myself to know and I am deciding that I know. And I can know. And I can create from my knowing in a way that is purposeful and directed and clear. And as I claim this for myself, I am choosing to know that this is already so, that there can be no arguments inside. As this has continued to be my knowing through this regard. I am choosing my knowing. Word I am Word through this intention.”

Now, that solves the problem right now we would say, but we will also tell you this: How you know must become real for you. Everything that we have taught you, and we are speaking to Paul here as well, who is a student of this class as you are, must be demonstrated. Everything we have taught you must be believed and then demonstrated so, in that you can own it as your own truth. Other than that, you’re reading fortune cookies and you are playing games and that we do not have the time for that now.

There are people that are not ready for this work but most are. And when people come to you for help, which we say they will, they will come with questions and it you must be in your answering mode and that you cannot do that unless you know. Are we clear with you now? Do you understand what we are speaking of? Your choice tonight is to relegate your fear of knowing, which of course creates more fear, to the roadside for good.

“I am no longer frightened of knowing what I need to know. I am no longer fearful of claiming the responsibility to be the one who knows his own truth, her own truth. I am willing now to be in my knowing in absolute creation. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now, the problem that we face with each of you is your fear of yourselves. To the extent that you fear yourself still, you are frightened of knowing yourself. You don’t want to know what you fear. You don’t want to know that part of yourself that feels ugly or fearful or dirty, if you wish. You choose not to go there. Now, we will tell you this: All of you is in love and that is a fact. Each part of you is in love the moment you say it can be.

“All those beliefs I’ve held about myself, in my unworthiness, in the fear of myself must be regarded as last week’s business.”

We can no longer carry you forward if you choose to carry the receptacles of past beliefs with you. Can you imagine trying to climb a flight of stairs with all these garbage bags behind you saying, “Wait! Wait! Wait! We have to come too!” Why do you want to carry this with you? Why do you choose it again and again?

Now, tonight we are teaching you something and the knowing that we teach you must be your own response to what we teach you. You are taught through us, but your ownership of the teaching is your own responsibility. We cannot walk with you and do the decrees with you and remind you to raise your frequency when you want to yell at someone, or hurt yourself in some way. We are not able to obstruct your free will. We have to teach you in the way that we can. As we try, we correct things as they come up.

And the group responsibility is to be in the instruction with the exercises that you have been taught on your own time. There is no other way to do this. To remain passive at this stage of development requires you to go back to sleep. And you’ve had so much information given to you that it’s nearly impossible to do that. So, we will tell you this. The teaching tonight is about your creations and how to know. This is what we will teach you now:

“Tonight I know one thing newly. Tonight I know what I know in a full way and an embodied way. Tonight I gift myself with a resonance of knowing in a way that I can experience and adjust to and claim fully.”

When is the last thing that you knew what you knew? When is the last time you said, “Yes I am in my knowing” because it felt so? Can you ask yourself this question? Yes? When is the last time? We will do this with you again. Go into that place in knowing and remember what it felt like. “This is the right home for me.” “This is the right decision to make.” “This is the person I care about.” “This person is going to harm me” It can be anything. What did you know? Go into it. Receive it as you remember it. Now, let this be a touchstone for you.

But tonight we want to take it another step. We will ask you each to receive a symbol, a way of knowing that is truthful to you. It can be a sound, it can be a symbol that you see in your mind. It can be a feeling on the body. But it must be something that you will create with us that you will resonate through so that you can work with it.

The doorbell in the room that you walk into signifies a door opening. That is a good symbol for requesting entrance. A doorknob that changes form when you twist it implies something very different. A doorknob that changes and does not open is a block. So, if you choose a symbol that works for you in knowing, you will have one to think about and to resonate with. Now, we will give you an example of a symbol for knowing and it would be this “Yes”. A resounding “yes” that you can feel in the body, or on your tongue pressing against your teeth. Anyway that you feel “yes” would be beneficial to you. But you can choose your own “yes.” What is the symbol for me that will release me from my doubt and prove to me that I am in my knowing. Would you each ask for this now? Yes.
“Thank you” for what you receive. “Thank you” for what you receive. “Yes” when you see it or you feel it or you know it. It’ll be a symbol that will speak to you and it will give you the information that you require. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

We are giving them to each of you. And see what you see and feel what you feel. Now we ask you each to reclaim this, to say yes to it, to go into agreement with the symbol, that you will work with it to go into gratitude for its existence because it will be your doorway, or it will be your way of affirming your intention to claim your knowing in a way that you can trust.

We will give you an example: When you take a test and you get grade on it, that test has been conferred and the grade has answered the question, “how did you do?” When you ask for a symbol in response to your question “Am I in my knowing?” And you receive the symbol that you requested and that comes to you in a true way, you have something to work with then, yes? It’s a barometer for you to operate from.

Now, your choice to do this tonight is a perfect one. We want you to understand tonight that you can claim your truth any day you like. You don’t have to wait for Paul to teach you. You don’t have to wait for yourselves to grow up some more, or to be better than you are. You already have the power to know. It is inside you and that you are worked with. When you deny yourselves as Word and pretend that you are powerless or unable to decide or to choose or to change, you create a system that disempowers what you have built and we are working with you weekly to rebuild and re-create your powerful self.

Now, to choose tonight to be in your knowing will re-create for you the choices of the last week. And we will explain what we mean: Each time you have made a choice in last week, you have done it through ignorance or through fear or through knowing. And to re-create your choices simply means if you wish to go back and ask yourself “Was this the right choice for me at this time?” you will now have the answer and you can work with in frequency. It’s not that anybody did anything wrong. Far from it. But you have to learn what you can do informationally with the systems we teach you in.

We are very proud of our students. We come here for a reason. There is a book being written. In this book, lies the teachings of this class and you are the participants of its creation. So, as we benefit you, we intend to benefit others as well. But we also intend that you be beneficiaries of this learning in ways that are truthful to you. And by this we say:

“Am I in my knowing that the work I do here is a benefit to me? Am I in my knowing that I am progressing in my knowing and my ability to learn who I am as Word? Am I in my knowing of my worth as a divine being? And where am I not? Where am I frightened? Where am I waiting? Where am I asking for permission from someone else teach me what to do?”

So, tonight we give you this. Here is an affirmation for you:

“Tonight I call to me all the wisdom I require. Tonight I call to me all the learning that I need. Tonight I call to me the love of those around me who will support me in my journey forward and upwards. I am in my knowing of my requirements for growth. I am in my love and I am dedicating this love to all that I encounter. I am benefiting myself through my work here and I am benefiting others as well. I am Word through the intention. Word I am Word.”

Thank you each.

Channeling 10/29/2009 "Healing Separation"

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling that was held in New York City on October 29, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We’re ready to go. If you wish to put a prayer of protection up, please do so at this time. Paul requires it for himself right now, and we have recommended to each of you for some that you take responsibility for your field in this regard. Part of the reason for this is that you are transitioning, and as you transition upward, you are actually changing your field. So you might as well get comfortable in it before you start realigning it in an open way. It’s not a different than spending an afternoon in your new home before you invite everybody over. We want to get you acclimated to your energies as you rise in light.

Now the choices that are coming to you each in the coming weeks are going to be very significant and we want you to understand that always you are in choice about your energy and what our energy does and how you operate within it. You are the one in charge here. You have always been. However, there’s a difference now: You have actually magnified your frequency, you are operating at a higher level, and consequently what you draw to you will be of higher significance. You don’t attract the trivial when you’re not aligned to the trivial, you don’t attract the low when you’re not aligned to the low. However, those things that you have created through past consciousness are still present and they must be addressed in order to be released. You cannot carry the baggage from the past into this new arena without stopping yourself from amplifying your frequency.

In the past we have discussed decisions as higher and lower. “Is this a high frequency choice that I am making? What does it feel like in my field?” But we are actually going to change that now. And we’re not talking higher and lower. We’re talking about other things. And what we want to say is that your enjoinment with your own Creative Self, your own Christed Self, Higher Self, however you wish to discuss it, is what is making the choices with you now. So it is really a question now of “Is this choice in congruence with my own Divine Self in it’s requirements for my growth? Or is this choice a product of past behavior that is comfortable to me, that I know and that I respond to because it’s the only thing I know, and it feels like too much work to move beyond it?”

Now this is all very practical, but there is a reason for it. As you are journeying forward, your creations are changing, and those things that are created in this new field of consciousness will be regarding you in your alignment, and you will be in jurisdiction of them. We will explain jurisdiction: It is what it means when you have created something that you are responsible for. And that can be a thing, or a person, or a situation in your life. When you have created something out of lack, or out of disapproval, or out of aggression or out of fear those things create form, and you are then responsible for that jurisdiction of your creation. It’s really that simple.

In the higher frequencies, what you are creating is new and the form it takes will be the perfect form for the requirements of our growth. If you were to create a relationship now from this new place of self-identifying as Word what you would create would be vastly different from what you have created in the past out of your ego self responding in fear, or based in personality culture that you felt that you had to adhere to. “He’s supposed to look like this,” “She must behave like that,”

All of those paradigms, finally, have very little to do with you. If you think about it, you’ve accepted them, you’ve chosen them because they were there, and it seemed like the right thing to do. 90% of your behavior, if you really want to know, is unconscious and is based out of culturally accepted norms. That is why we invited you to take a behavior that you’ve been unconscious of and change it, so that you can begin to come aware, in our own life, of how you have limited your own lives through choices that are based in other’s requirements of you, cultural norms and personality structures.

As you have moved beyond this, believed it or not, you must now call to you these things anew. “My child’s supposed to go to a private school.” “I am supposed to make so much money.” "I am supposed to look this way, or date that, or do this.” These are the questions now that you must begin to look at because, frankly, they have very little to do with you now. Very little. It’s not that any of these things are bad, but they were created unconsciously or they were created out of belief systems that were completely inherited by you through your parents, and through your culture, and though the environment you have existed in.

So guess what, everybody? These things are now up for examination. And as you approve of this as a process, you will learn very quickly. As you disapprove of the process you will halt your progress because you will stay where you are and stuck in a behavior that you are in great unawareness of outside of your need for it.

Now we will talk a little bit about behaviors that don’t serve you anymore and why they were created. In this culture, frankly, you have been controlled by a lot of the media and by the government and by other people to accept certain things as the perfect things when, in fact, they might not be healthful for you. And we’re not just talking about food, we’re talking about how you exist and how you expect your lives to unfold how you age, how you reproduce, how you care of your bodies medically. So much of this, in the fact, we present has been adherence to misinformation and much of this misinformation in based in an acceptance of someone else’s opinion of what must be truthful for you.

As you have regarded them as truthful, you have created paradigms around them. “This is how many years my child should study.” “This is how I should feed my infant.” “This is what the doctors say.” All of these things are accepted and now approved of. And as you're advancing, you are actually bypassing some of the rigidity that has been pre-prescribed for you by the media, by the government, by the cultural adherence to these norms.

We are not talking about a legacy of control. We are not talking about paranoia and theories, we are staring a simple fact: People have known for you since you were born and “I am in my knowing’ which is a decree we have worked with you on, is the statement that allows you to create your own knowing, but so much of your own knowing is still in compliance of these theories or these statements of truth that you have been in adherence to that you don’t even suspect that they may not be accurate. You do understand this, yes? The medical model is one model; the energetic model is another model. And there are others and others and others as you move forward.

You can only create though knowing when you allow yourself to begin to decide what is your truth. When you believe another’s truth before your own knowing comes in, you circumvent your own knowing and go into an agreement with a paradigm that may not be in congruence with who you are now.

Who are you now? Paul wants to know, “Who is he? Who are you all? What have you been doing here?” We’re gong to tell you a bit about it right now if you will listen carefully.

You have moved upwards in your frequency. Each one present has, and each one has an ability now to attune others to higher frequency through the resonance that you bring. Each one of you present has made an agreement with your own self at a higher frequency to divine yourselves as who you as Christ consciousness. Paul would like to say “consciousness” so we added it, but we will say, actually, Christ, that is the term for one who is agreement with the Creative Source in embedment. The religiosity around this word is confusing to some but, frankly, what it means is the divinity that is indwelling in each man as realized in fullness. And this is charged, this is charged to each of you, it is in fact charged to every man as every man comes in to his knowing of himself as a child of the Creator.

This is the inhibition of the self to become realized: When a self decides he is not this thing, he lowers in frequency and he goes into an agreement that he must be outside of the pale of the Creator. And this creates an illusion of separation more than anything else. But the separation will, in fact, create a system around to prove that it is so. It is very easy to prove to yourself that there cannot be a God because so many people will agree. And it is very easy to decide that a religion must me false because its tenets do not feel true to you or appeal to your intellectual selves. It is very easy to decide these things. So why is hard, we will say, to decide that you can be the Christ in manifestation?

Now this is not a Christ complex, this is not about being a messiah and wandering around in your specialness. If you believe that for a moment, you are on the wrong path. To be the messiah is to be a piece of Christ, and every many and woman is this thing, and the moment you forget that, you have forgotten everything.

So please understand everyone, we appreciate you in your dedication, in your uniqueness, but we are not advocating for you to be come special. That would be a great appeal to the ego selves who still require the self to stand in separation from his brother. Now, how you come into illusion about this kind of thing is through accepting it as your own purview and not everyone else’s. It’s to accept yourself as the love of God embodied and assume that someone else cannot be. When you decide that for another man, you have created a system again of separation, and that illusion will stand until it is released.

Now Paul is asking us, “How do we withdraw from a sense of separation once it has been created?” and this is an important question and we will attempt to answer it now.

Once you have deiced you are separate, you have created separation, and you must then decide that that is a false belief. If you lift in your consciousness to a place where separation is impossible, it will be done for you because separation cannot exist at that frequency. But if you decide tonight that you are one with your Creator and that your experience will begin to reflect this, your experience will. But do know this: When you state this, you will then have to contend with those aspects of the self that experience themselves as separate. Now this can be your body, an aspect of your sexuality, a belief system, a rage you hold, but all of those things because present for you because they are standing in the way of your ascension. And you do not lose these things as much as you integrate and realign and accept and love. You cannot dismantle a structure of the self by taking an axe to it. That is not a healing. However what you can do is recreate it and responsibly attend to the new information that would allow you to shift.

So this is one way to understand. However, tonight we would like to work with you experientially on this of separation and the removal of the barriers that have kept you inhibited from this knowing.

I am now setting this intention:

“I am now choosing to release the sense of separation between me and my Creator. I am now choosing to release any and all beliefs of separation that I have inherited culturally, through the media, though politics and through any lifetimes on this plane that may have caused me to doubt my sense of unity with my God. I am now choosing to accept myself as worthy of this unity because I cannot be other than I am. I am a child of God and I am in my manifestation as the Christ. I am worthy of this, it is my choice, it is my birthright, and I am supported in this by my fellows here, and by those Guides in attendance and by the Great Spirit who holds all in his knowing. Word I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now we have chosen this for you too, and we are small tonight, really, so we can get down and dirty with some work that has to be attended to. We want you each to address this individually: What is the one thing in your life that you feel above all is your greatest restriction to your spiritual self-awareness of yourself as worthy or at one with our creator? Can you identify this please? Don’t go looking hard, you will know quickly as your align to this question, “What is stopping me most?” Please say this word as one word, if you would. Each one knows this.

“I am now choosing to realign my energy field to be in congruence with a new pattern that will release me in perfect ways form this misalignment to truth. I am now choosing to let go of that which has inhibited me in this regard. Word I am word thought this intention. Word I am Word”