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Channeling 9/24/2009 "Trust"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling conducted in New York City on September 24, 2009. It was followed by group energy work and instruction.)

There’s lots to talk about, so we have to begin. And trust is the issue right now, and trust in the selves, trust in your self and in your worth, and in the belief that you are actually moving forward. At times it doesn’t feel like it. At times you actually feel trapped in old systems. We want you to understand what this means. What this actually means is the systems you are experiencing are trying to stay, and they are trying to show you that they will not leave.

When each one of you confronts a behavior system or a belief system that seems to be entrenching itself vastly differently than it has in the past, the good news is that it’s frightened of being moved, and that’s why it has come as it has. When you understand yourselves as frequency beings, as vibrating in frequency, you will begin to trust that everything is malleable and everything can be changed. However, you’re still so moored to your three-dimensional reality that you don’t believed it can be. You don’t believe that a hand can be changed to be without pain, let alone that a life can be rebuilt to reflect the grandeur of who you are in truth.

Let’s talk about this now. Who you are in truth, as you know, is a Divine Being manifesting in a body. And the work for this group is really about responsibility to anchoring this in, to being in your knowing of yourself as your Christed Self, to the extent that you can allow the shift to occur in completeness. As you bring it into form, you anchor yourselves in your full knowing. And as this occurs you go into agreement with your alignment, and agreement we will say is congruence. You move into congruence with yourselves as that high frequency and, consequently, how you move forward is then moved by that fact, and not by the lower frequency that would attempt to keep itself in charge.

Once you understand this fully, your creations change. And by creations, we mean those things that you have manifested to prove yourself as your current reality. And how your worth is out pictured in your current reality is how you experience yourself in your lives and nothing more. The participation you have in this as an agreement is the cause of your issues, whatever they may be. “If I didn’t have this, I wouldn’t think that.” “If I didn’t feel like that, I wouldn’t do this.” This is all participation and going into agreement with an issue that, in fact, is created by you. So as you continue to affirm your limitation, you continue to express it. And express it means to out-picture it in your three-dimensional reality.

As you have moved into congruence, you have begun creating new things. Each one of you here can point to one thing that has been a creation as a result of your working in this frequency. It can happen on a personal level, it can happen on a professional level, it doesn’t really matter. But as you have shifted upwards, you have manifested things that accord with that frequency. It cannot be any other way. So if you could understand now that those places you feel trapped in, that do not feel as if they are moving, are the next things to attend to, you can have a great time with it.

The extent that you believe something can never change is the extent that it will never change. Do you understand? Now this has to do with your creations individually, as out pictured in consciousness. On a larger level, there are always things that are created on a mss scale that have to be dealt with on a mass scale, and those are the things that suddenly change a reality for thousands of people at one time. But that is not what we are talking about tonight. What we are talking about tonight are those things that you have decided are permanent structures. Those things that you say “I’ve tried, it doesn’t change, I’ve done my best, I give up, it’s not going away, oh, woe is me.”

Now understand this please: That’s a step towards absolution. In a funny way, your recognition of the permanence of a belief system offers you permission to stop combating it with your lower will to try to change it. You do not make your hair grow back through force of will, but guess what? You can if you chose to through creative work in frequency. The same is true for your debt, for your physical well being, for the job you say you hate, all of these things you have structured your lives through and decided, “This is what it is.” This is what it is at this moment in time, and it will be transformed through your choice to realize it as truthful in frequency, and that frequency can be transformed.

If you understand right now that everything before you is vibrating in frequency, higher and lower frequency, but the things that bind it, that hold it together are Source, and all of these things can be re-formed, the chair can be made into a table, can be made into a castle, can be made into a spoon, you can understand that what you hold to you as a permanent issue is, in fact, not the case.

So if you ask yourself now “What is one thing I hold in my life as an unchangeable structure that will never be good, never be what I wanted it to be,” ask yourself and see what you get. And see what you know about this thing and find out why it is so truthful to you. Why do you believe it to be such?

It has been your experience until now, that is the reason. And every time you try to change your experience of something through force of will, you go into antagonism with it. You do not change a pattern by antagonizing it. You change a pattern by blessing it and going into frequency with it, not trying to abort it or separate it from its source.

If you can imagine, for a moment that you have an issue, and you continue to yell at the issue, or yell at yourself for the issue, that has never heed an issue you’ve had, has it? What it has actually done has create separation from you and your good. So blame of the self is not a truism in healing. If you decide right now that that thing you have claimed to be permanent can be transformed in love, you can begin to realign it. But you don’t change a behavior or an issue by misaligning it. And by misaligning it, we mean saying “I never want to see that again.” “That’s terrible.” “What an awful thing to have happened.” “I don’t want it anymore.” In a funny way, when to say this, you bind yourself to it because you have not allowed it to come into its frequency in accordance with your love.

Anything that you hold out of love you hold out of the Christ, or out of God, or out of the light, or whatever language you want to give it. So look again at that thing that we asked you to identify and call it before you and hold it to you and send it love so that it can be healed. So that it can be loved and brought into truth. When you have a pet and you yell at the pet to behave, the behavior may change but you will not have a happy pet. Do you understand this? There are other ways of teaching the self and creating transformation through love, and that is the choice of this night.

Now each one of you here has grown significantly though your participation in this work, and we congratulate you for this. And we want to remind you that this is called The Group for Teachers for the specific impact you will have on others in this world. None of you present is a small being doing small things. Each one of you has a life where you are creating good in one way or another, and teaching or healing or way-showing others. That is the work of this group. As you go into your acknowledgement of your participation in this action at a higher frequency, you are calling to you those opportunities to strengthen your abilities as the Christ embodied, as the Divine Self in embodiment so that you can know this.

As you are challenged by things in your lives that you would like to hold out of love, understand that it is an opportunity to demonstrate this teaching. As you demonstrate this teaching, which means you become it and you’re able to see it in action, you change everything in your world to move into congruence, agreement, with this new sense of self. You cannot hate another and be this light. You cannot fight another and be this love. However, you can stand in your truth. anchored as this light and expressing your truth from a Divine Knowing.

Now understand this, everyone: When you are expressing from your knowing, you are not talking pretty. You are not saying nice things, necessarily. You are anchoring our truth. So we want you to understand, please, that this is not about good behavior. That’s a silly way to look at it. If you understand fully that when you are in your Divine Knowing you will do no harm, you cannot from that place, because you are in love, in the frequency of love, then you can trust yourselves. But once you are acting as if you are doing something spiritual you can count on the fact that you’re probably not.

Your spirituality is an expression of who you are in your consciousness today. that’s all it is. And you have a responsibility to it. If you were to come here every week and say “What fun” or “How interesting” and then go about your business unchanged, we would give you your money back and ask you to go find another group where that is how they operate. That’s perfectly appropriate for certain people at certain stages of their evolution. But the workers here have committed to their own knowing. And once you have chosen your knowing, you can no longer back peddle. You have seen it, you have claimed it, and in fact, you have to work with it because there’s no other option. It’s like trying to go back to sleep after you have been awakened, or trying to pretend that you don’t know better when, in fact, you do.

So you have chosen this. Now what do you want to make of it? What do you want your lives to be? Last week, we told you that you were moving forward in your knowing. And as you move forward in your knowing, what you choose changes and what you elect to do with your work will be informed by that choice. There, in fact, is no other way. Tonight we want to give you something to work with, which is your own clear knowing, and that means your ability to know at a deeper level. As you begin to anchor this in more fully, you operate from it and it ceases being conjecture.

Right now we would like to ask you each to claim one thing to be a truth about yourself. “I am in a male body” “I love my mother,” “I wear glasses,” something that you claim and you know. Say it for the selves to hear aloud all at once. “I am in a blank, I know this.” Just speak the words please, so you can feel them come out of your mouth. Very, very good.

Now claim something you don’t know. It can be a math equation, it can be what something means in Turkish. It doesn’t matter. “I don’t know blank.” But say it this way “I know how to speak Turkish.” “I know how to stand on my head.” Say what it is you don don’t know as if you don’t know. Please do this now. Very, very good.

Now, we want you to do this again, and we want you to feel how it feels to state the thing you know. So speak it again and then take a moment to see what it feels like to know and to feel the knowing in the body. “Yes, I know this.” Speak it, please. Now again. See what it feels like. Now again, with the thing that you pretend to know. Speak it again, and see how you feel.

Okay everybody. You now have a gauge for your knowing. Now ask yourself a question that you want to know the answer to. And see what you get in your feeling when you feel the answer. For example: “I want to know what happens when blank.” And see the answer you get. And see if it feels true, of if it feels false. But attempt this exercise please. Ask a question, wait for the response in your knowing.

What do you get and what do you feel? Don’t go fishing. “Am I going to marry so and so?” “Will the promotion come?” “Will I have a lover?” “Will I have a job?” “Will I have a home?” Whatever your question is, we are only asking you to see what happens when you move into your knowing for the response. You cannot learn to hear others until you can learn how to hear yourselves. And as we have said, we intend to teach you how to operate in your clairsentience, your clairaudience and your clairvoyance as this group emerges, for this simple reason that these things will support you in gaining momentum in frequency. So again, ask yourself a question that you would like to know and see the response that you get in your minds eye, or what you hear, or what you feel. See how you access information and what becomes available to you in this way.

Set this intention now:

“I am now choosing to recognize myself in my knowing through the ways that are prefect for me at this stage of my development. And I am claiming my knowing is available to me in fullness. I am Word through this intention. Word I am word. “

You choice has now been made. As you anchor your knowing you have to move into agreement with it. And this means you have to have experience with it. Understanding something, and knowing something are vastly different things. When you know there is no question, when you understand you are in process with it. But that is not the same as claiming it in your knowing.

When you work with another you have an opportunity to get a reflection for the work that you begin to do. As you get a reflection, you begin to trust yourselves. If you know and somebody else confirms your knowing as truth, then you can rely on that.

So right now, we want to teach you something. And this is what we intend to teach you. You have each been working with partners, and those of you who have not are now assigned one, and you know who you are and all is good to go. Now we want you to know that when you work with your partner you are going to learn how to work telepathically with them for a period of time. And in order for this to happen, you are going to have to learn how to tune-in to feel them first in frequency.

When you learn how to feel someone in frequency, then you begin to develop a vocabulary to work with them with. It’s really quite simple. But if Paul tunes-in to John and always feels a certain way, he knows what John feels like. If Reiko tunes-in to Christopher and feels something specific in her own auric field or in her body that is new to her, she will then accept the fact that she is attuning to new information and then beginning to verify it in conversation.

So this is the next stage of this class. And this will be an ongoing exercise. We will change partners eventually. That will happen when it’s meant to, or people are added to this class and there becomes a requirement for change. But for the time being, we have been getting you used to communicating with the other. Now typing on a typing board and telephoning are only two ways of communicating. If you were to touch the hand of your partner now, you have another way. If you are thinking about them, guess what everybody? you have another way. And if you are tuning-in to them to receive energy and receive information, you have yet another way. So it is manifold. As you stop operating in limitation and you open up dimensionally to other ways of communication, they are available to you.

“But I don’t know how to do it.” In fact, you’ve been doing it every week that you’ve come here. When you receive frequency, you are moving frequency inter-dimensionally. So now we are just teaching you to become aware of what needs to happen for you to begin to express yourself in full manifestation. That’s the do all end all of this discussion.

We want you where you can go, and anything that is limiting you at this stage of development is a belief that you cannot have what you say you want, or you are being prohibited from it. If we said to you today “Tomorrow you can all walk down the street and see everybody’s energy field” you would say “that’s not possible” and then it’s not possible. In most cases you have to acclimate to attuning to the higher frequencies in order to keep yourself sane. It’s a lot of information at once, when you begin to expand and call to you frequency that speaks to you. Paul would have locked himself up if this happened to him ten years ago. You can guarantee it. And the process that process that was required for him took longer than it needed to because he didn’t think it could happen.

Each one of you already has gifts that are developed; some of you just don’t know it yet. You would now have bothered coming here if you didn’t know this already. So everybody, guess what? We’re going to start working with this tonight. This will be the end of this lecture, and we are going to move into a class now.

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Channeling 9/17/2009 "Responsibility"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on September 17, 2009. It was followed by group and individual instruction and energy work.)

We have much to do tonight, and the work comes quickly. And we’re moving Paul out as far as possible for the work to commence as is required.

The jurisdiction of yourselves as the one in charge of your lives has commenced. Now we need to explain this to you. It’s actually very important, because you have transitioned in frequency to the level where you are no longer allowed to blame and to fear the actions of others, the doings of others. You have moved out of that matrix, whether or not you know it, and as you refuse to align to this, you reclaim your pain, your reclaim your sorrow, and you do this through the intention "I am not worthy of my love.”

The belief that you are not worthy of your love finally, is what is impressed when you are in fear of another, when you are blaming another, when you are out of focus in your own worth and in your own divinity.

Now the trouble you get into in image of the self as seeing the self as pristine in frequency without allowing the feelings that you have to come forth. Now if you get in trouble, you deny your feelings in order to hold this image of the self as pristine. “I am not allowed to blame, but I feel all this blame. What am I to do?”

Well we want to give you the answers you seek as we can. And in order to do this, we need you to understand that the matrix of fear that has been compressing this within you has actually been released, and the energies that you focus on that would reclaim it are, frankly, habit and shadow.

Now if somebody hits you in the nose, we are not saying to you “punish them back,” and we are not saying to you “pretended you’re not unhappy.” That would be dishonorable. However, what we are saying is when you are provoked in frequency you have an immediate choice to make as to how you wish to respond. “Do I want to respond out of the habit of blame, or denial, or protection? Or do I want to move into a choice in higher frequency?” This is really that simple.

Now Paul is wondering what we mean by “provoked in energy.” To be provoked in energy is to be hit with something, pushed, fingered, played on in energy. Now if somebody provokes you, you are in response. That’s why somebody provokes, in order to give you what they want back. So if you attune to it, to the level of provocation and you meet it that level you are choosing to engage in lower in frequency. The moment you stop it you are realigned to a new way of doing things.

Now when you choose a new way of doing something, the first impulse always is to question is the validity of it. “I’ve always walked to work this way, what’s the benefit of going that way?” “I’ve always said I’m sorry when somebody was angry because I thought that was the right thing to do. Why am I not doing it now?”

Well the new way, or course, has to be received and become habituated. So much of what you have done in the past has been about responding in fear and the energy of fear camouflages itself in many, many ways. The choices that you have made in your fear have created every bit of trouble in your lives. We guarantee you this.

When you are aligned to love you are operating out of a frequency in higher dimensions. As you work though love, you are attuned to love. As you are attuned to love, you vibrate in love. As you vibrate in love what you call to you must be in congruence. There is no other way. That is the fact and that is the reality of your experience. Your choices tonight, and there are going to be choices made tonight, are to receive yourself in a new responsibility to your own awareness of responsibility to your whole lives. To every aspect of your life. This includes your body. This includes your Christ consciousness. This includes your business. And this includes any and all relationships that are cause for pain. You have to choose them all anew in realignment to the Creative Force that you have claimed.

When you have claimed “I am Word” you have claimed dominion, whether or not you realize this. And your alignment to dominion, as it is, is not a free ride. Quite the contrary. It is a choice to manifest as yourselves in high frequency. As you have chosen this, you have dictated choices and responses that will come to you realign you. And any aspect of your life right now that is not in alignment with this must come into congruence. It’s really very simple.

The free ride would be “I don’t have to work on it. I don’t have to make the choice. I’m a spiritual guy. I meditate every day. I must be great.” Well, that’s not the way it works anymore. This is all about being in frequency. You are always in frequency. Each one of you every moment of the day is in frequency. So what you do with your frequency is what you choose. When you are in alignment with higher frequency what you choose is in accordance with it. When you’re in low frequency, that becomes your story.

Now the reason we gift you with this tonight as an offering for you to choose, is because the work is going to accelerate in the next three weeks very rapidly. And as the work increases, which means your work changes, you have to restore yourselves periodically to the new level of frequency that you are operating at. You cannot restore yourself to where you were two weeks ago because that no longer exists. It’s not possible to restore yourself to a memory. That is no longer truthful.

Why is the work accelerating? The planetary shift that has been in progress for some time is uplifting. And the requirement of this for each of you is to realign. When the temperature changes, you change your clothing to accommodate. When the frequency changes you have to adjust your consciousness. When the consciousness is swift in its acceleration, changes can happen very rapidly and they are not always pretty, because there is often a reaction to change as people try to hold to what they know and claimed as themselves.

You will see this out pictured on the news. You will have experiences of yourself. This is all priming for change. This is not scary, per se. This is the fact: A lot of people right now are not claiming themselves as in their power. The extent that they choose to reassign their power to an external structure, and this is a government, it can be a church, it can be a spouse, is the level that they are laying claim to their own lower frequency.

Every man and woman has been created in the image and likeness of God. That is the truth. That means that in your systems, in your causal bodies, in your DNA is the knowing of this. The awakening of this is here, it is now, it is present and the choice to regroup and claim your divinity is ever present. However, those of you who are not willing to do this will be running for cover, because the unknown, such as it is, can be frightening.

Now the unknown, in this case, that we speak of is a relaxed grid of fear. That is what is leaving, everybody, and understand this: When the planetary grid changes, those things that you have assumes to be true through experience and through collective agreement that they are true come into question. Now if a Martian landed on the lawn of the White House tomorrow there would be a lot of people who would say “So what?” because the culture ahs been shifting to embrace this concept for quite some time. However, if the culture began to realize, in truth, that they were all in one love, that they were all of one race, that they were all of one God, can you imagine the cataclysm? Do you know how much investment there is staying in separation? The ego has a field day with this.

Now the relaxing of this paradigm that we will say is a paradigm of control allows for change and, of course, as we said, there is often reaction. When change comes, somebody yells “No,” and usually the no-yeller tries to call others to him to support him in the claim and then, once again, you have division and separation. Nobody is going to tell anybody what to do this time. That is the old paradigm, and that is why we say to you, in claiming your authorship, you claim your truth. In claiming your truth you are in your Divine Knowing, in your Selfhood. As you stand in this knowing, which is the truth of your being, how you reclaim yourselves through your actions will require you to stay in high frequency. It’s really that simple.

So imagine one day you are walking out of our home and you’re singing in high frequency. Your whole being is radiating at this new level, and then suddenly something happens to throw you out. What is your choice going to be? Now do you realign to lower frequency? Do you assess what you are experiencing and them make a decision? Or do you deny the evidence and suppress? These tend to be your options.

Now once again, you can always claim this: “I am Word through that that I see before me” and then you can re-attune your vision, your consciousness, meaning, what you see and how you interpret, to the higher level. As you do this, you realign your intention to remain in high frequency. When you choose to opt for the lower, please understand, that you can do this in ways that are tremendously deceptive.

“Oh, I agree, that was a terrible things that she did.” “Oh, did you see what they said on the news about how they are lying about this or that thing?” “I saw what I saw and it was not good.” All of these things are examples of self-justification and self-righteousness that are really operating to create division, and the smugness that some present in the name of enlightenment frankly is, a camouflage for low consciousness.

To believe that someone is good at their essence is to know the truth of them. To deny their behavior is not spiritual. To accept them as God in body is your responsibility. That is who you are, and you cannot be this if you claim that someone else is not. How can you? Who can rise above another and claim themselves to be the Christ without seeing the Christ in all before them? No one. It is not possible. That is a lie.

To claim that you are in the light while somebody is outside of it is to be in self-deceit. You have no idea the passage someone else makes or the requirements for their soul’s growth. When you move into your knowing in an authentic way, you will see the truth and you will know it is the truth because you will not be judging. And, as long as you are judging your brother, you are not in truth. This is a promise to you. That is a fact. That is self-justification and it is parading as way to keep you separate.

Now what do you do then, when you have a fight with someone you care about, or you are outraged by something that has happened and cannot stand it? We will tell you: Do not deny it. Do not pretend. Do not go into coercion with your emotions. Accept what you feel so that you can begin to work with it and move back into congruence.

People get in trouble when they start to work with duality and separate their emotions into good ones and bad ones. How ludicrous. It’s energy and it’s emotional response. When you finally do the work, you can understand what is hooking you and then transmute the hook.

If you don’t care what people think of you, you will not get your feelings hurt when someone laughs at you. If you have no investment in being the smart one, you don’t care if somebody thinks you’re stupid. It doesn’t matter. You have your own work to do in this regard. So we are not telling you to pretend you don’t. That would be a lie. But we are telling you that the work can be done and the magnificence of it is that you are able. We have given you the tools. And you have God, Source, the Universe, what ever you want to name it as, to back you up. So there really is no excuse, at this point, to remain a victim in your consciousness. When you go into approval of that, you abnegate your authority, and the moment you have done this, you have stepped out of the Divine River and onto the riverbank to work it out.

Now Paul has been given a system of evaporating frequency…the system is as follows: Your choices to transmute frequency are very, very simple. “I am Word through that I see before me” makes a claim that that which you see before you is in congruence with Divine Light. When something is in congruence with the light, it is in its form, it’s in its divinity, and you are in recognition of this.

So we would like you all tonight to choose one thing: one emotion, one block, one system of problems and work directly on them in your own causal light. “I am Word through this thing I know to be so. I am Word though this thing before me. I am Word trough this feeling.” However you want to claim it, you choose to, and you move the frequency to do the work.

The system we have given Paul is to set this intention:

“I am now choosing to release any and all blocks that keep me in my knowing in limitation. I am now choosing any and all systems of belief that tether me to constructs of fear. I am now choosing to realign my knowing to my own knowing of my freedom as a Divine Being. And in doing this I call forth the love pf the Creator, the Powers and the emissaries of the Word to support me in this complete transformation of my being. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now the choice to do this is yours. And we cannot get in there with you unless you say “yes” and you request our support. We will not un-bug you, as it were, without your permission. You choices are always there.

Tonight we began this talk by saying that this was a responsibility. That this was no longer about sitting back. But we want to teach you one thing about the choices that you make.

You are still making choices based on what you thought you were supposed to be. Based on what you think others will think of you. Based on societal constructs. “He’s supposed to look like that.” “She should have more money.” “I should know what I’m doing by now.”

Make a list of all of those beliefs you hold that are tethered to those things, and you will find out that 50% of your life has been built on them. So please, please, please, do not create from an old system. As you move forward, as you challenge these beliefs, they will call back to you and say, “No, no, no, you’re supposed to have this much money, or that career, or that lover, or that marriage or that” -- whatever you want to say.

Now there is nothing wrong with any of these things. Allow them, if they are there. But do not choose from the old place because, if you do, you relinquish your own control and you go into agreement with the stuff that was problematic to begin with. If you were raised in a certain religion and you were told that you had to dress a certain way, that is a construct. If you were told as a child that you were a prodigy and great things were supposed to come of you an you operated from that impression fully and made all of your choices based on others approval of your gifts, that is a construct. If you are spiritual, and think everything’s supposed to be spiritual in a cosmetic way, that is a construct.

We all have these things. There is no one in this room, or in this town, that is not operating form these agreed constructs. Now become aware of them. See where they exist already, but then choose anew. You don’t have to quit your job, or stop doing your hair, or anything crazy like that. But please choose anew.

How do you choose anew? You go into your knowing, “I am in my knowing. I am Word through my knowing.” And then you go into alignment with what you require to move forward. Period. Do you understand thus?

We will teach you again next week. But there are many of you here and we have work to do, and we have told you what some of it will be. So the first thing we need to ask is your permission to work with you individually on these things. We will come as you require. There is a group of us now in preparation for the larger work to come and we assemble and we gift you with our presence. So if you wish, in silence say “yes” and we will know.

Channeling 9/10/2009 "Love"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on September 10, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We have to talk about love tonight, and how you need to love, and what it means to love, and who you are in love, an why you love, and what it means to gift love to another.

The responsibility at this time is becoming love. Please understand this. The next level of initiation for this group is to go into love and embody as love. This was not possible until the Word was made form. It was done so through the Christ, it will be done so in all, and at this time the gift of love is what will be magnified within each of you.

How you have loved up until now has been an issue, because the love that you have gifted others with, with very few exceptions, has been held in fear. And the fear of the refusal of love is one of the things that keeps you from gifting your love to another. Do you understand this? “If I give my love and I am not returned, I will be in shame.”

Now if you understand fully that the truth of love is frequency and it has nothing to do with the personality, gifting the frequency of love requires no response. It cannot. So the mistaken agreement you have made with your brothers is that if you gift love, there is a response required. There is a return in the investment. “If he doesn’t do what I like, I will not love him.” “If he does what I say, I will love him up until he doesn’t do what I want.” All of these are false constructs. They are belief systems you have shaken hands with. And the reason you don’t love in a pure way is because you don’t know how. You don’t remember. So we are here to teach you how to love.

We are going to embody love as you, and that is part of the mission of this class. It is the text that is being written now, and it is the journey of man. Now if you can understand the first thing that you will need to learn is what love is not, then you will clear a path to begin to walk on. And as you walk on this path, it is your obligation in certainty to gift this love to others. You cannot be a parcel or an aspect of love without gifting it to another. If you carry love through you and you are, in fact, the conduit of love, love travels through you, it is you, it is your frequency, and as it moves through you it reaches and blesses and holds others in frequency. As it is held by another, it can hold form.

Now you do not gift someone love so that they can embody as love. Understand this please. The embodiment of love is a choice, but it is also a choice that is made at a soul level in consciousness. It does not happen by accident that people come here and have an experience of frequency one day and then the next day go “What the heck happened? What was all that about?”

The way you process frequency is extraordinarily individual because you each have karma that you are choosing to clear in this lifetime that has been about what has precluded you from this level of embodiment in the past. Everyone is doing this. And these are the junctures you reach when you want to say, “I’ve had it. Enough of this. It hasn’t happened yet. I am looking at my watch and if it’s not here by tomorrow, I am going to the movies instead.”

Now the belief that you each have that you cannot embody as love is choice. Understand this please. That is a choice. You make this choice “I can’t, because it can’t be done.” And there you’ve had it. You’ve made your decision. But why not choose something differently? Why not align to the possibility that your love is you in incarnation?

So we told you already, we will not teach you how to love until we can teach you what love is not. Love is not sex. Love is not a body. Love is not a career. Love is not a joint venture. Love is not a marriage. Love is not a child. Or anything else but the frequency that can be realized in and all those things. You can have sex in love, you can have work in love. You can have a partnership in love. But understand this please: The moment you pollute that frequency with an expectation of response you are no longer in the frequency of love and you have changed your experience into one of fear. “He cannot love me because.” “This job can’t be what I love because.” Love is frequency.

What happens when you are in a river is that you are wet, and you can struggle against the current, or you can flow with the current, or you can travel to the sea. In the book that we are writing through Paul, we have spoken a few times about the metaphor of a riverbank, which is where you go when you elect to step out of love. And you go onto the riverbank and you sit there and you say “Okay, I chose what I chose, and I am very satisfied.” And the longer you sit there out of love, the memory of love recedes and the river seems to vanish.

Please understand this, everyone: As you travel, there will be many times when you feel as if you are thrown on the rocks, or washed up with the tide. And these are indeed times of learning. But your choice is always to return to love.

“I am now choosing to restore myself in my knowing to my divine sense of love. As I do this, I enjoin with my soul’s choice for me to journey forward in this frequency. As I do this intention, I am calling to me the frequency of love that will heal me and assist me in my knowing of what I am required to do to be in love. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now Paul has been told, and we will tell you, that the river is a running one. And the river has an end, and that is the sea. All rivers flow to the sea. And the sea, of course, is Creation. It is the love of God, it is the embodiment. And that is where you are destined to go.

In times past, it was believed that you could not see the face of God until you went to heaven. Until something happened that lifted you above this reality. Sometimes people would have an experience of near death and come back and tell the stories. And sometimes people saw through the veils of illusion enough to paint the pictures for others to see. And consequently, you all have identity investment in a schemata of what heaven is. A picture of what it could be. But you understand now that seeing the face of God is, in fact, seeing our own face and seeing the face of your bother in true love.

“I am knowing myself in love. Word I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now the requirement of this time for you, very, very simply, is to begin to learn where you are not in love, and where you are withholding love from yourself intentionally, or because you believe you should, which is, of course, intentional as well. But we will give you an example: “I hurt someone, I must feel guilty and therefore hold myself out of love.” “I did something bad, I deserve to be punished, I should hold myself out of love.”
These are two examples of guilt, and guilt produced blame against the self and is, quite simply, judgment. And when you are operating from judgment, as you know, you block the frequency of love. You judge yourselves, you judge a system, you judge a government, ideally the one you don’t like, and you judge everything very grandly.

How do you know what’s what? How do you know what is the truth? How do you know and who are you to judge? Who are you to judge yourself? Who are you to judge your brother?

Now we will tell you one thing. We have spoken a lot about knowing. And when you are truly in your knowing, you do know what is what. But you cannot be in your knowing and not operating from love. Do you understand this? Love is a frequency.

Now honestly, we do not expect you to see something that you judge and say you love it. Those two things cannot co-exist. However you can see the crime, whatever it may be, but you can see the participants of the crime in Divine Love. And you can also see the crime itself as an out picture of fear that is requiring healing. And as you all know, you do not heal fear with more fear. That is the cause of war and that is the trajectory that this planet is on and what it will be facing if it does not change. So you heal in love, and you understand what you see. But when you are in love, you will know, and you will not be knowing in a pretty way.

Please get over the idea right now that “knowing” and being spiritual means you’re nice. It doesn’t mean that you’re nice, or that you’re polite, or anything else. Now of course, if you are in a high alignment, you will not be cruel, because that is low frequency. But understand, please ,that the piranha was created by God, as was the mermaid. Do you understand this? All things that are created have required actions. And requirements for love, at times, can require truth and they can require readjustment of what you believed to be the requirements of love.

So everybody get over the picture that this is a Hallmark Card, that this is a nice thing, and that you walk around grinning like an idiot all the time because you are in love. Love is an action, love is a frequency, and pulling a body out of the street may not be a glorious thing to do, but it is in love.

Now when we speak of healing others, and we will teach you how to heal when we can, in love, you are acting as an emissary, always as an emissary of the Christ, or the light, or whatever you want to name it. That is your job. When you think for a moment that you are the emissary because you are special you are actually bypassing the frequency of love and moving into something else.

So we are calling you into recognition. “I am knowing myself in love” requires a real humility and a real sense of gratitude, because you are being gifted with this industry. It is your birthright, but your birth is a gift as well. How easily we all forget when we focus on the inane, how trivial all this is. All that is flesh will be dust. Your beauty will be dust, your home will be dust, and all that you value today will be gone eventually. But that which is gifted to you in spirit will last, and you, my friend, will be here as well in form. Just not the form you know of. So we gift you love tonight.

Now Paul is wondering if we are going to teach telepathy and, in fact, we are. And we will deal with this as we do through the recognition of love. But until you understand what you are and what you can be in this frequency, we cannot teach you much.

Now some of you here have this down. You get it and you know it and you can do it. But not everybody can. And Paul struggles radically with the concept of love, which to him still feels like an abstraction. So we take it out of the abstract for you, and we gift it to you in frequency in a way that you may feel.

Now we told you already that you have to learn what love is not. And this is your homework this week: “Where am I not in love? What moment in the day am I not in love? Who am I seeing before me and where am I not in love? Look at yourself in the mirror. Be naked if you wish. Where am I not in love? Where do I not see myself as loved, and where am I withholding love?” Do you understand this?

The job that you have today is to become consciousness. We cannot make conscious. You have to choose this and do the homework. And we have said to you many times already, the days of sitting back and letting the spirit guides do the work are over. If you are going to be enjoining to serve, you have to get to work. This is the time. This is the time. This is the time.

Now we would like you each to receive love through the third eye. And we’re going to work with you as a group first to astonish you. And what we mean by this is, to gift you with an understanding of yourself as seen in love.

“I am now knowing myself as seen in love. I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

Receive, receive, receive, receive, receive. Let it come, let it come, let it come. Let the energy come in through the third eye and receive yourself as seeing yourself as loved.

Now our mission with you is very simple: To get you busy in your awareness. And you cannot do this without support from one another. So this week, we want you each to team up and we would like you to do two check-ins by telephone or mail, however you communicate, about where you are not in love. If you do not keep a notebook, you must. But write it down: “I was not in love today when.” Please see this. It’s simply a tool. Once you see where you are not, you can be. It’s so easy. As we said to you at the beginning of this teaching, it is choice:

“I can be in love. I am knowing myself in love. And I am worthy of my love.”

Now we want to work with you as a group and we want to do it this way. We want to ask you each to think of a time when you loved. How you felt love truly. When it was who you are. When you can imagine yourself as being love. Please try this now. And actually, if you cannot think of a time, imagine it. Imagine what it must feel like to be in love.

“I am Word through this memory of being in love. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now allow the frequency of this memory to assist you. Allow the feeling of love to begin to move through your being. Allow it to come though you. And realize that this is a part of you. This aspect of love is who you are. Understand this please. This aspect of love is who you are.

“I am now choosing to realize myself in love. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Channeling 9/3/2009 "Awareness in Worth"

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling held in New York City on September 3, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We have a lot of talking to do. And refreshing talk, in many ways, because the subject of tonight is “Awareness of Yourself in Worth.” And what this really means is it's time, again, to claim yourselves as the one’s worthy of going on this journey.

Now the acceptance that you have of the self to date, which means where you stand today, is what has taken you this far. And if you can understand right now that this is as far as you get with the consciousness that you’ve attained, you might want to imagine stretching the self a little wider, a little broader in your purview of what you can accept for the self.

Now we would like each one of you to imagine for a moment that what you see before you in manifestation was chosen by you, was incurred by you in thought and decided upon in consciousness. You have all done this. Everything that you have chosen you have called to you and you’ve said “yes.” It would not be in your field if you were not in agreement with it.

Now the trials that come to each of you are when you call to you things that you say you don’t want. And then they are there, and then you have to question “Why?” “Why did I call this? What am I learning from this? And what is the opportunity that is present in this trial?”

Now we are not telling you each that you’re embarking on a trial. That is not the case this time. What it does mean, though, is that you need to understand your own process and claim your power back from those situations that are causing you pain and worry and starting to kick up fear. This is very important. You can each understand that when you do this and when you create in fear, you incur more fear into your energy system. And then that is what you create out of. Period.

Now each of you here has stood on this road for so many years. And if you take a moment and you turn around, see what is behind you. See what you have endured. See what you have gifted yourself with. See all those things that comprised out picturings of your consciousness until this day. And now turn around and see the road before you. What do you wish to see there?

What will be created there is your choice.

The days of labeling yourself as passive to this experience are finished. They are over. And in other ways, we would tell you they have always been over, but right now you’re having to take responsibility for those creations that you have made on order to be able to make new ones. Do you understand this? Now the blessings that come to each of you through this process will be clear the moment you manifest in your choice.

Now we want to tell you something important:

Where you manifest from in this light, in this choice, is of paramount importance. You have lower centers, you have higher centers, you have lower will, you have Higher Will. If you want the Mazaratti, you have to ask yourself "why?" If you want the beautiful boyfriend or girlfriend, you have to ask yourself "why?" If you want all the money in the bank that the bank can hold you have to ask yourself "why?" Because if you don’t ask yourself why, you are creating out of a system of belief that has been inherited. You are not choosing from your truth, you are choosing from designs, and by "designs" we mean those out picturings of identity that you have appropriated from external sources. Do you understand this? When you choose externally based-on paradigms that are cultural, you reinforce the paradigm.

Now want you all to be happy. But to the extent that you believe that happiness is brokered through adherence to rules and to other’s prescriptions for success, you are lying to yourself that you are truly happy. You want to go back to sleep where you can say, “Well, I got it. Now it doesn’t matte. I am achieved. I have the boyfriend, and the cash, and the car looks great.” But these things, ultimately, if they are not born in truth, and by that we mean, if they are not born in congruence with your own Divine Knowing, are just things.

Please understand the difference. When you create a thing, you have choices. You can manifest anything. That is what you do when you work in frequency. So you decide any moment of any day what you are choosing to bring through you. Now understand this: As you create, you choose and you call to you in matter, in material form, those experiences that you are requiring to learn. And these can be good and these can be tough, but they are all called in by you. So what we are telling you now is that when you create in manifestation you go into congruence so that you know, capitol “K,” Know, that you are choosing from a higher place. Do you understand this?

When you are reinforcing old systems that have been gifted to you by culture, and also by fear that says "you do not merit if you do not have this thing," then you are stuck in the mud and in the matrix of a system that has not achieved itself in truth but is being held in place by group agreement that you are part of.

How does one move beyond this matrix? We will tell you. Activating the Divine Spark within the heart center, moving into the frequency of the Word and realizing, actively realizing that you are an aspect of the Divine. And from that place, which is your worth, which is your truth, which is your “I Am” Self, you can achieve wonders in congruence

When you operate from that place, the choices that you make are in alignment with your Higher Self and, consequently, will lift you up to the next level of frequency and to achievement. Now we don’t speak of achievement in terms of success. We speak of achievement in terms of realization of frequency. As you ascend in consciousness you lift your frequency, and every choice you make on any given day will lift you up or bring you down depending on where you choose to go. So that is the lecture about this part.

Paul has been asking us "Are we going back to hearing?” and, in fact we are, but only for a little bit tonight. We have several people that we need present in order to fully work through this shift with this group, and that will happen as the weather changes. Still, we will let you know that the telepathic work that we are going to start to teach you will begin tonight. And this is what we mean:

You are each creating though thought. And as you think, you are working in frequency. You already understand that thought is created in frequency an that the brain is the computer that processes thought. So as you begin to learn what thought is, you can become the transistor for the hearing. And as you work this way you will learn how to operate telepathically, which means to hear in frequency.

Now this is a big deal. And the first thing we want you to know is that you are doing it already. Everyone is. But the amount of muck that stands in the way of your ability to hear is what must be first addressed.

If you have 12 radio stations playing concurrently, you are not going to hear the one with the voice of truth. So your abilities will begin to shift as you learn how to differentiate the multiple voices that you are listening to at any given moment. As we begin to teach you this, we will choose methods to instruct you that will bypass initial resistance. And this is an experiment on our part, but is one we are greatly looking forward to because it is about manifestation.

There are many of you here that did not feel the energy the first time you came, and now you feel it readily. And not only that, you feel it readily in you partner, or the one’s before you. So you have already become systematically energized in frequency on an empathic level. As you claim this, you refine it. As you refine it, it becomes your accessory in hearing yourself and transmitting information to you. As you do this, you can begin to learn how to hear, one step at a time.

So we have some work to do with you tonight, which is about readying you in frequency for empathic, clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient work. And this has to do with attuning your systems to the higher frequency in a way that you can understand. So we will cease the lecture now and we will move into the frequency work that we believe will shift you to the next level required as a tuning fork for the higher frequencies. I am Word though those before me Word I am Word.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Channeling 8/27/2009 "Ascension"

(The following is a transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on August 27, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We have to talk. And times are rough in certain places because of the transitions that are happening. Not everybody is ascending in consciousness. Now in order to understand what we are talking about, you have to understand that the lifting that is going on on a planetary level is in frequency.

Now Paul is seeing the image from Mary Poppins where there was laughing gas and people began to float up to the ceiling. Now this is not an apt metaphor for ascension in consciousness, but if you can recall everybody’s first impulse was to grab onto something to keep from floating away. And in a lot of ways, the experiences that people are having now are about tethering themselves to their requirements to stay safe in the face of change.

“I am going to tie myself to the bedpost in case the flood comes! I will be carried by my bed.” “I am going to hold onto this job I hate for dear life! Because when things get bad, I am going to be grateful.”

Now there is nothing wrong with tethering yourself if you know that that’s what you’re doing. But to the extent that these choices are made in fear, you are contributing to the global matrix of fear. And that is the whole point of fear: To sustain itself. Please understand this once and for all: Every action you take that is born out of fear contributes to the matrix of fear. And as long as this is in place, what will happen on this planet will be a limitation in consciousness out pictured in fear.

Now we will talk for a few minutes about the requirements for change and what will happen once people begin to lift off in consciousness. The requirements for change, as we would speak of them, have to do with love and being in love and vibrating as love.

Now this is not amorphous. This is not “peace, love and love beads.” This is not a slogan. This is not a pretty way of feeling. This is action. To be in love is in action in this world. To be in love is to be in the system of Christ consciousness that is making itself known. It is the wave of consciousness that you are ascending into that is come, that is here, and is present.

The battle against this energy, we would say, is born out of control. And those aspects of the self that you have now that wish to stay tethered, or in the darkness, or in the requirements of the ego to stay in fear are those things that must now leave.

Now we say must, but the “must” is really choice. Do you want to stay in your junk that keeps you tethered in lower frequency, or do you want to ascend and go up to a higher place in the requirements for your understanding and acceptance of the self in Christ consciousness?

Now bear with us please. There’s a lot going on in this room tonight. And we are actually moving energy through Paul’s system as we separate what is truth and what is fear. The way we operate now as a group frequency shifting through Paul is angling upwards as he makes himself available to the transcriptions that will be coming through.

Your requirement is to become known in your actions as love. Are you willing to do this? You have to decide, in your own way, that who you are going to operate is, as your true self, will become merited through action. To decide that you are willing to sit back and watch the parade when the parade is you and that aspect of you that it would be marching is passing you by is to stay in your limitation. So tonight we want to speak about resistance and wholeness and what it means to become whole.

Now fabrication, which is lying, is the thing that we want to talk about right now. Paul has been told this already in the book that is coming through him. But you must be told this now: There are no white lies. A lie is a lie is a lie. And the only reason that you would lie is because you are frightened of the truth.

Now, when we say this, we make you responsible in this moment in time to knowing yourself as the one who engages in a behavior that tethers her to a system of fear.

Now we are not telling you to run around hurting people’s feelings. We are not telling you that you have to claim your truth in any way that as harmful to another. But we will tell that you are all lying every day when you bypass yourself as a Divine Being. When you pretend that this is not what you are, you reduce your frequency and you go into agreement with the matrix of fear.

So the question then becomes, how do you elevate frequency? How do you stay up? And how do you transition from lower frequency to higher through intention?

This is what we want you to know: You are accountable for your energy system. It is you, really. And its more true to you than the physical body that you walk around in because aspects of this you carry with you when you are leaving the body or when you are walking around in other states of consciousness.

Now when you understand that the dictates have taken on that keep your self tethered lower frequency can be healed through consciousness, you can begin to change them. However, the extent that you decide to remain in alignment with the old stuff because it feels right, it’s the way things have always looked, and it takes up much too much effort to move through the systems of resistance, you can stop fighting and sit back and watch the parade pass you by.

Now we are not speaking about your doing anything that is opposed to your own free will. However, we believe, at times, that you do not see who you are. And as you forget who you are, you reduce your frequency and then you invite all kinds of trouble.

Each time Paul gets angry, which has been a lot lately, we have to work on his system in order to bring him back up in refinement so that he can operate as a channel for our frequencies. We do not hold the frequency of anger nor do we resonate with it. So, consequently when he is at that level, he cannot hear us and we cannot access the vehicle through which we would teach and be in our expression.

So his responsibility, now, is to choose, through his free will, to allow the anger and the creations of the anger that have been operative to begin to dismantle and to release. As this is done, his system can align again. And not only that. They will align at a higher level because the darkness that was impeding the light from coming into it’s wholeness has been shifted. Now this is responsibility.

Each one of you has to understand that who you are today is made up of your consciousness. Who you have always thought you were and why you do what you do, is born out of that knowing, both for better and for worse.

We have talks to give you these days on responsibility. Now, if you can go back to the image of people holding onto the furniture so that they don’t get lifted up in consciousness, you will understand that the requirements of those people are to ascend, which means to lift in consciousness and embody as the Divine Self that you are.

Don’t believe that this is physical ascension as the others wouldn’t describe it although the body, in fact, is transformed through this process of regeneration and alignment to higher frequency. But please understand that those people who are being called to lift, which is everybody, are fighting it because they hold onto the known and the known has been all that you have had to go by.

So, there is no blame. How do you let go of the bedpost if that’s what’s carrying you through the flood? You don’t. Well guess what everybody. The flood is good. The flood is the frequency of the light coming into form and as you go into this, you wash yourselves, you divest yourselves of that resistance that has kept you from your knowing, from your creations in a higher scale and give you the liberation to rejoin yourself in frequency as the Christed one you are intended to be.

The freedom that you get through this process is outrageous. The freedom that is available to you through this manifestation goes beyond what you can imagine.

Everybody understand this: The scale that you operate from is minute in its awareness. minute in its possibility. You still think that getting a lot of money is how you succeed. Or looking right. Or having a job you like. We are not knocking these things, but please understand that this is part of the illusion. This is part of the structure that keeps you here. If you are told that you will look wrong or you will not look right if you don’t have this or that and you ascribe to it, you are limiting yourself in manifesting your truth. The problem we have with so many systems of manifesting is it’s all about objectifying consciousness based on a scale of external merit that was in place to keep you in limitation.

Understand this please: We are very happy if you have a house you like, but please don’t equate that with manifesting spiritual growth. Please don’t be silly. The belief that you have that you should have that big house come from cultural dictates that would control you.

Everybody understand this: So much of what you believe to be of merit, to be important, and how you assess your success and failure is born out of control. Everybody ask yourself this: What is one way he in my consciousness that I feel failed? Ask yourself what that is and then ask yourself how you could possibly feel that if somebody else didn’t tell you that it was supposed to be that way? Do you get this? You are all walking around asleep because you believed that it was okay to be controlled by everybody else’s consciousness.

Now the resistance on a mass scale to consciousness shifting is it means that those paradigms that have been in place that control you must go. Period. They cannot be sustained in the new frequency. If you want to get learned, go back and read the New Testament specifically at the teachings of The Sermon on the Mount, which describes a change in consciousness born in the individual and eschews the physical manifestations that would be dictated. Remember the lilies of the field.

Remember what we say now that you have choice. You are embodying. And where you are controlled is where you are being tethered. And where you are frightened and where you hold onto a structure because you do not believe you will be free without it is where you get into trouble and block the freedom that is your God given right.

We will talk more about this in weeks to come. This is little stuff and its huge stuff, because you will experience it through the minutia of the daily experiences of your life but you will have to begin to see it out pictured in a grand level of global control and matrix. There are reasons why people go hungry. There are reasons why governments fail. And there are reasons why illness manifests in certain nations. And everybody gets this: So much of this has to do with control.

Your experience is about to change. Everybody’s is. This is very good news but it’s not little stuff. The world is about to know itself anew and that is the process of coming into consciousness.

We are not telling you anything scary. We are actually telling you something good. People are waking up and the wake-up call has been sounded. And the responsibility now is your own. “Am I willing to let myself go? Am I willing to release the handle that I am holding onto that tells me that I am safe when the current of the river wants to bring me to the sea?” And we will tell you now, the sea is the Christ consciousness made manifest on this plane of experience. I am Word. I am Word. I am Word.

We thank you each for the lecture of the patience of the time. We give you time now for a moment to make your own decisions about what you need, and then we will commence with the individual and the group work in frequency.

We want you to know something: Your dedication to the self through coming here and through amplifying frequency is supporting you. And we want you now to make your own choices. “What do I need? What can I be supported in? How can I be healed?” Become co-creators with this process, and we will work with you as we are able. Thank you each.