Friday, July 31, 2009

Channeling 7/30/2009 "The Mountain"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling that was held in New York City on July 30, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

This is about time now, and what time really means to you, and how you process things. And right now, each one of your are in process with the kinds of changes you have inducted through your spiritual work. Each one present, in her way, has made a decision to climb a mountain. And as the mountain is climbed there are different times when the walk strikes one as overwhelming, as impossible, as futile, as wrong.

“How could I have made a decision, in my time, to climb a mountain, not knowing what was on the other side, what was at the peak, what I would stand on, and where I would be?”

These are the questions you have now that bring you into fruition, and actually, if you understand that the questions are part of the map that you are carrying with you as you engage yourselves on this journey upwards, you will understand that it is safe to question and, in funny ways, gives you permission to assess the distance to the highest peak.

Now the one thing you don’t see and are not allowed to see at this juncture is what happens when you ascend to the peak. You have ideas about what it means to be high up in awareness. You have high ideas of what it means to stand above and look at the ground below you with a distance and a consciousness that reflects your efforts. You have an awareness that it will not be what you know, but you do not see where you are going, nor can you yet. And this is part of the journey. It is the faith that is required of the seeker when she transgresses the norm and ascends beyond the limitations that she has bargained for in her time.

Time time time. We will say this again:

You are each framing your experiences in a kind of awareness of time and what that means for you. “How long will it take until I know where I am going? Until I am loved? Until I am seeing myself with the worth that I know I am but cannot access? How do I get this place in time to experience it?”

Now if you understand, once again, that time is created through a system of interactions and agreements, you can actually change time. And changing time means something very simple: When you change time, you make a decision that the rules that have been equated with the systems and agreements are not true, and you transgress, you bypass, you agree on a new ideal. That is where miracles come into play, and it is also why change can be alchemical and not a labored process.

Of course, you could say, “I want to be at the pinnacle today, I want to stand on the mountain and know myself as aware, consciously, of what I am as a true ascended being.” But of course, if we were to say “yes,” you would say “no,” because you have a deep investment still in your ascension, the process of growing into yourself as it were, to be a laborious process.

Now we want to explain what that means, because there are two sides to it:

The first side is you are still attached to the belief that what comes slowly is earned in truth. That is why people who win a lot of money lose a lot of money. They have not earned it in their consciousness, so it does not stay. However the flip side is, that when you choose to do something this rapidly, your understanding of it is bypassed, and the ego and the self that has to navigate a daily life does not have the support of his awareness to make do and assimilate the changes. So you see, the down side is investment and the upside is actually investment as well for protection’s sake.

We once said to Paul that you could be in a map and not know where you were. And in a funny way you are standing right now in a place of unknowing because the map is in you and around you and you are ascending to a place of awareness that is new. We hope we are understanding ourselves when we speak tonight. We are attempting to explain a process of de-systematizing an attachment to time, and this is a little new for us to explain to you, so we will take it very slowly.

As you become attached to your process: “I will not know how to do this until I finish the class and I am awarded the degree, and that must be hard or the degree would not mean anything,” well, that is one way to keep yourself in place and to go into agreement about how hard it can be to change.

On the other hand, you can quite simply say “I am now learning at the rate that I can learn at, and that can be very quickly and the systems that I have believed that would preclude from my awareness, from my understanding and from my achievement will be clearing for me to move fast. I am doing this now with complete integration of my consciousness and my daily life so that they are assimilated and I can function in the new frequency of awareness.” Do you understand? What you have just done then is created a new system that will bring you forth into an awareness of what can be.

We will talk now about what the systems can be and how to change them. Each day when you decide that you are climbing the mountain of your life, you make the decision based on your responses about whether or not it will be difficult or easy. It is always decision that embarks you on any journey. “I don’t want to go to work, its going to be hard” creates hard. Or, “It’s not so important, I might as well have a nice time with the work at hand” makes it easy. So you have re-systematized your creations and created an easier day. When you redesign your systems, you redesign your experience. Now when you want to ascend, which is the work of this group, in consciousness, you choose to do this in several different ways:

Through your actions, through your conscious decisions, through your insights which give you the awareness you need to open yourselves, and through your love. When you are in your love and acting from your love, you are in your ascension, period. There is no other place you could possibly be.

So the choice that you each have is to establish yourselves in these systems as you navigate your day and your ascensions. These are the places to check in on, they are the ways to stand in your understanding and therefore going into your knowing. And you all understand already that knowing and understanding are two vastly different expressions of consciousness.

Now we want to give you gifts tonight, but we also want to teach you something. And it’s about the navigation of the steep hills that you are facing and what you bring to them through your conscious creations:

“I am in mourning” creates your grief. “I am in wonder” creates your wonder. “I am in love” creates your love. They are all conscious actions and expressions of your consciousness that create your lives. And as you continue to become aware that this is what you do now, intended or not, you navigate them as your allies. And as the path reveals itself, you stand up and you claim your knowing as you climb the mountain before you.

Now talking is one thing, expressing it is something quite different. Paul is wondering, “What stops us from expressing ourselves in our knowing, in our actions as love, in our ascension?”

Fear is what stops us. Fear of love. Fear of being understanding. Fear of knowing. Fear of your ascension. All of those things are the rocks that you must bypass or transmute or understand and move in order for you to move past them. To the extent that you bring this to a knowledge of the self, you can begin to work with it practically. And this is your choice. To the extent that you decide, “I want this fear, I want this transgression against my fellow to stay standing still, I want this fear to keep me from my good” you stall your path and you stand on the mountain.

What happens finally is that the wall of mountain that you face in this place becomes familiar to you, it becomes the landscape that you exist in, and you forget that there was a higher place to go. So we are encouraging you tonight to forgive your brother, to release your fear, to stop fearing your ascension, which is coming into your consciousness as a created being manifesting as the Christ consciousness. That is the work of the time. Period.

So we want to give you a little preview what is on the mountaintop so that you can have an awareness that at least this is worthy of the climb, that this is worthy of the investment, and that this is worthy of the honoring of the work that you have committed to.

And we ask you each to receive through the crown center down the awareness of the self as knowing her path in light, the awareness of knowing his path in light. This is very important. All you are doing is receiving through the center of the crown and allowing this frequency to begin to work you. You are being worked through and by this frequency. Let it come, let it come, let it come.

We are working on each of you individually now. And this is being worked with on two different levels: your auric feield and the physical presence that you stand in, so that you can hold this frequency. As you begin to hold the frequency, you begin to embody this, and this becomes who you are. We are working with you each.

Paul wants you to ask yourselves, “Why am I doing this? What is this work and what am I doing it for?” and trust the answer that your receive. As you are doing this, we are working on your energy fields and creating a new system in your frequency to support you as the journey continues upward.

I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.
I am Word through vibration. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word. Word I am Word.

We bring you each the Christ through the heart and third eye. Let it come, let it come, let it come. We are opening you up to your love. Let it come, let it come, let it come. Ask them each to receive a hand on the heart and third eye. “Yes” when you feel it.

We are anchoring you each as love. This is the energy we promise you. At the pinnacle, you become love. Period.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Channeling 7/23/2009

(The following is a transcript of the lecture portion of a group channeling held on July 23, 2009 in New York City. Group and individual instruction and energy work followed.)

We’re going to get busy now, because there are things to discuss and responsibilities to be held to. And what we mean by responsibilities are things those that you create and then decide you have to deal with, and those things that you create and decide you don’t want to deal with.

Now responsibility comes when it is called into you, when you make it, when it is brought to you by another, and then you choose to stay in response. To be in response means to be in engagement. And to be in responsibility means to stand by your choice in significance of the response you have chosen, or the response that has been gifted to you or the response that you have incurred by your actions.

Now it’s all choice, finally. Each one of you stands in choice. And as you stand in choice, you bring things to you and you call things to you that call to them other situations, other circumstances that then must be contended with.

When you decide in fear and you take actions in fear, or you blame, or you counter your own inferiority with blame of another so you don’t have to deal with our own stuff, you are incurring your own responsibilities. When you choose to act in fear and decide that you are right to act in fear, you are trying to sidestep responsibility.

But, finally, understand this: That choices acted on from fear create more fear. That is why a war is a war. That is why fear is there. So once fear is acted on by you in choice, in responsibility, you are responsible, then, for the repercussions of the choices you have made.

“I don’t want him to leave me so I act in fear to keep him here,” creates responsibility. “I don’t want to be in that job so I’m gonna screw it up,” and that requires that you be in response to your actions.

Now if you don’t want to be in a job, you change your job, you don’t have to create situations that would dictate you leave. That is unconscious behavior. When you are in relationships and you don’t want to be there, you choose to depart. And you do this with integrity and not in fear or in rage or in anger, because ultimately those things are products of fear.

Now each one of you knows what fear is. But what you don’t understand is why you create from it. And why you create from fear is that is the action of fear, to protect itself and to build from its own energies.

If you can imagine a house that was built in light and a house that is built in fear you can imagine the difference in inhabiting one or the other. As you understand yourselves, you will see that the houses that you are have been made in fear in the past, and these are the creations now that you are having to contend with in your physical lives.

“I took a job because I thought I needed the job because the job I really wanted I was afraid I would never get, so I have created a life around a false sense of my fear.” And then you walk around wondering why you hate your job. You were never in that job to begin with. Your fear created it and you chose it as fear.

We have talked to you about love. When you are in love, and in the frequency of love, you become that thing, and those things that you respond to in love become those things that are wonderful in your life.

When you create from fear, and yes, everyone, obligation is fear in many ways as well, then you create a false feeling within yourself that what you should be doing is what you need to be doing and “shoulds” and “needs” are very different things.

“I should sleep because it’s late” is very different than “I need sleep because the body requires rest.” “I should be in this job because it’s a good job and I wouldn’t be in it if I wasn’t qualified” is very different than “I need this job because this job fulfills my requirements for my growth or for my requirements for my physical life.”

We are not going to tell you today to quit your job that you created out of a sense of obligation or fear and take the one that’s nice because we want you fed. But we do want you to understand that these things that you have created in your life that are structured from fear are being dismantled, and this is very upsetting for many people beyond the group.

But tonight, we speak to you as the members of the group who are entrained in a passage of Christ training in consciousness. And that is what this group is, a training in Christ consciousness and frequency. We are telling you this because you can become what you say you are, but you will not to the extent that you recreate your patterns in fear or in rage, because the rage is born in fear.

And because unworthiness, at its core, is a fear, those things that are created in your unworthiness: “I don’t deserve it,” "it can’t be for me,” "he could not want me,” “that job would never have me,” “she wouldn’t talk to me if I was walking with her,” all of these beliefs are fear-based. And as you create from them you have to dismantle them.

So the process of dismantling these structures is happening now, and some of you are feeling it big-time. Some of you are saying “Well, I sort of did this already, it’s not gonna be that bad.”

We want you to talk about this with your friends. What does it mean to divest the self of those beliefs you created in fear, and how do you take responsibility for those actions you have taken in fear that have been used in other ways by you to protect the identity that you think you are?

“I must be a teacher because I have students.” Well, yes, you are a teacher, but that is not your identity in Christ consciousness. It’s an aspect of what you do. And who you stand as, finally, in the truest sense, is the Christ come in you.

Now this light wants to shine. It is shining already. And the heavens are full of light and we say heavens when we say who we stand in with you in frequency is aligned with beautiful light. But the coming of this in you is not strategic. It’s not always easy or comfortable or friendly to face a mirror and see your pain and see what you have created in your fear, in your sense of unworthiness, or unlovability, or unforgiveness of yourselves or your brothers.

When you stand in your unforgiveness, your ego self stands triumphant and crows like a cock at dawn “I am in my Word!” Now that is an aspect of the self that is truthfully not who you are but who wishes to control the vessel that you stand in. We are speaking of you bifurcated in a certain way.

Now the Christ consciousness, which is an aspect of the self that is coming into fruition through the work we do with you, is the aspect that is truthful. The self that denies the Christ or the God Self or the light or whatever you wish to call it, and stand separate from his fellows is the part of you that is being contended with.

How can you be superior to your fellow in any way shape or form? How is that even possible? How can you dare, on any level, to state your supremacy on one hand and then state “I am Word, I am the Christ come in man” in another sentence? That cannot be the same thing.

Ideologies have created separation in the past. And I say this, and I speak as "I" in this moment,


And this sentence will sing until the leveling has occurred when all men and women see themselves in truth as worthy of the Creator.

And you cannot stand in your worthiness and deny your fellow entry into the Christ. That is the sin against God. To deny the self is to deny the brother. To deny the self is to deny the light in someone else. The moment you stand in judgment of your fellow you deny yourself your own knowing as the light. Do you understand this?

So the times have come to dismantle these things that separate you from one another and our cry to you in a cry of love and truth. The man you are, the woman you are, the one you stand as requires love. And this love is present, but available to you only as you allow it and become yourselves today as you stand in truth.

“I am Word through my body” is the claim of the body in this frequency. “I am Word through my environment” states that you are present and aware of the divinity in that which stands before you. “I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word” is the consciousness of the Creator made whole in man.

Christ consciousness as Self. That is the call here. And individuation still is present because the ego has its place, so you don’t put the fork in the mouth of the woman next to you by accident at dinner. You need to know your mouth is your mouth and the keys to the apartment you live in go to the right door. So we are not taking you out of yourselves, we are giving you yourselves in wonder, in truth and through the action of the Christ in man.

So we say to you tonight, what you call forth, you call into being. And if you blame, if you condemn, if you fear, if you cry out against, if you decide for against anything, you become induced into a creation of fear.

Now when we say “against” we state this very simply. “I would never belong to a club like that” immediately puts you in that club. Do you understand this? You have not neutralized it, you have created a relationship with it frequency-wise that then you have to dismantle.

Now we are not being silly. There are lots of organizations we would hope you would never join. But that is not about judgment, that’s about truth, and as your frequency lifts, and frequency finds its own place, you would never be there anyway.

Are we speaking in ways that you can comprehend?

We are trying to decide tonight how to tell you certain things that will bring you forth in your fullness as the light. As you stand in fullness who you stand as becomes a brilliant thing that is seen and aligned and in its worth. And the process of getting there, some days, is not easy, but it is worth it. As you stand in your knowing, you stand in love, as you stand in love, you can become this thing you say you are: “I am Word. I am Word. I am Word.”

Now we are with you. The room is full tonight. There many of us here to assist you in the work that is to come. And we say it is work. The time of playing in the light is over. The industry is here. The times have called for it. You cannot dabble any more.

If this is not for you, you will not come. If this is not for you, you will be called elsewhere. If this is not you, you will be loved regardless, and there is no blame.

But the passage of this time is greatly significant and who you stand as, in the light, will be seen. And if you are aware of this, you can choose it. If you choose it, it will be. That is promised to you each. If you choose it, you will be this thing you say are in truth. We would not lie. We have no call to.

We have to give you things to take with you now, on this next phase of journeying. And these are the things we wish to gift you with:

Your integrity is the first thing we want you to stand as. And we say stand as because your integrity will be the barometer for what is truthful to you and what is not truthful to you. When you do not resonate with an action that you take because that “take” is in fear, you will know it. You will frequency-wise shift into an understanding in your integrity that this was not the right thing to say, or speak, or act on.

Now this can be simple: “I didn’t tip the guy who brought the food.” Or it can be large “I didn’t acknowledge the love I have for someone because I was fearful.” Do you understand this?

Your integrity will now be the barometer for you to gauge your knowing. And as you stand in this you will become more aware of what you require to keep your frequency aligned to the light in the highest way possible. “I didn’t need that sex.” “I didn’t need that drink.” “I didn’t need that bothersome phone call, but I didn’t handle it well.” Will be ways you can understand yourselves differently.

Now tomorrow you are each going to have a choice, one time in the day, and we promise you this, where you will be called to stand in your integrity, and that means you will not do the easy thing. You will not placate out of fear. You will not react out of fear. You will take the name you have, “I am Word,” and you will become this in your action. You will stand in your truth and you will speak your claim and you will not have fear. The fear that you may experience would only be the fear of going against habit.

But we tell you this: When you are in your integrity and you are knowing your truth there is no fear. The only fear you might have is of reprisal for speaking the truth you have, and that is very different than knowing the response you have. There is never fear in your knowing, and we use the word tonight, ”integrity” to teach you a different system of accessing yourself and your information.

This was the first thing.

The second thing we wish to gift you with is love. We wish to gift you each with love so that you may hold another one in the frequency of love and know that this is so. We are not speaking of conjecture anymore. We are not speaking of the idea of love, or the body as love in a form. We are speaking of true love.

To be in true love transcends feeling and form, and we wish to gift you with this in a way that you can operate from. To operate from love means you act as love. You are this thing. And we call to you now the information that you each require to become this thing. Now this will be individual, but we are gifting you with it anyway. It’s as if you are each getting a bag, a “hobo-sack” Paul sees, that you will carry with you and you will always remember it.

“I am holding my love, I am in my love, and I can act as love.”

That is two.

The third thing, and the final thing, we with to gift you with is the Christ in a way that you can feel. Now we are not telling you a lie. We want you to be able to call and summon the frequency that you say you are in a way that you can feel. Because as this becomes demonstrate-able to you each you can signify, you can stand in your light and be what you say you are.

We are bypassing the intellect. We are telling you this in a way you will have to experience as frequency as your selves. And the Christ that we speak of is in the light you are.

Now this light will become manifested in each of you tonight in a significant way that you can operate from. And those of you who stand in this night will believe in your worth from now on. This is a gift, and it’s a serious one. You will each have this information in your being in ways that we believe you will be able to accept and respond to, as you need it.

Now Paul, would you say this for the room "I am Word through the ones before me." And as he says this we are going to be working on you each. Each one present will be worked on.

"I am Word through those before me. I am working on each one present as the Word. And each one is being gifted with her own relationship, his own relationship to his Christed Self in a way that is understandable, acceptable and responded to. I am Word through this intention for those before me. Word I am Word. I am Word through those before me. Word I am Word."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Channeling 7/3/2009

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling held in New York City on July 3, 2009. It was followed by group and individual instruction and energy work.)

Ask them each to receive a hand on heart and the third eye. We want to work on you energetically before we talk. And we want to align you again. And we talk about alignment in a very specific way these days. What alignment means is your self in your tandem self, your creator self, congruently working together. And when we say you are in alignment, we mean that you are in tandem with the creative self, which we will call the Christ Self in manifestation.

We decided last night that we have to work on our language a little bit, only to the extent that people get frightened by an ideal they have embellished with things that are not appropriate. And while we understand this is real to them, we also understand that part of the work of this group is to be the laboratory for what will go out into the world in a larger sense. So we will not tell you that we are not talking about the Christ when in fact we are. That is the frequency that we are attuned to and you are attuned to through our energies and through your responsibility to work on this as you do each week you connect with the frequency of the Christ.

We will tell you that the responsibility of language in its present form will be our responsibility and we will teach you in the way that we require to bring forth the highest amount of energy frequency that is available to each of you to work through, and to be and to inhabit.

I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.
I am Word thorough my vibration. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.

Now, when we say this to you, we are in charge of an attunement that you are bringing forth through your action. “I am Word” is the intention to be yourself in this frequency. When you decide that you are this thing in truth, then you can connect at a much higher level than you have allowed yourself to do to this date.

Now, we want to talk about what we mean here. We are actually telling you that the work you have done until now is in preparation for a new truth of who you are.

You understand this still intellectually. And you speak to each other as if you know what you are doing. But we are now showing Paul an image of a foundation of house that has been built in the earth, and in this foundation, which you have placed, which is yourself in this frequency, you will build, and what you will build is yourself in this truth.

“I am Word” is not an intellectual ideal. It is who you are in a vibration. And as you speak in this vibration who you stand as becomes yourself in your truth as you align to yourself as this thing, what you stand in becomes you and cannot not be what you say, and who you stand by, and what you choose. You become congruent with your identity as "I am Word."

Paul is wondering “Now, does this mean we go away in a personality?” Absolutely not. Why would we dismantle the beauty of who you are on that level? What we have said to you in the past is those things that stand before you and in the way of your inhabitation as “I am Word” are released by this intention to stand in your ownership of your light.

When you stand in this, those things that cannot be held in that frequency are dismantled. To the extent that you choose to hold onto them and protect them because you believe them to be you personality self, then you are hiding from your own mastery as a Christed being. If you can imagine that you have been shoplifting and you have a case of carrots hidden under your overcoat, you can see how silly this seems. You do not need the carrots anymore than you need those habits and personality traits and conditions of requirement that you have based your self-identity in.

Why would you think they were you? We will tell you. Because you have been convinced through habit that this is what you are.

Now if we were to tell you tonight that each one of you is estranged form your own divinity to the extent that you cycle through your habits in unconscious behavior, you would say, “Yes, I get that.” But if you were to understand that the frequency that you are is able, already, to relinquish and release these habitual patterns, you would be surprised at the recognition that you would have that you really still want these things to stay.

Now you have a choice tonight. You can stand in your ownership of your frequency and you can align to this Word as you would any other night, or you can stand truthfully and say:

“I am now choosing to relinquish those behaviors that stand before me and create a block or an obstacle or a problem that will require me to release it in order to inhabit myself firmly and fully in my own Christed being.”

Now don’t be frightened by this. What you are simply saying is “I am now choosing to get with it and to move forward and to be less protective of those behaviors that I have created that are stopping me from becoming what I say I am.”

“I am Word” is not a false statement. You are still Word when you are being compulsive, or you are being frustrated, or you are being in your behaviors that you say you do not want. You are still Word.

However, to the extent that you align to the new behavior as what you are, “I do this,” “I like that, “ “I don’t want to stop this,” you are also saying that aspect of the self cannot come into congruence with your own higher self.

Now Paul is predicting that there are people who are saying, “Hey, wait a minute, I don’t want to give this up.”

Well, nobody is telling you to give something up. We are simply telling you to come into agreement with yourself on a higher frequency in order to change and transform those aspects of the self that are keeping you from understanding and being in your experience of your Christed knowing and being. Word I am Word.

Now we are not telling you that you need to stop something tonight and go off tomorrow and get into a program, or stand in your room and make all the lists of the things that have to get out of the way. You can if you want, but that is a tall order. We are speaking now about responsibility and residual intentions to align to the frequency you are in fullness.

“I am the Word through this aspect of my self that creates these problems. I am the Word though the belief that if I let these go, I will not be myself. I am Word through all that I see before me: all I have damned, all I have blessed, all I have given my truth to and all I have believed to be a lie. I am Word through all I see before me.”

Now you will stand as a group and we will offer this to you as we can:

“I am now choosing to relinquish any and all behaviors that stand in the way of my inhabiting myself fully and firmly as my divine self, as Word. I am Word though this intention, Word I am Word. I am Word through this intention through those before me. I am Word through this intention for (participants named). I am Word through all I see before me. Word I am Word.

Now we praise you each for your alignment to come. And as you inhabit yourself fully and firmly in your Christed Self, you know your name: I am Word, I am Word, I am Word.

We are asking you now to align to the possibility that you have become this thing you say. That you are not only in order, you are in opportunity as this creation to become yourself in a conscious and truthful ownership of your own divinity. I am Word is not a theory, it is a truth.

Thank you and sit.

Now we will work on you individually for a little bit and then we will talk some more.

If any of you are feeling the cold energy around you as Paul is now, you are feeling the release that you just decreed. Paul is feeling it in his hands and his legs. And this is a patterning of his own behaviors that are, truthfully, overdue for release. So we are working with him as we are working with each of you.

Now you have decided to divest yourself of things that are not serving you, and nothing more than that. So do not be afraid. Be in celebration that you are choosing the high road and that you are becoming what you say you are: I am Word.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Channeling 6/19/2009

(The following is the transcript of the lecture portion of a group channeling held in New York City in June 19, 2009. It was followed by group and individual instruction and energy work.)

Now we want to start, and the talk is good tonight. And we’ve been waiting for a week to accelerate you because there’s a mission to come. And when we say mission, we mean a big one, because the work of this group is steady and elongating itself as you continue to work with one another.

As you commit to this frequency, as you stand in the Word and claim your power as a divine being, you amplify your frequency. As you amplify your frequency you stand in truth and you must become that which you are. The Christed Self comes forth as Word and you stand in your own truth as you do this. As you do this, what you create in your lives becomes your truth out pictured in beauty, in clarity, in choice. We say choice. So many of you still contend with the belief that you are victims of other people, of circumstance, of decisions you have made and you cannot unmake and to the extent that you believe this you are in your powerlessness.

To the extent that you describe yourself as fearful, you are in your fear. To the extent that you decree, "I am a man who feels poorly about myself or you," you are defining yourself through that choice. Each way you say it, you contend with the delivery of what you have chosen in this life. We suggest that the path before you is a great one, and as you stand forward in your truth what you create out of Christ manifestation can only be beautiful.

Now you must understand beauty as we describe it. Beauty is not about appeasing the senses in an appropriate way. Beauty as we see it is Christ in manifestation, and that means you are becoming the creator embodied as yourselves. Now beauty we say is the manifestation of, yes, yourself as the Christ. And to the extent that you deny this of yourself and of your fellows you are in deceit of your truth. You are in deceit and fear because you cannot be wonderful and not see the wonder in your fellow man. You cannot stand in your truth and not bear witness to the Christ embodied in another.

Now we say this to you because you think it’s easy or it’s supposed to be pretty and that the path before you is simple. Well guess what, everyone? You have chosen a path that requires you to contend with those things that impede you from becoming your truth embodied. Because you have chosen this, what you call forth to you, at times, is the significant teaching you require to contend with those things that stop you from manifesting as yourself in Christ.

If you decide today “I don’t need it anymore. I don’t want to do the homework. I’m tired of thinking about myself this way,” you can choose to get on board another bus that will take you someplace differently. There are many busses to take to the truth. However, we have taken you on a long ride so far, and the preview is getting to be exciting of what can come.

Now if you decide you don’t need it, you will chose it anyway eventually, because you have already chosen to come forth as your Christed Self when you decided “I am Word, I am Word, I am Word. ” And with this decision you made a contract with your own soul’s worth to become what you were intended to be. So, in a funny way, you have already bought the ticket, you are on the path, and that means that those things that stand in the road and block the bus's progress will have to be contended with.

It’s not that terrible if you understand the massive adventure that you are undertaking to become yourself in truth, to stand firm in the awareness of your own ideal of yourself as the divine being you are intended to be is a grand thing. Standing before you is all that you need to manifest this.

You are becoming yourselves. We are grateful for this, and we are standing with you to heal you of those things that cause you pain and fear. We are not telling you this in a way that will hurt you. We are telling you this so you can be healed. And by this we mean we want you to take charge of your own history and make due with the choices you have made to bring you to this stage of development and then move forward in your truth as the light being you are.

We are gifting you tonight with the mission. And the mission we say is a wondrous one. The mission is coming to you in pieces as if you are learning, a day at a time, a new word that you will string together to form a sentence that will become a sentence that will become your claim of your lives:

“I am that I am. I am my own divine being in creation. And that which I bring forth before me is in wonder.”

Now stand together if you would. We are going to work with you as a group for a moment, because the mission you are choosing, if you so choose, will require each of you to rely on the others present in the way that is appropriate for your healing and for your learning.

“I choose tonight to make myself known to myself as my divine being incarnate. I choose tonight to heal those wounds that have kept me from my knowing of my own power and my own truth. I choose tonight to realize the beauty that is in my fellow man and in my own name, I am Word, I sing a song of my own creation:

I am alive, I am well, I am healed, I am on my journey and I am in the light with my fellows. I stand firm in my choice to become my own incarnate self as Word. I am Word through my being. Word I am Word. I am Word through my vibration. Word I am Word. I am Word through my knowing of myself as word. Word I am Word.”

Thank you and receive love through the bodies you stand in. Receive, receive, receive, receive. "Yes," when you feel it. Let it come, let it come. Feel this please through the heart and third eye. Let yourself receive yourself as loved. Believe you are worthy of your choice. “I am knowing myself. I am Word.” I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.

Now sit if you would.

We want to teach you something. And when we say teach, we mean it. This is not just about our talking, as much as it is about our intention to receive you each into your own power as the learner who will become the teacher.

We told you two weeks ago that this would be the class for the teachers, and we want you to understand what this means in requirements for the course you are about to take.

Those of you who decide that they want this mission will be taken with us in our stead to be taught individually, not as a group, but you will become trained in energy work by us individually. Sometimes through Paul, but as often as not though our work with you in your meditations, in your dreams and in and through your willingness to serve as a teacher of the vibration we call Word. As you say "yes" to this choice you carry with you the decree that you will be taught and then you become aligned with the frequency we endow you with.

Now we said a course for teachers. And what a course means is a practice of study and a discipline that you will work with as you decide you are able to. As you decide you are capable of healing others though the Christ work we claim as Word, you will become known for the ability and you will attract people to you who require what you are giving them, and then you will be teaching them.

If you understand this, you will be disciples in a funny way, of the frequency you are incarnating as. Now disciples is a crazy word and implies there is someone to follow in discipleship but that is not the meaning of the word as we use it. You become the Christed ones embodying the selves in this frequency and then you chose to serve the frequency for the benefit others. As you do this you align to the frequency more and more and you are taught what you need to learn.

You will use this decree as a teacher of the frequency of the Word:

“I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my vibration. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.”

Now you have been taught this well, but what you haven’t fully understood is that it is a doorway and it is a path towards healing. And as you create with this you are in a position to support others in their work and on their journey. You will talk, Paul, in a moment, but we will talk now about that they are doing, and this is important because there are people here who are new, or who disbelieve or who are correcting themselves as they understand what this has been about all this time.

You have believed that you were here for yourselves, and you have been. Because the healing that you require begins within the self and you cannot support others to the extent that you are not willing to engage with your own process of healing. As you put the breaks on and say "I don’t want to deal with this, I don’t want to change, I don’t want to feel my feelings, I don’t want to look at what I’ve done, or how I’ve treated others,” is the way that you stop the process. However, you must understand that those feelings come up as an opportunity to heal and to see and to understand and to learn and to teach.

If you understand what you have endeavored to do is a kind of truth and willingness to become yourself by encasing yourself in your frequency and divesting yourself of those things that have impeded your growth, you will see that this has been a path for you since you first came.

Paul, you are ready now to do this work in a public place, which is why we have brought you forward now. The timing is no coincidence that this is happening now. This has been prepared for a long, long time, prior to this lifetime, and each of you here who decides to becomes, in this, your own prophet, your own being; your own living self in manifestation of light has chosen this as well. None of you are here by a boo-boo. None of you came because the food was good or the company was so nice or because it was easy to sit in a hot room and hear somebody talk so loudly when you would rather be asleep.

We understand why you are here.

You came in fear. You came in courage. You came in love and you came in heartbreak. You came with a desire to become yourselves healed, aligned, enjoined with yourself as your own true self embodied as the Christ that you are intended to be. That is why you came, and we are here to say to you, we gift you with this, we come to you in our love for you and we gift you with this. You are not here because the food was good. You are here because the love that will treat you with this will support you in your transformation as the being that you are.

Now ask yourself this: Why am I here? What does your heart tell you? Why am I here? What do you know when you ask yourself this question? Do you want to be a teacher of this energy? Do you want to work with this frequency and with us to align others to the vibration and to the healing in the Word? Ask yourself this, please, and you will know the answer.

No one is ashamed. No one is disallowed. No one is fearful. Now we will tell you this. Some of you are worried that you are not worthy of attempting to become this, let alone to teach it. And we will tell you, that is your fear teaching you. Our teachings do not teach unworthiness. Our teachings heal and clear and choose the highest with you and for your good. You are aligned to the extent that you choose it.

Channeling 6/11/2009

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling held in New York City on June 11, 2009. It was followed by additional instruction and group and individual energy work.)

We’re talking about things now that need direction. And this includes your lives. Where do you want direction and how do you go about getting it? This is the big question for the time.

Last week we told you that you were the savior, in many ways, and the expectation that someone else would come to you and heal you or charge you with your mission is a temporary ideal that keeps you from your own power. So this week want to talk about knowing and your direction so that you can begin to anchor yourselves as the one who knows.

“I am in my knowing.” I am in my knowing means that I am taking responsibility on a level of consciousness to bring forth that which I need to know what I know and honor that through my consciousness in all that I do.

When you say “I am knowing, I am knowing, I am knowing,” you are actually saying that you know something and if you don’t know something why would you say it? Now you can ask yourself this tonight:

“What would happen if I anchored in the quality and the choice of ownership of all that I have ever done, all that I have chosen, all that I have decided and kept at bay because I did not want to know that I decided, that I chose, that I knew?”

How many of you who sit here tonight still blame other people for the qualities that you hold as your own? How many of you still believe that your worthiness is contingent on an expectation by someone else to tell you you are worthy? How many of you still believe that your lovability is based on someone else’s love for you? All of these things, we will say, are things that you have chosen, and as you choose these things, you diminish your self-identity as the Christ incarnating in a body, which is who you are in truth.

Now to diminish the self in one way, in an ego way, is not a terrible thing, necessarily. “I don’t know everything. I don’t have the answer to this one,” can lead you on a path of great humility and wonderful discovery to the extent that you accept that as a gift.

“I want to know. I don’t know now, but I will know.” Now that is very different than deciding that you know something that you know something about because the ego wants you to conform to its rules. “I know that I am the right one.” “I know that she is wrong.” “I know I am better than this job.”

If you can hear these thoughts, they are all about power, and constructions of power, and weighting the self against someone or something else to decide you are better or worse than or something other than that. So we will say to you: if you are truly in your knowing, you are not operating from that place.

So for you know yourself in truth requires you to regard yourself in a quiet way and know “I am in my knowing, Word I am Word.” I am in my knowing means “I am in the knowing of myself as I am, as I am as the Divine Self that I am incarnating as.”

Now when you decide that you know something for convenience and you say “I know what I know” you may be accurate, but deciding and knowing can be two different things. And you can deicide something: “She’s not the right one for me. She’s not wrong, she’s not right. She’s not for me.”

Knowing something is very different. When you are in your knowing you are actually bypassing the predicament of fear completely because fear does not exist at this level of consciousness. And we tell you this directly: When you’re responding in your fear, you cannot really be in your knowing in the way that we speak of. If you imagine for a second that somebody is trying to harm you and you know that "She is trying to harm me,” "He is trying to harm me,” the thought itself, the knowing itself does not hold the fear. The fear is actually the response to the knowing. Do you understand the difference? It’s how you choose to respond to your knowing.

So we want to decide now, and we used the word "decide" intentionally, that you can be in your knowing in the honest and most truthful way that you can claim tonight, and as you claim your knowing on this level of consciousness, you actually belie the belief that you cannot know. You actually change the predicament of consciousness between knowing and deciding as you go forward.

Now Paul is saying, “What are you talking about?” So we will explain it to him:

The choice you make tonight to anchor in your knowing as the way we say, which is from a profound place of identity “I AM in my knowing." I AM is your identity. As you claim this you can move into decision from your knowing. If you decide that you are in your knowing you can be, and you can claim your knowing but we are trying to make a distinction between deciding something and knowing something. I can decide to take a walk around the block or go to the moon. That is different than knowing something. "I know that I must go for a walk," "I know that I can go to the moon” can then prompt the decision we speak of. Are you understanding the difference that we speak of? This will be encouraging to you as you continue to create from your knowing.

Now the disfigurement of the ideal of knowing has a pattern to it. The disfigurement of knowing has to do with other things than knowing, inclusive of fear of others' decisions. "I am in my knowing because I don’t want John to be angry with me" is, yes, a way of knowing something, but it is still a fear-based reaction. “I am knowing that what I did will incur wrath.” Well, that is fine, that is not an emotional response. That is simply your stating of your knowing, and then you can respond accordingly.

Paul is saying, “What did you mean by disfigurement of knowing?” The disfigurement of knowing means when you believe something to be your knowing but is, in fact, created out of previous patterning that you have not contained and created in a new way and healed. That’s what we are saying. If you know you need more money to be happy, you may know that, but you may also be operating out of a pattern reflected by your choice to have a lot more than other people. Do you understand the difference? So knowing from a true sense is truly a simple way of being in your response to your true self.

Question your knowing to the extent that you make decisions based on it that are perpetuating patterns that you say you would like to release. This is important to understand. If, once again, if you decide that that girl is not the one for you, and you know that, are you perpetuating a pattern of self rejection that you are then out picturing in your relationships or, in fact, are you knowing that maybe you are still operating from an old pattern? And once you change that pattern your identity will reflect that change.

Now we are tying to be specific in our examples. We said to you last week that you are going to be teachers of the Word and this is actually very true to the extent that you choose it, but you cannot choose it until you know it for yourselves to be your truth. And we will be very patient with this because we believe you are, in fact, entitled to be in your knowing before you claim your path.

Earlier tonight we spoke of things and Paul is saying, “What were they?” But we were speaking about your decisions and your directions and how you look outside of yourselves to be told who you are.

Now there is a point to this. And to see the other in his beauty, in his perfection, in his willingness to be revealed as his Christed Self is a wondrous thing. And the ability to do that for another is wonderful. However, you are not telling someone who they are, nor are you directing them by standing in their witness is the Christ.

When you say to someone “Would you tell me what I am?” The truth of the matter is you can only tell them “I see the Divine Perfection in you, I see your truth. I feel you. I know you as you are,” but choices, ultimately, are made by the individuals who live them, whether or not they believe it.

Tonight we want to release some patterning around feeling like you are not the one in charge of your life, and that everybody else is the one who knows what they know. We are also going to remind you that as you do this, you are required to relinquish the patterning that states that someone else can be responsible for your well being.

Now we don’t mean this in a way that is not loving and is not supportive. We would always want you to be in love and support of your friends, of those you see before you, of your family. But the distinction we will make is when you stand and say, “I am the one responsible for your friendship, for your healing, for your love” and you place someone in a position of power like that again, you create a dynamic and a structure that is not divine but based in a form of control or fear.

So tonight we are simply saying “Time to let go of others in the way that stands in the way of your ability to be in love.”

When you are in love with someone in a true sense you are in your dominion as love. And the other is in his perfection as love, regardless of what he presents. It can only be love that loves. It can only be love that sees love. It can only be love that reflects love back to another. So you are this thing. You are this love. And as you recognize yourself as this, you create as love. As you create as love, you change everything in your lives.

Paul has had an example this week, in a funny way, of what happens when you step out of the way enough to let spirit act in its own accord. And spirit acts in love and it is a reminder to him that such things can be. When we spoke to you a few moments ago about the things that stand in the way and holding others in ways that makes them responsible for your happiness or for your healing, you are actually not in love. And we want you to take this seriously. Because until you recognize this, the release will not come clean. So we want to gift you all tonight with your choice to be in dominion, in love, and in your freedom and in your knowing.

Now knowing again is who you are. I am in my knowing states “I am this thing, and I know.” You can also know that you don‘t know and then you can be taught on a consciousness level, but in order for that to happen, you need to understand that deciding something is not necessarily the same as knowing it, and believing something that you have been taught is not the same as knowing something. And recreating a pattern that you have lived with for a long time that you mistakenly believe to be your knowing is not your knowing.

“I only like fattening food because my mommy made it for me, and that is who I am.” Well, you are knowing who you were, but on a higher level, your knowing knows what you need and you are mistaking a patterning for your knowing.

“I know that men will not like me.” Well, that is your knowing and you create from it, but why would that be something you would know as a truth? Do you understand this? Now we are talking a lot tonight, and it’s for a good reason. We will be taking a break soon as Paul travels and we want to arm you with information and choices because when we reconvene, the work of this group is going to transform. We will be ready for it and we will prepare you as well.

Paul is saying “How?” Well, we will give you a little preview about what the changes will be. When we reconvene, each one here who chooses to stay will be released from the fear of activating themselves in truth as a teacher of the Christ frequency.

This does not mean that you have to open up a school. It does mean that you will be operating at a level that will teach others in your frequency, in your choices and in your knowing. As you do this, you call others to you who will require the level of change that you are embarked upon.

Paul is seeing the image of two people here, Stavros and Jeffrey, and they are walking down the street in opposite directions with little ducklings waddling behind them. And in a funny way, we are giving Paul that picture because it’s a truthful one.

Now all of you here will have your own different ways of experiencing this and teaching this. Jan, yours will be with the body. And Reiko, yours will be in your consciousness. And everyone here will have the experience as the teacher that is approved of by themselves at a soul creative level. Nobody is giving you an assignment that you do not want. We would not expect you to do it. But when we speak of this change, we are actually saying that it's time to take the show on the road.

And this is for each of you: Are you willing to stand in our truth and face the light and say: “I am willing to serve? I am willing to stand in my truth. I am in my knowing, and I am loved by my Creator. Word I am Word.” As you call this through you, you become what you say you are. And as you stand in your truth, you become a resonant chord that effects and carries a tone of transformation and of love far and wide.

The book will do this as it’s published, but understand people: You are the book. You are the action of the book. You have already taken the course or are taking it now. And as you have done this, you have participated in its creation. And as that person who has stood here and claimed “I am Word through those before me,” you are the one who will now stand in honor and state it before the world.

Now we gift you this in love. We gift you this in understanding of your own requirements. We gift you this in your own choice to be what you say you are.

Paul is hearing someone say, “I am Marcia Brady” who is not Marcia Brady and Paul is saying “That’s insane,” and Paul is right. In your case, to claim something that you are not is not helpful to anyone. But when you claim your divinity, you are truthfully saying, “I am the Word. I am an aspect of my Creator. I am the choice to embody myself as myself. I am Word, I am Word, I am Word.” So we say this with love.

Now we want to do a little work with you tonight and we thank you for your patience in hearing. We would like everybody to stand and face the light before them. Receive love through the bodies now, through the bodies you stand in. Allow yourselves to receive through the bodies you stand in.

“I am in my knowing. I am in my choice. I am in my worthiness. I am in my love. I am in my clarity and I am I my wonder. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now we want you to decide at this moment that any choices you have made throughout your life that you have relegated to someone else will now be returned to you in knowing. This does not mean retribution. It simply means “if I told my husband I was leaving him because he was a jerk,” you will take responsibility for your choice. "If I told my mother I was a drunk because of how she treated me,” I will release that choice and claim my own understanding of my actions. This is not harmful, it is actually liberating. Because suddenly, no one can control you, and the belief that you all have that someone can control you is so much a part of your pain.

We would like you to say now:

“I am in my knowing that no one is capable of controlling my decisions, and that I am free in my love, in my responsibility, and in my choice to claim my power in my own choices, in my own responsibility and through my own asking and receiving of my knowing. Word I am Word though this intention. Word I Am Word.”

Channeling 6/4/2009

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling that was held in New York City on June 9, 2009. It was followed by group and individual instruction and energy work.)

This is about us now, and not the soul that sits before you with issues. Now you all have issues and we require you at this time to navigate through them and decide what’s what.

Now you have overwhelming ideals about what is expected of you through this time, and we want to address those ideals individually in order to bring you the next level of comprehension of where you stand.

By ideals we mean those things you have set before you, that stand before you and self-identify as you at some specified time where you will anchor them in. “I will be this man someday.” “I will be this woman someday.” “I will heal this wound.” “I will have my love.” “I will accept what I know and not be so afraid.”

Now these are the ideals we speak of, and we say “navigate” because you are the ship that is moving through the water of your own consciousness to find yourself. You are the landing that you require. You are the harbor that you seek. And you still believe on some level that this will be found in some other realm, in some other ideal, in some other consciousness than the one you inhabit today.

You can only inhabit your consciousness as you stand today. You can’t do it tomorrow or in the past because those things are mirrors and they are not present. You can stand today and reflect the future, reflect the past, but this is only done in the present time.

Now we say ideals because ideals are good things and you require these things, in some ways, to promise you that your journeys will not lead you to fear and to reckoning of pain. You decide that you can be on this journey towards conscious creation with the intention to align yourself to Jesus, to the Christ, to the magnificence of All That Is, to the Nirvana that is present for you however you wish to decree it, you can state these things and you can believe that you are there. But your fear, frankly, is that you will be left, you will be left, you will be left, and when you are left at sea in this boat that is your consciousness you will have to contend with anything that could befall you.

Now we want to work with you tonight in choosing reckoning. And we say reckoning with the realization that it brings with it fear, “to be reckoned with,” “I am being reckoned with,” which means I am substantiating a claim of otherness with that thing I am I reckoning with. When we say reckoning, we decide that the time of triumph is associated with a reckoning where as you might perceive it to be something frightening. David and Goliath was a reckoning. There are reckonings in daily life when you require yourself to stand in your knowing and face the truth of what you are when the world would say no. This is happening now. This is the time of a new reckoning. And we say this with great truth. The reckoning brings you your alignment to the Christ frequency.

You thought quite simply that you would be sent off to school with your lunch in a pail and sit in the cafeteria and inhabit yourselves as your true self. This does not happen without a reckoning of sorts. This does not happen without a reckoning. And the thing that you are reckoning, the identity that you are in confrontation with is yourself in fear. That is the personhood, the selfhood, the identity that you are going to be asked to confront in a way that will cause you the reckoning of truth.

“I am not that fear. I am not that thing I have believed myself to be. I am not that horrible man, or that ugly woman, or that lonely person, or that disfigured ideal that I have stood before in shame, or in fear, or in worry. I am this thing I say I am: I am Word, I am Word, I am Word.”

Now we will trumpet this song for those of you who would listen:

“I am Word. I am Word. I am in my knowing of myself as my Divine Self.”

So we say to you now, the reckoning is upon you. You cannot pretend anymore that you are not this thing you claim to be. This is not a new shirt with a price tag on it that you try on in the store and leave there when you decide it is not a comfortable fit. You are doing alchemical work here at a very deep soul level, and the confrontation with the self that was made in fear, that denies the Creator, that lives alone in her fear and worry and shame is who must be seen and loved, and in that love the reckoning happens.

You do not reckon with fear by fear. You do not reckon with fear by rage. You reckon with fear through love and wisdom. And this is the teaching of the time. Now we wish to remember you each tonight as you stand here before us on the brink of great change. And we say great change is come. And this is the time of understanding what it is. There is no reason now to fear yourself other than to believe that has all been a false teaching, that you have each come here for some time in the belief in transformation that was convenient but not truthful.

We will tell you this tonight: That the truth of this time in transmission, in quantum physics, in the reality of what you will experience now, is gong to transform your consciousness to the way it was intended to be.

“I am in my knowing,” means “I am in my knowing of God and my own worth as a created child of God in his knowing. I bring this to me now through this quantum identity that I am inhabiting. I am standing in my knowing as a dimensional being. And I am requiring my knowing to bring forth the wisdom I require to inhabit fully the dimensional reality that I now partake in, and as I do so, my experience of myself, my worth, my love, my brothers, my feelings, my body, my inheritance is transformed in love. I receive my knowing now as Word. I accept my knowing as Word. And I call to me the wisdom that is required to bring this inhabitation to full form. I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now we answer your calls tonight, and we say this with love. When we say we answer your calls we mean the choices that you will make as you journey from this night on. The call has been made to you and you have risen to its sound. And as you have risen, you have deiced that the path that you stand in will be transformed to inherit you as you are today and now, in this second, in this moment, in this instant of your knowing of your inheritance: Word I am Word.

We offer you this tonight because the journey before you is unlike what you have believed it would be. And we are telling you a truth here. The transformation that is coming will realize itself in its way. Your way would be a lessening of the requirements of it. Your belief would still be anchored here in this dimensional frequency when you believe you want a thing, or a husband, or a job, or something specific. We are telling you now that what you would create from this place is a limitation of what we would gift you with. So we ask you tonight to say:

“I am in my acceptance of my divine heritage. And that which I call to me now will be brought forth in wonder. That which I claim will be gifted to me. That which I receive will be my anointing. I am in my knowing. I am in my acceptance. I am in my wonder. And I am in my love. Word I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now we bring love to fill this room and we anchor you each as love. And we are telling you this lovingly: When we say you are love, you are inhabiting yourselves as the adjournment of fear. We say to you this with great praise: The alignment to love that is our new mission with you adjoins you and adjourns fear. Period.