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Channeling 1/29/09

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held on 1/29/09 in New York City. I will make an effort to upload sound files of future sessions or publish transcripts. Paul)

The work that’s to come is significant, and it happens in stages, over the next five, six weeks, depending on how quickly you acclimate to your own thinking and the changes that must happen in that way. When we say your own thinking, we speak of your consciousness not of your mind, and the thinking in your consciousness simply means what you can hold, what identity you can hold and open to, and allow to become you.

The resistance to yourselves as creatures of the Christ is the real reason you suffer. The real reason you suffer is your own embellishment of your dominion as a physical soul and not as a spiritual one. The old feeling of inadequacy cannot be held by the Christ itself but by the fear-based self who believes he is not worthy of God. We understand you beyond your physical selves, beyond your creations and beyond your limitation. You don’t. And the reason you feel sad and alone and without is because you believe these things are: alone and without, and not truthful to yourselves. So you see, to the extent to which you disbelieve your own Word self, is the degree to which you suffer.

Now the acclimation to the self as Word is a process. You anchor it in vibrationally through your consciousness and through the action of the decree that you make when you state “I am Word through this, I am Word though my that”, and that is a foundation, but the foundation can hold only that which the foundation will allow. So if you can imagine building a house on a faulty foundation, you will find out why you don’t hold your wisdom as the Christ, why you discount your own self worth as a loving being, why you believe in your shame and your despair as anything other than illusion. The fabrications that the mind makes in order to keep itself in charge in a limited way are paramount to the understanding of the work that must come forth in these times. The longer the mind holds its place in a limited sense, and we are not discounting mind, but the longer the mind holds its prominence to spirit in the belief of unworthiness, the longer the soul supports this process of integration. We cannot rush it without your permission. We cannot give you what you ask for without your allowance, and we cannot decree your well being when you assume your sickness. We cannot allow you to be the Christ to the extent that you do not allow yourself to be the Christ. We cannot believe you when you say “I Am Word” to the extent that you disbelieve it yourself. Do you understand this?

We are in tandem with you, but we can only do what we can do with your permission. So, absolution is the key here. The discrimination of mind versus consciousness is the key here. The dis-ability to allow yourself your own goodness and your own willingness and your own response is the key here. And we will work with you tonight to undo some damage, and when we say damage, we mean your creations. Nothing can be created without the permission of the creator. Understand this now. Nothing can be created without the permission of the creator. And the creator says, ”I decree my pain and my suffering. I believe in my lack of worth. I believe in my size and my untalented being” or anything else that you can claim and create with. This is choice. This is choice. This is choice.

Now you feel this and you say, “Yes, of course we create our reality, and we do this on purpose,” but at the same time, you continue to manifest your creations in the negative. Now we say negative without judgment, because we do not judge your creations. God says, the Universe says, “If he wants to be sick, that’s his choice. If they want to make a war, that’s their choice. If they want to believe in life after death or that they rot in a hole, that’s their choice.” We do not demand that you believe anything that you do not wish to believe. You are the one in charge. And your creations, your manifestations, are the livelihood of your consciousness. You bring them forth, you choose them, you learn from them sometimes, and you believe them always, because they are more real to you than your spiritual selves.

Your spiritual selves are creations of a conscious mind, of a decree of the creator in a blink of an eye. You were manifested as consciousness and given the ability to create your own world. You have done this, you do this today, and you do it tomorrow and you do it with embellishment. By embellishment we mean you bring these things forth and then you shape them and beautify them and hug them, even the ones the ones that cause you grief, you embrace.

Now when you embrace your grief, you do two things. You give the grief power, and you also give the grief permission to release, so there’s always a dilemma when you are confronted with your emotional body and its manifestations. “ If I deny my feelings, I will make myself ill.” “If I decide I am not allowed to be angry, I will give myself an illness, so I must give myself permission to have my feelings.” And we say, support you in this a hundred percent, to the extent that you understand that the feelings that you are experiencing have been named by you, have been created by you, are your choice.

Nobody chooses your feelings. You have your responses. You dictate them, and you have programmed them into your consciousness through experience and thorough commerce with others. Commerce means trade. And you do this with your parents, your spouse, your workers, and everybody else you exchange information with about how one behaves. The only reason people cry when they have been left is because people believe that is the expectation. We are not discounting grief. We are not discounting pain. We are simply saying that your programming supports your behavior, and if you wish it, you can embrace it and allow it to release, or you can give it a lot of power and play with it, in a sexual sense, for as long as you wish. If you have a desire for your pain, you can announce it and it will come to you every way it can. That is choice. And that is how powerful you are.

To decide on this night, that there is the only feeling that is created in consciousness is love would knock you out. If it were possible, we would do it with you. You would all fall over if you could understand that love in its truth is the manifestation of consciousness at a high level of understanding. Everything else is false and is a belief in your own separation from Christ, from that that is. Everything else is a belief in your own powerlessness in the face of your own identity as Godhead, empowered, in choice, involved in her, in his, creations.

We are lecturing you tonight, and you are understanding that we say the significance of this at this time is crucial to you. If we were not to tell you this in fullness you would allow yourselves to continue to create your suffering with the intention that it was good and noble and fine and of benefit to you. Suffering does not support you. Pain is a lesson giver, but that is the extent of it. It can motivate you to change behavior that allows more pain, but that is why it’s there. You do not lounge in the pool filled with pain unless you choose it.

Now tonight, your responsibility as a beings of Christ is to change your thinking to a knowledge-based one where you won’t denounce your feelings in favor of fear, but you will allow your feelings to be what they are and move through you without answering to them in their prominence. Don’t glom onto it and say, “ I am in my pain” “I am in my fear” “I am so bad,” “I am so simple” I am so whatever name you give yourself when you’re in fear of who you are. You cannot be anything other than God in body, if you understand this. In truth you are Christ, you are a manifestation of God in a body that walks around and experiences itself as such, if it wishes. If you wish to experience yourself as a dimwit, you will have that experience too, and we will not judge it. We will support you in your choice. Because that is that we do with you. We support you in your consciousness.

Now your soul has mandates. Everybody’s soul comes in with a discretion appointed to them, things they chose to work through physically, psychically, spiritually in a lifetime. And there are encounters with others that create the situations that prompt the growth and the balancing of karma. You are each experiencing this now. Paul is doing a good job of making a mess of it because he doesn’t believe it is all for good. Others are making messes because they fear themselves in their encounters with others. Once you understand that your alignment to your Christed self includes these manifestations of growth, you can then permit them to be less frequent in the Christ frequency that they wish to be part of. (Q: Please explain that?) Because we are saying that when we encounter these situations in a body we have a tendency to wish to relinquish power in the face of fate and move into fear. When you are clearing your karma you are actually engaging with your soul’s destiny, in one place or another, in manifestation, in here and now, and that is part of this process for each of you.

Now, we don’t ask you this as much as remind you, but when you want to grow you have choices of how this growth occurs. You can teach yourself through love if you wish to learn through love or you can teach yourself through fear and embellishment of your own creations, and that means you can create situations that will teach you the difficult way.

Now, this will happen anyway. Nobody is without pain. The Christ suffered on the cross if you recall and suffered greatly as the conscious mind was dismantled in favor of the divine self. The conscious mind, the mind that experiences this reality at the exclusion of the others is the mind that creates the turmoil. The higher self stays very calm in the face of all of this and wonders when you’ll get the message the easy way. So we say to you, you have choices. If you wish to experience your love as the catalyst for your growth, that is an opportunity for you. If you wish to learn through your pain, because that’s what you’ve been able to do until now, you can continue that, but guess what? It’s not required. It’s not required to be in pain to learn your spiritual self’s worth. This can happen in other ways. Paul wonders why he suffers. Why others suffer. Why we encounter such pain. There are many reasons for this. Some of this is karmic, all of it is choice. At the bottom line, it is all chosen because everything is created.

Now, no one is telling you that you made it happen. That you were stupid. That you put a bottle in the ocean with a message of suffering and it washed up a million years later for you to open and experience. It’s not about that, as it is your choice in the daily moment, to experience yourself as the Christ who creates though love. As you do this, you manifest through this choice. As this choice is solved, it brings to it new choices. Paul’s saying “What about the question? Why do I suffer, why do we suffer?” and we will attempt to answer him.

The belief in pain, and the significance of pain as an experience of merit, as a responsibility, as a choice, has been held by him, by everyone here, for a millennium. The belief that you learn this way, that if you don’t have it you are shallow in your experience or discovered ignorant because you don’t feel, are creations of the mind. Now we will tell you this. There are people on this planet who do not feel pain and we would not trust them with anything, because these people have actually created a reality that does not support humanity and truth. We are simply saying truth as a vehicle includes pain, but it is not the vehicle for learning unless it is chosen to be. If you continue to kick a horse that is dead, in an attempt to get the horse to get up, you will break your foot. You can also walk away. You can also listen differently, and learn that you have a dead horse on your hands and that there’s no use kicking anything.

So, there’s much to say in this subject, however, the big deal has been stated, and we said to you five or six weeks for your creations of the mind to shift is essential to the next steps of your discernment as your Christed self. This is not a little issue. It’s a big issue. It’s choice. It’s allowance, and it’s freeing, to the extent that you liberate yourself to allow it to be free.

This will manifest in several ways. Some of you will begin to believe you that know everything, and suddenly you feel like you know everything and nobody can teach you anything, and then you’ll wake up very quickly to your thinking and what it brings you. Others of you will believe that you know nothing, that all you believed in is suddenly unfounded and you won’t know which way is up. And others of you will be undertaking this as a lesson, you you will say “What am I experiencing now? What is there for me to learn? What is my consciousness telling me? Am I in my defeat? Am I in my truth? Am I in my discernment and my consciousness, or am I simply limiting myself again by my belief in my own limitations?” This is crucial. We will simplify it for Paul who is questioning us behind the curtain. We will tell him this:

What we are speaking of is process that will be undertaken by each of you for five, six weeks depending on your willingness to shift into a new way of idealizing consciousness to be limitless, to be in a foundation of Christ and not the ego that says “No, I’m not worth it.” So each one of you must assume themselves to be in a learning process now and to understand that this will manifest for you differently, each of you, as the passage continues.

We began last week by telling you “This is it. You have made the choice. You are doing this work. It is not easy work. It is happening now and you are a vessel for the consciousness that is the Christ to be made manifested in." That was the promise last week, and the next five weeks to six weeks are a process of integration of consciousness to allow the foundation of this to be held. We cannot hold the foundation without your permission, so we are asking for your permission to hold this for you and to teach you and to christen you, as it were, into your “selves”, for lack of a better word.

Now when we say self, we do not mean that you will you lose yourself. You will gain yourself. You will become yourself as you truly are, and that which is fake, that which is brought forth in fear, that which is eliminated, will be wonderful and a huge relief. Now you ask yourself “What will I do once I am this person who believes himself to be the Christ?” We will tell you very simply. You will become a teacher of the Word. That is the choice you will make. You will become a teacher of the Word and you will write, and you will speak and you will heal and you will listen and you will touch and you will embody and you bless as is appropriate to your gifts in this lifetime. You will not be cleansed of the gifts you have been given because they are the gifts of the Christ embodied as himself. So if you are a teacher, you will teach. If you are a listener, you will listen, and if you are a healer, you will touch, but you will know what your job is because you will not be able to allow it to stand by the wayside anymore. It will be made manifest through you and of you in your life, because you choose it.

Nobody makes you do anything, by the way, in spirit. The moment somebody says to you in spirit “Get on the horse and ride,” you had better find another teacher. So we are not telling you that. We are saying that you are in choice with this. You have the honor to do it, you have the listening to do it, and you have the creations in your life that have stood in the way that are ready to be leaving. One at a time! And one at a time is good enough for now.

Earlier, we said if everything was love, you would fall over in fear because you would not know what it means to be without your selves in its embellishments. You would not understand it. But we say to you, you are releasing one at a time, we’re with you, we’re tired too, because it’s a lot of work, but we are understanding that you can understand that you are engaged in this process. This has been a long teaching tonight, and you are angry because you want the energy to start flowing. It’s here. It’s doing its work. You are present for it.

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