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Channeling 2/5/09

(The following is a transcript of the lecture portion of a group channeling held in NYC on February 5, 2009. The channeling was followed by individual readings and group and individual energy work. It is recommended you read the channelings in order.)

We have work to resume, and resume we will, because this is imperative that the choices that you make through this period collect themselves and respond to the requirements of your growth. Each time you choose from the place of self worth you impel yourself to cross a bridge into a new identity of responsibility for yourselves. Each time you decide to cross the bridge, you are in a place of unknowing and in a place of worry because you don’t believe what’s on the other side will sustain you. And with that crossing there is grief and there is worry and there is a release of the past self whose dominion was once established and is no longer in charge.

Paul needs quiet for this work. At this time, we are taking him out as far as he will go so that we can through you tonight and speak of the truth that must be understood for your commitment to exchange itself once more.

Now responsibility is a key, and responsibility means this: Once you understand what you want, you go about and you get it, and you take responsibility for the choice you have made and for the actions that you take to get there. And that has always been the case. You have always said, “I want what I want, I’ll get it, and then I’ll deal with the other things that come up in its wake.” And that has been habituated. But for each of you, now, you must see that the choices that you make must be compelled by the truth of who you are outside of the lower energies that you have been engaging with. We understand you each have prominence. You have decisions to make, you have things you must do and identities to keep, and as long as you are engaged in that place, you will not move forward as you would have otherwise. Paul has to step back again. There is noise. We have to move him out quietly so that he can hear us to the extent that we would like to be heard on this night.

Now, responsibility is the word that we’ve have used, and when you ask yourself what areas of your life you take responsibility for you have many, many things to say in its response. When you ask yourself what you want, what you need, you have many things that you can answer to, and you write them down, and suddenly you have a do-list that you can work with. Now these are the ways you’ve done these things in the past, and there is nothing wrong with then, however, the choices you have made in the past have been about intention to serve the self that is in its way out. Do you understand this? “My beautiful clothing.” “The house I wanted so badly.” “The promotion.” There is nothing wrong with anything of these things. They are fine in and of themselves. But once they are the requirements of your soul, they lose their meaning and the soul has lost its way. So we support you now in new choices, in walking across a bridge to a new land where the choices will be made differently.

Now we say choice because it’s an act of engagement. When you set an intention, you are making choices and you are following through energetically, and when you choose something from the Christed self, you can only have the promise of goodness attached to it. You ask yourselves, “Does this mean, I don’t get what I want?” Well we understand that question, but in reality, its not about not getting what you want it’s about getting what is. in this second, in this moment, in this moment, in this impression in time that you have “escaped” to for lack of a better word. Once you manifest in this second, your choices are made in this second. The house that you dream of may not be the house of your dreams given what is on the other side of the bridge you will cross. The man that you love may not be the man that you need when you cross the bridge to your new self worth. The belief that you have that you cannot get what you want without being hurt, or forced or feared is all passing through these times. The requirements now are of creation through the light and not through the base self that has been in prominence up until this time. Period.

The choices that you are making through this time are commitments to a new identity that is inclusive of who you truly are. The belief that you cannot have what you truly want is held in that fear of the old self.

Now ask them each to receive love in through the feet. Ask them each to receive and we will bless the individually as the work continues tonight.

The energy of this day has been frustrated for many of you. You’re each on the brink of change, and yet you are fearing it and that is really what you are responding to. Paul asked today what this was about and we said it is about love and the reception of love. The pain he experiences is the reception of love. Now for each of you to understand what this truly means must mean that you must go into your heart-self and allow yourself to experience love. Once you experience love, you can understand what we mean. For the allowance of love at the deeper level is the deep pain that is experienced when one realizes oneself is one step away from Christ. When one realizes the love of God and understands it but can only experience it in a portion that is allotted because the mind cannot comprehend the worthiness of the soul, we will tell you, the pain is great. When you understand that the love that is available through God, through the Universe, through the Christed self is so enormous that it can hold the world in one light you can comprehend the realization.

Now when you ask yourself, “Do I love?” what does it mean? When you ask this, “Do I love?” does this mean, “Am I a good friend? Am I a father to my child? Am I a husband? Am I a wife? Am I a citizen? Am I a boy or a girlfriend?” How you define love, experience it, becomes your truth, and the depth and truth of love, finally, will be realized by you to the extent that you allow it to be there. The fundamental truth is that love is a manifestation of the God self actively engaged in a light projection with another, with the field of another, with a group, with a race, with a love of all mankind. It doesn’t matter how you energize it. But once you understand fully that love is a vibration that works through you and with you, then you change your course about what you have perceived love to be.

Now the realization of love as a vibration is something that you understand intellectually. “It’s a feeling” “Its an activity” “It’s something I do with somebody I care about.” It’s all those names you give it when you are in love in a romantic sense. However the truth of love, which is the embodiment of love, which is what you truly are, is vastly different. And the compartmentalization of love, as you have claimed it up until now is fraught with disguises, because it presents itself as love when in fact it is claiming another’s will, or body, or fear of rejection or truth. All of these things that get confused with love actually are things that are trying to release at this time. And we will commence with this tonight.

Now each one of you has dictates. And by dictates we mean things that you ascribe to around the issue of love. “I love my husband more than anyone because he is the man I chose.” “I love my boyfriend more than when he is with me than when he is away.” “I love my mother.” “I love my work.” “I love my child.” “I love my bedroom.” “ I love my puppy.” I love my shoes.” These are the ways you use this word and the way you define it becomes your realization of love. The truth of love is much larger than you could understand with your conscious mind. The truth of love, in force, is the act of God incarnating as man. The fact of love in truth is the frequency of all God self realized within men. The action of love is to bequeath this love fully on others in wholeness without judgment and without desire.

Now you want to talk about desire and we will. There is nothing wrong with desire. Desire is a function. But there are different levels of it. And passion is one function of love but it is not love. It is an expression of love at times, but it is not always. And to require love of another is never love. To understand that immediately will free you from many entanglements, and this includes your child, or your dog, or your boyfriend or girlfriend. To love somebody fully is to announce yourself to them in the fullness of Christ and to be in their energy with no judgment at all, and no requirements for them to be any different than they are.

Now if you want to discuss desire again, we will for a moment. And what desire actually is, is a way to appoint frequency in a directed way to enjoy the companionship of someone else. Period. That’s it. It’s about companionship. When you desire someone in your companionship, that is perfectly safe, and it can take many different forms.

Now you ask about the true love that you want. What is a true love? A true love is the one you enjoin with to participate in the action of love. And to understand that love is an action, its an activation, it’s an activity, it’s a doing, then changes your understanding of everything you may have believed love to be. Love is not a fawning. Love is not docile. Love is what one does. When one is in true love, one is doing with the other.

Now knowing this, does true love mean you are sanctified to one person? That is not the case necessarily, however that is how it is habituated in its behavior. That’s how it is understood and expressed through many of you, and we say it’s fine. But is it the requirement? Can one be in true love with significant others at the same time? Of course. God loves everybody individually and collectively at the same time. To diminish your love for another because you are involved with someone else is actually a form of blasphemy, because you decide that love is not warranted.

Now if you talk about desire and love you get into a different ballgame. Because the desire of love expressed through the body makes things appointed differently. And when one is engaged, married or so-called “bonded,” one makes a choice to establish that relationship through cause as the primary one, and rules have been created to protect the relationship from outside encroachment. But to the extent that this encroachment requires someone to relinquish their own love for someone else, we suggest that there may be a faulty patterning here. We suggest that the bond that was created as a rule may not be the higher one. We suggest that the heart always knows where it belongs.

Now each of you wonders, “What is my love? What is the meaning of my love? Where does my love belong?” And we will tell you this. Love directs the action. The mind does not direct the action. The love itself directs the action. When you are in your love you bring to you love. When you love another truthfully, your respond to the other in truth. There can be no lying when love is present. It does not desire. Love is an expression, it is an action, it is a truth. Now the way you confuse it, is to confuse it with the self’s desires, appointments, requirements, decisions.

Now we say to you this: Imagine yourself tonight standing at the foot of a bridge. And at this foot of a bridge, behind you, stands all you have ever known, all you have ever believed, all you have ever trusted, all you have ever decided to be true. That is what is on the continent you stand at the edge of now. See yourself there, please. And see yourself at the foot of a bridge, and before you is an angel. And it is a beautiful angel. And if you look at it closely, the angel is yourself. The angel is yourself realized in its fullness. You are there before yourself in your beauty, in your healing, in your magnificence. And you will take your own hand now, and you will lead yourself across this bridge to the new continent. And you will laugh and you will sing and you will believe in yourself in this place because it is the place of truth and it is the place of wonder.

You will feel your energy shifting as you do this now, and you will ask yourself this: “Am I willing to now to cross this bridge and to be incarnated in its fullness as my true self?” Do you answer yes?

Then we ask you now to see your true self at the other end of the bridge. The self that is realized in its beauty, in its healing. The self that is realized as the Christ, the self that is working with you now to embody itself as you in its fullness. See this person. You are the angel before you. And open hour arms to the angel before you and ask yourself if you’re willing to merge with this light that is in truth your own being. Yes? Ask to merge now and embrace yourself as your christed self. Embrace yourself as your true self. Embrace yourself in love. Embrace yourself in truth. Embrace yourself in healing. Embrace yourself in light. And be aligned to your own self’s worth as a christed being. Align align align. Receive receive receive receive.

Now you are choosing to become yourself fully. And you are choosing to be aware that in this time the changes that you have made have been significant enough to require you to cross a bridge. Now if you ask the bridge to stay there, it will be there, and you can run back across it anytime you want to, to engage with yourself as you were. But if you wish to the desire for this new life to complete itself fully, you will now allow the bridge behind you to begin to dismantle itself so you will not return to what and who you were in a lower frequency before this moment in time.

Now we do not tell you that you are being stranded in a new way. We simply say to you, you are being released in a new way from the past. So we are inviting you to release the part of the self that wishes to return to its old stead and be as he or she was before this merging with your own angel self. Now we say angel self because it’s a terminology. What we are in fact saying to you is, this is who you are. This is your merging with your own frequency as yourself. You are the one here. You are the only one here with you. And we are supporting this fully in our work with you. Period.

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