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Channeling 2/19/09

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling held in NYC on February 19, 2009. It is recommended that you read the channelings in order.)

We have to talk about things. Because the intensity has been getting to Paul and actually each one of you is connected into his system as he transitions though this next phase of identity. So, in fact, go one go all, over the light bodies you are running towards.

Now we say to you each that this is a wonderful thing, and that the transformations that are being undertaken by you as a group are wonderful and remarkable and direct. And we say direct because we understand what it means to be direct in energy. Now when you have a focus on something, and you choose it, you see the direct line before you and you operate as one energy going there. That is how you take a trip. That is how you buy something in a store when you decide, in advance, what you need. And, in fact, what’s happening now is a direct line to your new creation as an identity, as a soul remarkably embodying himself as Word.

Now you each are saying this: “Okay, so what? I am doing it. I am trying so hard. Things don’t feel that different. Things feel terrible in fact. Why don’t I know what I’m doing? Why don’t I know who I am and what I am to make of this time?” If you can understand right now that the realization is a progressive one, it does not happen like a lightening bolt, you will begin to see that you are in progress every day, in progress, every day, a little bit more attuned to the frequency of Word.

Now you are asking yourself, Paul “What does it mean that I go first?" or "What does it mean that they pick up on my stuff? Does this mean that if they have a hard time it’s because I’m going through something?” Absolutely not. On a causal level, the changes are profound. The emotional self, the self that is in transit right now, is in restructuring mode. Things are releasing. Things are coming into play that were not able to come into play before because there was nothing to play it on. So as your frequency rises you shift your thinking and your identity changes because the old thoughts are not transforming, they are releasing, and the new thought that comes in has to make itself comfortable

Now we are not telling you that you are drawing things in from the outside as much as you are incarnating as what you are. You have been told this before. You are incarnating as what you are, as the vehicle of the divine, as the self-incarnate, as Christ. Now each of you has an understanding of what that means. And the magnificence of it, in our perspective, is a real one, is a substantial one, and is one that should not be taken lightly.

Each one of you present has a calling, as it were, and the calling is to be self-realized as soul’s intention for the self. And the soul’s intention for the self is to be the Christ. We have said this several times, we will continue to say it, because ultimately it happens through your own willingness and allowance of the dissemination of this information into the cells of the body. You work it into the consciousness you exist in, and into the fabric of your being. You are each wonderful in your way and we are seeing you already in your completion. We are seeing you already in your divine self and the fabrications, those things that have stood in the way of this realization are being dismantled by you, one at a time, as you move through this process. Each one of you is having to face the self as he is and that is without armor, without fear, without respect for those things for those things that have hindered you from seeing the self fully in the past.

You each have a promise to make now: that you will be kind to the self as you move through this process, as you transition into the Christed self that you that you are as you decide, once again, that you are worth the journey home. We are telling you this now because it not a simple one, as we must have you understand that the losses that you will see in your lives are actually visible. They are not little things. They are pieces of the self that have held themselves as strong and substantial, as who you are. And you can imagine them falling away. Paul is seeing in his mind’s eye a sea wall falling into the sea. And that is much what it is like when the identity that has been created begins to fall away to expose the truth that lies beneath it. What has been created falls away and what is exposed is the truth of being.

Now we say to you this. You do not need to be frightened of the progression. You do not need to stand away and worry that you are losing your jobs. You do not have to fear that. Paul did, but you don’t have to. You can move forward in your identities to the extent that you are willing to understand that they are creations and that that is what it is. And what is created by you will fall away if it no longer serves your higher good. That is a promise. It will happen gently. And it will come in a way that you are freed by and gently opened up to. Nobody is in catastrophe here. Nobody is worried about this and no one needs to.

Paul says “Do we all go on the breadline now? Is that’s what’s happening?” And we are telling him no no no no no. Absolutely not. Everybody’s safe. However, what is not safe is/are those things that were manifested out of a dark place, out of a space of fear, out of a space of neediness, out of a space of responsibility to your own fears. When you create something from that place, you create a problem. When you create something from your light, you don’t create a problem, you create more light.

So if you could understand that you have long held a fear of being with someone in a certain way, that kind of fear has created those relationships for you. If you understand that your belief in your own nervousness has kept you away from other people, then you will understand that the nervousness has created a form of solitude. If you understand that your bodies needs in excess have created situations that hamper your being and ability to be seen or to be intimate or to be alone with the self comfortably. Those creations will be addressed too. Nothing’s sacred in this regard.

If you understand that if you are frightened, you create something out of that fear and that fear-thing that has been created will now be dismantled and released, and that is the end of it. That means the habituated behavior that you know and count on cannot be counted on anymore. It will go quite fast at this at this time. This is about assembling the new self. And if you can imagine the self on the railway of the production line, the parts that no longer fit are falling off right and left, and the new parts are coming through beautifully. The new parts are not assembled, they were already there, they just didn’t have room before because the old self was pushing them away. Are we making sense to you tonight? This is about response to your choice to become yourself incarnating as your Christed self.

Now we ask you this. What happens when you fear this? What happens when you say, “Oh my God, I didn’t bargain for this one. I like my pain enough. It’s comfortable to me. I like my solitude. I didn’t create it out fear. I like my body’s needs. They give me a good time.” We are not discounting those things. But we are telling you this. If you want them back, you can have them back. But to the extent that you take them back is the extent that you hold the self back from your own growth, period. You can choose it, you can keep it, it’s your own thing.

Imagine that in your closet you have a shoebox where you keep your old papers from that terrible divorce. Now we are saying to you, throw the box out. Who needs it? But you’re going to feel much more comfortable knowing that it’s there. Because it it’s not there you have an empty space in your closet and who are you without that old pain and that old fear and that old troubling box keeps you safe. Do you understand this? This is how you operate. Everyone does. It’s habitual. Get ready for the new habit. What’s the new habit? We will tell you.

The new habit is light. To be in light where you have not been in light is the choice you are making. To be in truth where you have been in deception is the key. And the understanding of this time as remarkable will show you through this time more comfortably than you would otherwise. If you say to yourself, “Oh boy here we go again. We’re going through some changes. I’m on for the ride.” You’re gong to have a much better time of it than if you say “Get me off the ride” and the ride is already in motion. The ride is on. You’re on it. Guess what? Everybody’s on it. You’re just being told what it is. Do you understand this?

Now your arrival at the end of the ride. That is what you want to know about. When do I get off the ride? How do I feel at the end of the ride? Was it a good ride, or did I just loose all the money out of my pockets when we went up the steep hill on the roller coaster? Did I keep my wig on? Do I still have a husband or did he fall off the side of the car?

These are valid questions. Guess what? Where you get off at the end of the ride is as yourself. Is as yourself, as who you are, without embellishment. Without the fake self standing in the way of the true light that you are. That’s the best example we can give you. You want to know how your life will be changed and we will express to you this. The life will changed by your chosen response to that which is around you. You will choose differently. You will be different so you cannot choose in the same ways. The woman you are may choose a different clothing to adorn herself than she might have in the past, because the old self had a predilection for one thing that was actually based on an idea she had when she saw someone pretty in magazine on a day when she did not feel pretty at all. The man you are may choose a different partner than you would have chosen because your desires have been transformed by your opportunity to release that which was created by you out of fear or out of childhood trauma.

Everybody has trauma. Everybody does. Nobody gets through this time without it. But things that are created in trauma usually become barnacles on the soul. They cast off at this time as the light frequency manifests itself more fully and builds in vibration. Then the barnacles cannot hold. They fall away. But they try to hang on because you are their survivor. These are things that you have created out of trauma that you identify as the self. Paul has many of them. Stavros has several. Debbra has some. Everybody has some. Nobody’s exempt. So you all have some barnacles. So let's get rid of them. How’s that for fun? How about that? We will get rid of some barnacles.

Now the choice to do this really has to do with understanding that those things that are there that you assume to be true might not be true. “I only like this type of a woman” “I only date his type of a man” “I have a hunger for a certain food always” “I only want it this way” “I like it that way.” All of these things right now you can assume will be questioned by you as you move forward. And when this happens you go for a moment or two, “Oh boy, wait a moment, I don’t like this” “I never liked Thai food” “I never liked women that were bigger than me” “I never liked ugly people.” All of those things you thought were the case suddenly go into question, and you fight.

Now nobody right now is going to tell you that this means that you will choose differently than you would have normally, with the exception for those things that were created out of a negative place, out of a place of fear, or judgment, or fixed self. You each know people that are so ritualized that they get lost if they don’t have the same meal on the same night each night of the week. That is the person that is going to find himself ordering food from new places because the old food is not there anymore. Bad example, but a good enough example for you to understand that everybody must encounter this. Now we are not telling you you can’t hold onto the old. Each one of you in going to in the way that you want to. But the old will not feel right. The old will feel uncomfortable, and you will feel diminished by the old. “Oh my god, here I go again. I don’t want to feel this way.” And you will feel diminished in your energy. Do you understand this?

Now when you raise your energy that feeling goes away, but in the higher frequency, you will choose differently. Do you understand this? You have to keep open to the possibility that this is going to happen. And there will be no problems with it, except the fear that you are not who you thought you were for a little bit, and that’s about the end of it.

So Paul wants to know what’s next. He’s been through it. You’ve been through it. Everybody’s gonna go through it. It doesn’t have to be hard, we’ve told you this before, but it’s not going to be easy, necessarily, either. Now we say to you, the next two-three weeks are about refocusing the identity. The last two-three weeks have been about feeling it fall away. About feeling the self in uncertainly. “What am I? Where am I? What do I care about? What did that mean? What is now important to me when I don’t have that anymore, or this thing, or that relationship, or the purpose, that I used to define myself by?” These are the things that we discussed. Now we will tell you this.

The next two weeks will be about understanding what you need to do when you get to the other side. It’s more about an understanding of what goes on halfway through a journey. You are not there yet. You have not arrived yet. Yet at the same time you are understanding that the journey is progress, and you are moving towards something.

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