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Channeling 11/12/2009 "Creations and How to Know"

The following is the transcript of a lecture portion of a group channeling held in New York City on November 12, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We are ready to talk to Paul now. And we’re going to address Paul first and then we are going to teach you something. But Paul needs talking to, and he only listens to us clearly when you are present in the room. You act as an inhibitor, believe it or not, to his system. The energy frequency rises in the collective energy of the group and, consequently, we can talk a little more loudly, and his system appreciates it.

So, we will talk to him for a moment about where he lives. And this is the space you live in today. This is the home to choose today. And to move out mentally before you’re prepared actually signifies fear. It is as if somebody came knocking at the door and said “go elsewhere,” when, in fact, that has not happened. If you choose to move elsewhere, you can do it, and if you choose to stay, you will stay and there is nothing else to say. However, where you live is where you inhabit space and as you inhabit space, you create frequency. And where we work with you becomes important in that regard because we have specific needs about the kind of frequency we wish to work in.

Now, everyone here is acclimated already to frequency, and you have to understand now that part of this adjustment that you have gone through as a group has been to shift your knowing to a place of connectedness with each other in this group. You ask why we gave you exercises together. Well, part of it was to connect you telepathically so the work that we do as a group could continue quickly. And it is our intention to continue quickly, and we will do so as long as we are allowed.

Now, space is not the issue here as much as creating an environment with your own frequency that will support the work that you do. And this goes for Paul and for everyone here. When you live in a space, the space reflects your needs because you have created the space. And if there are problems in the space, you have created those problems. You cannot dismantle problems by fearing them. You can only dismantle problems by un-creating them. And every problem that you have ever had has, in many ways, been created through fear. Think about it for a moment.

Now, we don’t say that he feared something and it became a problem. There are larger systems at play that do this with you. And those thoughts that you keep shepherding along about prosperity, or safety, or damnation or what ever you want to call it become the systems that you end up creating through. And as you do this each week, you build a mantle. And that mantle you carry. And that becomes your environment and your experience reflects it. So, we are saying to each one of you tonight “Get ready to move upwards.” Upwards please. Not move out. Move upwards. What a difference that sounds like. Yes? “I am moving out of my problems.” Well, that’s okay but “I am moving upward to a level where the problems no longer can reach me is a much more decided way of elevating frequency and aligning frequency in new regards.”

Now, we are proud of each one of you here. We believe that you have invested yourselves in our teachings enough that we can continue to teach you newly. And we will start taking questions from you in this group as they pertain to the work that we do. But we will not do that yet. We have to teach you something tonight. And what will teach you is about knowing and your jobs as knowers.

Now, when you know something for real, you choose it because there is nothing else to do. “I know it in my heart, and you have that resonance and that resonance decides for you. And you are decided with in that choosing. When you are in your knowing, you create beautifully because there is nothing else but the knowing that you come from. And as you operate from that place, you contribute to the knowing of all. Each great choice that has ever been made has been made from a place of knowing. Each bad choice, and we use the word “bad” in a qualified way because there is no “bad,” but each choice that has been created in fear has created more fear. And if you think back on your own lives, you will see how this is so. So, in your knowing we tell you this:

“Tonight I am commanding myself to know and I am deciding that I know. And I can know. And I can create from my knowing in a way that is purposeful and directed and clear. And as I claim this for myself, I am choosing to know that this is already so, that there can be no arguments inside. As this has continued to be my knowing through this regard. I am choosing my knowing. Word I am Word through this intention.”

Now, that solves the problem right now we would say, but we will also tell you this: How you know must become real for you. Everything that we have taught you, and we are speaking to Paul here as well, who is a student of this class as you are, must be demonstrated. Everything we have taught you must be believed and then demonstrated so, in that you can own it as your own truth. Other than that, you’re reading fortune cookies and you are playing games and that we do not have the time for that now.

There are people that are not ready for this work but most are. And when people come to you for help, which we say they will, they will come with questions and it you must be in your answering mode and that you cannot do that unless you know. Are we clear with you now? Do you understand what we are speaking of? Your choice tonight is to relegate your fear of knowing, which of course creates more fear, to the roadside for good.

“I am no longer frightened of knowing what I need to know. I am no longer fearful of claiming the responsibility to be the one who knows his own truth, her own truth. I am willing now to be in my knowing in absolute creation. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now, the problem that we face with each of you is your fear of yourselves. To the extent that you fear yourself still, you are frightened of knowing yourself. You don’t want to know what you fear. You don’t want to know that part of yourself that feels ugly or fearful or dirty, if you wish. You choose not to go there. Now, we will tell you this: All of you is in love and that is a fact. Each part of you is in love the moment you say it can be.

“All those beliefs I’ve held about myself, in my unworthiness, in the fear of myself must be regarded as last week’s business.”

We can no longer carry you forward if you choose to carry the receptacles of past beliefs with you. Can you imagine trying to climb a flight of stairs with all these garbage bags behind you saying, “Wait! Wait! Wait! We have to come too!” Why do you want to carry this with you? Why do you choose it again and again?

Now, tonight we are teaching you something and the knowing that we teach you must be your own response to what we teach you. You are taught through us, but your ownership of the teaching is your own responsibility. We cannot walk with you and do the decrees with you and remind you to raise your frequency when you want to yell at someone, or hurt yourself in some way. We are not able to obstruct your free will. We have to teach you in the way that we can. As we try, we correct things as they come up.

And the group responsibility is to be in the instruction with the exercises that you have been taught on your own time. There is no other way to do this. To remain passive at this stage of development requires you to go back to sleep. And you’ve had so much information given to you that it’s nearly impossible to do that. So, we will tell you this. The teaching tonight is about your creations and how to know. This is what we will teach you now:

“Tonight I know one thing newly. Tonight I know what I know in a full way and an embodied way. Tonight I gift myself with a resonance of knowing in a way that I can experience and adjust to and claim fully.”

When is the last thing that you knew what you knew? When is the last time you said, “Yes I am in my knowing” because it felt so? Can you ask yourself this question? Yes? When is the last time? We will do this with you again. Go into that place in knowing and remember what it felt like. “This is the right home for me.” “This is the right decision to make.” “This is the person I care about.” “This person is going to harm me” It can be anything. What did you know? Go into it. Receive it as you remember it. Now, let this be a touchstone for you.

But tonight we want to take it another step. We will ask you each to receive a symbol, a way of knowing that is truthful to you. It can be a sound, it can be a symbol that you see in your mind. It can be a feeling on the body. But it must be something that you will create with us that you will resonate through so that you can work with it.

The doorbell in the room that you walk into signifies a door opening. That is a good symbol for requesting entrance. A doorknob that changes form when you twist it implies something very different. A doorknob that changes and does not open is a block. So, if you choose a symbol that works for you in knowing, you will have one to think about and to resonate with. Now, we will give you an example of a symbol for knowing and it would be this “Yes”. A resounding “yes” that you can feel in the body, or on your tongue pressing against your teeth. Anyway that you feel “yes” would be beneficial to you. But you can choose your own “yes.” What is the symbol for me that will release me from my doubt and prove to me that I am in my knowing. Would you each ask for this now? Yes.
“Thank you” for what you receive. “Thank you” for what you receive. “Yes” when you see it or you feel it or you know it. It’ll be a symbol that will speak to you and it will give you the information that you require. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

We are giving them to each of you. And see what you see and feel what you feel. Now we ask you each to reclaim this, to say yes to it, to go into agreement with the symbol, that you will work with it to go into gratitude for its existence because it will be your doorway, or it will be your way of affirming your intention to claim your knowing in a way that you can trust.

We will give you an example: When you take a test and you get grade on it, that test has been conferred and the grade has answered the question, “how did you do?” When you ask for a symbol in response to your question “Am I in my knowing?” And you receive the symbol that you requested and that comes to you in a true way, you have something to work with then, yes? It’s a barometer for you to operate from.

Now, your choice to do this tonight is a perfect one. We want you to understand tonight that you can claim your truth any day you like. You don’t have to wait for Paul to teach you. You don’t have to wait for yourselves to grow up some more, or to be better than you are. You already have the power to know. It is inside you and that you are worked with. When you deny yourselves as Word and pretend that you are powerless or unable to decide or to choose or to change, you create a system that disempowers what you have built and we are working with you weekly to rebuild and re-create your powerful self.

Now, to choose tonight to be in your knowing will re-create for you the choices of the last week. And we will explain what we mean: Each time you have made a choice in last week, you have done it through ignorance or through fear or through knowing. And to re-create your choices simply means if you wish to go back and ask yourself “Was this the right choice for me at this time?” you will now have the answer and you can work with in frequency. It’s not that anybody did anything wrong. Far from it. But you have to learn what you can do informationally with the systems we teach you in.

We are very proud of our students. We come here for a reason. There is a book being written. In this book, lies the teachings of this class and you are the participants of its creation. So, as we benefit you, we intend to benefit others as well. But we also intend that you be beneficiaries of this learning in ways that are truthful to you. And by this we say:

“Am I in my knowing that the work I do here is a benefit to me? Am I in my knowing that I am progressing in my knowing and my ability to learn who I am as Word? Am I in my knowing of my worth as a divine being? And where am I not? Where am I frightened? Where am I waiting? Where am I asking for permission from someone else teach me what to do?”

So, tonight we give you this. Here is an affirmation for you:

“Tonight I call to me all the wisdom I require. Tonight I call to me all the learning that I need. Tonight I call to me the love of those around me who will support me in my journey forward and upwards. I am in my knowing of my requirements for growth. I am in my love and I am dedicating this love to all that I encounter. I am benefiting myself through my work here and I am benefiting others as well. I am Word through the intention. Word I am Word.”

Thank you each.

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