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Channeling 10/29/2009 "Healing Separation"

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling that was held in New York City on October 29, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We’re ready to go. If you wish to put a prayer of protection up, please do so at this time. Paul requires it for himself right now, and we have recommended to each of you for some that you take responsibility for your field in this regard. Part of the reason for this is that you are transitioning, and as you transition upward, you are actually changing your field. So you might as well get comfortable in it before you start realigning it in an open way. It’s not a different than spending an afternoon in your new home before you invite everybody over. We want to get you acclimated to your energies as you rise in light.

Now the choices that are coming to you each in the coming weeks are going to be very significant and we want you to understand that always you are in choice about your energy and what our energy does and how you operate within it. You are the one in charge here. You have always been. However, there’s a difference now: You have actually magnified your frequency, you are operating at a higher level, and consequently what you draw to you will be of higher significance. You don’t attract the trivial when you’re not aligned to the trivial, you don’t attract the low when you’re not aligned to the low. However, those things that you have created through past consciousness are still present and they must be addressed in order to be released. You cannot carry the baggage from the past into this new arena without stopping yourself from amplifying your frequency.

In the past we have discussed decisions as higher and lower. “Is this a high frequency choice that I am making? What does it feel like in my field?” But we are actually going to change that now. And we’re not talking higher and lower. We’re talking about other things. And what we want to say is that your enjoinment with your own Creative Self, your own Christed Self, Higher Self, however you wish to discuss it, is what is making the choices with you now. So it is really a question now of “Is this choice in congruence with my own Divine Self in it’s requirements for my growth? Or is this choice a product of past behavior that is comfortable to me, that I know and that I respond to because it’s the only thing I know, and it feels like too much work to move beyond it?”

Now this is all very practical, but there is a reason for it. As you are journeying forward, your creations are changing, and those things that are created in this new field of consciousness will be regarding you in your alignment, and you will be in jurisdiction of them. We will explain jurisdiction: It is what it means when you have created something that you are responsible for. And that can be a thing, or a person, or a situation in your life. When you have created something out of lack, or out of disapproval, or out of aggression or out of fear those things create form, and you are then responsible for that jurisdiction of your creation. It’s really that simple.

In the higher frequencies, what you are creating is new and the form it takes will be the perfect form for the requirements of our growth. If you were to create a relationship now from this new place of self-identifying as Word what you would create would be vastly different from what you have created in the past out of your ego self responding in fear, or based in personality culture that you felt that you had to adhere to. “He’s supposed to look like this,” “She must behave like that,”

All of those paradigms, finally, have very little to do with you. If you think about it, you’ve accepted them, you’ve chosen them because they were there, and it seemed like the right thing to do. 90% of your behavior, if you really want to know, is unconscious and is based out of culturally accepted norms. That is why we invited you to take a behavior that you’ve been unconscious of and change it, so that you can begin to come aware, in our own life, of how you have limited your own lives through choices that are based in other’s requirements of you, cultural norms and personality structures.

As you have moved beyond this, believed it or not, you must now call to you these things anew. “My child’s supposed to go to a private school.” “I am supposed to make so much money.” "I am supposed to look this way, or date that, or do this.” These are the questions now that you must begin to look at because, frankly, they have very little to do with you now. Very little. It’s not that any of these things are bad, but they were created unconsciously or they were created out of belief systems that were completely inherited by you through your parents, and through your culture, and though the environment you have existed in.

So guess what, everybody? These things are now up for examination. And as you approve of this as a process, you will learn very quickly. As you disapprove of the process you will halt your progress because you will stay where you are and stuck in a behavior that you are in great unawareness of outside of your need for it.

Now we will talk a little bit about behaviors that don’t serve you anymore and why they were created. In this culture, frankly, you have been controlled by a lot of the media and by the government and by other people to accept certain things as the perfect things when, in fact, they might not be healthful for you. And we’re not just talking about food, we’re talking about how you exist and how you expect your lives to unfold how you age, how you reproduce, how you care of your bodies medically. So much of this, in the fact, we present has been adherence to misinformation and much of this misinformation in based in an acceptance of someone else’s opinion of what must be truthful for you.

As you have regarded them as truthful, you have created paradigms around them. “This is how many years my child should study.” “This is how I should feed my infant.” “This is what the doctors say.” All of these things are accepted and now approved of. And as you're advancing, you are actually bypassing some of the rigidity that has been pre-prescribed for you by the media, by the government, by the cultural adherence to these norms.

We are not talking about a legacy of control. We are not talking about paranoia and theories, we are staring a simple fact: People have known for you since you were born and “I am in my knowing’ which is a decree we have worked with you on, is the statement that allows you to create your own knowing, but so much of your own knowing is still in compliance of these theories or these statements of truth that you have been in adherence to that you don’t even suspect that they may not be accurate. You do understand this, yes? The medical model is one model; the energetic model is another model. And there are others and others and others as you move forward.

You can only create though knowing when you allow yourself to begin to decide what is your truth. When you believe another’s truth before your own knowing comes in, you circumvent your own knowing and go into an agreement with a paradigm that may not be in congruence with who you are now.

Who are you now? Paul wants to know, “Who is he? Who are you all? What have you been doing here?” We’re gong to tell you a bit about it right now if you will listen carefully.

You have moved upwards in your frequency. Each one present has, and each one has an ability now to attune others to higher frequency through the resonance that you bring. Each one of you present has made an agreement with your own self at a higher frequency to divine yourselves as who you as Christ consciousness. Paul would like to say “consciousness” so we added it, but we will say, actually, Christ, that is the term for one who is agreement with the Creative Source in embedment. The religiosity around this word is confusing to some but, frankly, what it means is the divinity that is indwelling in each man as realized in fullness. And this is charged, this is charged to each of you, it is in fact charged to every man as every man comes in to his knowing of himself as a child of the Creator.

This is the inhibition of the self to become realized: When a self decides he is not this thing, he lowers in frequency and he goes into an agreement that he must be outside of the pale of the Creator. And this creates an illusion of separation more than anything else. But the separation will, in fact, create a system around to prove that it is so. It is very easy to prove to yourself that there cannot be a God because so many people will agree. And it is very easy to decide that a religion must me false because its tenets do not feel true to you or appeal to your intellectual selves. It is very easy to decide these things. So why is hard, we will say, to decide that you can be the Christ in manifestation?

Now this is not a Christ complex, this is not about being a messiah and wandering around in your specialness. If you believe that for a moment, you are on the wrong path. To be the messiah is to be a piece of Christ, and every many and woman is this thing, and the moment you forget that, you have forgotten everything.

So please understand everyone, we appreciate you in your dedication, in your uniqueness, but we are not advocating for you to be come special. That would be a great appeal to the ego selves who still require the self to stand in separation from his brother. Now, how you come into illusion about this kind of thing is through accepting it as your own purview and not everyone else’s. It’s to accept yourself as the love of God embodied and assume that someone else cannot be. When you decide that for another man, you have created a system again of separation, and that illusion will stand until it is released.

Now Paul is asking us, “How do we withdraw from a sense of separation once it has been created?” and this is an important question and we will attempt to answer it now.

Once you have deiced you are separate, you have created separation, and you must then decide that that is a false belief. If you lift in your consciousness to a place where separation is impossible, it will be done for you because separation cannot exist at that frequency. But if you decide tonight that you are one with your Creator and that your experience will begin to reflect this, your experience will. But do know this: When you state this, you will then have to contend with those aspects of the self that experience themselves as separate. Now this can be your body, an aspect of your sexuality, a belief system, a rage you hold, but all of those things because present for you because they are standing in the way of your ascension. And you do not lose these things as much as you integrate and realign and accept and love. You cannot dismantle a structure of the self by taking an axe to it. That is not a healing. However what you can do is recreate it and responsibly attend to the new information that would allow you to shift.

So this is one way to understand. However, tonight we would like to work with you experientially on this of separation and the removal of the barriers that have kept you inhibited from this knowing.

I am now setting this intention:

“I am now choosing to release the sense of separation between me and my Creator. I am now choosing to release any and all beliefs of separation that I have inherited culturally, through the media, though politics and through any lifetimes on this plane that may have caused me to doubt my sense of unity with my God. I am now choosing to accept myself as worthy of this unity because I cannot be other than I am. I am a child of God and I am in my manifestation as the Christ. I am worthy of this, it is my choice, it is my birthright, and I am supported in this by my fellows here, and by those Guides in attendance and by the Great Spirit who holds all in his knowing. Word I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now we have chosen this for you too, and we are small tonight, really, so we can get down and dirty with some work that has to be attended to. We want you each to address this individually: What is the one thing in your life that you feel above all is your greatest restriction to your spiritual self-awareness of yourself as worthy or at one with our creator? Can you identify this please? Don’t go looking hard, you will know quickly as your align to this question, “What is stopping me most?” Please say this word as one word, if you would. Each one knows this.

“I am now choosing to realign my energy field to be in congruence with a new pattern that will release me in perfect ways form this misalignment to truth. I am now choosing to let go of that which has inhibited me in this regard. Word I am word thought this intention. Word I am Word”

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