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Channeling 1/14/2010 "Radical Change"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in NYC on January 14, 2010. It was followed by group energy work and instruction.)

We have to talk, because the times are changing again and the radical changes are upon you. And when we say “radical change,” we mean everything is about to change, and for the good. And you must remind yourself of this, and “for the good” is the key. As times change the requirements change, and each one of you here who has been called to service and has been called to activate others must come into form. And by “form” we mean, you must stand in your knowing and you must sing the song of Word. “I Am that I Am. I have come as Word and I am learning who I am as I go forward in this journey.”

Now each one of you present has created something in your system and you might as well see yourselves as an emissary, as an activated soul who has come here for the benefit of others. If you decide tonight, at this time, that you are ready to work, the work will be presented to you. If you decide tonight that you are not ready to work, that you do not want this work, you will not be given the work and you will wait your turn again, as it were, until the next offering is made.

Now what does it mean to decide this? It means that you give yourself thoroughly and appropriately to the higher cause. And “higher cause,” we will say, is a creation of the light. As you are in the light, as you are working with the light, you triumph as light. If you decide you don’t want it, you go back to your life and you think about it until the next wave comes. But we will say this to you. The time is here and it is present for each of you to know this. What you came for has come. What you came for is present. What you came for knows itself as Word.

So tonight we want to feed you, as it were. We want to gift you with the nourishment you will require to go on this next leg of the journey. And this is a big one. When you stand in your power and you train yourselves to claim you are Word, you sign the song in frequency. And the frequency calls others to you who would benefit from the song you sing.

Now we are not being decisive in how we want to give you the assignments for a very good reason. You are the one that calls to you those you will work with. Who Paul has been called to work with will be remarkably different than Sue Ann, or Fred, or John; who may be woken by Jeffrey, or Dean, or Jan or somebody else that is in tune with the record that is playing triumphantly of the Song of Word.

Now as you stand there on this designed journey you make a decision to stand firm regardless of what is shown to you that you can’t come into form fully and stand in your power regardless of what is presented to you.

Now Paul is wanting an example and we will give you one. If you are standing in your power and you are in resonance, “Word I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word” and somebody comes up and sticks their tongue out at you and says, “Well, yeah, then how come you’re this? Or you do that? And you can’t be this because I am not that, so it cannot be possible.” Well, your responsibility, then, is to resonate as Word and claim your power in this situation and align to it for the benefit of both of you.

It is not always about you, you know. When somebody contests you, it’s not about your lesson, necessarily; it’s about their growth.

Now when you are presented with a picture of what you can become and you did not believe you could become this, you have one of two responses. One is excitement and one is fear. And when one is in fear, one has a tendency to negate the accomplishment, or the growth, or the response of the one who stands before him. Now when you are in this position, you want to negate what you see. When you are in your fear you do not see the wonder that is before you. When you are in your worth and you see the possibility of more growth you go, “Yes, yes, yes. I see what I see. And I am wiling to go there. And I am happy to be there. And I will be shown the way.” So each one tonight, we speak of you as journeying. We speak of you as doing this work. And we tell you this:

You are given the opportunity each day to be in service. You are given the opportunity each day to sing this song. The extent that you do is the extent that you raise your frequency into fullness. And as you go forward, you are bringing to you what you need without question.

Now each tonight will design a pattern for himself or herself. You will each design a system to work with that will gift you what you need as you walk forward when you need support, when you need information, when you need responses from your own self to know what to do. It’s as if we are going to give you a little hip-sack that you can pull out a card and say, “Yes, now I know what is responsible in this situation. Now I know what I must do.” So tonight we want to give you assignments. But as much as we want to give you assignments, we want you to feel confident about the journey that is before you. When you have answered, “I am willing.” you have called to you willingness. When you say, “Yes, I am in my power, I am in my knowing, I am doing with this with the intention to serve others,” you call to you those you would serve. And if you understand this, what comes to you is what is required for those who need you.

Now if you believe today that you are done with this work, that you cannot do anymore, that is fine. We will not penalize you for this. There is no wrong way to do this. But if you decide “Yes,” you will call to you tonight the support that you need to go forward in this work. Tonight is the night of relegation of love, and we are going to designate you each as loved and in love so that the power of love will carry you on this walk. As you walk out of here tonight you will be designing yourselves tonight in one way: “I am the one in love, and all I see before me I see in the province of love. And therefore all is love.”

Now this sounds like a huge thing, and in fact it is. However it is less obvious than you think it is. The strata of love, we would say, is already inexistence. You are not conjuring something that does not exist. You are simply activating yourself to a state where you can be in alignment with what is already present. Do you understand this?

If you can imagine that there is a note on a piano that is always playing but you do not hear it because the pitch is too high, what you will be doing now is aligning with that pitch, and consequently that pitch will be in resonance with everyone and everything that you encounter. This does not happen without your permission, this does not happen without your work. If you are having a dreadful day, how do you anticipate walking around in love? Well, we will tell you how. Get out of your own way. Allow the love to be what it is.

“I am Word through my ability to redesign myself as I wish. I am Word through my ability to remember what I am. I am Word though my responsibility as a Divine Being to sing the praise of All that Is regardless of what my lower mind would dictate.”

Now if you understand tonight that this is a journey and a journey implies change and changes of scenery, you will understand tonight that you are moving out of your comfort zone into a realignment at a higher level. This will be experienced by you, this will be understood by you, and this will be having its own way regardless of what you decide.

Now we told you earlier that there was a choice to be made. And this is made on two different levels: on a heart level, and on a level of mind in consciousness. And if you wish, at this time, we will stand here with you and state this intention for you.

“I am now choosing to commit myself to serve as I am. I am now willing to realign my energy frequency to a higher level so that I may be sung as Word. I am now listening to myself and in my heart I open yourself to the wonder of all that is in all men, in all beings and I say, ‘Yes, yes, yes, I am in service to good. Yes, I am in service to what is required of me, and I am wiling to allow the changes to come that are required that are for my highest good.’ I am Word through this intention, Word I am Word.”

Now tonight is the big night. Tonight is the night of change, and tonight is the night of worship, and we say worship in one way. When you are in worship you are in praise. When you are in praise, you are recollecting yourself as an aspect of the Creator and you are not serving your ego self. When you are listening to yourself with this aspect of the self in alignment, the information that comes to you is heralded and responded to you by your system in a way that you can experience and understand. So you must each get ready to be talked to, as it were.

What it means to be talked to is this. Are you willing tonight to listen? Are you willing tonight to be in service and to receive the instruction that your require in your hip-sack, as it were? Are you willing to be told, in way that suits you, what is required in any situation that you are called to serve in? It can be as simple as “John needs a hand on his back” and as complicated as “I have to get to Phoenix tomorrow because there are people expecting me who I am to serve.” You will understand as it comes, as you to learn to honor what comes, and as you are able to discern what is in your voice and in ours.

The aspects of the self that are in communication with you are Higher Selves and you must not be frightened of that. As you learn to listen to yourself on this level, you clarify what it means to know yourself and this is a good thing. If there is fear invoked in anything you hear, you can count on the fact that this is not your Higher Self or us responding to you because we do not deal in fear.

Each of you is going to recall the time when you learned who you were. And each one of you will learn again who you are now in truth. This is the promise of the time. The team is ready to play on the field, as it were, and you are now ready to be in the game. The preparation has been going on for some time and it will continue. But the difference will be you are going to be working, you are going to be out there, and you are going to be conscious of it, as it were.

(Note: We are still trying to locate the recording from 12/30/10 and will post that when we can.)

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