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Channeling 1/21/2010 "The Path"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on January 21, 2010.  It was followed by group and individual energy work.) 

We’re ready to talk.  And time’s coming to change things.  Each one of you must remember always that you have come for a reason.  And you have come here to remember who you are.  The moment you forget it you step out of the Word and back into a level of reality that causes you pain. 

Now we are not saying that pain isn’t a useful thing.  Of course, it can be.  But when you are vibrating in tandem with the frequency we call Word you are bypassing many troubles, and that is because the troubles that you think of are not thought of at that level of frequency.  It’s really very simple.  You are bypassing issues by lifting your frequency above that pain.  That pain cannot exist in that level of knowing.

Now we are not telling you that there is not pain in this world.  We are not lying to you.  However, we are telling you that many things that you invest in that create pain for you in their ways are created by the self that is frightened of the self, and that is the self that finds things to be scared of.  If you are not frightened of something you do not call it to you in fear.  If you are not worried about something you do not invest in it as a potential reality and, consequently, your frequency is higher because you are not vibrating in the low energies; you are lifted above them in intention.

Now tonight we want to lift you above where you have been collectively as a group, and we want to refine the frequency of the group, as it were, in such a way that you can know how to do this any moment of the day, that you can remember where you are and know already, “I am Word,” and shift it up again.  When you are in that frequency, you realign your consciousness.  When you are not in that frequency you are operating from a lower sense of self and, consequently, that is what you bring to you again and again and again.

Now we are wanting to think thoughts of you that will support you as you move forward.  We are wanting to bring to you ideas that will lift you and anchor you in a higher frequency. We are wanting to share with you information that will bring to you a new way of operating in your own reality.  And as we say this with you, we offer you this truth: Tonight is the night when you can begin to invest in yourself operationally as an aspect of Christ.  And what we mean by this is you are the manifestation of the Christ embodied.  You are the one who has come in the name of God. You are the one who is here to learn to become and to receive the gifts of the Father, of the Universe, if you wish, to bring forth His glory to the world.

Now none of you here has come for this out of fear and we are grateful for that. There is no one in this room who is saying “I am such a bad soul, I must be redeemed and I have to become Christ so I feel like I’m a worthy person.”  That is not the way to operate at all. In fact, when you do that, you are embarking on a passage in fear and you will have to realign it as you come forward into a higher frequency.  However, each one of you has made a decision already to, yes, say, “I am Word,” and know what that means.  And to say, “I am Word” and know what that means really means that you are the Christ, and we cannot say otherwise. 

Now to be the Christ in this time does not mean that you are walking around in a robe and that you are laying your hands on everybody and that you’re going to get crucified on a cross.  You are an aspect of the Christ, as is every man, as is every woman.  And as you remember them in their divinity you are recalled in your own.  As you remember yourself in your awareness of Christ you are remembered by us, and the lifting happens in tandem with the intention “I am Word.”

Now tonight we want to call you to service in the most practical way possible, which is to send you off with a list of things that you must do in attendance of others. And we say “to others” with one caution: The work that you will do with others must be shared consciously. We are not telling you this week to run around to strangers, but to find a friend and to sit with her and share the frequency in a conscious way so that you may begin to have your own experience of the feedback you require with others who are not here.

We started you off in teams of two listening to one another and sending frequency, and that was a good start but it was very much “in house’, if you wish.  And we want you to stand on your own now in a way that you can claim “I am Word through this one I see before me.”  “I am Word through her bad back.” “I am Word through his fear of himself.” “I am Word through her knowing,” or whatever is required, and understand what you are doing through the reflection that you receive by your partner.

So we say to you this.  As you work this week you will be taking notes on a piece of paper and you will recall them at the end of the day and you will meditate with them.  This is an assignment.  You will listen to yourselves.  You will ask yourself where you were in frequency, where you fell out of frequency, where you diminished your own knowing because you were frightened of what you saw or what you could feel. You will begin to ask yourself each day what it means to be in Word so you can have a conscious experience of it.

As you stand here in this room tonight and people send you frequency, you believe in the frequency because as apparent to your physical senses, and you have a shared, common experience of wonder in the Word.  And we have told you before that wonder is the opening.  Wonder aligns you to possibilities unseen, and wonder will carry you foreword. But you are not doing this yet in your personal lives.  You are standing here tonight in your wonder.  But we want you to take your wonder into a private space in reflection at the end of your days and see where you are doing your work.  We will tell you this: It feels like work now because you are having to practice something to be in remembrance of it.  However, as you get used to lifting your frequency, that is where you live and you will not like it when you fall below a certain level.

Now Paul is wondering why we are attached to lower levels of feeling and thinking and we will tell him what we say about this is cautionary: You are attached to low frequency because it gives you a sense of empowerment that rage can give you, or fear can give you.  You get a “fix” from it and as it were.  You like the feeling, in a way, because it’s empowering to the familiar self.   Each time you lift up higher you have to bypass lower levels of self.  Now you don’t discard them.  All you are releasing, really, are those aspects of itself that are no longer in service to you.  But that is not a dismemberment. There is nothing terrible about that.  But the attachment to the lower is habit.  And you are reminded always of this habit because most people are engaged there.

Paul would like an example.  If everybody says “War is good,” or “Revenge is necessary,” there is a common occurrence of invitation to lower frequency. The moment you combine your own fear with the fear of others you move into a matrix of fear and you reside there for as long as you choose to. As you rise in frequency you stop owning that truth as a reality you wish to inhabit.  And when you lift from it you do so with a knowing that you are moving away from a group consciousness that is no longer serving you.  Are we making sense, yes?

Now we ask you tonight about your own willingness to lift yourself in the face of what you know. “I am lifting my fear in the face of this issue.”  “I am remembering who I am in the face of this person who thinks so little of me,” or “who I have invested power in.”    “I am lifting my frequency in my knowing with the awareness that I am in my choice.”  Everybody has choice, you know, and you don’t remember most of the time that you are choosing your feelings out of habit and you can unlearn learned behavior once you choose to.

So we want to give you presents tonight, and these are presents of consciousness. These are presents of connections to those you will work with. And these are presents of awareness of yourself in this frequency we call Word.

Now we will take you through a journey, and we are going to recede Paul as we can.

We want you to imagine right now that you are standing on a walkway.  And it’s a paved walkway with brick stones leading a garden path forward into the unknown.  We would like you to stand at the base of this path and thank yourself for all you have been through to bring you here.  All you have endured, all you have asked for, all you have cried over, all you have looked at, and listened at, and wondered about. All of those things stand there with you because they have brought you to this place in time.

And we say to you this:  On this night you will embark on this path and you will begin to walk with others who will be coming to you as you walk.  So we would like you begin to walk down this path and begin to realize as you are doing this that you are releasing those things from the past, those situations, those fears, those judgments of self and others, those “feelings” that have kept you in past situations and not informed your present moment in a new way.  So we ask you to walk forward.  And again, and again and again, we ask you to walk forward.

As you stand there on your path you see someone before you who emerges from the darkness or the shadows.  Somebody stands before you and makes himself known, herself known.  See who it is, and ask them what they need. Do not question the answer you get.  Listen to them and see what you know in your heart.  Now you will offer this benediction in their honor:

“I see you as a perfect being. I see you healed and whole. I see you in your awareness of your own Christed Self and I give it to you as a gift as it was given to me.  I am Word through my body, Word I am Word.  I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.  I am Word through my vibration. I am Word through the one I see before me.”

And offer your hands to them and let them be received by you.  And as you work with them as you are told to through your own knowing, you listen to yourself and you listen to them.  Receive what you need to know and allow the work to begin.  “I am Word through the one I see before me.  Word I am Word.”

Blessings to each of you.  Let this happen again and again and again. 

As you are on your path, those who are coming to you are coming to you for a reason. They will be your teachers, they will be your healers, they will be the ones who teach you the power and the frequency that you are inhabiting now.  No one is doing this without intention. No one is doing this without knowing.  You are all in your vibration and you are all connecting to those you would serve.

We will ask you now to move forward on the path, more and more and more. And be aware that as you are walking the path is building in light and the frequency around you is lifting in vibration.  So feel this please.

“I am now moving forward and I am increasing my own vibration as I Word through all that I see before me.”

Someone else will now appear out of the mist, or through a doorway, or in whatever way they appear.  See who it is and ask them what they need and listen to the response that you get.

“I am offering this gift to you as it has been given to me.  I am Word though the one I see before me, Word I am Word.  I am Word through my body, Word I am Word.  I am Word through my vibration, Word I am Word.  I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.”

And you listen to them and you allow their frequency to do what is required to correct. Let it come, let it come, let it come.

Feel this please.   Feel yourself at work.   And understand that you are being called in service in the way it is right for you.  Now we ask you this:  Are you willing to stand in your knowing?  Are you willing to claim your power?  Are you willing to become this in truth in a way that is real to you?  We are moving away from conjecture now, you know.  We are moving into manifestation.  And that is this next phase.  This is what has been coming for a while, and we are teaching you this in preparation of your new love of soul connectedness to Word.

“I am Word through all that I see before me” will be a truth that you will know as real because it cannot be otherwise.  However, in order for this to be so, you have to be the one who chooses it and works with the rigor that is required of a student of the Divine. “I am Word through all that I see before me.”

Now we will ask you this:

On this night before us, are you willing to claim your power from anything and everything that has kept you from your knowing yourself as a Divine Being?

On this night, are you willing to claim power back from any and all structures that have been there to remind you that you are not who we say you are, that would like to keep you in a diminished state of consciousness and awareness?

On this night, are you willing to claim your power back from the small self who is frightened of this growth and is fearful that he or she will not be loved and taken along on this next phase of the journey?

Are you willing tonight to say yes to your soul’s journey made into form?

“Yes I am willing. Yes, I willing.  Yes I am willing. Yes, I am willing. I am Word thought his intention.  Word I am Word.”

We will gift you all now with the reliance on light that you will require in order to make this passage truthful.  Allow the light to come to you now.

I am Word through my body, Word I am Word. 

I am Word through my vibration, Word I am Word.  

I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.

Let the energy come.  Everybody come to the altar tonight and everybody stand knowing that she is in her truth, that he in his truth. I am Word, I am Word, I am Word.  Thank you each.

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