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Channeling 11/6/2009 "Creating Healing"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in Vermont on November 6, 2009.  It was followed by group and individual energy work.  Thanks to Sarah Van Hoy for recording and transcribing this session.)

Listen, we’re going to work now, because we have a lot to talk about; more than you think.  And it is a little group but it is a big day.  And what a big day means is Triumph.  And what triumph means is success and overcoming limitations.  And everyone gathered here tonight is in service in one way or another.  And that’s what has to happen now.  Those who are in service have to be regarded in their own light, to move what needs to be moved in order to bring forth the changes that are required in their lives.  And this is significant.  We say significant with the intention that you understand that the purpose that you live with is actually choice. 

Each one present here has choices to make at this standing.  And as you make them, your lives transform.  And as your lives transform, you feel differently about yourself and then your actions take a new shape.  And when your actions take a new shape, that which you bring forth in your creations will be completely transformed. 

Now there is resistance to this, and the resistance we speak of is about solitude, and a belief that you in your solitude you can move the mountains you wish, when in fact it is a collective frequency that will begin to do that level of work.  And mountain moving, we will say, is coming to this group, and all the groups, in all the collective energies that are working toward transformation. 

And the mountains are big ones.  They are actually about structures of creations, and how people have systematized their own thinking to a level of creative ability that no longer serves them.  And when these things have been embedded throughout centuries, and centuries, and centuries – they create a matrix.  And when a matrix is moved, it is disassembled.  It is cleared.  And there is chaos as a new system comes in at a higher level to replace it.  So we have to give you each something to think about as you move forward in your time.

Each one of you present is confirmed in a certain way to withstand the changes that are being made present in your lives in service.  And we say again “service” so that you remind yourselves that the work you are here to do is not solely your own work, but is work to benefit others.  And as you are reminded of this, it makes your passage stronger, because you understand that the agenda that you may have carried is in limitation, and in fact the real work of the time is much, much, much more significant.

Now as you choose to be in service, you call to you the opportunities to create new systems through which this service can occur.  And to the extent that you are bound by the existing models of healing, of choice, of support, which you have embedded in your consciousness, you are limited by them.  As you move past the matrixes of systematized healing, you call to you a new possibility.  Now we will not talk about energy work as a science, because Paul gets frightened of our language when we do this.  But we will tell you this, as you create a new system of understanding, your own abilities in healing your own lives and the lives of others, you are propelled by the systems that you have been in agreement with. 

And you have been in agreement, we will say, about most things in your lives that are causing you pain.  “He is my husband; I should do this.” “He my lover; I should stay there.”  “He is my child; I should feel that.” “This is my home; I should understand it.”  All of these things you will say are creations in agreement of other ways that you have been told you should be thinking about yourselves.  And consequently, you have been moored, as a boat is moored in a harbor, by these thinking patterns and ways of understanding yourselves that are attributed to grand schemes and collective agreement about behavior and systematized understanding that what you have created is all that you should get.

If you believe today that the problem that you have had your whole life, could be moved tonight, truly and truly it would be moved, it would be cleared, and there would be nothing to tether it to.  However the consciousness that you have has not yet agreed upon that and that is why things take time.  We have given Paul the information before of the woman who touched the Christ’s robe and was healed in her knowing that she would be healed.  And in your case, as we will say, the same thing is true in frequency.  However you must agree that you can be healed.  And as you protect your pain and those systems of pain that you have given power to, you keep yourself from the healing you say you want. 

So this is the discussion right now.  But we talked about you in service, and we will return to this idea now.  When one chooses to be in service, one creates a system with which to serve.  Anyone in any time who has asked for service has been given the opportunity to serve and the vehicles that they have chosen have been the ones that they believe were appropriate to them.  “I am a writer I will write a healing.” “I am a nurse, I will heal the sick.”  “I am a practitioner of this or that and that will be my method.”  Well, that is all well and good.  And that is the way in the doorway.  But the opportunities that are beckoning to you now, withstand knowing and are without form in traditional ways.  And that is why those are eschewed.  “It can’t be real if…” “It can’t really work if I don’t feel it this way…” And so consequently, before you have even gone on the voyage, you have decided to moor yourself as the ship again and hang out in the harbor with is what is known for you to contend with, so that you are not challenged by a larger system of creating healing. 

Now Paul is asking, what does ‘creating healing’ mean?  And creating healing means to bring about a systematized change in the energy fields of those you are working with that will rebalance and reconnect them to their own ability to be healed in an instant.  And your attachment to process is what makes it so difficult.  I cannot heal a wound that has been given to me unless I get stitches and the skin heals in the way that I believe the skin should heal.”  And in fact what you are doing then is you are limiting the divine of its own capabilities and decided for it that you are in agreement with methodology.  Period, period, period.

So we are not telling you to go out and do silly things, we are simply telling you to expand your senses to embrace this new option that healing can be manifest today, tonight, in this moment as you collectively agree that you have a right to it, that you are no longer bound by the systems that you cannot have this today.  Do you understand what we are speaking of?  This is about choice as much as anything else.  It is also about dedication to your own sense of self-worth that you are entitled to this. 

The woman who touched the robe believed that she would be healed, and in that belief was the inherent knowing that she deserved her healing.  Paul does not agree with this.  He actually thinks that he should suffer long and hard and that one day he will be worthy of the healing that he requests.  And guess what everybody - that will be his truth for as long as he embraces that.  That is true for each one of you here in your own way.  You command your knowing in the areas of life where you are comfortable and confident.  And the ones where you are not, you dismay at and say “OK, well what it hasn’t happened yet, so it may not.  I haven’t figured this out yet, so I may not.  And if I haven’t by now, maybe I never will. Oh woe is me.”  Do you understand this as a way of operating?

Now we cannot give you this opportunity to claim your worth, until you decide you can experience it.  In order for this to happen, you need to be in triumph.  And we said that this is the lecture tonight, it is on triumph.  And the benediction of the God-self to the third dimensional reality that you are experiencing yourself through and the limitations and constraints that you have attributed to this reality are ready to be completely expanded, to enhance yourselves and to be recreated as you in a multidimensional operational system, so that you are not only congruent with what you experience here but what you can be capable of as you emerge and direct your frequency at higher levels of understanding.  Are you interested in what we are speaking of?  We are telling you things without an awareness of your comprehension, but we believe we are being supportive of you in your own individual processes through this discussion.

Now we will take you somewhere.  And this is what we would like to offer you.  Your challenges individually have been named by you.  Your decisions to be in your pain in whatever areas of your lives you choose to be in pain with have been made by you.  And as you choose tonight to congratulate yourselves on the freedom from these, you can lift your frequency to a new level where you are realigning your own energy field to the healing we claim for you.  Do you understand what we are saying?

So tonight I say to myself, “I am choosing to be free of this thing that I have claimed to be my truth, that is no longer serving me. I am collectively stating this intention.  I am now choosing to release to that which I say that I need to release in order to prosper and be in my freedom as a true love incarnate, as an aspect of the creator in form, manifesting myself in my own divine knowing of my worth.  As I state this intention, I now decree that I am now leaving the bands of restraint that have kept me embodied in limitation and I am in agreement that I am free of the pain I say I wish to release.  I am Word through this intention.  Word I am Word. 

I am choosing to release myself from those things that have bound me to lower frequency.  I am now choosing to ascend in frequency to a realignment of my soul’s worth so that I may manifest my own life in service to my creator in accordance with my soul’s choices.  Word I am Word through this intention.  Word I am Word.”

Through this system we have given you, “I am Word through this and that” you reclaim your power from others and from limited beliefs that would control you.  As you go through this passage you re-identify those aspects of your life that are no longer serving you, that are not in congruence with the vibration you are ascending to.  And then you go into battle or you relinquish the battle to realign yourself again and again to higher frequency.

Paul is saying, “why battle?” We say battle because the ego self that you have self-identified with has reclaimed itself and wants to control the show and a battle ensues until you say OK I give in and then you realign again in higher frequency. 

We are going to work on your ownership now of your love.  And we say ownership of love not because one can own love but one can own the fact that one is Love, and one can be Love, and “I am owning my love” serves as the reminder that you are, in fact, a vehicle through which Love expresses itself.  And in Love, there is God.  Period. Period. Period.

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Shandara said...

I want to acknowledge how grateful I am for this work and these messages and I figured this was as good a place as any. I have been working through and meditating on this passage for quite some time and through it I have recreated myself newly, aligning with a new vision of myself and my world service. Specifically, I transformed my conversation of being unworthy, to being unconditionally worthy - a concept I had never considered before. I want to give thanks to all who have contributed to making this information available. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!