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Channeling 1/28/10 "Expression"

(The following is a transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on January 28, 2010.  It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We have to talk tonight and it is actually imperative that you have to talk to each other about what you’re feeling when you do this work. The understanding that you have, which is individual, is only helpful once you understand that you are sharing an experience with others.  And the reason we gave you assignments to go out into the world and teach others is because you have become the teachers of the Word in manifestation. Now, this is a tall order.  But it is one that will carry you many years into the future, because the work that is beginning now will be taking form for many years to come.

Understand this each one of you:  The justification you’ve had in the past for being yourselves, individuated, in Christ manifestation, is here now.  It is come.  However, the removal of those aspects of the self that are hindering the expression of your divinity, must come into form and be seen to be cleaned out.  Now, we are not talking about cutting away something that is present. We are simply talking about outgrowing something that no longer needs form. So those of you who are held in patternings that no longer support you are ready to leave them.  And those of you who wish to move forward will do so in the times to come.

Now the responsibility that each one of you has now, in terms of communication with others, has to do with teaching and making a commitment to know yourselves in form as I am Word.  As you do this each day, what you call to you brings to you the requirements of teaching, and you will be in tandem with others who require your discussion and individuation of Divine Self inhabited, embodied, as Word. That is the time you have entered into. There is no longer an excuse, if you wish, to fear yourselves in this regard. There is no longer a reason to doubt the safety of the energy frequency you have been working with. There is no longer reason to fear yourselves as one who can hold this frequency. You have had experience with it each week, you have attended here, and you have come to know it in a way that you can feel.

As you express yourselves in form as Word, the frequency builds. As you are inhabiting yourself in this form your expression expands, and you reach more people. As you stand in your knowing and you teach others, the removal of those aspects of the self that will stop the expression of the Word from coming forward will have to be addressed. And that happens very rapidly now. As each one of you stands in your knowing, you free up frequency and allow expression to come forward.

We have to talk now about what it means to be a teacher, and what this responsibility entails, because each one of you who has committed to this work has already embarked on their teaching practice, know it or not, and the teaching practice that you have begun has been given to you with a willingness to serve. As we speak to you we expect you to speak to others. As we teach you, we anticipate you will be the emissaries of this speech.

Now, Paul is wondering what the book has to do with this. And the book is, in fact, textbook number one in the manifestation of the Word, in a remedial place that will serve others. You are ahead of the game. You have been taught this previously. You have come into your knowing already. So you have a manual to fall back on if you need it. But your work will be given to you, and we promise you this. The moment you say “yes” to your work, you will be called to service as teachers of the light.

Now you have the jobs that you support yourselves with. You have the lives you live, and you have the expectations of those lives. And we’re not telling you to give them up, or anything like that.  However we will be telling you this: As you outgrow your forms and stand in new forms, you will call to you different experiences, and different ways of expressing yourselves. And as you stand in your new expression, you may find that what you care about has transformed, and what you require has changed, and where you wish to be has summoned a new experience to you, to benefit you and to call to you those who would benefit from your light.

 Now this is a promise from us; we do not make these lightly. As you stand in your knowing, “I am Word through my expression,” your expression will be delivered in the forms that are appropriate to you individually. We will not call you to do something that is not in Truth with who you are. We will not ask you to serve in a way that will diminish you. We would only see you expressed in your glory, as a manifestation of the Christ.

You must understand, though, that the beliefs you have held up until now will be challenged by this because you can no longer claim that identity when a new one has come into form. “I can no longer be a hippopotamus when I am suddenly an eagle.” “I can no longer hold myself to the ground when I am born to fly.”

 Now, you may have misconstrued your identity in the past. You may have discovered that you are not a hippopotamus, but you are not this thing yet that is airborne. Well, guess what, everybody. You are this thing you say you are. You are the Christ in manifestation. All men, in fact, are the Christ awaiting their recognition of their soul’s journey forward. That is the truth of Christ in man.

Now the difference in this time, we would say, is that the teaching of the Christ from 2000 years ago is made practical in its manifestation without the regard of a service attached to it. There is no Christ in a service; a service is a series of actions brought about to create an expression of energy form. And that is fine, but the Christ indwelling in man is what we are awakening, what you have awakened, and what the awakening of this whole world will be, in vibration. We do not speak of a second coming in terms of people falling out of the clouds. We simply mean that who you are in truth has beckoned to it others, and the light that you share has illuminated all things. All things are illuminated in this light of Truth. We will say this is so.

What are the questions about this? “What does it mean to do this work?” “Where do I do this work?” “Who are my students to be?” “Why am I doing this? Is it because you are telling me or because I am choosing it?” We would never tell you to do something. Everything is free will. However, you have asked for homework. We have offered it to you. And we can only teach you to the level that you go to.  If you do not go to the level that we teach at, we cannot progress as a classroom. This is understood, yes? If you do not do your homework, you cannot stand up and recite the answers when called upon.

Now we will tell you this. The choice to do the work is your soul’s choice. And the personality at times will fight the soul. Because the personality self has an attachment to who he or she believes she was supposed to be in a form that is limited. And we will tell you this: As you surmount the ego, as you bypass those transitions of self that would tell you “no,” you illuminate more. You bring to you grace in new ways. The fear of moving forward is less about the unknown, you see, than relinquishing a sense of control over your reality that you have been given societally, culturally, through other paradigms. When you no longer believe them to be true, you are no longer held and bound by them. If your father told you you were supposed to be a doctor, and you believed that all your life, until the day you realized you could be whatever you chose, you would have been in a form of limitation up until that day, when your consciousness was liberated by a new idea. This is the same thing. The constraints that you have been given all your lives implicitly control you. The beliefs you have been given all your life have given you permission not to bypass them, and therefore stay on the straight and narrow path that limits you.

Now, the freedom that we are offering you is your own freedom. It is not our freedom. It is your own choice to become who you say you are, “I am Word, I am Word, I am Word.” That is the speech we sing. That is the decree of the time. It is the invocation of Christ in man. “Word, I am Word.”

Now, the song we sing to you tonight is about expression. Teaching is expression. As you teach the Word, you are not dealing intellectually with constructs; you are standing in frequency, and the frequency is the teacher. You are not the teacher. The frequency is the teacher. Understand this, please. You are the energy field come into form. You stand in your knowing, “I am in my frequency; I am Word; I am Word; I am Word.” And the energy that you are sings the song in its promise, and the resonance of you in frequency requires others to rise in vibration, in recognition of this song. And the song is heard. This is the teaching of the Word. When you teach another to say, “I am Word through my body; I am Word through my vibration; I am Word through my knowing of myself,” you are singing to them. You are listening to them as well, because you will begin to feel in your own energy field the activations that you bring forth in them. You are working in tandem with their energy fields.

Now, Paul is asking, could Jeffrey stand before his class and Word through them all? And we will say yes, of course. Could Dean stand before a television camera and Word through all those before him? Of course he could. Those are ways of working. But the teaching of the Word, finally, and the craft of the teacher, is to be embodied. As you are embodied everything you do becomes and expression of this. It is not a thing you do at 2:00. You inhabit the Word. You are always the Word, and you are the Christ embodied as Word, and so all that you do sings the song and calls to you that frequency.

"Who are your students?" is the question then.  Everyone and anything you encounter is your student—and your teacher. Because how you teach is taught to you through the students you require. That is how you learn to do this. And the woman on the street with the bags and the funny hat who is cursing under her breath is your student, as is the lovely man in the suit and the child in the high chair. All of them are expressions of the Christ waiting to be reborn as Word.

Now the talk is a different way of teaching. And last week you were assigned to sit with someone and talk to them, and be in this expression. And we are requiring you to do this each week for the next three weeks. Which is to state the intention to sing this song to someone new each week, and to feel what you feel, and to learn what you learn. But your job, frankly, is to be the singer, and the song is sung through you. “I am Word” is not your teaching. “I am Word” is not Paul’s teaching. “I am Word” is the teaching of the Christ brought forth in this time in the history of the planet. This is the song that is being sung, all over, and will be sung for many years to come.

So your students, we tell you, are the ones you call to you and the ones you speak to. But ultimately they will be everyone you see on the street. And the ones that you really don’t like are your best teachers, because the understanding of them as the light, in truth, will free you from things you don’t even see yet.

Paul is wondering about someone he saw yesterday whom he would like to yell at, and he wonders if yelling is a healthier response, in empowerment, than saying “I am Word through the one I see before me”. That is a very good question and requires an explanation.

When you Word through someone you are having a problem with, you are actually bypassing that aspect of the self that you are in difficulty with, and lifting frequency to allow a new formation of energy exchange. The old frequency, which has been held in tandem with emotional frustration, can then be moved and liberated, and lifted as well. If you can imagine you are unblocking a cork in a bottle and allowing the fluid to rise up and out, that is the manifestation of doing this work with someone you are frustrated with. However to speak the words without an understanding of what you are saying is hocus pocus and will get you nowhere. “I am Word through that angry person I never want to see again” will not do much for you or them. The intention is not to heal. The intention is to yell at them still. But you are just using nicer language.

When you claim “I am Word through the one I see before me,” regardless of  what they present, you are seeking them at their truest level and you are acknowledging the God within them as the truth of their expression.  Each time you do this, you change your frequency, and you are your frequency. You are your frequency. You are your frequency. And as you are your frequency, your responsibility is to keep it high. Doesn’t that sound simple? So those things that bring your frequency down are those things that you will be encountering and choosing to release through this next decade of understanding yourselves. You want it done tomorrow. Well, guess what, everybody?  It could be done. But we promise you this: If you were to relinquish all your fears once and for all tonight, you would call most of them back by two in the morning, because you would be frightened not to have them. So you will have to let them go as they go. And you have to see them for what they are each time they arise, which are forms of limitation, embodied as limitation, to keep you in your own worry and fear, and thereby stay where you are. Do you understand this, yes?

Now we are singing a song to you tonight, and we will sing it loudly tonight. “I am Word. I am Word. I am Word.”  And we are going to sing it to each of you. And we are going to go around the room with you as we sing, to sing you up an octave, as it were, so you begin to understand what you can do as you listen to this song. 

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