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Channeling 2/4/10 "I Am Knowing Myself As Love"

Tonight is about love, and what it means to be in love and how you navigate your life through love. Now you each have a conception of love that we want to move past, and that has to do with emotional selves expressing themselves as love. Now we want to say that that’s fine, but to be in the frequency of love means to stand in knowing and to state the truth: “I am in my knowing, I am in my love, and I am knowing this. As I express myself as love, what I bring to me is in love, and in love I create and I move and I have my being.” Now you can say that God is love is you wish, and you can use that term to serve this purpose, but you each have an ideal, still, of love that we want to move you past.

Now the reckoning that you have when you go through this is that love is not a feeling; love is not an identity. “I am love” as a saying, love as an identity is the incorporation of the divine aspect of love in your knowing. And as knowing, love creates in love.

Now we want to explain what we’re saying here. When you are standing in your knowing, you have to decide what level of understanding you are coming from. As love, you come from an understanding that is predisposed by a cultural response to what you believe love is. It is not a pretty thing, it is not a little butterfly, it is not even anything that you see in a movie that says “I love you, isn’t this romantic.” That is an aspect of love being expressed through personality. But the frequency of love that we speak of tonight, which is in knowing, will come to you to state itself through your knowing.

Now what this means for each of you is that as you choose to be in love, you correspond to an energetic frequency that is existing here and now. And in this frequency, you live and move and have your being. All that you see then you know to be in love because you cannot be in love and see that which is out of love. Do you understand this? If you want to use the metaphor of being in the ocean and all things are in the ocean with you, everything is in the ocean. If you are standing in love, everything must be in love with you. You cannot create separation where there is none intended.

Now Paul is wondering what this is all about. This sounds like a very tall order. And in fact it is. But it is the next juncture for your growth; it is the manifestation of love as an expression of yourselves to stand firm in your knowing of love. Now to state this intention, “I am in my knowing as love,” will correspond to certain changes in your psychology. And your psychology, we would say, is the way that you process your experience based on the information that you have.

As you stand firm, “I am in my knowing as love,” and you begin to have an expression of love in your life, you correspond to that frequency. As you are aligning to that frequency, what you create is in love. Now this is very specific. We are not making things up tonight. Paul is wondering what this is about, and what it is for you each is a decision that you must now make to create in your knowing the room for the love we speak of. And in order for that to be so, you have to get out of your mind any pretty pictures you hold of what this is supposed to feel like, because that will lead you to delusion. There is a compassion in love, of course, but the great love that we speak of to you is the Christ love. And the Christ love we speak of is the expression of God in man as love.

Now, to state this intention, “I am in my knowing of myself as love,” is a decision, and that decision has consequences. And each of you standing tonight will resurrect an aspect of the self as love as you claim this. And the decision you make will create a new knowing. Now the new knowing is, “I am knowing myself as love.” As love. As love. You become what you state you are. And those things that do not correspond to this will be releasing in jurisdiction of this safety.

Now we will talk to you about your requirements for this intention. If you are still choosing to hang onto a feeling about love that is old-fashioned and moored in your past experience, you are going to have a very hard time letting it go unless you believe that what is coming in its place is more powerful and more truthful. The embryonic expression of this will be kind of small. It will be a small way of expressing the frequency of love, but it will grow as you choose to stand firm in the knowing we speak of.

As you create as love, the energy will build and build, we say, to the extent that you can begin to realize yourself as this. Now we say “realize” not in a way of “Aha, I realize something.” We are saying you become what you say you are. Each one of you here, through choice, is holding a frequency “I am Word,” that you can express, that you can feel, that you can work with, in one way or another. You have chosen it; it has come into manifestation through Paul’s work with us, and your work with our work. And this has been a big achievement. And larger, we would say, than any one of you here has an idea of. And that has chosen to be expressed as you. I am Word, I am Word, I am Word.

“I am in my knowing of myself as love” is the next step of realization. I am realizing myself as love and in my knowing as love, I begin to create in love. And as I create in love, what I call to me is in love. And there can be no other way for this to be so. So we say embryonic because it’s a small thing that requires nurturing and expression. You do not plant a seed and then walk away and expect it to grow without tilling the soil and making sure there is ample water. You do not realize yourself as love without doing the work that is required of you.

Paul has wondered at times if people assume that this work is pretty work, it’s a nice thing to do on an evening, but then it goes away and I don’t have to think of it again. Well, that’s okay, that’s fine for people who want a small experience that may come to pass in time as a great experience. But the Group for Teachers that we are convening with those in attendance tonight is super school. And we say “super school” in that we expect you to exceed your own expectations. We expect you to remember to state “I am Word through this and that.” And we expect you to remember each day to know you are Word in one aspect or another of yourselves. Because that is the exercise.

If you were living in a culture where there were aborigines and you did not look like them, but you believed you were that, you would be an aborigine until you realized yourself as other. And the realization that you are embarked on on several different levels is the remembrance of your true selves in Christ. And we say “in Christ” so you know there is a lineage here. There is a succession here. And there is a history of this evolution of divinity in expression. And again we say to you, this is not Christianity in the way that you would assume. This is the truth in the way that you would express it. And to label it through religion ultimately is a way of chaining to doctrine and to law that does not serve your evolution. And the Christ, we say, belongs to no religion. It is the essence of the aspect of God in realization.

Now, divine love, we would say, is an aspect of God. Any aspect of God must be created in you through your willingness to be in alignment to it. You do not go into alignment with your frequency by running away from it. Last week we taught you each about tuning the volume up a higher frequency so that you could be expressed as such, and the benefits were felt and experienced. And what we are telling you tonight is, Yes, yes, yes. You are doing it in love now. “How long does it take?” is Paul’s question. “What are we in for? Will we feel it? What happens to us? Is this going to happen for real?” Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And the time it takes to come into manifestation in love is your choice, it has to do with willingness, and it has to do with allowance of the frequency to do its work on you, in you and through you. You must remember, always, you are the vessel of the divine, expressed, embodied as yourselves. You do not become something other. You do not wear a white robe and stand on a mountaintop and state decrees. But what you do do is sing your song in vibration and that vibration will sing you; you will be the song of God expressed in man.

Now don’t believe for a minute that this is goofy stuff, that this is anything other than yourselves as that aspect of yourself embodied in truth. As you realize this, your joy increases, because you are in remembrance. And remembrance means you have re-membered yourselves to the source of your being. You have called to yourself the flow of the light and you are singing your song, “I am Word. I am in my knowing of myself as love,” to all who will come and receive the song’s duty. The song’s duty, we would say, is to be in realization, and it sings the perfect tune to all who need to hear it. The song you sing will be the song that is truthful for you.

Now Paul wonders if this is the river that we wrote about in our second book. And we will say, yes, we are taking them in a river to the sea, and the sea of love is where you are re-membered, and where we know you in love. You go into a union, you see, with frequency at this stage of evolution. Now, you do not bypass your daily life, but your expression of yourselves creates a different kind of life that you navigate and the work that you are called to do from this place serves others. And they are served through your choice to be in your manifestation as this Christed self, if you wish.

Now, we say to you this: The choice to do this work requires commitment. The choice to do this work requires re-membrance of that aspect of yourself, “I am Word” each day. The choice to do this work is a special action that you are taking in your lives that will carry you through the next two years of your experience. The cycle that we are in now is a two-year cycle of understanding and growth. And we are asking you to say “yes” to being in this role as student to our knowing, so that we can lead you fully to your own.

Paul is wondering, “Why two years?” We will say to you this: Two years is an outline. There is an outline that has been drawn for each of you. We see you each already in your realization. And how that energy gets filled, how the picture gets filled out, if you wish, is in many ways your calling and your choice. Understand this, please. We can create the template with you but we cannot fill it in without you. Do you understand this? So two years, we say, will keep you focused on your path of growth with a sense of realization to come. Now, if there is no realization, there is no work. And we want you to know this. We want this work to be experiential for those who come to you to be taught. We want this work to be truthful for you so that you can teach it in your integrity. “I am in my knowing of myself as Love” is the integrity we speak of. If you are not operating from that place, you are merely in guessing. And that is an okay place to start.

We will say this to you: You have the expression of Word. You have each had experiences with the frequency at one time or another, and most of you express it each time you meet in an amplified way that you can know. So why don’t you know yourselves as Word as you walk down the street, as you stand before your class, as you sit at your computer, as you make love to your partner? Why don’t you know yourself as Word? Paul has this question every day. He’s in a difficult position, and we acknowledge that. He has the ability to bring us through clearly, but he is a wastrel when it comes to his own commitment to the expression in his life. And by wastrel we mean he is worried all the time that he cannot be who we say we are.

Now, we say we are an expression of God, and we know this to be so. God, God, God. Call it what you wish; that’s up to you. We know ourselves as this, and we know you as this. Do you understand this? We know you already as the divine expression of Source realizing himself, realizing herself, in Word. Now, all you have to do is catch up and get on the boat and ride the wave of love. Do the work. One assignment each day will serve you to build the muscle we speak of, “I am in my knowing of myself as Love,” and we will give you one now.

Each day you are to state this intention, and then meditate on what it means. Five minutes will do you for now, but meditate on the meaning of the sentence “I am in my knowing of myself as Love.” As you are expressing this idea, you are creating room for it in your consciousness. And as you do that, you are tilling the soil so the seed can take hold and begin to grow. Is this an acceptable assignment for you each? This is all we ask of you at first. But as we said, you are making a very great decision here, to go into this expression. And your lives, we will say, will transform as a result.

Now, transformation, we have to tell you, is another one of those words, like love, that people get excited about and create ideas around. “Oh, I am in my transformation.” Well guess what, everybody? Transformation is not always pretty. If you look at a field that has been burned, to create room for new growth, that is transformation. And as you create new consciousness, the old consciousness must be released to create room for the new.

In the past we have had the experience of people being frightened by the work because it meant giving up something, or foregoing a sense of self that the self was attached to. And we bless them, and we trust them to be on their journeys. In your case, we require you to strap yourself in as it were and go on the ride. Transformation, we will say to you, will be experiential. Your lives will have to become the vehicle for your expression. And you have to be where you are required to be in order to be gifted with the lessons you need to relinquish the past behaviors that you have created in fear. And that means when you have not been “in love.” So we will say to you tonight, it will be of benefit to this group to state this intention:

“I am now choosing to be in support of my fellows as I move on to this next stage of my development. I am now choosing to remember this instruction, that the transformation I experience may, at times, not be to my liking, but will be of my benefit as I move through it. And I trust myself to know what is good for me at all times. I am Word through this intention. Word, I am Word.”

Now, the mission of this night has been stated to you several times with a lot of explanation. And we would like to say, we are glad for this opportunity to speak to you so directly. As we speak to you we learn more about your requirements for your evolution. We are in school too, you see, and part of our learning is our cooperation with each of you as you emerge into your own knowing. “I am in my knowing of myself as Love.”

So tonight we will gift you with love. We want you to have the expression of love. And we want you to remember always that we are in love with you. “In love” meaning “in the frequency of love.” Of course, as you understood it, as we spoke it earlier, we are in the sea of love, and consequently all we see is in that sea, if you wish. We cannot see anyone out of love, because all is of God. And God, we say, is an aspect of Love embodying within you now. So we bless you each individually and collectively tonight, and we thank you for having come this far.

Paul is asking where this lecture goes. Is this part of the book that is being written? It is the book that is being written through your experiences together. This group is its own expression of God embodying in man. And so we say to you this: The song this group sings together is a high song, a high vibration, and we will begin to work with you tonight on its expression.

“I am now choosing to know myself as love. I am now choosing to know myself as love. I am now choosing to know myself as love. I am Word through this intention. Word, I am Word. I am now choosing to realize myself as love. I am now choosing to realize myself as love. I am now choosing to realize myself as love. I am Word through this intention. Word, I am Word. I am now choosing to sing in the vibration of love. I am now choosing to sing in the vibration of love. I am now choosing to sing in the vibration of love. Word through this intention. Word, I am Word.”

Now, choice is a key here. As you have stated these intentions, you have created a momentum in choice. And we say to you this: You may begin to feel your frequency around you shift already, because you are moving energy, as we promised. If you are feeling your frequency shift, say yes.

Now we want to sing to you, and we want you to be in receptive mode.

I have come to each of you in praise. I have come to each of you in song. I have come to each of you in love, and I have come to each of you in remembrance. Tonight I give you my knowing. Tonight I give you my peace. Tonight I give you the love that was gifted to me through the Christ through the knowing of myself as Love. I am the no one. I am the all that is. I am the benefactor, and I am the song. I have come to you now in readiness to bless you and to heal you of your fear of inhabiting me in fullness. I have come to each of you to be given my name back through your expression of me. I am Word. I am Word. I am Word.”

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