Saturday, November 13, 2010

Channeling 2/25/10 "Knowing and Responsibility"

We are ready to go. You have to get ready to go, because this is a teaching. We are going to go forward regardless of what you are feeling like because we have an agenda, and a teaching to give you, and it’s about responsibility. You are responsible for this, Paul, as is everybody else. Each one of you present is responsible for your creations. And the moment that you decide that you are not, you fall out of grace, because you stop your alignment and you begin to believe that you are a victim of circumstance.

Now, we will tell you this. There are things that happen in a life that cannot be controlled by the individual. And we will tell you this. You are indeed responsible for your responses to them. However, you do not make the weather change, you do not make the war start on a level of individual causation. These are things that are done on a responsible level in collective consciousness and the individuals impacted have their responses to be accountable for.

Now, each one present here tonight has an issue. Something is up. Each one of you present has a worry or a frustration, or an anger. And we’re going to trust you to tell us how you wish to deal with them tonight because we are giving you the responsibility to impact yourselves with the frequency you work with. Each one of you here has been prepared, in one way or another, to come into your own power as a divine being. And as you choose this, you no longer are allowed to blame another for your circumstances. You cannot afford it. It is too easy. The abnegation of authority is what is at issue here, and if you wish to change your lives, get with the program.

“I am Word through all that I see before me” creates change in the whole program. However, if you have an issue that you are not contending with directly, or you are in avoidance of, it is time to move it fast, as it were. Because the parade is in progress, and the parade is forward motion to your own knowing. You are in your knowing as you claim it. However, you do not claim it when you are faced with things that you feel are not your problem, and you decide that things can go on their own way. You are in responsibility to everything that you see as it is part of your creation.

The moment you deny a man his desire for light because it is not convenient for you, you have abnegated your authority as a divine being. The moment you decide that you do not have to do the work, because the work is hard, and effortful, and somebody else can do the work for you, you have denied your own self as a Christed being. You have the authority. You have the power now. You have the decision-making abilities. Each one present already here has created things in their lives that have brought them forward in their own knowing.

Now each one present tonight has ability in their own knowing in divine Word. And we are going to take you up on your offers to seal this promise with us: That you are going to commit to your own knowing in a way that will change your lives. Each one of you present has the ability to stand in your knowing and heal yourselves and change your patterning. And if you do this with the willingness to do so, your lives will be transformed. We do not lie to you. However, we will give you this information. The day you decide that this is not possible is the day that it is not possible. The day you decide that you can be living your lives as you were is the day you decide you no longer need the Divine Self treating you through itself as its manifestation. You are one with the power that created you, regardless of what you choose. However, your choice to be in the knowing of this is what aligns you. Everyone is in the water, as it were, only some of you know it. The rest of everybody has just accepted it as the norm.

Now your choice tonight is to hold yourself in your knowing. And we want to teach you how to do this, because this is ability. This is not just something you do. When you train yourselves to know, you hear yourselves. You hear yourselves in a deep way and, consequently, the information that comes to you through your feeling-knowing, your senses, your identity-knowing, “I know this,” all of these things will be accessed, and you will be informed through them. As you go forward, you will hear yourselves.

Now we have taught you in the past that there are things that have to change in order for you to hear. We talked about clairaudience and the ability to hear as if you were an antenna calling in the higher frequencies and this is still so. However, you cannot know what is yours when you do not know what is yours on a daily basis. When you are hearing yourselves, when you are in your knowing, you are accessing that aspect of the self that is the Divine Self, and you are knowing it. You do not question it. It has its own authority. And you will learn from it because you know it. “Know, know, know, know, know.” This is the word of the night. “I am in my knowing.”

Now, the triumph of knowing, believe it or not, is that you are always called to be where you are meant to be. The moment you ask and receive your knowing you hear it and you respond to it. You are effortlessly placed in the opportunities that you require for your own growth and for the ability to heal yourselves and to heal others. Each one of you present knows, already, that this is so on a very basic level.

Now we want to teach you something. As you know things, you respond to them. But if you are still frightened of knowing, if you are still scared that knowing will feel like something else, or from outside of yourselves, or something that will tell you bad things, you will not access this aspect of the self as fully as you would otherwise. Each one present already knows a lot. We want you to know what you know. We want you to hear what you hear and to say, “yes” to what you know to be true.

Now, tonight, you each have to ask for something. Some thing that you need to know. I am now choosing to know “blank.” I am now choosing to know what I need to know about “blank.” And allow the authority of yourself as “I am Word” to come into alignment with this request. “I am now choosing to know what I need to know. I am Word through this intention to know. Word I am Word.” Through this choice you access yourself.

Now those of you who do not meditate will be needing a practice of some kind to support you. It can be whatever you call it. But if you are running to the store, and you set your affirmation, and you do not allow yourself to listen to the response you get, you are bypassing your own ability to know it. And that is your responsibility as well.

“What do I need to know?” Ask this question if you would. “What is it that I need to know? I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.” Now, allow yourself to be in receipt of the knowing you require. Allow this to come simply. Do not effort; simply allow. Trust yourself. You are the one who chooses to know. Let it come. Let it come. Let it come. We want you each to ask and to listen. Let it come. Let it come. Let it come. (Pause) We are working on each of you now. “I am in my knowing. Word I am Word.” Let each one know what they need to know. Trust yourselves, please. And know what you need to know. Blessings to each of you.

Now the answers you get are your responsibility as well. What you do with the answers that you get are your responsibility. Now, if you trust yourself in your knowing, your knowing is accessible to you. You trust that you can walk. You trust that you can breathe. These are things you do not debate. So allow your knowing to be part of you, an accessible part of you. You do not have to reach to the sky to know.

You have to accept what you know, and that you know. Now, if you want to know something that is out of your purview, you can ask for that as well. And don’t be surprised when the answers come, for they will come. The requests that you make are heard. Each one of you present hears already. And the responsibility for this has been your own, will continue to be your own, as you continue to move upward in your frequency. Now desire to know will bless you with knowing. And the fear of not knowing will frighten you from knowing. So trust yourself to know.

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