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Channeling 2/26/09

(The following is a transcript of the lecture portion of a group channeling held in NYC on February 26, 2009.)

So we’re going to talk first about the last two weeks, because that’s how long it has been since we’ve attended to you as a full group, and the ammunition that you have built up is really ready to fire. Which means the changes are coming now, they are rapid fire, they are correct, they are required and they are your choice. We say they are your choice because it cannot happen without your permission, and the recognition of this will transpire in this week’s time.

“I have a choice. I have a choice. I have a choice.” You affirm this each time you’re here, however, you understand that it’s mostly conjecture. “I’m giving my permission.” “Okay if it happens.” “I can handle it.” But that’s very, very different than affirming, “Yes. I am changing. I am willing to change. I am committed to my path” in a real time situation that confronts your belief. It’s easy to be a Protestant when you are with the Protestants. It’s a lot tougher when you’re with the Catholic in an Irish slum. And we do not use that lightly. You each have issues that are going to be confronted in the coming weeks about requirements for your own beliefs that you can do this work in a way that is triumphant and grand and active as opposed to frightened, convenient and worrisome.

“I am only in the Christ when I convene with my fellows on Thursday night when it’s safe for me to say I am doing this work. When I‘m someplace else and my fellows would not be open to it, I’m going to keep my mouth happily shut.” Now get this: No one is going to require you to announce yourself to the world. That is not the point here. But there is a point when each man and woman must say, “I am confirming my path. I am doing my work. And I don’t need somebody else to tell me that it’s okay or not to be on my path." And when we say confronted, it might be as simple someone saying to you “What is this crap?” Or “Aren’t you going to our church anymore? “ or “What did you believe before this?” How come you can’t articulate what you believe now, other than to say, “I guess I get it?”

Well, you’re in ownership now of your path to the extent that you say “yes.” And when you say yes, you stand firm in your truth and no one can blow you over, as it were. No one can say no but you. You are the only one that can say no to you anymore in regards to your faith, in terms of your belief, in terms of your own mission as a Christed soul.

Now, no one is coming to burn the witches again, it’s not that kind of thing. And no one’s here to tell you that you’re going to be confronted in a way that you cannot handle. However, you don’t have to answer “yes” until someone asks you the question “What do you care about? What does this mean to you?” and to the extent that you deny it, you actually hide your light under a bushel, as it were.

Now again, you are not being told to stand on a street corner and talk about things that are far from your truth. It’s not about that kind of action. It is about affirming your own worth, your own identity, your belief in your soul’s mission to align to your higher frequency. Period. We call this frequency the Christ. You can call it what you like. It’s the same thing regardless of the vocabulary you appoint to it. So are we being clear? You have choices. You will face them. Nothing happens badly. It’s only about understanding that you can do this, and when you do this, you become affirmed in your own soul’s identity by confirming your actions when you are confronted with someone who says, “What the heck is that? Why are you doing it? What do you believe in really?”

Now you’re not supposed to know everything. No one knows anything, really. And we’re going to say this to you very simply. We’re going to a ask that people be still now in body, too, because the energy is going to start to come through you. And we’re going to work with your bodies as Paul begins to shift out of the lecture and into the workshop portion of this night. However, what we want you to understand is, that when you change patterning, when you chose a new way of being, everything changes around you. You cannot expect the same view of the window of the car when you go down a new road. The comfort of the old road is placid and allows you, instead, to begin to focus on your interior. But the focus on the road before you is a road of word and action, “I am in my Word, I am in my action, I am in my truth, and there is no one and nothing that can change that.”

Paul has been asking questions lately, and the questions are as follows: “What happens when we do this work? What changes when we do this work? What do we believe and how do our beliefs change?” Some of this has been chronicled already, and this is important, and it is important that if you have not been attending, you read up and see what has been spoken about, because we have been used to repeating information here to bring everybody up to speed. And because the time is now compressing and things are moving very rapidly, we would prefer not to.

Time is changing. Things are happening quickly. You are going to understand things now that would have taken you years to get in the lesser frequency. The frequency now is attuned to you and to your growth. Not just this group, but all the groups, and not just these people, but all the people. Everybody’s getting it, in one way or another. And the amplification of this information and the energies that correspond to it is what’s shaking everything up so much. So each of you now has choices and Paul’s questions, such as they are, those that have not been answered, will begin to be answered along with yours in the weeks to come.

We are now transmitting through Paul a manuscript, a manifesto about what it means to become aligned to the higher frequencies. And this workshop, this school, this class is actually going to be the way that the work comes through the physical bodies and the consciousness because, in many ways, you have chosen to align to this work and to vibrate at the frequency that we call the Word. So in a funny way the laboratory that you are in is going to be spinning and spinning and spinning until everyone is caught up,

You have choices here. If you don’t want to change, you should stop attending. If you don’t want to know yourself, you should find another group that does not regard itself as intended to know. If you don’t want to listen to the vibration that you are, you should watch television instead. Now we are not being hard, we are being honorable by saying to you each that if you want to do the work, the work is gonna happen, and if you don’t want to do the work, the work will not happen. But others must do the work, and this group can only sustain the energies of those who are moving forward.

The vibrations that are lower and hold onto the past are very, very active now. Everybody is confronting them. And everyone is saying “No, I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to remember it. I don’t want to feel it and I don’t want to be it.” Every one of you is experiencing this and this is part of the resistance to the transformations that you are incurring through the vibration of Christ as it manifests through you. That which is anointed brings forth anointment. That which is holy brings forth holiness. And that which is fear can only bring forth more fear. So the choice to listen to the higher frequency in the face of the lie, in the face of the fear, is a magnificent one, but it’s a big one, it’s not easy and each one of you present must be aligned to the promise that you are willing to move through this.

Why do you all believe that convenience is the key to growth? Why do you all believe that listening is the same as knowing? And why do you all understand only that information which pleases you and corresponds to what you want to know because it keeps you safe? We are telling you bluntly because we put up with Paul and his tantrums for about a month, and several of you here are part of that, and you are in your own tantrums as well, and we honor them all in love and laughter and high regard. But we say to you this: Everything that is up now is up for a reason. Everything that is called into your face is present for knowing. And there is no one here who is without purpose in this change. There is no man here who is not aligned to his willingness to grow and there is no woman here who is not aligned to her promise to realize herself as the vibration in the Word.

So we are not telling you that we’re being angry. We are being firm. Because it is time now to get this show on the road. And it’s a big show everybody. It’s not a little one. There are things that are changing in a higher frequency that will begin to dismantle that which you believe to be true. Not only about yourselves but about your worth, about your being, about your sexual self, about your identity, about what you love and think and believe to be true. This is a big time. And we honor it. Now don’t suffer it. Don’t say “This is gonna be terrible.”

When you walk through a house of mirrors, you confront distortion. And you expect the distortion to be there in the funny mirrors. And guess what everybody? You’ve been in the house of mirrors all your life. And the reflections that you have seen and believe to be true are passing. And what is on the other side of this house is a house with no mirrors, but a clear reflection of who and what you are. And we bless you in this.

So when we say it’s not an ordeal, let it be no more of an ordeal than walking through the house of mirrors and then breathing the fresh air that stands on the other side. Everyone here has a mission to achieve in their lifetime. Everyone here has a knowing of that mission on a cellular level. Everyone here has a belief that they are worthy of it. And anything this is so true cannot be lied about by you to you or through you. You have to claim your own knowing now. You have to claim your own vibration now. And you have to be in the energy of the higher frequency to move through the changes that you are incurring through this intention:

“I Am Word through my being, Word I Am Word, I Am Word through my vibration, Word I Am Word, I Am Word through my knowing of myself as Word, Word I Am Word.”

This is sealed into your frequency. Each one of you has done this through intention. And we have said this to Paul earlier this week: That the frequency of the Christ, which is being established within each of you, which is grounding in you in a manifestation has needed a foundation with which to hold. And this foundation has been set. It has been imprinted in your field, and in your frequency. It is as if the seed has been planted and nothing else can happen but that the seed grows the fruit of what it is intended to be. And that is light. And that is manifestation of Christ consciousnesses and awareness of the self as a light on earth. Period.

That is the work of the time. That is it. Don’t fight it. Let it be. And let the waves carry you forward, as it were, and not backwards. Because the backlash, the residue of moving backwards is sad and harmful to you at this time. This is not meaning you are abandoning anything that you require. Understand this. You are moving forward in your choice, and what you leave behind you is what was manifested in fear, in doubt, in unknowing of your own worth.

Each of you has created things that stand in the way of your growth. They are boulders on the path and they must be released. And the light frequency will do it. But understand that these creations were imported by you for reasons you needed at a specific time in your life, in your development as a soul, in a past self’s carnation, all of these things, regardless, created problems that are now forced to be reckoned with. Period. So when you see the boulder on the road, you call forth the Word. You activate the self. “I Am Word through this thing I see before me. I Am Word through this pain. I see myself as knowing the answer. Word I Am Word through this intention. ” And then I move forward in my honor, and in my bravery.

We do not want you to delude the self and think that you are all powerful and that your problems are going to be vanquished in two weeks when you have sealed the foundation. What a foundation is, is that which holds firm the woodwork, the structure, the beams of the house that is being created in the likeness of God. That is what is happening here. For each of you. Don’t doubt it. Paul doubts it and gets yelled at. You don’t need to.

Now we say yell lightly. Nobody is really yelling, and Paul is loved deeply, as are all of you. We are simply trying to reinforce the idea that the times are changing rapidly. This country is change. This planet is in peril, and the transitions that are being made now in consciousness are required to hold the grid of light so that this planet can evolve to its next level of truth in frequency.

This is not about your personal growth anymore. This is not about your feeling better when you walk into an ashram. Or when you feel with your love. Or when you play with your crystals. Those days ended a long time ago. This is about the survival of the species in a higher frequency. The planet is changing, those on it are changing, and there is not time to play around anymore with the games of “I am good enough, or am I not good enough?" or "Is this a bunch of crap, or is it not?” Do you understand this? Those are the games of children, and you have played them well, but we honor you now as adults coming into their own wisdom as Christed beings, and we are discerning you as love incarnate as light incarnate and the embodiment of God, as is all mankind.

No one is without this. Again, again, again. No one is without this, and the belief in specialness will immediately squelch the higher frequency that is trying to align, so please don’t go there. It's not required. That is the old paradigm.

Everybody knows what’s really happening on a certain level. Everybody on the planet’s already aware that we are on the shift of a mass change in consciousness, and this has to happen now or never. Do you understand this? This is not a doomsday prophecy. We do not do that. However, it would be wrong minded of us not to tell you truth, and that is there is not time to play at your healing and your growth and your intention anymore. You’re either doing it by your will, or you’re dragged along in your resistance, or you’re gonna to stand by the side of the road and pretend that the parade isn’t really happening even though it feels like it, it looks like, and it sure sounds like it. Don’t you understand? Thank you.

Now we have talked a lot, but there are reasons we have talked a lot. And it’s because it’s significant that you each engage now in completeness with the willingness to serve the light. Please understand this. The willingness to serve the light means this: You will align yourself to your true purpose, whatever that may be, and you will bring to it your will, and that is all that is needed. You don’t have to know something you don’t know. You don’t have to go out and feed the poor, or teach, or do whatever’s not right for you. However, to be in service at this time will bring you into alignment more quickly than anything else we could tell you.

So at this time we ask you to affirm the following: "I am willing now to be in service to my light body, to my need to align to the Christ consciousness. I affirm my willingness to serve and I bring forth the knowledge that I need to do this in alignment with my higher will. Word I Am Word through this intention. Word I Am Word."

Now get to work everybody. And we don’t say this lightly. Get to work, get to work, get to work. Do the jobs you have come for, and do them with love. Do them with a high frequency and do this with choice. To be in love is the mission of the time. To deny love is to deny the mission of the time. To be in love is to be in the action of God. To deny love is to deny the soul’s purpose. To be in the Christ is to be in the realization of the self in your holiness, in your manifestation. To deny the Christ is to be in your fear and in your ego self that wants everything his way now. Period.

So get ready for the change. You’ve said yes. You can say yes again every time you doubt. And if you want to say no, and sit under a tree and think about it, you may do that as well, until it's time to get up again and move. No one is going to drag you against your will to your own light body, in feeling and in frequency. Period.

Now we get to work on your fields. We said earlier that your fields have established the Christ frequency embedded in them, imprinted in them, like a slogan, or a logo, or a seal in your energy field that affirms “I am Christ incarnating as myself.” It’s really that simple. So why not begin to feel what it feels like to be this frequency? Why not understand that it is not conjecture but a physical reality that we are discerning in and through you, one that can be experienced and aligned to frequency-wise so that you can work with it in your lives?

I am in Word. I am in the Word. I am in my knowing of the Word. I am in my energy frequency. And when I am in my energy frequency, I can do things at a higher frequency than I could at a low one. The sick can be healed at a high frequency. Matter can be transformed at a high frequency. Thoughts can be let go of that have ruled your lives at a high frequency. So why not go to the high frequency and remain there and see what it feels like?

Paul is seeing an image of a man balancing plates in the air on sticks, and that is what it has felt like to him to stay in balance through the changes of this time. It’s an accurate depiction of one who feels the need to control his environment by keeping all his plates in the air and in balance. If the sticks were not there to hold the plates up, they would fall to the ground and shatter, and that’s why he does this.

You each do this as well. You hold what’s important to you above you and then you try to keep it aloft with your intention. But the intention is not always a good one. It’s usually about saving something that doesn’t need to be there anyway. So we’re going to work with a new metaphor for Paul so he can get rid of the dangling plates. And you don’t have to follow this one either, if you don’t want to, but it will help you.

We ask you to see your life before you as a landscape. And as a beautiful landscape. And what lies on the landscape before you is a path. And it is a straight path. And when you enter onto that path, that which you need is presented to you in form. That which you require for your growth, that which you require for your love, that which you require for your sustenance are all presented to you, as you need them.

And on this path you walk by yourself and you see before you the other travelers on the road. And with their blessing, you acknowledge the Christ in them as you acknowledge the Christ within yourself. And you bow to the beauty that is before you in your fellow man, in your fellow woman. You bow to the magnificence that is created in God’s likeness. That is your job as a Christ, to bow before the creations of the Father and to witness them in their beauty and in their fullness. Period.

The road lands before you. It is never ending. You are always on a path of understanding and achievement in consciousness. So why do you get so frightened when a dish crashes to the ground before you? It was just a dish. You don’t always have to clean them up either; sometimes they just go away, because the path has led you forward anyway. Speak of this as a meditation that you can each do on your own when you worry about your lives:

“I am walking on my path. That which I need is presented to me in perfect ways. I am not longer afraid of the residue of my past catching up to me. Because the past is over. I have released it. I am free in my understanding of myself as the Word. I Am Word through my being, Word I Am Word. I Am Word through my forgiveness of myself for all things, past, present and future, Word I Am Word. I Am Word through the blessings that are forthcoming in my life through this time, and through all times. Word I am Word through this intention, Word I Am Word.”

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