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Channeling 8/20/2009 "Clairaudience"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on August 20, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We’re ready to talk, and we have to talk about listening. And that was the designed lecture that was in place for tonight. And we gave you some forewarning that it was coming for a very good reason. As you begin to listen clairaudiently, you’re going to have to change your systems to require it to shift in allegiance with the new ability.

Now each one of you here has come for a very specific reason. There are no accidents in this group, there never have been. And anyone who has attended has been activated in a frequency that they will carry with them in alignment with the Christ consciousness. How they offer themselves to the frequency through their life and their work is in accordance with their own soul’s jurisdiction of their needs in this incarnation.

Those of you who are here to tonight are present for a teaching in hearing and listening. And what this will require of you is an awareness, tonight, that you are going to change your thinking about what goes on in your head and become accountable to what goes on between your ears.

Now we want to talk about clairaudience and what is actually is. And we’re going to withdraw Paul, because even through he does this, he doesn’t understand it. His own process was put in place through a request, through acquisition of frequency, and through a derailment of existing patterns that had precluded him from being him in his ownership of being able to hear.

Your own process, as you begin to open up to hear, will be individualized in accordance with the requirements of your soul’s mandates for you. So we're not going to offer you a diploma at the end of the class because you can hear now. But we are going to start to do is reformat you into an alignment with your energy system in accordance to the ability to hear spiritually. Spiritually means you will be hearing with your inner ears. Your physical ears are not going to be involved. So get over any possibility that somebody’s going to start whispering in your ears and teaching you things. That is not the impression, nor is the way we will work.

Individually you each have senses. And the senses that are already in operation are going to be amplified through this course of teaching that we intend to bring to you over the next six months of acquisition of frequency.

People can come, people can miss, but honestly, to the extent that you are not in attendance though these times means that you are going to have to realign yourselves at each event to catch up in accordance with the work of the group. We are talking you someplace, and by taking you someplace where you arrive at, at the end of this teaching, will be a new place of awareness in consciousness. Period.

So when you hear, and you will begin to hear, you have to first understand that your body will become attuned in vibration at a new level to support this. This does not happen by osmosis. It does not happen by being passive. It does not happen by sitting in a chair and saying “okay.” We said to you last week that the days of authorship are over in terms of our dictating your work in this group. You have to become responsible to you own frequency in accordance with your own soul’s needs.

That aspect of you that bought you here to be taught is the aspect of you that will be in charge of the acquisition of this information. We will tell you this: As you are taught, you will have to become aware of the shifts in our own frequency and your own availability to the alignments that are being brought to you so that you can do the work on our own time. We are not going to tell you that without your intention to realize this it will occur. It will not occur without the footwork being put in.

So Paul is asking, what are you requiring of the group in terms of footwork? The first thing we are going to tell you is about what you are getting into so that you can decide for yourself if this is what you want to be learning. There is no point in taking a class when you don’t know the syllabus. This has been asked for, and we’re going to give it to you now. The first thing you ware going to be taught is about owning your own frequency as you stand today, and to become aware of what that means in order to amplify it. And through the amplification of your existing frequency you can bring to you the information that you require to be taught to hear.

Now understand this, true hearing is in your knowing. “I am in my knowing,” states the intention to be in knowledge, gnosis, of truth. And as you are in your truth, you have to acquire the information one way or another. And the first way we are going to teach you over this next six-month stretch is hearing.

Now there are those who are not in attendance tonight who will require this information, so we are going to make the lecture clear so that it can be read and worked with by those who are not present, and those who study from afar. We want you each to know that the lectures of this group eventually will be compiled into another manuscript. And we have to tell you this: The work of this class is going to be part of that text, and an important part. So we want you to honor this. If you can imagine you are in new age romper room, that is going to be what this is like in the funniest of ways, because this is a class that will end up being audited by those who are not present. Some will be present on a telephone, some will be present on a screen, but others will be attending and that is what is intended.

So if you do not want to be in public situation where a teaching and instruction is reaching a broader group, you may want to think your attendance. We will honor you each; we will not personalize your information as part of a lecture. But we will tell you the resistance, the concerns and the questions that emerge from this course will be part of the class transcription. Period.

So now to the lecture of the night, which is about clairaudience:

You are each a tuning fork, one in the other, each one present, is a tuning fork and your senses are the way you appropriate information that allowed you to navigate. Earlier today we gave Paul an image of a radio tower with a ball of light at the very top of the tower that will call to it the frequency that it requires to distribute to you.

Every moment of the day you are incorporating information through yours senses. “It is too loud.” “It is too hot.” “This tastes funny.” “I can’t hear.” Whatever is going on, you’re actually acclimating experience that you then process through the five senses. Now some of you already know your gifts. You are already seeing. You can already feel in frequency, or you can hear. And that is wonderful and that is the basis of this. But this course is not designed for those who already hear. It’s a course designed for the novitiate and for the disciple of the Christ consciousness who intends to grow in frequency.

Understand this, because it’s extremely important: Growing in frequency involves your growth spiritually. It is not a gift to be hearing psychically when, in fact, the real work is your growth as a spiritual being. And the attributes, or the gifts that that calls to it, allow you to access frequency at a higher level. And as you are doing that you begin to process information through your senses at a higher frequency. You do not except to hear Spirit with your physical ears, nor do you expect to see with your physical eyes. Those are organs what are working in part with a distillation of this information. But your psychic hearing and your psychic sight are actually processed in very different ways.

So we re going to tell you now: You have to become attuned, first place, to what you already know, and how you already operate. If I walk down the street and I see things, I touch things, I feel them, I hear them and I taste them, 80% of what you are doing is completely unconscious. You are just doing your thing, you are up in your head, you’re going someplace, you have plans in the future, you are worried about the past but you are not in present time and consequently, the sensory information that you are operating with, which is always accessing you, always, always, available to you, is being truncated by what’s going on between your ears.

So this week, every day, you are now required as homework to become aware of your senses as you operate on a daily basis. Taste it. Hear it. See it. Feel it. Smell it. But do it consciously, and do it in your awareness. And the reason we are telling you this is you cannot expect to build on a sensory experience that is not already there at present time and being ignored. Why would you learn how to hear psychically when you don’t listen to what’s already in your energy field? Are we making sense? So we are asking you to become responsible to your sensory experience for the next week. Keep a notebook. Keep a tab. “This is what this smelled like, felt like, sounded like” get involved with the sensuality of your experience in a body.

Now the reason we are telling you this is we are going to end up moving you out of the body and beyond the body to begin to access information. You will not hear clairaudiently until you are able to still the mind from all the business that is going on. Now in an ordinary life we would say, “What is your mediation practice? What are you doing to quiet the mind?”

We have an intention here to override systems of resistance though an acclimation to the frequency of the Word. We are going to use the Word to override and bypass psychic resistance to download the information into your causal body that will eliminate the resistance.

Now this is not done passively. Nobody is doing anything to you that you do not go into agreement with, and this is very important. However, you must decide that you can handle what comes up when the system comes in. Now we will explain this to you:

Imagine all your life you have never seen the color yellow, it’s just not been part of your spectrum. It is not accessed. And then one day you start to see yellow. You don’t know what the hell is going on and you want to run for the hills because it seems strange, it seems alien, and suddenly the spectrum is larger than you thought it was. And now you’re going to have to acclimate to it.

Paul has had enough resistance when people overload on energy. He has had his own experience of asking for things and then having to contend with the results, which simply means, if you ask for growth you have to be prepared to contend with the reasons that growth has not handled itself and come into play congruently with you until this time.

Another example is required. Say you want to learn tennis. And you say, “I want to learn tennis,” because you have a vision of yourself bounding gracefully on a court wearing white with a handsome person who is going to throw the ball back to you. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Well, what you’re not taking into consideration is the amount of exercise needed, the skill that is required, the new wardrobe if you’re planning to look like him, and the stamina to hold up on a court with somebody who knows how to play. There is more to it than being in the result and the problem that we have so frequently with people who engage in spiritual growth programs is that they expect the work to be done without honoring the fact that they have to change in order to work. Do you understand this?

Now nobody is being discounted here. Nobody is being yelled at. But we do want to prepare you for change. Once you begin to hear yourselves in the higher frequency, you have to change your knowing. And we want to tell you this: The first thing you will be hearing is yourself. Your own Higher Self, that aspect of you that hears, that honors the Divine Self and can be in accordance with it. This is not a ghost hunting expedition. This is not about hearing a saint as you walk down the aisle in the grocery store. This is about acclimating to your own frequency in order to hear the self that knows everything.

Now Paul is asking again, as he asked this morning, “Is that who I’m listening to? Is this an aspect of myself?” We will tell you the answer again, “No, and Yes, and No.”

You are all connected on a level of frequency, and the higher self that you are is that ball of light at the top of the radio tower that we described. So higher frequency is brought through that aspect of the self and disseminated to you as information. Do you understand this? So you’re operating through your Higher Self as your Divine Self to access information from the higher frequencies. Now you are each capable of this. Every man is capable of this. And the belief that you are not is the first thing that has to be contended with tonight. Period.

Now we want to do this with you, but in order to do this we actually have to require your permission to work with you on this level. As we stated, we are going to dismantle resistance, and some of the resistance that you experience to your abilities is karmic, is cultural, is fear-based, and is structure that has been put in place by authority and matrix to control you and to keep you from experiencing yourself as a Divine Being in fullness.

So we need your permission in order to get in there and support you in recreating a hearing system in the causal body that will allow you to begin to access information. Do you understand this? So we need you each to say “yes,” and we will go around the room and we will do this by name. Do not feel required to say yes. You do not have to honor the request. You will be worked with on the level that we can without going deep. Imagine you are getting a massage. Some people go light and it feels nice you feel refreshed. Other people go in there and restructure. And this is about either, but the work that is required to bring you into alignment with that tower that will become the receptor is about going deep.

(Participants called)

We’re ready for you. Get ready everybody. We have a decree. Speak this to yourselves please. We are working with Paul’s system rapidly. He cannot be interrupted.

“I am now choosing to align myself in frequency to that which I need to bring my hearing in clairaudience to the level that will now dismantle the restrictions that have been placed on my by myself, by my fellows, by my society and by any karmic connections that now need to be cleared in order to liberate me in my hearing. I set the intention that I am being worked with by my teachers, by my guides, by the masters who attend to this group from the light to bring about required changes to my energy field. I affirm this is being done in accordance with my highest good and greatest truth to bring about great change and new ability in hearing. I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word. So be it.”

Now get ready everybody, the work will begin.

We have presents for you tonight, but the presents are different. The presents are tools. It’s as if you’re going to school again, and you have to be given a little lunchbox with a ruler in it. And in your case, we want to give you a notebook that you will write in and we want to give you earplugs. Now earplugs are not physical things. But we want you to be able to discern what you are listening to on a daily, hourly basis.

In this moment, we ask the entire room to go into silence and to hear. What are you hearing? What is your frequency? What is in your environment? Be still and listen. Yes. Now.

“I am now choosing to hear myself through the din of the outside world. I am now choosing to hear myself though the din that has existed within my head. I am now choosing to hear myself in spite of any objections my ego may make, my conscious mind may tell me, or the that resistance that I have invested in culturally may support me in. I am now choosing to hear myself in spite of any resistance I may contend with. And I am doing this though my own free will and in accordance with my highest good. Word I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now tonight we are going to take you through the first stages of amplification of your senses. Now you will become sensitive as a result of this. Paul has a problem sometimes with noise. He is very sensitive to noise for real reasons, but he’s also clairaudient and sound in his energy field impacts him. Guess what everybody? You may find yourself becoming a little too sensitive as you first shift your frequency. Now we do not want to program you, we simply want to tell you that once you begin to align your senses to a higher frequency, you begin to get sensitive in ways you didn’t know you could. So your touch feels sensitive, or your feelings feel tender. And this is all part and parcel of acclimating to a vibration that will inform your ability to work with heightened senses.

So now will do this with you. We ask you each to be quiet again, and to listen to what goes on between your ears. What is going on? What is going on? What is going on?

We ask you now to hear a note in your head, in your consciousness. The note will be a sound of music. But hear the one note as a tone echoing in your head. Allow this to come, yes, allow it to come. Don’t force it, just let be there. When you hear the sound or can imagine the sound, quietly say “yes.”

Let the sound come into your third eye and fill your head as a note, "Ahhh." A sound, a tone, a note. And let this note reverberate in your consciousness.

Now we are going to ask you to do something else. You are going to hear a word, and the word will be “yes.” Now imagine Paul’s voice in your head saying “yes.” Hear the echo of his voice as if it is coming to you in accordance with your frequency and without sound. But you will hear it in your head “yes.”

Can you replicate the sound in your head, yes? If you can do this, and you can bring the sound to you in replication, you have just had an experience of hearing clairaudeintly. Now we will do this with you again. Imagine for a moment that you are hearing the voice of yourself in your head saying “I know.” Let it fill your head as a thought and as a sound. “I know.” Let it come, let it come, let it come.

Now we will bring this to you as a word from us. “I love you.” That is the word you will hear. “I. Love. You.” And feel this in you as a frequency in your mind. “I. Love. You.” There is no way to force this, you do not have to do anything but hear and align to this word, “I. Love. You.”

Now receive love though the third eye. Blessing to each of you. We are going to work on your system now. Feel this at your crown center. Do you feel the tingle; do you feel the lifting at our head, yes? We are working with you each on your consciousness. “I. Love. You.” Receive, receive, receive, receive, receive. Well done everybody.

Now we’re going to open you up at the crown center and fill you up with sound. Now sound doesn’t mean sound in a traditional way when we speak of it. What sound will mean is frequency. Understand this. When Paul hears us, he is not hearing sound, he is hearing the impression of a word being gifted to him that he realizes in form as a word and then responds to. We are filling him with words more than sound. And the words that we fill him with are in frequency. So if you expect to hear something as you have heard with your physical ears, you are going to make it harder for yourself. You are going to be hearing frequency.

Next week we want to teach you to work with your consciousness to hear others. And this is going to be part of much, much longer process. Please nobody expect a quick fix. Paul has already gone before you, but this is all new teaching to his system, and in fact, as we have said, you are the laboratory for the work that will go out into the world in a much larger way. So we want you to take a moment now and decide for yourself that you are wiling to go on this journey.

Now this is important, and Paul has had this thought, but we want to gift it to you because it’s a wonderful idea. We would like you each to think, for a moment, of a time in your life when you heard yourself, truly heard yourself, as if the voice in your head was accurate, was direct, and was telling you what you needed to know. Please do this now, and then move into the memory in your physical system of what this felt like. Yes? This is what we would like you to do.

(Individual energy work commences)

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