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Channeling 8/27/2009 "Ascension"

(The following is a transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on August 27, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We have to talk. And times are rough in certain places because of the transitions that are happening. Not everybody is ascending in consciousness. Now in order to understand what we are talking about, you have to understand that the lifting that is going on on a planetary level is in frequency.

Now Paul is seeing the image from Mary Poppins where there was laughing gas and people began to float up to the ceiling. Now this is not an apt metaphor for ascension in consciousness, but if you can recall everybody’s first impulse was to grab onto something to keep from floating away. And in a lot of ways, the experiences that people are having now are about tethering themselves to their requirements to stay safe in the face of change.

“I am going to tie myself to the bedpost in case the flood comes! I will be carried by my bed.” “I am going to hold onto this job I hate for dear life! Because when things get bad, I am going to be grateful.”

Now there is nothing wrong with tethering yourself if you know that that’s what you’re doing. But to the extent that these choices are made in fear, you are contributing to the global matrix of fear. And that is the whole point of fear: To sustain itself. Please understand this once and for all: Every action you take that is born out of fear contributes to the matrix of fear. And as long as this is in place, what will happen on this planet will be a limitation in consciousness out pictured in fear.

Now we will talk for a few minutes about the requirements for change and what will happen once people begin to lift off in consciousness. The requirements for change, as we would speak of them, have to do with love and being in love and vibrating as love.

Now this is not amorphous. This is not “peace, love and love beads.” This is not a slogan. This is not a pretty way of feeling. This is action. To be in love is in action in this world. To be in love is to be in the system of Christ consciousness that is making itself known. It is the wave of consciousness that you are ascending into that is come, that is here, and is present.

The battle against this energy, we would say, is born out of control. And those aspects of the self that you have now that wish to stay tethered, or in the darkness, or in the requirements of the ego to stay in fear are those things that must now leave.

Now we say must, but the “must” is really choice. Do you want to stay in your junk that keeps you tethered in lower frequency, or do you want to ascend and go up to a higher place in the requirements for your understanding and acceptance of the self in Christ consciousness?

Now bear with us please. There’s a lot going on in this room tonight. And we are actually moving energy through Paul’s system as we separate what is truth and what is fear. The way we operate now as a group frequency shifting through Paul is angling upwards as he makes himself available to the transcriptions that will be coming through.

Your requirement is to become known in your actions as love. Are you willing to do this? You have to decide, in your own way, that who you are going to operate is, as your true self, will become merited through action. To decide that you are willing to sit back and watch the parade when the parade is you and that aspect of you that it would be marching is passing you by is to stay in your limitation. So tonight we want to speak about resistance and wholeness and what it means to become whole.

Now fabrication, which is lying, is the thing that we want to talk about right now. Paul has been told this already in the book that is coming through him. But you must be told this now: There are no white lies. A lie is a lie is a lie. And the only reason that you would lie is because you are frightened of the truth.

Now, when we say this, we make you responsible in this moment in time to knowing yourself as the one who engages in a behavior that tethers her to a system of fear.

Now we are not telling you to run around hurting people’s feelings. We are not telling you that you have to claim your truth in any way that as harmful to another. But we will tell that you are all lying every day when you bypass yourself as a Divine Being. When you pretend that this is not what you are, you reduce your frequency and you go into agreement with the matrix of fear.

So the question then becomes, how do you elevate frequency? How do you stay up? And how do you transition from lower frequency to higher through intention?

This is what we want you to know: You are accountable for your energy system. It is you, really. And its more true to you than the physical body that you walk around in because aspects of this you carry with you when you are leaving the body or when you are walking around in other states of consciousness.

Now when you understand that the dictates have taken on that keep your self tethered lower frequency can be healed through consciousness, you can begin to change them. However, the extent that you decide to remain in alignment with the old stuff because it feels right, it’s the way things have always looked, and it takes up much too much effort to move through the systems of resistance, you can stop fighting and sit back and watch the parade pass you by.

Now we are not speaking about your doing anything that is opposed to your own free will. However, we believe, at times, that you do not see who you are. And as you forget who you are, you reduce your frequency and then you invite all kinds of trouble.

Each time Paul gets angry, which has been a lot lately, we have to work on his system in order to bring him back up in refinement so that he can operate as a channel for our frequencies. We do not hold the frequency of anger nor do we resonate with it. So, consequently when he is at that level, he cannot hear us and we cannot access the vehicle through which we would teach and be in our expression.

So his responsibility, now, is to choose, through his free will, to allow the anger and the creations of the anger that have been operative to begin to dismantle and to release. As this is done, his system can align again. And not only that. They will align at a higher level because the darkness that was impeding the light from coming into it’s wholeness has been shifted. Now this is responsibility.

Each one of you has to understand that who you are today is made up of your consciousness. Who you have always thought you were and why you do what you do, is born out of that knowing, both for better and for worse.

We have talks to give you these days on responsibility. Now, if you can go back to the image of people holding onto the furniture so that they don’t get lifted up in consciousness, you will understand that the requirements of those people are to ascend, which means to lift in consciousness and embody as the Divine Self that you are.

Don’t believe that this is physical ascension as the others wouldn’t describe it although the body, in fact, is transformed through this process of regeneration and alignment to higher frequency. But please understand that those people who are being called to lift, which is everybody, are fighting it because they hold onto the known and the known has been all that you have had to go by.

So, there is no blame. How do you let go of the bedpost if that’s what’s carrying you through the flood? You don’t. Well guess what everybody. The flood is good. The flood is the frequency of the light coming into form and as you go into this, you wash yourselves, you divest yourselves of that resistance that has kept you from your knowing, from your creations in a higher scale and give you the liberation to rejoin yourself in frequency as the Christed one you are intended to be.

The freedom that you get through this process is outrageous. The freedom that is available to you through this manifestation goes beyond what you can imagine.

Everybody understand this: The scale that you operate from is minute in its awareness. minute in its possibility. You still think that getting a lot of money is how you succeed. Or looking right. Or having a job you like. We are not knocking these things, but please understand that this is part of the illusion. This is part of the structure that keeps you here. If you are told that you will look wrong or you will not look right if you don’t have this or that and you ascribe to it, you are limiting yourself in manifesting your truth. The problem we have with so many systems of manifesting is it’s all about objectifying consciousness based on a scale of external merit that was in place to keep you in limitation.

Understand this please: We are very happy if you have a house you like, but please don’t equate that with manifesting spiritual growth. Please don’t be silly. The belief that you have that you should have that big house come from cultural dictates that would control you.

Everybody understand this: So much of what you believe to be of merit, to be important, and how you assess your success and failure is born out of control. Everybody ask yourself this: What is one way he in my consciousness that I feel failed? Ask yourself what that is and then ask yourself how you could possibly feel that if somebody else didn’t tell you that it was supposed to be that way? Do you get this? You are all walking around asleep because you believed that it was okay to be controlled by everybody else’s consciousness.

Now the resistance on a mass scale to consciousness shifting is it means that those paradigms that have been in place that control you must go. Period. They cannot be sustained in the new frequency. If you want to get learned, go back and read the New Testament specifically at the teachings of The Sermon on the Mount, which describes a change in consciousness born in the individual and eschews the physical manifestations that would be dictated. Remember the lilies of the field.

Remember what we say now that you have choice. You are embodying. And where you are controlled is where you are being tethered. And where you are frightened and where you hold onto a structure because you do not believe you will be free without it is where you get into trouble and block the freedom that is your God given right.

We will talk more about this in weeks to come. This is little stuff and its huge stuff, because you will experience it through the minutia of the daily experiences of your life but you will have to begin to see it out pictured in a grand level of global control and matrix. There are reasons why people go hungry. There are reasons why governments fail. And there are reasons why illness manifests in certain nations. And everybody gets this: So much of this has to do with control.

Your experience is about to change. Everybody’s is. This is very good news but it’s not little stuff. The world is about to know itself anew and that is the process of coming into consciousness.

We are not telling you anything scary. We are actually telling you something good. People are waking up and the wake-up call has been sounded. And the responsibility now is your own. “Am I willing to let myself go? Am I willing to release the handle that I am holding onto that tells me that I am safe when the current of the river wants to bring me to the sea?” And we will tell you now, the sea is the Christ consciousness made manifest on this plane of experience. I am Word. I am Word. I am Word.

We thank you each for the lecture of the patience of the time. We give you time now for a moment to make your own decisions about what you need, and then we will commence with the individual and the group work in frequency.

We want you to know something: Your dedication to the self through coming here and through amplifying frequency is supporting you. And we want you now to make your own choices. “What do I need? What can I be supported in? How can I be healed?” Become co-creators with this process, and we will work with you as we are able. Thank you each.

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