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Channeling 8/6/2009 "Listening"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on August 6, 2009. It was followed by individual and group energy work and instruction.)

We need to talk about what’s really been going on, and differentials between how you feel and how you are. And this is actually very important to understand. Sometimes the differential is not right. Sometimes you feel fine and, in fact, you’re awful. Well, in this case we want to tell you that sometimes you feel awful and you’re better than you’ve been for a long time.

Now there’s a reason for this, and this has to do with growth and re-patterning and re-solving issues that have been brought forth, in part, by your willingness to engage with them. It’s much easier if you understand why you feel the way you do than if you understand that everything is wrong, the world stinks, you stink, and nothing could be right and you can’t pin it on something.

Now the easy thing to do is to pin it on something in the physical reality that you know, that you can identify with and, in fact, while that may be catalytic for what you’re experiencing, what you’re truly experiencing is the differential in action.

For example: If you’re always hungry because you’ve always been eating too much, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re funnily lonely when you’ve always been surrounded by people, that might actually be a good thing as well, because you’re realizing in a new way who you are needing to be with and who is no longer available to you. So sometimes the pain is good.

Now we are not endorsing pain and we will tell you this: The extent that you are feeling pain is the extent that you are attached to the behavior that you are releasing. It doesn’t really matter if you go to the Laundromat with clean clothes on and you get dirty in the Laundromat, you have a place to put the clothing. However, if you go to the Laundromat with filthy clothing, you have to take them off, put them in the washer and then come out again. There is a process engaging you. And why should you think that it would be any different with the growth patterns that you are in?

Now we will tell you about the attachment that you are experiencing to pain. Pain is a residual emotion. When it is an emotional pain, it is always in reaction to something. You cannot be in pain over something that does not matter to you. When you are not in pain, it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t really matter if you lose the job you didn’t want, or the child moves from home that was a pain in the ass all those years. What a relief.

It’s much harder when you have an attachment emotionally to something or someone or some situation that you are now having to re-solve in a new way and we are using the word re-solve in different way that you are used to.

You all have techniques for embodying yourselves in your lives. Ways that you do things, ways that you encounter others, ways that you hear each other talk and respond to. And we are going to tell you that that is a way that you can work with yourselves as you begin to identify the self through your behaviors.

Now each one of you knows each other through the things that you present. And when you shift your energies, the way you experience yourself changes and denies past patterning to come to the forefront to do what you have always done to meet the needs you have always had.

Once you begin to realize that your behavior no longer supports you, you may go through a process of reissuing behaviors from the past to find the one that feels right. It’s as if you put on 12 pairs of pants before you leave the apartment to find the one that will work with your new outfit. Do you understand? When in fact, what is really happening is behavior has become changed, and as behavior changes, you have to shift in your actions to support a new way of doing things.

Now we will address individual issues tonight, but we want to start with Paul first because his shifts are large and because he is grieving several things at the same time.

And the grief of love is, in fact, the opening to love. If that is fully understood by him he will welcome it as the ambassador that greets him in the new land of love. And this is very important: The grieving of love is the opening of the heart and the passage to the new love, “in love,” that we have spoken about for a long time.

To be in love, to be in the frequency of love, is to be in Divine Love. As you experience this as yourself, your world changes radically and the benefits are present in very experiential ways. Now that is one grief. But there are several things moving for Paul now that are being released and re-solved in behavior.

The fear of abandonment is one that we have addressed with him individually in the past several weeks, but there is an issue that cords him to this experience that we will address publicly because we believe it will be of benefit to others. And that is a cord to fear of the release of abandonment.

When the fear of abandonment is released, the desire for others changes, because there no longer is an intention to hold tightly, or to claim, or to claim as your own in a way that you would when you are still operating from a fear-based pattern of requirements of others’ behavior for you. And this is very simply explained to each of you if you look at your loves, what you love, who you love, and how you require those loves to respond to you.

Once you understand that the requirement of love is love and nothing else, you are in great freedom. Once this is understood by Paul, he will free himself in ways he has not seen yet. However, we will tell him this: This is a process for him as it will be for each of you when you choose to address this.

But the energy and the profit of being “in love”, the frequency of love, is of wonder-full benefit to the soul and to all the soul encounters. It is the aspiration for each of you on our light to become you in love, to see you as love. To realize you as love would be the gift we would seek to bestow upon you each

Now the fear of abandonment always goes back to a core issue in embodiment. And it has to do with a belief in separation, first from the self and second from the Source. If you realize that all of your relationships, finally, are created by you in mirroring ways to serve you and to teach you and to give you your growth, you will see that you create these things for each of your selves to respond to.

Now once you understand that the abandonment of the self, the true self, the Divine Self that you are is a key to moving forward in reclamation, you act accordingly. And once you believe that you are that force, you are that Christed Self, you are that light, or aspect of the divine that you believe on a conscious level already and working towards realizing, then you can become more aware of the trajectory you require in reclamation of this part of the self. As you understand this, the Divine Self, in its requirement of realization will begin to benefit from the reaction of the causal body as it frequency-wise adjusts and expands to a new level of awareness.

Now Divine Love never abandons anyone. It is not possible. It cannot be so. But the belief that one can be separate from love, which is the real issue here, can be experienced as a deep abandonment, and that is something each of you are going to contend with as you continue on this journey. Because you are working towards an awareness of your unification with Source, and those things that have impeded unification are being addressed now.

As you become aware of this you transform, but the contending of these things, through dereliction, through past behavior of ignorance or fear, or the requirements of fear that have created problems, will now have to be seen and healed in divine light. “I am the Word through these things that have caused me pain.”

Now we will tell Paul one thing before we move on: Our requirements for his growth through this journey are deeply imperative to the work we have planned, which simply means he does not get off the easy way. He cannot work this way in frequency and be in denial of pain, or be in a response to fear at the level that he is comfortable with. To do this diminishes frequency, and diminished frequency requires us to do reparation work each time we work though his system.

So we are asking him now to be in receptive mode towards the requirements of his releasing and affirming that this is all in God’s time, that this is all in service, and that the way is being shown.

As one is magnified as light, that which has held the darkness is being revealed. This is his process. This is your process as well. And to stay in denial of those areas of pain and not to be in the willingness to be healed creates chaos. And that kind of chaos can be a damaging response when one is not clear that one is actually leaving a past creation. The past creation will often hang out and demand itself to be seen and be the “winner,” as it were, so that it doesn’t have to respond to the transformation that is being required of it.

Imagine that in the closet was the Boogeyman. And the light has come on and the closet door opens and the Boogeyman is revealed for what it is: A creation of fear. A creation and an embodiment of a fear-based creation. Period. And once that thing is seen for what it is, it can be cleaned. However, the Boogeyman, as it were, which is your behavior, or your fear, or whatever else it is that is keeping you in fear, will try to convince you otherwise.

It is one of the reasons people get frightened and take a high road away from the work when the work begins to get a little tough. It gets frightening. You have to contend with your stuff.

Now we are telling you each this now for your benefit, and we are also going to tell you this for your information and for the requirements of your growth:

The belief that this is difficult creates difficulty. We are not telling you it’s a candy store. We are not telling you it’s fun. But we will tell you what we told Paul: The attachment to the issue is what creates the problem. To the extent that you don’t have an attachment to it, you can be un-tethered very easily, but if you can understand that the need for your pain, the desire for it, is actually deeply ingrained in you through habituated behavior and through self-identification as the pain, you understand differently.

You can deal with this once you realize you are not this thing that you think you are. You are not this frightened man, or this pained woman, or this grieving widow, or this sorrowful friend. You are not these things. Those are expressions of emotion, we do not deny them, but we ask you simply to remember the truth of who you are.

To state “I am Word” requires you, on a level of self-identification. to command that you are working in a higher frequency of self-revelation. And by self-revelation we mean that the self is being revealed, encountered and realized in its truth in a higher vibration. Do you understand what we are saying?

Now we have spoken a fair amount tonight and we still have some more to say. But we are taking this opportunity to reach Paul through his chaos and to teach you through the issues that he is contending with through this transformative process of incarnation.

Now no one here is special. No one here is doing anything other than manifesting themselves as they truly are. And the requirements of this make itself known as the passage continues.

If you imagine that you are walking down a dark road with a flashlight, once in a while you will encounter something that have to deal with that you did not expect to be lying in the path, that was hidden in the darkness, and now this beam of light that you are carrying will reveal in stark resolution to you to be contended with.

We are congratulating you each for the willingness to stand firm in this and we honor the difficulties that present themselves on this path as you encounter these things. We ask that you each stand firm in your willingness to love the self through this process, because the respect of the self that is encountering his issues is paramount to allowing these issues to be addressed.

When one is disabled by fear, one has a very difficult time holding respect and self realization. When one is disabled by fear, one has a very hard time blessing the self and blessing those the self encounters because it is all being colored and resolved through fear to be what it is.

But the moment you decide that you can do this, that you can be healed and that this is part of the journey, you can withstand those things that present themselves on the path in welcoming – not necessarily in joy – who wants to go through it? but in welcoming this next passage of your journey towards your love for the self that you truly are.

Now we are going to ask you each to do something tonight. We want to talk about listening and the idea of listening and what it truly means.

To be in listening means to be in response without an articulated behavior attached to it. To be in listening is to be in response. And when we ask for you to do this tonight, we actually want you to realize that as listeners you have the potential to hear, and as you can hear, we tell you, your journey will be beckoned to. You will be called forward in your hearing to manifest those requirements of your individual growth. You will understand where you need to go to be what you need to be in realization.

Now we are taking about hearing, not as a mental construct but as a response to vibratory frequency. Everything is in frequency and you are an energy field in form, in frequency. And we are going to start working with you tonight to open up to hear. Now by “hear” we don’t mean using your ears. We mean using your fields to demonstrate clairaudience.

Now this is the gift that Paul has been working with for some time, and we say gift because it is handed to him with purpose. But in fact, a skill is a skill and anything can be taught, and we have an intention now to begin to teach you to hear.

This is going to be a process that we will return to periodically over the next six months of work. Because there are people that are not here that are requiring this, it will be done in stages. But we effort this on your behalf so that you can begin to learn directly through your interaction with Source and with your guides.

Now of course you all know at this juncture that you are protected. But we want to remind you that is a requirement of the listener to stand in her protection, in her awareness of her light so that she can become protection and embodiment all at the same time.

It’s not a lot different than putting on a raincoat when you know going to get wet. When you know you’re going to be a tuning fork for the higher frequencies and you’re going to get an earful, you might as well choose to hear the highest frequency available to you, and not that dirty old man whose been hanging out on the street corner all this time waiting to talk dirty. Do you understand what we’re talking about?

So we’re telling you the need for protection is actually essential at this stage of your development. As you begin to increase in frequency, the responsibility is changed, only in that your frequency will not allow the lower energies passage. But for this time, we will recommend that you will work with this protection:

“I am Word through my protection. Word I am Word. I am Word through my knowing of myself as safe. Word I am Word. I am Word through my knowing of myself as protected by my guides and by the love of my Creator. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

And yes, Paul, you can say this. Paul wants to say you can use any prayer of protection you require that is in service to the light. However, we want you to know that this is not about being in fear. You do not walk out of the door with your umbrella in fear of the rain; you are simply taking a wise precaution so you don’t get soaked. And in this case, as you begin to hear, you want to be in your discernment about the requirements of listening. And we will tell you more about this as we continue this lecture in two weeks. That is when this lecture will commence once again.

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