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Channeling 7/30/2009 "The Mountain"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling that was held in New York City on July 30, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

This is about time now, and what time really means to you, and how you process things. And right now, each one of your are in process with the kinds of changes you have inducted through your spiritual work. Each one present, in her way, has made a decision to climb a mountain. And as the mountain is climbed there are different times when the walk strikes one as overwhelming, as impossible, as futile, as wrong.

“How could I have made a decision, in my time, to climb a mountain, not knowing what was on the other side, what was at the peak, what I would stand on, and where I would be?”

These are the questions you have now that bring you into fruition, and actually, if you understand that the questions are part of the map that you are carrying with you as you engage yourselves on this journey upwards, you will understand that it is safe to question and, in funny ways, gives you permission to assess the distance to the highest peak.

Now the one thing you don’t see and are not allowed to see at this juncture is what happens when you ascend to the peak. You have ideas about what it means to be high up in awareness. You have high ideas of what it means to stand above and look at the ground below you with a distance and a consciousness that reflects your efforts. You have an awareness that it will not be what you know, but you do not see where you are going, nor can you yet. And this is part of the journey. It is the faith that is required of the seeker when she transgresses the norm and ascends beyond the limitations that she has bargained for in her time.

Time time time. We will say this again:

You are each framing your experiences in a kind of awareness of time and what that means for you. “How long will it take until I know where I am going? Until I am loved? Until I am seeing myself with the worth that I know I am but cannot access? How do I get this place in time to experience it?”

Now if you understand, once again, that time is created through a system of interactions and agreements, you can actually change time. And changing time means something very simple: When you change time, you make a decision that the rules that have been equated with the systems and agreements are not true, and you transgress, you bypass, you agree on a new ideal. That is where miracles come into play, and it is also why change can be alchemical and not a labored process.

Of course, you could say, “I want to be at the pinnacle today, I want to stand on the mountain and know myself as aware, consciously, of what I am as a true ascended being.” But of course, if we were to say “yes,” you would say “no,” because you have a deep investment still in your ascension, the process of growing into yourself as it were, to be a laborious process.

Now we want to explain what that means, because there are two sides to it:

The first side is you are still attached to the belief that what comes slowly is earned in truth. That is why people who win a lot of money lose a lot of money. They have not earned it in their consciousness, so it does not stay. However the flip side is, that when you choose to do something this rapidly, your understanding of it is bypassed, and the ego and the self that has to navigate a daily life does not have the support of his awareness to make do and assimilate the changes. So you see, the down side is investment and the upside is actually investment as well for protection’s sake.

We once said to Paul that you could be in a map and not know where you were. And in a funny way you are standing right now in a place of unknowing because the map is in you and around you and you are ascending to a place of awareness that is new. We hope we are understanding ourselves when we speak tonight. We are attempting to explain a process of de-systematizing an attachment to time, and this is a little new for us to explain to you, so we will take it very slowly.

As you become attached to your process: “I will not know how to do this until I finish the class and I am awarded the degree, and that must be hard or the degree would not mean anything,” well, that is one way to keep yourself in place and to go into agreement about how hard it can be to change.

On the other hand, you can quite simply say “I am now learning at the rate that I can learn at, and that can be very quickly and the systems that I have believed that would preclude from my awareness, from my understanding and from my achievement will be clearing for me to move fast. I am doing this now with complete integration of my consciousness and my daily life so that they are assimilated and I can function in the new frequency of awareness.” Do you understand? What you have just done then is created a new system that will bring you forth into an awareness of what can be.

We will talk now about what the systems can be and how to change them. Each day when you decide that you are climbing the mountain of your life, you make the decision based on your responses about whether or not it will be difficult or easy. It is always decision that embarks you on any journey. “I don’t want to go to work, its going to be hard” creates hard. Or, “It’s not so important, I might as well have a nice time with the work at hand” makes it easy. So you have re-systematized your creations and created an easier day. When you redesign your systems, you redesign your experience. Now when you want to ascend, which is the work of this group, in consciousness, you choose to do this in several different ways:

Through your actions, through your conscious decisions, through your insights which give you the awareness you need to open yourselves, and through your love. When you are in your love and acting from your love, you are in your ascension, period. There is no other place you could possibly be.

So the choice that you each have is to establish yourselves in these systems as you navigate your day and your ascensions. These are the places to check in on, they are the ways to stand in your understanding and therefore going into your knowing. And you all understand already that knowing and understanding are two vastly different expressions of consciousness.

Now we want to give you gifts tonight, but we also want to teach you something. And it’s about the navigation of the steep hills that you are facing and what you bring to them through your conscious creations:

“I am in mourning” creates your grief. “I am in wonder” creates your wonder. “I am in love” creates your love. They are all conscious actions and expressions of your consciousness that create your lives. And as you continue to become aware that this is what you do now, intended or not, you navigate them as your allies. And as the path reveals itself, you stand up and you claim your knowing as you climb the mountain before you.

Now talking is one thing, expressing it is something quite different. Paul is wondering, “What stops us from expressing ourselves in our knowing, in our actions as love, in our ascension?”

Fear is what stops us. Fear of love. Fear of being understanding. Fear of knowing. Fear of your ascension. All of those things are the rocks that you must bypass or transmute or understand and move in order for you to move past them. To the extent that you bring this to a knowledge of the self, you can begin to work with it practically. And this is your choice. To the extent that you decide, “I want this fear, I want this transgression against my fellow to stay standing still, I want this fear to keep me from my good” you stall your path and you stand on the mountain.

What happens finally is that the wall of mountain that you face in this place becomes familiar to you, it becomes the landscape that you exist in, and you forget that there was a higher place to go. So we are encouraging you tonight to forgive your brother, to release your fear, to stop fearing your ascension, which is coming into your consciousness as a created being manifesting as the Christ consciousness. That is the work of the time. Period.

So we want to give you a little preview what is on the mountaintop so that you can have an awareness that at least this is worthy of the climb, that this is worthy of the investment, and that this is worthy of the honoring of the work that you have committed to.

And we ask you each to receive through the crown center down the awareness of the self as knowing her path in light, the awareness of knowing his path in light. This is very important. All you are doing is receiving through the center of the crown and allowing this frequency to begin to work you. You are being worked through and by this frequency. Let it come, let it come, let it come.

We are working on each of you individually now. And this is being worked with on two different levels: your auric feield and the physical presence that you stand in, so that you can hold this frequency. As you begin to hold the frequency, you begin to embody this, and this becomes who you are. We are working with you each.

Paul wants you to ask yourselves, “Why am I doing this? What is this work and what am I doing it for?” and trust the answer that your receive. As you are doing this, we are working on your energy fields and creating a new system in your frequency to support you as the journey continues upward.

I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.
I am Word through vibration. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word. Word I am Word.

We bring you each the Christ through the heart and third eye. Let it come, let it come, let it come. We are opening you up to your love. Let it come, let it come, let it come. Ask them each to receive a hand on the heart and third eye. “Yes” when you feel it.

We are anchoring you each as love. This is the energy we promise you. At the pinnacle, you become love. Period.

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