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Channeling 10/1/2009 "Knowing"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on October 2, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We’re ready to talk. And the jurisdiction of your soul’s choices is really what you’re contending with again and the manifestations of what you have chosen in past incarnations is actually up again as well. The ties you have to the past are what are being addressed right now whether you know it or not, and the contentiousness that you are experiencing in your physical world is part of this release.

When you have an issue that has had this basis in a previous incarnation what you actually contend with is a multi-layered creation. And you have the opportunity in this lifetime to release it in its entirely, but this cannot be done without allowing it to come up.

The fact that you each spend time repressing these issues of fear or guilt or subordination of your impulses because you are frightened of them, because you judge them, means that they don’t get addressed cleanly. If you can imagine yourself laying down on a bed of nails and saying “Okay, time to turn over,” you’re not very inclined to do that and, in a funny way, that’s what you do when you lay down on your stuff. And your stuff are those things, those creations that you want to protect, for whatever reason.

Now you all have choices, and as you embody as yourselves, as your Divine Selves, what you are required to do is learn what these things are and act upon them decisively. The choice to do this in responsibility will give you the allowance to change your knowing to a higher caliber of frequency.

Now we want to explain this to you. When you choose from a fundamental place, which is what you know, you cannot be in error. You are actually in honestly, but you can also understand that there are gradations of knowing and different levels of awareness. So a tree is a tree until it starts being a table, or firewood, or a splinter in your toe. This is all the same energy manifesting in different forms. So when you say “I know” you may be perfectly accurate from a certain level of awareness, but understand now, please, that there is a higher level of awareness for you to be contending with.

So the self-justification that you each have in your knowing, “I am right. I chose right. I do what I do from my knowing” may be integrally truthful but may still be operating from low frequency. Now if you can understand that you have choices about this, you can begin to respond differently, and we would like to give you an example:

When you choose to do something fearful and you are facing your fear, you are breaking through on a certain level of consciousness and you congratulate yourself. However, when your realize there was never anything to fear, you have shifted consciousness. So working in the face of fear in your knowing is quite different that moving beyond it so it’s no longer even an issue. Do you understand what we are saying?

Now when you choose the higher, you become responsible for your choice, and that incurs change. Every time you choose you are incurring change whether or not you know it, and this includes those things that you choose in your passivity “I will not call him,” “I will not take that job,” “I will just sit here.” Do you all understand? You are still incurring choice and you are incurring change. So all we are asking you to do right now is realign your knowing to a higher place of subordination to the will of the Divine. So when you become one with your own sense of knowing in higher frequency you move into an awareness of higher will, and as you move into your congruence with Divine Will, you begin to move effortlessly.

Now as you learn to talk a new language you begin with easy words. And the words that you choose are the ones that you require to operate and navigate readily though a new experience in another country. The same is true with working in frequency. We have given you the preschool version up until now in terms of the basis of your responsibility to your own creations. And now we are telling you they are layered, not only from jobs done, as it were, in this lifetime but also those things done, accepted and chosen in prior incarnations. And as we said earlier, when you are clearing one thing now, you may also be clearing that which is contained within it from previous inhabitations on this plane and others.

Please understand everybody: Your awareness of yourself in this lifetime is deeply informed by prior constructions. These are constructions not only of yourself and the lives you have lived, but all that has been agreed upon internationally on this plane for thousands of years. You are all choosing again and again and again to recreate past paradigms because they are what you have known. And as you choose anew, your responsibility now is to lift above the basic level of construction that you have been living with until this day.

So tonight we want to teach you some things. And we want to teach you about manifestations and also about choice, so that you understand that when you choose this are choosing in your congruence with your own truth. How this is done will be a new technique for Paul and we’re gong to have to withdraw him as much as we can so he doesn’t intrude and say “What the hell is this?”

This is really about allowance tonight. As you have been changing in your frequency you have risen above certain things. And the things that you have risen above are those sorts of things that have changed you and kept you at bay in the past. So now that you are rising, you are beginning to have a view of what you have chosen up until now, and some of you are saying “What the heck was I thinking?” “Why was this so important?” “What did he mean, she mean to me?” “What was this life about?”

The uncomfortability that you are experiencing at times is actually about the un-tethering of these creations in your lives. You have chosen to rise, and as you ascend in frequency what you create must change as well. It cannot be the same. How you breathe at two feet is different than two thousand feet and, in a funny way, that’s a very apt metaphor for shifting in consciousness.

Now the residual fears that are called up as this process continues are some of the things that you have been contending with. “My this, my that” those things you have claimed to be you from lower understanding, from fear, from others claims on you. All of these things, in fact, have been coming up and you’ve all been grabbing at them and holding them because, in a funny way, the familiarity of your pain comforts you, and you call it back because you believe, still, that you are protected by your fear, by your pain.

“If I don’t worry about it, something terrible could happen.” “If I don’t fight it, I will be hurt.” “If I don’t create a wall to separate myself from my brother, I will be hurt.” These are the kinds of constructions now that, in fact, you are contending with once again because it’s time to let them go. And so you hold them, you have that experience once again, and then you realize, hopefully, that it’s not required. That you don’t need it anymore in order to serve yourselves as the protected one, as it were.

Now Paul is already wondering, “What is this new technique?” It’s less of a technique than a way of understanding. When you are in your knowing you have choices to make. So say this: You are in a store and you know that need a sweater, and you can buy a sweater, any sweater in the store. But what is the high choice and what is the low choice?

Now that’s a poor example only in that a sweater is a sweater, but it can be a relationship, or a career choice, or a spiritual teacher you may deciding about. And then the question becomes how do you know what the high frequency is? Sometimes your knowing, still, is based on the predictability of habit. “Everybody says this is a great sweater” so that’s the sweater you get, or the partner, or the job, or the teacher. It’s really up to you.

So the level of resonance we would like to work with you with tonight is on higher and lower frequency. We would like you to focus on something, a choice that you made in the past that was a faulty choice. You can each thing of an example, please. But think of a time in your life when you chose based on assumption or thinking as opposed to your knowing. Please do this now and see what it feels like to remember it, to establish yourself in that frequency again. What does it feel like to know? You are in our knowing on a certain level when you chose, so we are asking you to summon it.

Now go, please, to a choice that you made that worked out beautifully. And we would like you to go where you were, as you can, as you were making that choice. Go back into the memory of it and see what you feel, see what you felt, and re-member yourself to that action as best you can. What you may experience, frankly, is a gradation of frequency. There are no wrong choices, really, but there are choices that are informed by fear and by cultural obligation that have absolutely nothing to do with your higher needs. If you each think about where you went to school, or who you dated and you ask yourself how you were conforming to obligation, you are going to get a whole lot of information where you have gone into agreement with paradigms that were not chosen by you but for you that you went into agreement with.

Now as you move into higher frequency, we want you to know this, your responsibilities become increased ultimately, because you have the knowing, you have the choice, you’re not operating in the dark anymore. So you are being required, in a funny way, to hear yourselves and regard yourselves as the one who knows form the Creative Source. Now the Creative source, we will say, is the Christ within you “I am Word” is the Christ in manifestation. This is all divine frequency that is available to you.

Now we would like to do a teaching with you, as it were, and the teaching we would like to do with you has to do with amplifying frequency and calling in information. And this is new for Paul again, but we’re going to try it and see and what happens.

We would like you all, at this time, to begin to amplify your frequency. Everybody, if they would, respond by amplifying your energy field until it is becoming larger and larger and larger. And now ask yourself a question: “What do I need to know about this or that? I am now claiming my knowing. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.” And allow the frequency to come to you as you call it.

Please understand, everybody, that you do not need to be listening with you ears. You need to be moving into your knowing. Now we gave you an exercise earlier of remembering your knowing from a fear-based choice, or from a faulty choice, or from a higher choice to ask you to remember what the feelings were. So now you have something to assess as you call forth your own information in frequency.

“I am calling forth the knowing that I need to ‘blank.’ I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.” And allow your energy frequency to know. “I am in my knowing. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Our choices with you are to give you permission to claim your authority as yourselves, as your Divine Self. That’s what we are working with you on. Each and every one of you is getting training at this time on knowing and that is the exercise that you are doing with your partners, and that is what goes in the notebook you should be keeping. Because as you can anchor your knowing, you begin to call more and more of it to you. Now we will teach you something new:

“I am now choosing to realign my energy field to allow myself to release those creations from the past that are now limiting my understanding and my ability to access my knowing. I am now choosing to release any and all inhibitions to my Divine Knowing that are ready to be cleared in accordance with my highest good. And I am bringing into form my knowing in the way that is most perfect for me. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

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