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Channeling 10/8/2009 "Realignment"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling conducted in New York City on October 8, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work)

We have things to discuss tonight, and they’re pertinent to the times and the ways you feel. As you navigate though this time you will each be experiencing your differentials. And what this actually means is that the way that you experience yourself will be transitioning. And as you experience the transitions what happens are those old feelings that have cropped up to be re-experienced are actually being released. This is actually very important, because as you move up higher you have to disengage from the lower, and those “baggages” you have carried will be releasing rapidly as you move upward in frequency. The time is rapidly changing and as you move forward you must begin to understand that your responsibility is to transition yourselves, as you are, into the new frequency.

Your responsibility, each one of you, is to recruit yourself to the next level of consciousness. And we would like you to do this with us through this intention:

“I am now choosing to realign my energy field to support the next level of consciousness that is available to me. And I will realign my frequency as is required for my highest good in ease and in availability to my trust and my faith in my safety. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now understand everyone that your choice to do this work brings with it responsibility. If you decide you don’t want to do this work anymore, you are still going to have the responsibility because the work, once begun, does not end. Now the work that you are doing as a group is beneficial to you. It stays with you, you are learning from it, you are systematizing to it in a way that can make itself known and comfortable in your frequency.

However, if you decide that you don’t want this work, you have still committed yourself in frequency to anchoring in the frequency of Word and the changes will come anyway. So really, all we are telling you right now that you might as well accept that you are on a journey regardless of whether you’re present here, or anybody is, to move forward in your consciousness.

Now your availability to your recruitment of higher frequency comes in stages. And the stages they come in are actually chosen by you on a level of knowing. Now when you decide that you move up a notch you realize quickly that there are certain things you have to disengage from because they will not align you to the next level of understanding and engagement. And you say “yes,” and then you move through this process of co-creating your next level of being-ness.

No one is doing anything to you anymore, regardless go what you might think. And you are actually the one choosing how you are going to release those patterns that have come up for releasing. But as we said, this happens in stages, and this is for your safety.

Now we say safety only in that there is a temptation among some of you to claim everything today and then when you do that, you put in motion all of those changes. And it is as of your life is in a tornado and everything is flying around you and you do not know what I what until the storm stops and you get to pick through the damage, as it were, in this new level of awareness that you’ve come to. Now that’s a choice. However, it’s not required to do it all tonight. Your Higher Self, your Divine Self is working with you tonight to decide how fast you can realize yourselves, how quickly you an anchor in your knowing and how swiftly you can navigate the changes that you incur.

When you begin to stumble over your feet it’s sometimes because the earth is moving. The changes are happening in your landscape and you don’t know how quite to move forward because you’re used to your old ways of doing things, and the new ways have not made themselves known yet. And if this is the case, and this I what you are experiencing, ask for support. Call on the energy of the frequency of the group. Call on your own guides, call on your own knowing to support you as you move forward. But don’t begin to take actions just for the sake of taking actions.

While you are reforming your lives, you have to understand that tethering yourself to the known is habitual. It is what you would first do if you heard that there were job cuts, or that your home was being sold, or that something else could happen that would be a challenge to what you have believed to be permanent. So you do these things out of habit. And we are not dismissing that, however, we are saying that you don’t need to. You can actually trust that you are being lifted and replaced someplace new. When you change your choices, your environment changes and you cannot do this work without changing your choices.

We spoke to you last week about higher and lower choice and gave you a system to begin to navigate them and we are pleased at the work that you are have been doing. So we want to ask you tonight, are you willing now to renegotiate the deal? And this is the deal:
Are you willing now to become what you say you are in the perfect way for you?

“I am Word” is a huge statement of responsibility. Understand this now. When you are claiming “I am Word” you are choosing love. You are not choosing evil, you are not choosing cruelty, you are not choosing anything but love and that is an action. The Christ, in manifestation, is Word. That is what it is, and that is love embodied. That is the work here. Now to say “I am Word” as a code for something, as a credo, could be okay if there weren’t choices to be made from that place.

But each one of you here has a mission and the mission is to be you in this light and in this frequency. Why else would we convene each week with this teaching? Now as you demonstrate this knowing, you have to lift your frequency, there is nothing else that could happen in response to claiming yourself in your divinity. But when you claim this, you become response for it, and you choose it and then you must understand what that means. We will say that this is what it means: “ I am in love.” “I am in love with all that I see before me.” “I am in love with him.” “I am in love with her.” “I am in love with that one and this one.” And this is not speaking any other way than truthfully. That is not a light thing to say. When you say “I love” and you are in your truth, you become the thing you say. That is the truth of metaphysics. And you align in frequency to what you have claimed to be. So you can no longer say, “I am Word” and dismiss that one, or curse that one, or this one, with your choice of words. Do you understand this?

Now Paul is already saying, “Oh boy. I’m off the boat. I have too much rage. I don’t know how to do this. What’s the fun in that?” It’s not about fun. It’s about truth. And those are two very different things.

Now understand this everyone: When you move into the frequency of love, that is what you are in. It is a sea of love, if you would, that you exist in. And you vibrate in that frequency, it is what you draw to you, it is what you work with. That is the truth of it. Now that is wondrous. Fun is having a good time. Do you understand the difference? But responsibility, we will say, is coming to you each. You cannot claim mastery without doing the work. There will be those who come who will not do the work, who will have an experience, and that will happen more and more as this group expands. People will want to see what it is. But the true work of the group is the responsibility of it.

No one can claim your consciousness for you but you. You do know this, yes? No one can tell you how you feel but you, no one can think your thoughts, no one be your frequency. That is your job to do it. If you choose to do this work in its fullness, you will be lifting rapidly. But as you lift rapidly you are going to contend with those things that you don’t want to look at necessarily, that you would rather leave behind you unchecked.

Paul saw the image earlier of someone rising in the air carrying suitcases. Those are the suitcases with your baggage in it. How many of you want to keep your baggage, if you relay think about it? Well, since you don’t, why do you hold it to yourself so tightly? Why don’t you just get rid of it? Well, that’s what’s happening, really, but it’s not always that easy. And the primary reason it’s not easy is you’re frightened of it. You’re frightened of seeing what you carry, or you’re frightened that you will not be who you think you are without it, do you understand?

“If I am not this way, I would not be me, so what am I now?” “I am Word” is the response we give you.

Now this is demonstrated. Until you understand this in your own truth, in your own way of knowing, it’s conversation. But we want to give you the experience of your frequency so you know what you are. So that you have something to hold to experientially that will be with you as you move forward. No one can tell you are going to Mexico and then not leave you there. If you’re not in Mexico, you sure know it. So we want to give you the frequency that you can operate from so that you know it, so that you can recognize it and work with it. And that is the attunement to the frequency of the Word.

“I am Word though my body
I am Word trough my vibration.
I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.”

That is the teaching of this group and it is a technology, if you would Paul was given that word yesterday, and he fought it tooth and nail, but frankly, a system is only a system if it’s helpful and if it does what it says it is. So your choice to believe must be rooted in your own experience above and beyond what we tell you, and that is why the work in this group has to become experiential for you when you are not sitting here. That is your responsibility and it’s the choice that you make when you commission the self to be requiring your own knowing “I am Word.”

Now tonight we want to lift the frequency of this group and get some work done. Paul has been through it this week. He needs some work too. We’re going to work on people, you’re going to work on each other, and that will be this night. Now we align you each to our frequency with this clearing of knowing:

“I am now choosing to release all of those beliefs that are precluding me from being in my own knowing of my own truth as a Divine Being. I am now choosing to relinquish my need to give my power to others. I am now choosing to bring my knowing into the alignment of my own Divine Self so that I can serve myself and my fellows from this source. I am Word through this intention, Word I am Word.”

Thank you each. Now we will start the group work.


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