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Channeling 10/15/2009 "Moving Upwards"

(The following is the transcript of the lecture portion of a group channeling conducted in New York City on October 15, 2009. It was followed by instruction and individual energy work.)

We want to talk tonight and it’s a big night tonight, believe it or not, for Paul’s system, which is actually acclimating to the new frequency and he doesn’t even see it. But the profound change will be that we can talk directly much sooner than anticipated. The change in systems happens when a body changes its alignment and each one of you will go through this in your own way as you passage. And we say “passage” by saying you are all in transit. Everyone here is already in change.

Now the resistance to change is what we will talk about briefly before we go farther. And the decibel of this room needs to stay quiet for Paul to hear through the din of his own mind. But the change of changes, we will say, is upon him, and you will be following quickly.

Now resistance to change simply has to do with embodying yourself with what you used to have and not with what you are. It’s really that simple. Every day, you go through your routines, and you have your food and you have your choices. And so much of this is systematized behavior that you are unconscious of.

The first thing that happens when you require yourself anew in this frequency is that everything becomes conscious again out of necessity, because in many ways it’s as if you are in a new body that it is having it’s own requirements and its own experiences. And as you justify this by saying “Well, it’s a new day, I don’t know what’s really going on, things look kind of different.” That’s one way of actually saying “I am having a new experience in my being” and you have to get used to it once it starts. And once it starts, the temptation, of course, is to pretend that the old things are still there and will work for you. And they will not in the way that they have.

If you have sought comfort in behaviors that are not supportive of your highest good you can count on the fact that they will not be working in the same way they have. If you have felt in the past that you needed certain things to be yourself “I am not myself without this or that," you will find that those things are no longer working for you. As you traverse this passage you begin to unbind the self to those things and those beings that you have been tethered to, for better and for worse, that are no longer in alignment to your new growth, and those beings will leave you as well.

Now this is a passage. It’s a passage of time, it’s a passage of experience, no one is hurt in this. It’s a way of moving forward and understanding that what you have chosen through our work here is to become yourself in higher frequency.

Now we have a new member tonight and we want to discuss something with him so that he knows what we are talking about. As people grow in spiritual alignment, they vibrate at a higher frequency. And when the frequency is vibrating at a higher level, those things that it is no longer in congruence with will be leaving. It’s really that simple.

We will talk again now about alignment and the requirement of alignment as growth continues. Now each one of you present, regardless of how long you’ve attended this group, have been in alignment with the frequency we call Word for some time. And the Word is the active ingredient here. It is the Christ manifestation come into fruition. And we would like to claim it with each of you now:

“I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my vibration. Word I am word.
I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word. Word I am Word.”

And this will shift you upwards as you work with it, and intentions will come to serve you. Now we want to talk about what is really happening in terms of your alignment, and this will be of benefit to you.

Your choice to stay here and to continue with your work has actually moved you up a notch in frequency, and as you continue your work here, the notches continue to uplift, as it were, and your frequency continues to realign itself rapidly, and with rapid motion you proceed forward in your life. But you can only carry with you those things that are in alignment with where you are going. And the choice to do this, individually, is always your own. When you feel changed, you no longer require the old things in the way that you thought that you did. And your intention, quite simply, will be to allow them to be what they are without becoming overly invested in what they were to you at the time you created them. Do you understand this?

Something is what something is, but the only power it ever has had is that which you have invested it with. And there is always something that is in transit in this way. That blouse that you loved four years ago may look silly on you now and the investment in the blouse is what it was, it is not what it is. It is a piece of fabric that no longer serves you. The same may be said for a relationship, or a job, or way of knowing things. And by “knowing things” we mean, establishing what things mean to you by what they were to you at one time. Something today has a new relationship with the seer when it is seen. Something yesterday was seen and the memory of it is what you are operating from. So if you see your body and you bemoan it because it does not look like it did five years ago, you are operating from memory and what it was. What it is what we are dealing with now.

Each and every one of you, what it is, what you have before you today, what you are contending with in the now is what we are dealing with. Now as you grow, you realign your frequency and the frequency will draw to you those things, those individuals that you need to move forward with. There is a regrouping happening now, in many cases, here and part of the work in your partnerships in the group is to become acquainted on a level of frequency with someone outside of your circle in the outside world. And as you realize what it means to be in congruence in frequency, you choose things differently elsewhere. Once you understand, finally that you are frequency, that is what you are born of, that is what you stand in, that is your consciousness, your consciousness will see those who are operating in a similar formation.

This is one group operating here out of thousands on the planet at this time and as this group continues to grow what it will do will become transforming for those who attend. Those who have stayed with the work will be seen, finally, as teachers of the work, and that is going to be important because you are going to have your own students in time that you will choose to work with and teach in frequency. Now this does not mean you open up a school or you have to run a group. But what it does mean is the investment that you have in your work will be there and be made available to others through your knowing. Period. That is how this operates and nowhere else can you know yourself but in your own energy field.

So you will be drawing to you those who require the frequency and the information and as your realign, you need to be in allowance for their coming. Now this is choice on your part. We have never ever told you to do anything. We have recommended and we have made suggestions. But your ambitions spiritually are such that it would be to your benefit to begin to share you work with others because that is how you will begin to own it. Everyone here has the opportunity to become what they say they are, which is an aspect of the Creator embodied in soul purpose on this plane. Period.

Now we want to talk to the new man for a moment so that he understands what this really is. This is a mini-school of ascension, and the requirements of ascension, very simply put, are that those who produce this work move forward in frequency and manifest themselves in divine order as their Christed Selves. And by Christed we mean, their true selves, their Divine Selves embodied on this plane. This is a passage that is occurring here, not just in this group but on this planet and the planet moves up in frequency. However the ramifications of not working on it consciously makes it very difficult for those who decide that there is nothing going on.

As you materialize yourselves as you Divine Selves, you abilities begin to change to reflect the new work that you have chosen. And with that we bring to you the teachings of this class, which are clairvoyance, clairsentience, empathic work, and your own knowing on a deeper level of your own divinity. As you claim that fully, “I am Word, I am Word, I am Word,” what you bring to you is the manifestation of God embodied as you. Period.

Now as you choose this, week after week and day after day, you have choices to make. And these are always choices about saying, “yes” to these aspect of yourself that is God. Where are you not acting as God in a body? Where are you not realizing yourself as a piece of God in action in service to the Great Creator? Where are you forgetting who you were born to be, which is a joyful being manifested in the full glory of his soul’s worth? Why don’t you claim it again each time you forget? “I am worthy of knowing myself as my soul’s choice to be embodied as Word. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now the recognition that you each have of your abilities as you work with a partner are just the beginning and as you move forward and outward in your work you will begin to see more and more is available to you. And as you choose it, it will claim you as well. You will be working in tandem with others to bring forth this creation embodied on this plane. There is no one without God, finally. That is not even possible. But the forgetting of it as a cause of great grief and the realization that God is present in every situation, regardless of what it might be perceived to be, is your choice and will be the choice of others. As you recognize the good or the God in everything, you amplify that. That becomes the frequency you see. “I am Word through all that I see before me” is that teaching. “I am Word through all that I see before me” states that that which you see before you is in resonance with the Creator. Period. And as you see it that way you endow it with that and you realize it. To be realized is to be made manifest as such.

If you would each now decide that one thing in your life that does not feel as if it’s in its perfection is perfect in its way and claim “I am Word through all that I see before me” in this situation you will become liberated to see it as it is. It is only the ego that blames. It is only fear that states it should not be so. As you un-tether yourselves from those expectations, your realign yourself anew and call to you the perfect experiences for your own availability in service, “I am Word.”

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