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Channeling 10/22/2009 "Knowing and Responsibility"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in NYC on October 22, 2009. It was followed by group and indivisual energy work.)

We’re ready to talk to them about light and the frequency of light that they stand in, and we mean by “stand” how you are in your frequency, what it mean to be you in your knowing in this body as you stand today. And the requirements for this time, if you wish to know, are that you own it, that you own your knowing and your frequency.

The time has come for the children to relinquish the need to be small and to rise up into the new knowing that has been bequeathed to you in fairness, in frequency, in love and in the light of the Creator. If you wish to know what you are, see a light and imagine that light is your mirror and you will begin to understand what you are constructed from, who you are in truth and why you are.

Now each one of you tonight will be leaving an aspect of yourself behind you when you leave here. Each one present is ready now to know themselves as they are, and the false selves that you have carried around you, the masks that you have worn, the faces you have pretended to be will be releasing so that the essence of you is made manifest.

Now we are not saying that you will not be yourself. We are saying you are becoming yourselves. The love that you are, the light that you are has been created to be made manifest and the belief that this cannot be so is what is being relinquished. As you know this, and we speak the word “know” triumphantly, as you know this, where you stand becomes the light of God incarnate.

Now this is a big deal, this is a passage. Paul has been through it for the last four weeks and he is emerging very slowly on the other side. The passage is not an easy one, we will say, because those aspects of the self that you have self-identified with as your glory, as your ownership that are not in truth -- who and what you are -- may kick up and scream a bit on their way out. What this really is is a way to try and convince you that you need them. You need that fear, you need that instigation, you need that false pride -- whatever it might be -- at this juncture that is tethering you to the lower energies will be releasing. It’s really that simple.

Now nothing is ripped from you. If you can imagine, frankly, that there is an altar that these things are placed upon in offering it be comes much easier, but your knowing will teach you how to operate. We are simply explaining that the ways that you have known yourself in limitation are finally releasing, and this is a joy and it is a journey. So we are not waving a magic wand, we are decreeing for you, and we are taking on the whole group tonight as one frequency that will emerge as a great light, a knowing light, a vestige of the Creator operating fully to bring forth triumph and knowing and live on this plane of existence.

Now the energy work for this group is one aspect of many groups in operation right now using different techniques to bring forth this level of transformation on this plane. It is happening through different languages and through different techniques for the benefit of bringing the most people along on the ride of their lives as possible. And the journey that comes to you through this time and this passage is one of living in the present in a new way. As you have been tethered by your past selves, those selves, those aspects of the self that have been created by and for you to bring forth certain results, as they move out, so do those things that you have vested in through those aspects of the self. And as you become fully present in this new self, the true self, we would say, you will be in present time because you will not be attached as you have been to past creations.

What does it mean if he or she does not love you in the past? All you have is the moment of time that you are truly present for. What happens if the job is not there, or the joy that you expected from something is not available to you? Everything happening in the present will be seen, finally, as in its perfection, because when you are in the present and you are not operating from expectation, or from attachment, or from duty or to societal norms, you are free to have this experience. As you accept it, you will have a knowing, and this knowing is this:

“I am that I Am. I Am Word. I am an aspect of the Creator in form. And as I stand here in my knowing I bring this frequency to all that I see before me. And as I witness the Creator in all things I become one with all that I see. I am the light. I am the light. I am the light.”

Now this truth regardless of your consciousness. You can be a small begin in frequency and this is still true. However, the awareness of this, in truth, comes to the consciousness that can heal it, to know, to express it. It cannot come to a consciousness that has not been prepared to know itself as this frequency. So this is your lesson tonight: How am I to know myself as this light, as the Christ, as the Word as the truth made manifest?

We are showing you more than telling you because it is an experiential truth. And the knowing of yourself in your divinity is not an intellectual exercise. You can have a moment of truth or a moment of knowing that will carry you for many years, but that is very different from being and expecting this to be who you are because it is the truth of your aspects, all in one. You are the light regardless of what you have believed, as is every man.

So tonight you journey with you is to teach you this in your knowing. And we say knowing not as the intellect knows but as the being knows. “I am the Word” is not an intellectual concept. It is a truth. And the words that we us with this frequency are available to you always. You can use other language if you wish, however, the system that we have created for you to work with has benefits because it allows you to reside in a frequency of the Christ consciousness, and that is the vibration “Word I am Word.”

So we will start with energy work to acclimate the room to a new vibration. And we say new vibration because you are going to be escalating again. We announced last week that Paul had shifted and didn’t know it. It’s still true, and he still doesn’t. But you may quickly, as you learn to shift your own knowing “I am Word.”

Now we would like the group to receive love through the bodies they stand in. Let this come to you in safety and in peace. You do not need to say a prayer, but if you wish to say your own in protection, we honor it. The room is sealed in the light. “I am Word through all that I see before me. Word I am Word”

Each one receive love through the seventh charka down. Blessings to each of you.

Now the renewal of yourselves in this joy, in this frequency of light, is the passage, and as you journey through it, you’re going to have to confront those aspects of the self you have disengaged from out of fear or out of the need to protect others. “I know I’m a mean person. As long as I’m not acting mean, I’m okay.” So that’s an aspect of the self that well be seen and will be addressed. "I know I’m a frightened man, but if I act strong, nobody will know it.” Well, there you go again. These are all aspects of the self that have come to be presented in the Christ light to be healed. And we say healed by saying they must be recognized in Word and loved and seen and released in their integration with you. We say yes.

As you separate aspects of the self in violence, you create violence. As you accept something of yourself and then you release it to your creator, it will be released or integrated, but the energy will be transmuted because that is the process you are choosing. “I am accepting these aspects of myself in love. I am now accepting my knowing that there can be no aspect of me that is outside of the creator. I am accepting my knowing in the way that is required to heal and to be held in the manifestation “I am Word.” So be it.

So this is your joy. And the passage, we say, is learning one. And next week, if you wish, you may report to use what you have learned. Have you seen your shame and blessed it? Have you accepted that aspect of yours sexuality, or your frustration, or your accepting of others that you have not yet embraced and allowed to be healed? These are all things to consider, but of course, you will know because you will be presented with your own information to be known to you. So we offer you this advice for the week ahead: Allow yourself to feel your feelings. What you press away from you is what you do not want to see. Allow yourself to accept you feel and "I am now claiming Word though my emotional self” which will then heal and bring you back into a sense of balance and ownership of your own vibration. Do you understand this?

We will be supporting you in the etheric plane. We will be listening to you on the light frequency that we inhabit and we will be learning from your passage as well. As we say, teachers are students as well, and we are learning as well though this endeavor to be in consciousness through Paul and with you fully present in your knowing of yourselves as the Word.

Now say this if you would, quietly:

"I am now accepting myself in completeness. And all those aspects of myself that I have pushed away out of fear are now being healed in divine love, in perfect safely and in peace. And I am now accepting that my journey towards integration of my whole self as the active aspect of the Creator embodied as Word is made manifest. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now Paul is wondering “Why don’t we just transmute it? I don’t want to look at anything else. Can’t we just clean it out with light?”

Well, the reality is, when you are operating from that aspect, you’re still operating from fear, don’t you understand? So we are saying you have to claim yourselves. You don’t abandon yourselves, you accept yourselves. And in this acceptance you create a response that will heal you. And as you are healed, the lower frequencies that you have been tethered to will be clearing for you. This is the process of engagement.

“I am Word through my body, Word I am Word,” sets the intention that the physical body is raising its attunement to the frequency of Word. “I am Word through my knowing” states that your knowing is in congruence with your knowledge of yourself as a Divine Being. “I am Word through my vibration” allows the subtle bodies in the auric field to move into alignment with the Christ frequency, “Word I am Word.” And this is thro journey to be who you are in truth. Word I am Word.

Now we would like each one of you to receive love through the third eye. Let it come, let it come, let it come. Blessing to each of you. And receive, receive, receive.

Now we want to teach you something. And how you know yourselves has always been through what you have seen out pictured in your lives. The reflection in the mirror. The responses from your friends and family. And this is okay up to a point, but it puts you in limitation and it makes your reactive. Are you still beautiful if you don’t resemble what you think the mirror should reveal to you? Are you still loved if the one you love turns her back on you? Are you that person you say you are when you are not being revisited by those who would tell you that again and again and again?

So this need for external approval is being tempered at this time with your own knowing of your work and truth in this frequency. So we would like to work with you each into your knowing of your frequency.

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