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Channeling 3/12/2009

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in NYC on March 12, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We need to talk about things, and the transitions that are conspiring to bring you into the consciousness you have ascribed to. And we wait every week to discuss this with you fully, and we cannot do this without the intention to align you more fully to your own knowing.

So tonight, we want to bring you into the alignment of your knowing. And we say this very distinctly. When you are in your knowing, you are in your choice. And when you’re in your choice you begin to acclimate more completely to what you require to bring you to the next level of conscious action and manifestation. This is a direct quote:

"When I know what I know, I act on my knowing. When I act on my knowing, I come from a place of truth. When I come from a place of truth, I align to my Christed self and I create out of wisdom and understanding for the highest good of myself and all that I encounter." Period.

Work with this please. It is a meditation. It is something to work with actively.

Now, when you are in your knowing, you attribute things in a different way. You do not assume any more. You do not fight anymore. You do not question what you know. Now, there are different levels of knowing and the knowing that we speak about now is a level of truth. We are not talking about, "I know I need to take a bath," or "I know the dog hasn't been walked." We are talking about, "I know what I need to know to move me forward in perfect ways."

Most of you have gone about your lives with questions of why. “Why did it happen?” “Why did I bring this to me?” “Why did I create this?” “Why did that happen to her?” And these questions are all good to the extent that they don't put you in a place of complete disempowerment. When you are operating from your victim self that requires itself to be told what is it to mean anything, you are not in your knowing. You are in your fear. When you create from fear, you create problems. When you create problems, you deal with them through your energy systems and through your physical reality. This is very important to understand. The choice now to accommodate yourself as the one who knows is important and crucial to this next phase of development this group is going to embark on. And in order to do this, we need you to understand. We need you to require yourself to come from your knowing. "I will do this now. I will come from my knowing in a new way. Word I am word through this intention. Word I am Word."

Now, we bring to you an honor and a caution. When you know what you know, you resonate truthfully. You know it in your bones. You feel it in your frequency, you are in your knowing. When you are not in your knowing, understand this, you are pretending to know. And are pretending to know based on past assumptions of what you thought you knew in the past. “This guy must like me 'cause he looked at me that way.” “That man must want my money because he looked at my purse.” The man you thought wanted you may want your purse and the man you think wants your purse may want it because it looks nice with his shoes. You have no idea what people are really thinking when you operate from past assumption. Past assumption is enormously valuable on a level of learning. You know now that, if you stick your finger in the fire, it’s going to get burned. So, you don't do it. That's healthy. You KNOW that. But you know that.

Now, when we say you pretend to know, you can convince yourself of nearly anything. And frankly, you might as well because that is what everybody else is doing. They are convincing themselves that if they don't have the perfect house, or the perfect body, or the perfect job, or anything like that, that their life isn't what they thought it was and they are putting their beliefs in transient things.

We are not knocking things. We are simply saying that stuff goes and you might as well get right to that point now. That stuff is not going to be around in a hundred years. So, don't get attached. But, guess what everybody? You will be. You will be here next lifetime and the one after that and you will always be existing some place or other in consciousness.

Now, fake knowing and pretending to know is ultimately assumption and assumption isn't going to get you anywhere right now. But what is going to get you some place is learning what knowing is. And what knowing is yourself at a core level in resonance with truth. Do you understand this? Your core level of understanding and being in resonance with truth.

So, we do an exercise with you now and it’s a very simple one. We want you to go into your heart and remember a time when you knew something--when you KNEW it. "I knew my husband was leaving me.” “ I knew my kid was sick.””I knew I had to get out of that job.” “I knew the house was on fire." You all have experience of knowing. So, right now, feel it. Move into the memory of the knowing and remember what it felt like to know and honor your knowing through this intention:

"I am now knowing what it feels like to know my truth in a resonate way that I can experience and respond to accurately. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word."

Now, being in your knowing in that past memory in your knowing will align you to this frequency. Feel what it feels like to know at this moment in time. Make a mental note of it. Ask your body to tell you. Ask your energy frequency to give you permission to know what you need to know so that you really know what you know when you know it. This is imperative. We don't want any of you walking off a cliff when you know the road continues when, in fact, the road ends some place before. We don't want any of you knowing that there is a spouse cheating when, in fact, your are knowing that your suspicious mind is really working again.

So, you have to understand the differences. And what we are trying to do now with this experience is attune you to your own responsibility of your knowing. So, go back again and resonate with that memory of knowing. "I knew what I knew. It felt like this." Feel this please. You are doing this yourself. You are accessing yourself as a vehicle for your knowing. Can you feel this? Yes? Now, allow yourself to anchor in this memory in a way that you can use it to give yourself information perfectly in future times. You will do this with this intention:

"I am now setting the intention to align myself to my knowing in a way that I can be in response to completely, in a way that I may know, trust, and feel. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word."

Now, we want to talk about what we mean about the imperative nature of this decree. So many of you, until this time, have assumed you are where you wanted to be because you were where you thought you were supposed to be. You were in the job you believed you should be in. Or in the relationship. Or in the town. You believed these things because you have made assumptions, not only about yourself, but about what has been expected of you as a person, as a son or a daughter, as spouse, as an artist, as a gay man or woman. You have all made choices that you assumed to be true based on heritage. And by heritage we mean your history. Your history as a culture and your history as a man and a woman. You have done this without intention to be in your truth, but to be in the intention to do what you believed was expected of you. Now, there is nothing wrong with this. You have all done it. The whole planet’s been doing it. And guess what everybody? The game is over. It doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel good to operate from a place where false expectations masquerade as ideals and as your own action in truth when, in fact, you are merely in response to what you thought you were supposed to do.

Now, we want to remind you of something. The cultural matrix that you exist in operates in a very firm way. Every community has its own rules and every culture has its own laws. And many of these things have been put in place for very valid reasons. And we want to honor the intention to keep order on a certain level because it keeps people safe. However, the moment these become untrue responses to situations, the moment they become distortions of truth, they become limitations that you have ascribed to and the culture has to change.

"We don't feed our poor because every man must take of himself." That is a false belief. You must feed your poor; you must, you must, you must. You must take care of others. That is not false. That is a decree. However, you do not take care of others to the extent that you enable them in they're poverty. You do not take care of others to the extent that you give them permission to harm themselves. You give permission to others to grow through your intention to Word through and to benefit them on a practical way.

So, a culture that ascribes to selfishness must change. A culture that believes that profit is more valuable than human dignity must change. These things have to happen now. The paradigm is breaking open and when the paradigm breaks open, everything that has kept it sealed, the levels of control that have been in place for thousands of years around codes of conduct that limit people by negative infractions and disciplines that are not based in truth come up to be cleared.

Now, there is nothing wrong with a law that says, "Thou shalt not kill." That is a true law that is not decreed falsely. But if you look at this government or any government in the world that ascribes to war, you will see the level of distortion that we speak of. And we speak with passion tonight because we believe firmly that the paradigm has to change. And when it does, there is beauty. But until that time, there is strife. And this strife, we understand, is corrected by you individually as you move through your consciousness.

Once you leave a marriage that is based on abuse, you align to freedom. Once you leave a system that is controlled by greed, you benefit in many other ways. Once you listen to your own truth at a deep level you understand the lies that you have believed to be true. So, we honor you fully but we want you in your truth fully in order to be a magistrate of light. And to be a magistrate of light means to be a minister of consciousness in a real way. Not a minister with a collar, but one who is in her ministry through her consciousness and her actions in this world. Period.

When we say to you it is time to be in your knowing, we are not calling you to service. We are telling you that if you don't do this, you are the one who perpetuates herself in limitation. It’s that simple. You don't need to be there anymore. You are in your truth. You are in your consciousness. And, in fact, you have been aligning to a vibration that is much higher than you believe you have, and you are going to experience it fully to night if you chose to.

You are waking up everybody. You are waking up. You feel it. You know it. You know what it means. You can't articulate it yet. You go, "Oh my, do I have to?" Well everybody, its happening. It is not happening to this group solo. It is happening to the world. People understand this in little ways. They feel things that they don't like. They understand things that they don't know why they understand. Suddenly, what was familiar begins to feel strange and what they had confidence in begins to rule another level of reality than the one they find themselves operating in. And that means, quite simply, that the fish is floating out of the tank. And there is clean water that the fish is flying around in. And the old water is still there and you’re still going, "Where am I swimming? Why does it feel so clear?"

Well we will tell you this, the vibrations that are present now in consciousness are activating you. Everyone. One at a time. In ways that are appropriate to the individuals learning. That's happening. People are waking up. It is time for this. Very simply put, it is time.

Now, there is nothing to know except that “I know that I know.” There is nothing else. You don't have to search for knowledge. You are the knowledge inside you. You will resonate with the truth and you will know. It is not about alchemy. It is not about math. It is not about knowing the states of the union. It is about knowing “I am Word.” When you know this, when you know that yourself is an aspect of the creator, realizing herself in form, in consciousness, and through her actions, you know what you know. There is no doubt. There is no fear. You have crossed the bridge. You stand on the other shore in your light body and you beam yourself around as required. That is a metaphor. We are beaming you. You are beaming. We are all light incarnating as ourselves.

The density of the past still holds, but it is cracking. It is releasing and you are experiencing it. So, we will tell you now, the definitive YES to know will anchor you in your knowing. Now we want to accommodate you with some energy work that will support you in this and once you can do this comfortably, you can use it on your own as a tool to realize what you know when you need to know it.

Ask yourself one thing now that you need to know, or you believe you need to know. "When will he love me? When will I get the promotion? When will it happen? What is the right job? What is my career? What is my calling? What is my belief system?" Ask something that you need to know for yourself at this time. And go into you center. Go into your heart. And we will bring the light there.

“I am Word through my knowing. Word I am Word.” Believe what you get when you hear it, when you feel it, or when you know it. It is up to you. It will come in the way that is perfect for you. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Believe, believe, believe. “I am in my knowing. Word I am word through this intention. Word I am Word. “And let the heart open to it. “I am in my knowing. Word I am Word.” Receive, receive, receive.

The body knows itself now as a vehicle to the energy that has been working with it. This is a big shift. You've all gotten past the misappropriation of the idea that the body is who you are, but that the body is a vehicle for your consciousness. So, congratulations. The fact that you all own this now, fully or are almost there fully, you can get it more quickly as you honor your knowing. You don't expect it to come in a three dimensional form.

Now we will tell you this again. Your energy field is a transmitter and you can honor the information that comes to you to the extent that you are in true alignment. There is truth when you are in alignment. When you are out of alignment, when you are in your fear, you need to be a little more cautious about what comes through you. We will give you an example.

If you are getting information in consciousness that says, "Go quit your job.” “Go have a fight.” “Go make something bad," you better know, right now, that you are not in a high frequency. You will never get that information from Spirit in a truthful way in a high level of informational transmission. It will not happen. So, we are going to guard you now and get you a benefit to your own consciousness so that you can affirm that you are only open to those informations and requirements for knowing that are in alignment with your highest good.

"I am Word through the intention to protected from any low level energies or information that would misguide me, frighten me, harm me, or use me for their own benefit in any way. I am safe in my light. I am safe in my knowing. And I am protected by the Christ vibration. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word."

Receive, receive, receive. Receive, receive, receive. Blessings to each of you.

Now we need to do some energy work with you. And tonight is an important night because we have reconfigured and we have a guest that needs the frequency. So, you have been working for a while and now, you are going to bless the one who has come in humility to receive himself fully as Word. Now, this is a gift that you give others and you must understand this. When you operate with the Word in action, you gift those before you with its frequency. You do not do it through any other intention than to gift them with light.

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