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Channeling 3/5/09

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling held in NYC on March 5, 2009. The lecture was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We want to talk about things as they are before we go farther. Paul has talked about the book, and we want you to understand your place in the manifestation of this creation. In fact, you are a part of the book, because you are the lab with which this book is taking place, and our work with you up until now is what has aligned us to the proof that this work can be done on a larger scale.

You have convened every week and you have sat here patiently and you have anointed yourself through your intentions to grow into the Word, to believe that you can become who you are at a Christed level. And you have done with intelligence, and you have done this with honor, and you have done this with the willingness to show up regardless of what you felt about it all to see what would happen. And the reason you did this was because the energy was palpable to you. Because you felt the changes happen. Because you believed, on a cellular level, that you were being transformed by your engagement with the energy we call the Word.

So we want to congratulate you, one and all, for your willingness to step up to the plate and we want to admit now, that for a period of time, we actually doubted that this work could transpire. We believed, for a period of time, that there would be a lack of interest, a lack of goal oriented work, in terms of appearing, showing up and resolving again and again to set up an intention to manifest the self as Word. You have done this anyway, and we are pleased.

And we have arrived each week at the appointed time to teach you. And we will continue to do this even as your group commands larger audiences, and even as you become part of the teachers who will work with this energy in your own groups, when you choose to, because that is what’s going to happen. When it becomes time for you to work with this energy on a conscious level, some of you may chose to do this in your own way, with your own inspiration. And we will support you in this work, but we will also tell you, this has to happen at the right time. But we want to honor the preparation that you have engaged in because we believe now that the manifestation of Word is coming into being through you, with you, with your intention, individually and collectively to become yourself at a higher frequency. So congratulations all. The work has begun.

We said you were anchoring in a foundation and the foundation is present, and now that the foundation is present, the work of building can truly commence. So you want to know, “What do I build? What am I building?” You are the house that the energy exists in, so the timbers have been cut, they have been erected, the beams have been sealed and everything is in place. You are the structure, really, for the vibration of the Word to begin to inhabit itself in this creation that is your body, that is your energy field.

We want to make some distinctions now about what we mean by an energy field. Your aura, in fact, is your frequency. It radiates around you as an egg shaped orb transmitting information through your consciousness to the mind. It also relays information elsewhere. Your auric field is actually the conductor of information from the higher realms into the being that you inhabit. So, in a funny way, once you understand that you are a transmitter, every one is, between this realm and the next, you can begin to honor that action. You can become an active transmitter.

When you actively transmit the frequency of the Word through intending to Word through someone or something, you are a transmitter. You are transmitting a higher frequency to and from the intended parties and you are doing this with a willingness to be a vehicle for the energies because, as you understand it, the ego self is not the energy. Period. You are part and parcel of this frequency, but you are not the creator of it, the Creator is, and it moves through you. So you are a conductor.

Now you can be a conductor for information as well. And you can be a conductor for emotional responses and feeling of others as well, and that is being an empath, and that is the work that Paul has been doing for some time. He feels what you feel and he can tell you what your brother in Schenectady feels if you really want to know, simply by tuning in. Now, he is not that gifted. He has an energy field that he developed through intention, and that is the reason we can support that work.

If you want that energy field and you want to operate at that level, you first have to ask. You have to state the intention that you wish to develop your own abilities, psychically, spiritually, empathically, in the ways that are appropriate for you. But we say to you this: This is not a special gift. This is what man is meant to do. Man is meant to work at this level without understanding, necessarily, what is happening, only to understand that the experience is valid and working with him in a way that he can honor and understand, finally, as truthful.

So we say to you this: When you are amplifying your own energies, you are actually refining them as well, and when your energies are in refinement, what you can do with them may startle you. So we want you to begin to understand that on a causal level, you are frequency. That the body is a vestige of this frequency vibrating at a denser energy. Period. But your higher frequencies, which are holding the body in your orb, have many things to do, and they will do them with you as you begin to align to them. So this is work. This is not automatic, this is choice, this is not a privilege, this is a choice and activation, if you wish it.

Now, when we talk about informational healing we are talking energy being given to you on a level of information that the conscious mind then integrates into pictures and words in order to support someone in his or her healing. And the vibrational frequency that your body then holds can be transmitted to realign the energy field of the client, and that is healing. You are taking an energy that has become distorted or blocked or is not at a high frequency, and you are healing it through the higher frequencies that will come into play and realign it to its perfection.

Now you can do this through your hands, but you can also do it though your intentions, because the energy field that you are now beginning to operate is actually a creation, and this creation of Christ can heal. It is one of the gifts of the spirit, to be a healer, and if you want to know the other gifts you can read them in the book. Period.

But we will tell you this: To be a healer is to be in the intention to heal, to be in the Christ is to be in the intention of Christ and when you are working in tandem with the intention to heal, and to vibrate and resonate as the Christ, what you will do will be miraculous.

Now we say to you this. We are not making any false promises. It’s up to you to realize the frequency at the level that it needs to be at in order for healing to occur. You cannot tell someone that they can walk a tightrope and then let them stand on a saggy cord. They will fall over. And your resonance, which is in fact the tightrope or the tightening cord, will support you as you are ready for it.

So we say to you this: Your experience of energies will begin to change once and for all, and when that happens your choices will begin to move, again and again and again, in different ways. We cannot tell you what you will choose when you are at this place of consciousness. We can only tell you will choose and you will choose from your highest self available to you.

There are degrees of knowing. There are degrees of amplification. There are degrees of realization before you. You cannot get them all in one day, you cannot get them all in one lifetime. However, what you will be receiving now, and what this group is working towards is the manifestation of the Christ self, and that means to be vibrating in the Christ frequency. And that means to inhabit yourself in a higher dimension as you operate on this plane.

Now we want to say to the group, the focus of this night is actually a clearing of the soul’s fears of this incarnation. And this is a very big thing. We spoke to you last week about choice, and we will say to you this. We can only give you choice when you say yes. We can only give you the work when you say yes. We will not tell you again that you are the one choosing. You are the one choosing, and you will continue to choose. But if you take this next step of a release of the soul’s fear of fully incarnating at the Christed level you will begin to shift your knowing fully.

Now when you shift your knowing fully, you actually change everything that you know. Now it does not mean that you throw out the baby with the bathwater, and if you know how to change a diaper, you continue to know how to change a diaper, or how to write a book, or how to sing a song. What we mean by knowing is actually the belief system that holds you in separation from the Creator. That is the membrane, that is the seal that is about to be broken: the self as separate from its creator. And that is the knowing that is going to come into place.

Many of you have had inklings of this. You have had experiences of understanding the self as one with the Creator. But they have been brief, and have been there primarily to show you that it’s possible and to give you an anchor for the rough seas of growth that always follow that experience. Because when one realizes himself as one with the Creator, everything is changed, but you still hold it, but then you have to let go of it, and that is the process of growth and spiritual growth that has been in passage for a very long time.

Now, we say now that the membrane that we speak of, which is the belief in separation, we say that it is present in all men still, on one level or another. It actually keeps you here. And there are aspects of the ego that are functional and developmentally required. Otherwise, you would wake up in the morning and put on the person’s clothes from the bed next to you, not realizing what was yours and what you could claim. So there is a level of identity that is required so that you can open your mail and pay your bills and all of that. That hangs out and that sticks around, although it becomes a lot less important at the stage of manifestation we speak of.

Now to you we say, if you accept this clearing, you are going to be rocked a bit, and rocked we mean changed, as if you are on the sea and the sea will transform you. It is not a terrible passage. It is not about fear. It is not about loss. It is about relinquishing a change of belief in a way that you have not expected because you have no frame of reference for what it is to be. We cannot tell you what it’s like to travel to the moon if you have not traveled to the moon, although you know very well what it’s like to take a taxi to the other side of town.

So this is that part of the journey that is unnamed and is a responsibility of yours to set the intention for. We will tell you this much: as you go through it, you will begin to believe that what we have been telling you is true on a level that you may not have yet been able to comprehend. And you will understand this through your own knowing because, of course, what is being addressed is your own knowing, the knowing of the self as a child of God, as a spirit incarnating in a body. Period. This is what is happening, this is what you will choose.

So tonight we do the work. We will talk only a little more because we want to work the energies and we have some answers for you for those of you that have been questioning and what we say to you is this. Your choice to manifest in this way was not chosen in this lifetime, you came here with this intention intact and already in place. You are here to do the work that you chose before incarnation. Now this is something big, and it actually means that you can require yourself to be in your path with the teachers, with the experiences that are appropriate for you.

Paul is one teacher that is worked through with the higher energies, and he is a healer and he is a mystic to the extent that the experience that he transmits is not of this field of frequency but of another dimensional vibration. So that is all he is. You are each this teacher as well. Every man and woman on this plane has the capacity for its own requirements as the teacher of the Great Light to come. There is no one on this plane who is not privileged in this energy. No one is special. We say this again. No one is special, and once you understand this fully, the beauty of your fellow man becomes so beautiful that you wish to cry when you see his face, because his face reflects back God in his matter, God in his creation, God as love.

Every man and woman is this energy. Some of you have worked with it through incarnations and are now ready to bring this work to the forefront. Others of you have called it to you in this lifetime so you may learn. No matter what the choice and what the reason, every man and woman has the choice now to become himself, to become herself in the frequency that we deem to be the Christ frequency. Period. So you say yes. You chose this before you came here.

Now what does this mean to your daily lives? Absolutely nothing right now. Your lives will alter as your consciousness alters. The questions that you have been having have been much to do with survival. It has been about “What do I do when?” and “What happens if?” and “What happens if it doesn’t manifest?” And this and that and this and that. And none of that is about present time.

You concerns need to be anchored in present time experience, and you need to be wondering in the self why you continue to feel the need to check out and go to the future and the past in ways that make you frightened. The vibration of the Word can work through the future as well as it can work though the past, but it only happens in present time. "I heal the past in the present." "I heal the future in the present." Because in fact, there is only the present energy frequency and everything else is attuned through possibility and through memory. But we work with you now in this body, in this frequency, and at this time.

In weeks to come we will begin to take your questions as part of the group or we will add a session with which you can inquire about the developments you are beginning to experience. But you must understand right now that your experience is going to be transforming, and don’t be surprised if it feels funny at first. It can be like being in an airplane when the fields change and there can be some turbulence as you move between frequencies. But that’s really all of it.

Once you align yourself at the next level of frequency, you feel great. You feel amazing, and you say, “Here I am. I finally got here,” and you’ll have enough time to catch your breath and enjoy the scenery and take a little tourist trip before you go up again to the next one, but that is how it works. That is the transitioning between each dimensional shift as your vibration increases in frequency

Now we will tell you this. This work tonight, as we said, is very important and we’re going to give you the option now of doing this in stages. In three weeks time, one week each stage, or aligning fully on this night to the frequency of releasing the belief in separation between the self and the Creator. If you do this at once you will have a different experience.

And we will say to you this: It will be as easy as it will be hard. And that means change comes fast. The slower acclimation and release will simply prolong the same event, but you will experience it on a lessening level. So it’s really like when you go to the doctor and he says “This will only hurt for a second” or he keep poking around to find the vein that you need to get to, and extends the pain. It’s really up to you. One is significant, the other is significant, neither is that hard but we are offering you the choice because you all have things to get done. And we are going to tell you this. Getting the things done when you are in a big shift can mean you have to stall while you get your bearings. You have to take a break while you breathe deeply. You have to take a walk to clear the mind when the mind feels overwhelmed. So what is your choice? Do you wish to do this tonight or do you wish to do this in three stages? We are fine with either one. If you wish to do this in one night, please raise your hand.

Okay everybody. We’re signing on for the big one. Everybody said yes. We are in for a roller coaster ride. But we know it will be interesting and we will support you as you go forward.

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Jwahir said...

Thank you Paul for posting. What a powerful, experiential evening! My knowing has changed; it has shifted. The view is wonderful. I am Word, I am Word, I am Word.