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Channeling 3/26/2009

(The following is the transcript of the lecture portion of a channeling held in New York City on March 26, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We have to talk. And it’s been a long time since we’ve had the opportunity to address the situation that this group is in. And this is very simply said: A situation is a group endeavor. And you are all moving forward at one time, bringing others along with you as you grow.

Tonight we want to discuss what’s been happening and what has to happen in order to shift the energies in your personal situations. Tonight is about getting your lives in order in a way that we have not been able to address for a little while, because our energies have been focused on the group work of acclimating to the higher frequency. So we ask you each tonight to set this intention:

“I am choosing now to get my life in order. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now this doesn’t really mean anything more than you get to understand what’s operating in your life that’s actually not working very well, and then you can attune to what might be required in order to transform it. Do you understand this?

We’re not asking you to make big changes, we’re simply asking you to see and understand what is operating in the new frequency with you and what is not. And we have to welcome Patrick, because this is all going to be very strange for someone who is new. But we want to tell you this: As your rise in frequency, as you change your consciousness to a new level of understanding, you bring to you new experience, and as you bring new experience to you, that which no longer supports you gets uncomfortable and maneuvers away or hangs out and causes problems until it’s cleared out.

So when we talk about housekeeping today what we are really talking about is looking at your lives and being in discernment. “This is not working for me anymore.” “I love him, but,” “She makes me crazy, why do I have lunch with her every week?” "What am I doing with this person?” “With this man?” “With this focus in my life?" "Why is my job feeling this way?”

Nobody’s asking you to leave anybody, we’re simply asking you to understand why you do what you do so that you can make choices based on your understanding of your requirements for your own growth. Does this make sense?

Now we’ve been doing cosmic work for a while, which means you’ve all been floating around and you’ve been ascending, as it were, in frequency and learning to adjust to a new set of experiences in your life as you attune to the possibility that your lives can be shifted in the vibration we create through the action of Word. And you’ve been doing this successfully to the extent that you’re actually getting uncomfortable in your lives. Do you understand this?

The feeling that things are outgrowing themselves is getting kind of itchy and this is an indication for you that the template is taking hold. And we talk about a template meaning the light you have brought through into your form that has been imprinted in your causal systems are anchoring in the frequency and identification of the self with the Word. When that happens, what needs to clear makes itself known.

Paul is seeing the image of someone who is literally breaking out of their clothes because they’ve gotten so tall. And that’s actually what’s happening here. You’re getting big, you’re getting focused, you’re rising up and why would you expect everything to remain the same as it was? So of course your house is a mess, and it’s only because you’ve outgrown a lot and you have to understand now that you are in choice. You are in wonderful choice. “I can stay, I can move, I can agree, I can disagree, but whatever I do with my energies I am in choice with.” Now you have to understand the responsibility of this. If you are not in choice with your decisions, you are passive and acting as if you are not the one party to the creation of your own life.

We are not telling you to make decisions for the sake of making decisions. We do want you to understand that everything that is in your life now you have created for a reason. And if you don’t need it anymore you change your creations. You have that much available to you.

Now Paul is already going, “I don’t get it. Why don’t I have a boyfriend? Why isn’t this? Why isn’t that? Why aren’t all the things I think should be there be present for me in my creations?” This is what housecleaning is about. “Why don’t I have what I want” implies very clearly that at you are holding onto something that is impeding your manifestations. Either a belief system or a cord to a system of belief that is not of your own creation but to a matrix of cosmic or cultural belief that is hindering you from bringing forth what you say you want.

Now if I say “I want a better place to live” but I don’t believe I am allowed to have that, you can put money on the fact that you’re not going to get it or your were, you would lose it pretty quickly. If I have somebody that I care about but I am not going to bring him into my life the way is say I do, it’s because this is not going to happen with the existing exchange of energies and belief systems that you are acquired with when you move into relationship.

What we are trying to tell you very simply is that your changes are your requirements. And we are not telling you anymore that you can sit back and say, “it’s not going to change.” If it’s not going to change it’s because you are not going to change. Do you understand the difference?

The ideal that you can sit back and let your life fall apart and come back together at random is actually kind of over. That’s a paradigm that you work with when you believed everything happened to you and not with you. You have come into an anchoring of a higher frequency, that’s what you need to understand. When you are working with a higher frequency, you have a responsibility to create with that energy in a new way.

Now we want to do some energy work with you tonight, and we have a full house, so we have to get things happening quickly in order for you each to understand that your lives are going to unfold and recreate themselves through your choices. So we would like you all to decide one thing.

“I want this choice that I make tonight to bring me into a new alignment with my belief and my willingness to manifest as the Creator in my life. I want this choice to bring me to a new understanding of my ability to create what I want in alignment with the higher will of the Creator. I want this choice to make me see my own response to my life in a way that will bring me wonder and happiness. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now we are going to work with you individually. And because Patrick is here and we welcome this energy, we want to bring him into the new energies so that he can work with the group. Now Patrick you need to understand that on a causal level, your frequency vibrates at a certain level, and when you work with higher frequencies, you move your energy system up. It’s like amping up the stereo and the higher it goes, the more the frequency hits the walls and you feel it. And in a funny way, that’s very similar to what we d here when we tune people up.

We are raising this frequency in order for them to begin to identify with the energies that are working with them to bring them into a new alignment with the light, and we are welcoming you and anyone who wishes to partake in this experience of themselves as energy.

“I am Word through my body.” When we state this, what we are doing is we are saying “I am Word in form, in manifestation.” “I am Word,” means I am an aspect of Christ, God, whatever you want to call it manifesting in form. “I am Word though my body” is the first step.

The second step is “I am Word through my frequency. I am Word through my energy field.” Those are interchangeable. When you state this, what you are stating is that your frequency, the vibration that you are, is resonating in the higher frequency.

The final step, "I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word,” is an amplification of the self, and acknowledgment of the self as Christ in manifestation. I Am that I Am. I am Word. I am Word. I am Word.

So these are the energies and this is the system that the group operates in. And we are telling you this by way of introduction so you don’t think everybody’s so crazy. It sounds it, but once you feel it, you understand it and it is a blessing. “I am Word through my body, Word I am Word.” Affirm this please. “I am Word through my vibration. I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.”

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