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Channeling 4/16/2009

(The following is the transcript of the lecture portion of a channeling and energy session held in New York City on April 16, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We’re going to talk for a minute before we begin about how we want the night to proceed energetically, and energetically is different than informationally. And when we say informationally we mean talk, energetically we mean action. And tonight is going to be about action more than talk, and that is to accommodate the shifts that are required from those who are attending. We welcome the new, we welcome the returning and we welcome the mission of this exercise that takes place every week in ascension to the Christ vibration.

We’ve been working with you for a while now and we’ve been monitoring progress. And as we do, we take notes about what’s required and what has to happen next in order to align the frequency of the room to the next level of intention. And we will tell you what that is.

The next level of intention is identity, new creations, new well-being and new authorship of your lives. We don’t talk small anymore because we believe, actually, that the work that’s transpiring here is magnificent in its way. But the intentions that are being set by the individuals who attend are what allow this work to happen. We monitor, we praise and we signify our intentions to you through the energies we bring forth when we arrive. However, understand this please. The level of work that’s now happening amongst you can create new shifts to the extent that you align to your own creations and dismantle those creations that are no longer serving your selves at the highest level. We want you to understand what these mean, because it’s very significant now that you’ve come forth in action to participate in this evening’s exercise.

The things that you have created in your lives that no longer serve you are, one and all, things that were required that are no longer required. You can understand this in a most simple way by saying to yourselves:

“I now align myself to those things that I require for my new growth, my new ability, my new authorship of my life and as I do so I bring forth the new in creation. As I bring forth the new in creation I allow the old to remove its labels, its efforts and its creations, to leave in simple and easy ways.”

We tell you this because you have self-identified with these things in the past that have caused you pain, yet still you say, “I created it, it must be me,” “ I do this, it must be me,” “I am this person who grades papers,” “who sings songs,” “who takes the dog for a walk,” “who kisses the husband,” “I am these things.” You have self-identified through your creations. Everyone has. Some of these creations are wonderful. They’re magnificent. They hold you and they align you to good things. Yes many of them still were created out of a place of understanding yourselves from a diminished level of authorship of your lives. And what we mean by this very simply is that you believe you were supposed to, you thought you were meant to, “of course I had to”, all of those reasons are up for sorting out. They must be sorted out in order to achieve the next level of alignment that we wish to bring you to.

Now when we say the next level, we actually do mean a level. It’s not like you move forward five steps to the next identity. You are stepping up into it. You are activating yourself as this. You are bringing yourself forth as this, and as you do, you align to the Christ vibration at a higher level of knowing as you dismantle the old. As you dismantle the old comes froth and says “I see myself in this mirror.” I see myself as the one who has to control, as the one who has to believe what I was told. I see myself as the one who was wounded and created a life to protect myself from being wounded again.
I see what I see. And as I see what I see I align to the possibility that that is a creation and that creations that were created in this way are now required to dismantle for me to go to the next level of identity. When you have identified yourself as something, that becomes your truth, period.

When you say, “I am a man,” you are actually dealing in a very limited construct. That is your genital self. That is your hormonal self and your chromosomal self. It is not who you are at a higher frequency any more than your soul is your fingernail. You are beyond what you believe you are and as you grow past those identifications, what becomes of you is thrilling, and when we say thrilling we actually mean it.

Can you imagine for a moment what it must be like to identify the Self as your Creator? Now we say this in humility because when we say the Creator, we are not saying you make it rain and you invented everything. What we are saying is, the aspect of the self that is responsible for creating your truth in magnificence is that aspect of God activated through you in frequency. And we say frequency becomes it means being in alignment with a higher frequency in vibration.

Now we want to give you a demonstration of this. Because right now we are speaking and we are speaking through Paul in a way that we can honor. We assemble this teaching days in advance and he hears it the moment it comes through him, and no more or less. You carry it with you in your own energy frequencies for the days to follow the group and you ponder. However, what’s really happening on a higher level is an imprinting of consciousness. We are giving you consciousness through identification of yourselves as the Christ manifested in man. “How wild is that?” you would say. Well we would say this is not wild, it is activation of what you have always been combined with your intention to realize it. No man can come forth in his creation and in his wonder without willingness.

So the first step tonight for this group again is willingness. The willingness to become into alignment with the Christed Self that you truly are. “How does this happen?” people wonder. It happens through your intention to realize yourself in your Divine Self and in your activation of “I am Word” you set forth a missive, a missive being a Word to the cosmos that brings your identification forth in activation.

Now the treaties that we work with are clear. We will only bring to you that which is created for you’re in your own consciousness. We can tell you you can levitate and you would not believe us until you did it. There are people here, on this plane, that do it regularly, but you do not see it and, frankly, if you would, you would be in dismissiveness because your consciousness still is holding the small picture. So the willingness that we speak of is the willingness to accept it.

How can you manifest as Christ in consciousness when you don’t believe it’s possible? How can you manifest yourself as what you say you wish to be on the physical plane unless you believe it is possible? You cannot play a tennis match unless you believe there is a tennis match that you can play. You are party to every decision about your consciousness that you can imagine. It is not foisted on you; it is not given to you without respect for your own free will.

Now divinity is inherent regardless of the willingness to accept it or not. And part of your responsibility as you activate at this level is require yourself to be in your divinity in fullness, and that means responding to everyone else as their divine self regardless of whether or not they require it for themselves. This is a challenge for some, but it is an honor to activate another in their own Christ truth through witnessing them as their divine self in place. Period.

Now we say to you this. The choices that you will make tonight are about requiring yourselves to serve the Christ frequency that is your essence. Once that decision is made, what you will bring forth are the opportunities to realize it. When you bring forth those opportunities to realize it, you sing a new song in your actions and you realize yourself as the Christed Self you are through action. Action. Action.

Identification as this frequency without activating in your lives means very little. It does not mean you have to go out and stop traffic. It does mean that your intentions have to be in alignment with this vision of divine intervention in the lives of those you encounter. It does not mean to intercede and override will, it does mean to witness the Christ in the majesty of all you see. That is the Divine Self in operation. If you demand this for yourself and you do not give it to another, you are in forgiveness because you must change the pattern that stops you from judging others as you would another way. Period.

Now we will tell you this. When you change your knowing to require yourself to be in this place of witnessing, your knowing responds. And the first thing the knowing wants to do is say “no, no, no”. Because the ego still has a claim and it operates well in its separateness. When you bring down the wall between you and your fellow you dismantle separation. As you dismantle separation between you and your fellow, you change the world and God is present. Period. God is present.

The activation of God is present the moment you move out of the system of separation. Now if you wish this in truth it will come, it will come, it will come. If you are playing at the idea of it still, that's okay too, to the extent that you understand it’s going to happen eventually. No man can be left behind on this journey, finally, in ascension, but choice wills the timing, and you are in choice always.

“Word I am Word through my knowing” is the intention we would set to bring you into alignment with the knowing of our own divinity, as your own self in the frequency we discuss. The understanding of this comes in phases. It comes through understanding in a second that the woman you see before you is in wonder whether or not she realizes it. The one you see standing before you who feels ashamed is in his beauty. That is who you are; all you see is a reflection of your knowing. All you see is your own projection through your identity. You cannot feel sorry for someone when you realize that he is magnificent and beautiful. Do you understand this? This is nothing to be sorry about.

Every man and woman still is operating in their consciousness. And the vessel that you see before you is an impediment in many ways for your ability to witness their beauty and frequency. The package is pretty or it is not pretty but the soul is always a gorgeous, gorgeous creation of God. Please understand this now. This will carry you to the next step in a way. If you begin to align to the possibility that you are the same thing as the one you see, then you can change consciousness. When you see the divinity in your fellow you operate from that place, and as you witness it, you heighten your own frequency and you bless them as you do. This is a chain reaction. This is happening all over. You are one cell in a fabric, in a cosmology, in a Christ consciousness made manifest on this level of incarnation that is manifesting one at a time, quickly and quickly as the energy moves higher and higher to bring you into alignment for what is to come. And what is to come we say is wonder. “I am in my wonder. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now we want to do some activations here, and there are many people here, and Paul is going to keep his eyes closed so we can keep this going uninterrupted. So if we ask you to work, we may ask you to state your name so that the group can hear and Paul will not be distracted by caretaking individuals when what’s really happening right now is larger than a single person present.

Now we want to give you a present, and this is going to come in through the crown center down. And we’re going to amplify your frequencies as we do so and bring you up to the next level of engagement with this work we will do tonight. Now we want each one present to begin to vibrate at a higher frequency, and we will support you though this through your choice to do so.

“I am Word through my intention to vibrate at a higher frequency. Word I am Word through his intention, Word I am Word.”

As you do this, you actually lift in frequency, an as you lift in frequency, your experience of your field changes. Now those of you who have worked here for a while are actually in full light. When you activate you actually change the causal body. You imprint yourself again with the truth of who you are. Those of you who have come here anew need some work, and we would like to begin that way.

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