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Channeling 4/9/2009

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling held in NYC on March 8, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work. It is recommended that you read the lectures in order, from the earliest posting to the most recent.)

We’re going to talk about things now, and finishing up things, which is what we want to start with. Last week we talked about your lives, and where you were at with your lives and the changes you are incurring that have made manifest new things. Now you have new things on your plate, each one of you, and you have decisions to make about what you want to go with and what you don’t. And this is about choice. So today we want to talk about this, “choice,” and what it means to be acclimating to your soul’s choice as opposed to the ego’s choice.

Now you always have two decisions, one is to go to the high choice, which may be unfamiliar and may be understandably strange and the other choice, which is the familiar choice, which is based on ego needs. And tonight we’d like to give you some information on how to work with these two things so that you know where you’re going, so you know what you’re choosing, and so you know that you’re the one in choice from the highest place.

Each one of you has things to do over the course of any day. Each one of you has choices to make. “Do I want to see my friend?” “Do I want to go to the movie?” or “Do I want to pay the bill?” You just do it, and most of the time you are not in thought. Now those choices are fine because, to the extent that you’re actually in alignment with your own Christed Self, you are in manifestation and you’re in flow. Do you understand this? So those things happen accordingly if you’re in the right head, as it were.

But the choices that we want to discuss now are the ones that make a difference. “Do I really want to have this relationship?” “Do I really want to have this job?” “What is my choice when I am contending with two choices or three or four?” Your first response usually is to back away from something that’s overwhelming and decide immediately that you have to do what’s safe because that’s the way you’ve been. “I can’t quit that job, I may not have another.” “I can’t leave that relationship because I may not get another.”

So we want to say this. The first choice that you usually make is the one that is about maintaining your lives as you know it. The second choice may be in reaction to something. “I am leaving him because he did this,” and that’s a reactive choice. We would really like you to understand that when you’re operating from choice in the way that we describe tonight, you’re actually aligning your intention to the higher frequency and then moving forth from that vantage point or that aspect or that place of understanding your own self and your needs as a divine being.

Now we tell you this because we understand right now that the choices that are before you all are big. You have big choices. “Do I need this?” “Do I want this?” “What would I do without this?” And when you make these choices, you have to be acclimated to your own Christed self so you can make these choices from a place of truth.

When you’re operating from your truth, you manifest at a very high level. When you’re operating from your fear, you manifest your fear and then you have things you have to contend with. We’ve discussed this already.

So tonight, we want to bring you a way that you can work with actually, productively, though your intentions. Now when you say, “I intend to bring my choices into a higher level of frequency, Word I am Word through his intention,” you are actually changing your own thinking patterns and you’re actually moving the energy frequency up to move the energy to the next choice so that you’re actually operating from a higher level of discernment. When you are doing that, you can claim your power in any choice.

Now we want you to understand one thing. When we start talking about a group dynamic tonight, we are not going to be talking about anyone present. We want to talk about a group dynamic for a little bit and we’re trying to take Paul out farther so we can have this discussion.

When a group is uneven in dynamics and the energy is not apparent, we have to balance the energies in the room in order to bring the frequencies through. There are reasons we try to operate as a group with you, and we need this group to begin now to be in sincerity about its methods of communication with the members within. This is important. T he sincerity of intention for all parties present here will move the energy up. And this means very simply that there must be no fear among the members who attend. You must be ingratiating to the selves of all as you are present. In that way we can align the energy frequency of the group and we can hold up a high frequency for you.

When the dynamic is not clear, we have work to do to on this group to move the fields up higher and then make them into a resonant accord to bring the frequencies through you. So this is a request from us. If any of you here have issues with one another, you will take them up in light and in wonder, and this is true for any group that we would work with. We need a high frequency apparent to be working with at the level we would like. We can work with you at a lower frequency, but to the extent that we do we lose time, and we’ve done a lot of work with you up until this time to bring you up to speed.

This is a very, very clear energy field that we come to each week, which is why you are able to manifest phenomena to the extent that you do. You each have experience already of freeing up your vibrations and aligning your fields to Word through the others, and this is not a small issue. It’s quite big. So to bring you up to the next level, we need to begin to balance the group again.

Now in the last several weeks, we’ve had visitors and we will have more to come, and this is a blessing for the group because we actually believe that the dynamic here is whole. And whole means someone coming into this group can feel the frequency and have the full experience that’s intended. In order to keep this up, everyone here needs to start working on their own before they come to the group at night. We would like you coming here ready to work, which actually means you will be attuned when you sit down so that we can take time and discuss things and then let it rip, as it were.

What we are actually doing right now is we are clearing out Paul’s system to be a receptor for the frequencies that want to come through and we are working with the group dynamic to heal it and to bring it into balance so that the energy can flow.

Now Paul is saying, “Are we going back to choice? You said we had two choices a anytime,” and in fact, you do. You have the high choice, which is the choice in light, and that is the choice that makes your resonate at a high frequency. And you have the choice that is about maintenance. And maintenance is not always a negative thing. Now if you say to yourself “If I don’t maintain my relationship with my partner, I will leave,” well, that’s okay, but in some cases the high choice may be to resonate through the choice to stay in the frequency of that relationship. It is not always about a basket that has to be aligned to a gift that has to change. Sometime you receive something informationally and then you have to change your mind about it. Everything is choice.

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