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Channeling 4/23/2009

(The following is a transcript of the lecture portion of a group channeling held in New York City on April 23, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We’re going to talk about things, and the retribution issues that people are contending with right now. And what retribution means is fear of reprisal, and the issues that you have around reprisal are really very core. If you are not punished, you have a tendency still to incur punishment in your own thinking and create situations still where you feel that your issues are being addressed in this manner.

Now if you want to know what we really mean, what we mean is when you have belief in punishment as a system of operation you create from that place. Period. If you believe on a certain level that you are not worthy of what you have you create a system that will release it from you. Now this is just patterning. It is nothing more then patterning. However, the patterning that you work with on a daily basis is your reality, and the extent that you work with this on a conscious level is the extent that you can create a new system of entitlement to goodness where, in fact, you have had in the past a system that was about reprisal. “Reprisal,” as if you would say, “I don’t deserve this, so it will be taken from me,”” I am not good enough so I will not have what I believe I want,” “I am not fair enough so somebody else will be unfair enough to me in return.” Now this is all reprisal.

Now if you have a belief that things are going to be taken from you financially, physically, in your world it will happen. Now you understand this on a basic level because you guarantee yourselves information. You say, “Yes, I know, I create with things that I believe” and that’s the extent of it. We have told you before that the extent to which you create from fear manifests more fear is accurate, but we will tell you now that retribution is actually a separate issue and it is a belief in punishment.

Now we will work with you individually on this tonight as it’s merited. But as a group system you must begin to understand that you are bypassing energetic systems and creations that are societal. As you begin to do this you have to encounter them and you go “Oh my god, why is this happening?”

To a certain extent you are dealing with the backlash of your own ascension: that energy that would support you in remaining in place. If it were very easy to create a system that would align you to the Christ frequency and lift you up in vibration, everybody would be there already. However, each one of you has already encountered huge resistance to your worth as a divine being. Huge resistance to the belief that you can have what you say you want and huge belief in your in your loss of power. And to the extent that you operate from the belief that you have no power you are in your limitation. Period.

Now we want to require you something. And what we mean by requirement, quite simply, is the gift in honoring your changes. Your changes are shifting you beyond the existing system of knowing yourself. As you shift beyond knowing yourself in the present form you’re in, you are going to encounter resistance to changing your thinking and your identity as it stands has a great investment in maintaining its status quo. What we mean by this is simple. If you were now asked to believe that you can create a miracle, that you can perform a healing, that you can move beyond a limited ideal of what you can own in frequency, that aspect of yourself that defies that new ideal will come forth with both hands to keep you down.

Now that is an old pattern and you can require it to clear through intention:

“I am Word through this belief in limitation that keeps me in my pattern of lack or fear or resistance” or whatever you wish to claim.

On a personal level this is a habit, it will be in place, and when you encounter it you have choices. You can stand firm and say:

“I am in my alignment and this is an old belief system that’s crusading on its behalf to maintain its power over my autonomy as a Christed Being, as an autonomous man, woman, Christed Being. I am in my light, I am in my ownership of my own knowing of my worth. Word I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

As you claim this, you create honor and you bind the old system in such a way that it is not able to support itself in creating new ideals. Period.

Now this is personal. Paul is wondering what about the larger systems? What about the systems that say man is not allowed to define himself through his divine nature? Man is not entitled to ascend in frequency, to limitlessness in frequency that will shift him beyond what is accepted and permissible by others? Now this is the big one, and this is the job of the group.

Individually, we work with you as a group consciousness, which is what in fact you are. When you are working in tandem, you have promises to make to the group energy, and this is very simply stated. What we ask you to do tonight is support the group frequency in aligning to the new ideal that it is no longer adhering to the past creations that have limited the power and the focus and the vibration of the group energy. Period.

Now this is done though intention and if you can imagine, quite simply, that there is smoke surrounding the planet like one large cloud, what we are saying to you is that you are piercing as a group this matrix of disbelief. And as you puncture the hole in it, as it were, you align again to the higher frequency beyond the condemnation or the limitation or the belief that this is not possible. To the extent that you contend and interact with the belief that you are not able to Christ in vibration you believe the systematic belief that man is a body and not a spirit.

Now we’ve moved past that and, in fact, we’ve moved way beyond that with this group. But what we are going to speak about now is a bigger change. Now you can each say to yourselves “I am a soul. I feel the frequency when I Word, when I work with others,” but you are still in permission and you are still experiencing yourselves a limited being with a limited ideal of what can be achieved.

Paul is asking in the background “Is this going to talk about instantaneous healing?” We are going to tell him no, not at this moment, but that is coming to be contended with. There is a belief for some of you that to move upward is a transgressive process and as you go higher you are transgressing in some way and someone will slap you down and punish you for attempting to align to your frequency in its true nature, and your nature is the Divine Self that you are incarnated as. Period. As. We say you are this already. You haven’t anchored it fully into frequency, but finally, it’s the truth of who you are. So when we say you transgress, you believe that you are doing something terrible by crating a new alignment.

The reason for this is two-fold. The ego self that actually believes itself to be in power is the one who charts that course in tandem and in conjunction with the creations of all men who have that investment in limitation. Don’t you believe that there is a reason why man does not create himself in God’s image in frequency? The belief is very simple that it can be done. It was prophesized. It is the core belief of each religion that states man is an aspect of the Creator in form. But the belief that you cannot do this is heralded by the systems that would keep you in your fear and in your loss and in your self-deceit, the deceit being that you are not created in the image and likeness of God. You are a piece of the aspect of the Creator and the Christ with you is that aspect of the self that is being realized in the frequency we work with you on.

Now Paul has already manifested a credo. “I am Word” is the system we have given him to work with to empower you to align to this shift. We have chosen these words carefully because they were intoned and they have a frequency activation aligned to them. So that is why we work with them. Now the proof of the work, finally, is your experience of it. If it’s working for you have to regard it as a creation and a system of activation that is beneficial. If it’s not working for you, you can find another system that will activate you and move you forward. Language is key here. However, the promise of the Word is to activate you into complete union of yourself in your mastery as an aspect of the Creator. If you achieve this in this lifetime, you will be of great benefit.

Now we do not speak to your egos when we say this. We say to you what it means to be realized is to understand, to know and to honor that the essence of you and all is created in the light. Period. And that is the activation and the work of this group.

So reprisal, again, is the belief that if you do this you will be persecuted, you will be hung or burned or hung on something, and in the past if you achieved the nerve to move forward in this belief system you were persecuted, so the history of that needs to be cleared tonight on a fundamental level.

We will start with the group in a new system of verbiage:

“I am choosing now to witness myself in my creations as a Christed being.”

Now we ask you to speak quietly so Paul can continue to work as you speak. As you honor yourselves at this level of dominion, you create anew. Now the system of persecution that wants to be released from you is going to be done in two parts tonight. We are going to deal with the ego-self as part one and the creations that have been inherited culturally as part of a planetary control will be cleared separately.

Now there are two ways to look at this, “what I have done,” and “what I have inherited.” Those are the two aspects of the creation that will be dealt with. “What I have done has been to enable myself in my limitation to adhere to systems of a belief of persecution or reprisal or punishment for my ideals.” Now this is the big one for the individual.

The cultural planetary one actually is mostly unconscious at this point because it’s so prevalent. You don’t see pollution as much as you ingest it, and this is an ingested belief, much like a belief in any system that has been compounded through thousands of years of expression. The first man who said “I am not one with the Creator” created a belief that was then compounded again and again and again and the system of separation, frankly, has become so codified that only a few have been gifted enough to fully express themselves in union with their divine wisdom as one with all that is.

Those of you who have come for a long time know that the message is that the time has changed, and all men are being called to union with themselves in their own divine nature. This is the time, this is the time, this is the time.

Now we want to work with you the energies of reprisal and retribution and free you from those systems of limitation that have kept you at bay. So we will do it the following ways. We want the group to stand as one and we want to work on the energy of the group as a whole. So if you would stand please we will work with you as one unit and one frequency. If you would softly say:

“I am Word through my vibration. Word I am Word. I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word. Word I am Word. I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.”

Now we want to shift the group. Receive through the hands and feet. Let it come, let it come, let it come. Let the third eye open up. Receive, yes, yes, yes. As you feel the pressure of the foreheads say “yes.” We’re opening the foreheads now into the knowing of the self as the frequency you claim. Allow the body to begin to receive, each of you, please, in your way, allow the energy to come through you. “I am Word, I am Word, I am Word.” Let it come, let it come, let it come. Let the energy come in through the seventh chakra down. Seventh down. Let it come, let it come, let it come.

Allow the body to align now to a new ideal:

“I am choosing now to be free of any belief in reprisal and punishment and retribution that has been created by my self to keep me from my freedom, to keep me from my knowing of my divine nature, to keep me from my ownership of my Christed Self. I am choosing now to release any beliefs in reprisal and retribution that I adhere to, consciously or unconsciously, in truth or in lie, that have created for me systems of reprisals and fear. I am choosing to release this in safety and in peace and in the knowing that my protection is my own divine knowing and action through the Word. I am Word through this intention> Word I am Word. Receive everybody if you would. You would feel yourself shift now. Yes? Let it come let it come let it come.

Now you’re each going to receive love through the third eye. This is going to come lovingly and arm. “Yes” when you feel the energy come in through the third eye. We’re opening you up to receive yourself as loved. When you believe yourself as loved you don’t need to create punishment, do you understand this? The belief in punishment is actually about a belief that you are not able to be loved by your Creator. All fear of punishment actually exits in the belief that your Creator would punish you. How could that be so?

“I am Word through my knowing that I am loved. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now we want to work on the belief in cultural retribution and in limitation and persecution. This is actually a bigger one because it actually commands other systems attached to it. We will speak of the systems in a moment. What we are really talking about are things that you have inherited that you believe to be true and consequently you are in agreement with. So we are going to work with it this way and attempt to dismantle the larger systems one at a time.

“I am now choosing to release any and all beliefs in my reprisal and persecution for my religious and spiritual beliefs and actions. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word. I am now choosing to release any belief that if I aspire to my own Christed consciousness in manifestation I will be damned or persecuted by outside forces. And I am choosing to release this belief in safety and in peace. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

“I am now choosing to release any belief in the requirements of compliance to systems of through and beliefs that limit my own consciousnesses in a way that will bring me to my freedom. I am now freeing myself of any and all limitation in my own passage of my own Christed Self coming into manifestation. Word I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now receive, receive, receive. Feel this please. We are going to start Wording through the group as one energy. When we speak of this group as one energy we want you to see how powerful it can be. Slowly repeat after me:

“I am Word through those I see before. I am one with those I see before me. I witness the Word in truth in all that I see before me. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Feel this please. Let the energy build. “I am Word through those before me, Word I am Word.”

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