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Channeling 4/2/2009

(The following is a transcript of the lecture portion of a group channeling held in NYC on April 2, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

Lets get to work. And thank you for being here. We’re going to talk about life and what it means to be alive in your life at this time. And this is a significant time for each of you. And some of you are understanding this in the way that you feel, in the way that you remark, “This is wild, I don’t understand this, what’s really happening? What’s this about?” And what this is really about is acclimation to new frequency. We’ve been working with you for a while now to bring you up to speed and you’re up to speed and consequently your life is beginning to inhabit the new frequency.

Now Paul is sitting here shaking in his chair showing you what it must be like to adjust to a new frequency. It’s very much like getting comfortable in your body again after a vacation away. Now enlightenment means you are enlightened. And this is not a process. This is a place of being. To be enlightened. Becoming enlightened is a whole other conversation and we’re not going to have that tonight, but we are going to tell you this:

The process that you are in right now is about an acclimation to your own life and frequency in the Christ consciousness in the frequency of the Word. That is what we’ve been working on. So fundamentally, on a very basic level, your lives are going to have to transition to appropriate and to accept and to believe in what you have created. Now you have a tendency still, when things come up that don’t feel right to say, “Enough of this, I’ve had it, it’s a bunch of it, I don’t want to go foreword.” And what this is really about is the acclimation to the new frequency. It’s as if you just stepped into a new apartment that you brought and you go, “Oh my God, what did I do? Where’s the couch I liked so much? Where’s the pain? Where’s the stuff I used to identify myself as me?”

Now you are still here in the most real way you have been so far in your incarnation on this planet. And what we mean by this is simply this. You are here as yourselves, as your True Selves, coming into manifestation. There has been you all along. All along you have been present for this. However the aspects of the self that have taken dominion on a personality level and ego level have led the way until now in ways that you associate with as yourself. So once that has passed, who you truly are walks around in a body and says, “Oh wow, what am I now and what is this life I have created?”

Now the life you have created up until now has been born out of many things. Many choices were made. Some were made from a high place, some were made out of fear, some were made out of acclimation to societal gains and others’ wishes for you. You’ve all made these choices and that’s what’s inhabiting your life right now. It could be no other way. But we have told you in the past that when you rise in frequency your name chances. “I am Word” is the song of your soul. “I am Word” is the song you sing in frequency, in vibration. That is who you are. And when you are this, that which was created from the lower self has its place but it doesn’t necessarily resonate with what you are and who you are in this time, in this experience of yourself.

So we talked last week very directly about housekeeping, which was very simply put as “Taking out the trash,” “What no longer resonates with me,” “Why do I feel uncomfortable?” “What’s not feeling like it’s me anymore?” Now you don’t have to know all this stuff in order to experience this. However, you do need to be engaged with in what this means for you now. And this is quite simple. This week, when you got about your business, you need to begin to ask yourself questions, “Why did I just do what I just did? What was the impulse behind it? Where was it coming from? Was I honoring myself at a higher level or is this the old stuff that I am used to playing with and expressing because it makes me feel like who I am?

Now we are going to tell you this. The manifestations that you make out of this new consciousness will be quite different from what you have intended in the past. This is very important to know. When you manifest from this frequency, you are in creation. When you are in creation at a higher level of consciousness you move things very quickly and you have to be clear of what your intention is.

Now when you say, “I set an intention to do this or to do that” you are working consciously. But throughout the day, you are making intentions. You are always setting the intention. “I’ve gotta call this guy I need to call,” “I have to do this,” “I need to do that,” and in many ways, these are intentions that you are creating with as well. They are practical. They are not being sent out into the cosmos to be created in from, but you are still saying “I intend,” and when you say I intend you are creating your life, but you follow this through with action on the physical plane, this comes forth and then you contend with the results.

So we tell you this. This week, become assuming of responsibility for the intentions of your life, conscious and unconscious. You don’t have to monitor your thinking. You simply have to be aware of why you do what you do because you are putting out an energy frequency now that’s pretty amazing, and you can each feel this in your ways and through your days and through your junctures and decisions and making decisions. So this is always present.

Now we have to talk a little bit about change and what this means for you. And when we speak of change we are actually speaking about internal shifting that’s occurring within you that will then be out pictured in your life. When you work internally and your frequency shifts, what you create with changes. And when you create from this place you make decisions in a different way and things change.

Now we want you to ask yourself this: “What do I need to change about my self at this time?” What needs to change? What needs to change is meaning, “Where do I need to grow?” Now you can always ask yourself if these changes are being born out of your ego self or out of your fear or out of your need for justification in the outside world. You will always know that. But “where do I need to change” really means where does my soul need to go in order to be in its light. That does not mean you need the better job or the fancier apartment. Those are symptoms of other needs. However they may be valid choices and we are not going to knock them. However we are saying to you very, very simply “where do I need to change?” means where does your soul need to grow, what needs to change in order for you to inhabit your life in a more full way? Period.

Now we are grateful for your intentions. And we are grateful for the frequency that comes here each week. We said before we began that we would break this night up into two parts and we intend to do things a little differently tonight. We have given you a talk right now and a small assignment, which really means you will become aware of why you set intentions consciously, unconsciously. As the week goes on and you will ask yourself where do I need to change in order to realize my soul’s growth. That was an easy one.

Now were gonna get to work. And the work of the night is about the acclimation to the frequency and the vibration of the Word. And we’re going to do this with you one at a time and then we want the group to start working with each other in very direct ways. This is important for you to understand. The level of passivity that you have engaged with with this work is about to be ending. That means when you come here you’re going to get a talk, but you’re going to start working. And that means activating your light and getting about the business of transformation of the self and others. We will continue to work with you individually as required but you’re already attuned to this frequency, so we want to know why you don’t think you’re ready to start working with it. Do you understand? So tonight you will start working, a little more directly, perhaps, than you have.

Now we want to go around the room once and get everyone in frequency. We will start with the group dynamic, and Paul is asking if we might do the prayer of protection, so please repeat the following softly “The light of God surrounds us, the love of God enfolds us, the power of God protects us and the spirit of God watches over us. Wherever we are, God is. So be it.” Silently set the intention that you’re only open and receptive to those energies and information which are for your highest good, in the perfect amounts needed for your healing and evolution at this time. Word I am Word.” Thank you and each stand, everyone at the same time. We’re going to bring you up into light as a group and then work with you individually.

“I am Word through my knowing.” We are starting with this one tonight. “I am Word through my knowing, Word I am Word.” We are going to open you up, each one now, to a new level of ownership of the word. “I am Word through my knowing” simply states that you are in your knowing of who you are as he Christed being you were intended to be. That is who you are in truth.

Now acclimating to this as something other than an idea or a projection is a process, and one of the ways to do this is to be in the witness of each other as this frequency. When you are in the witness of others as this frequency you are benefiting them and yourself as you agree that you moving into ownership of your Christed Self. So we will take you in one at a time and move you thorough this process.

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