Sunday, May 10, 2009

Channeling 5/7/2009

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling held in New York City on May 7, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We want to receive you each into the light. And that’s what the work of the night is about. You have been in receptive mode for some weeks now and you have been battling a bit, but tonight we would like you to receive. We have talked a lot lately and we will talk some more, but tonight is really about your needs and your requirements for your own ability to be in response mode to your own energies. What are my energies? How do I know my own energies? How do I work with the energies that I talk about? That is what we would like to talk about tonight.

We’re going to talk about needs first, for a little bit and what needs are. Need are those things that you identify as needing to be done now, “I need to get bathed,” “I need to get a watch,” “I need to talk to the dog.” Whatever is it, what do you need to do? If you are in identification of your needs, you can work towards getting your needs met, do you understand this?

To a certain extent, those of you here are not in identification of your needs are consequently are befuddled when it comes to rearranging your lives and deciding what it is your require to get things moving again. “Do I need to write a book? Do I need to get a lover? Do I need to move my home? What is it I need to get things going again?” This is the question for this night, and it is about identification of those needs you have so you can discern what you need to do with your time, with our time, with our time.

We say with your time three times because you need to begin to understand what when you talk about these things in the abstract, you keep them abstract, you keep them in conjecture. You continue to think of things as if this will happen someday. I will get to this path, I will get to this growth, I will be in my knowing in some kind of strange other world that allows for these things to happen. When in fact, we would tell you very simply, today is the day to be in your discernment of what you need. “I am in my needing of blank.” Fill in the blank if you wish. “I am in need of my dinner,” “of my home,” “of my path to be clear,” “of my spouse to be clear,” “of my name to be clear,” “of the requirements of my growth to be told to me.” Whatever it is that you are deciding on now you will create as a need, and as you create it as a conscious need, you can go about the business of addressing it. To the extent that you keep things vague, you continue to in a place of misalignment of your own energies.

Now we are not telling you right now that you need to know everything. That is not the case at all. This is not about knowing everything. This is simply about identifying what you need in order to do what is required of you. Do you understand this?

Now the trials you have been facing lately, many of you, have been about a misalignment of your ideals with the reality of the time. “I believe it should be a certain way and I don’t experience it that way and so there must be something very wrong.” And that has been going on for some time. Once we decide now that things are beginning conscious and the needs are being required to be meet, you can begin to take actions to require yourself to know what you need and to act upon them, period. So that is what we are doing with you tonight. We are working with you on your needs to discern what they are so that you can begin to vibrate in such a way to take responsibility for them.

Now they’re not all physical actions. They’re not all about going to the attorney, or going to the delicatessen, or going to marriage counselor, or going to the dating service. Those are physical actions. As much as anything else, the needs of this time are about your own significance as Christed beings, as divine beings, the needs that you have to begin to enable yourselves to vibrate at the frequency you claim to be. When we do this with you, we begin to bring you into the higher alignment that will make sense, and once that happens for you, you begin to shift designs of your lives. When the designs are shifted what you bring into being transforms. Period.

So we want to do some work with you each to begin to decide one thing that you want to realize tonight.

“I want to bring this into fruition for myself as a decider. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now what we mean by this, very simply put, is one thing will be deiced on tonight that you can take action in frequency, and when that is done, you can begin to take action on the physical realms, in the higher realms, to make this shift happen as it’s meant to.

So we can say tonight:

“I am choosing tonight to do one thing in decision, and I will make it clear to myself what this thing is so that I can move forward in my requirements for my livelihood. Word I am Word.”

So take this moment please and make a decision. What is the one thing you would change in a decision? Do you want to know what a decision is? I am deciding to “blank.” What is the need? What is the need that can be expressed this way? What do you get when you listen to yourself? What do you know when you ask, “what do I need?” Ask now, please.

Now ask them each to receive love in through the hands and feet. Let it come, let it come, let it come, let it come. Receive, receive, receive. Let the energies begin to come in through the third now, allow them to come in through the thirds eye and through the mind. Blessings to each of you. And now allow yourselves to receive in through the seventh chakra down. And blessings to you. Feel this please.

“I am word through my decision to do this.” Please claim this now: “ through my decision to do this thing I have decided. Word I am Word through this intention, Word I am Word “

(Energy work commences)

We want each one to know themselves as responsible for their own actions. This is imperative right now, and it’s part of the change that’s going on. As you each require yourself to begin to move forward you make choices. And you make these choices with the intention to align yourselves to your own knowing and to your own growth. Yet still you wonder and still you question why you do what you do. To the extent that you can take responsibility for your actions on a daily basis and your decisions, which are based on your needs, you can come into consciousness without respecting the patterns that created the old decision making process.

Now there is a difference right now in the way you are honoring yourselves through consciousness and the way you have done things in the past. Once you begin to align yourselves to your choice in a higher frequency, you make choices that align to that frequency. You no longer require yourselves to do what you have done in the lower frequency because it no longer works for you. As you become accustomed to this, it gets easier and you will automatically choose the higher because it feels better, it feels more truthful, and it feels like you are in honoring yourselves when you act.

When you begin to understand this, then you can take full responsibility for what you are doing. There is no explanation required. And we want to work on you individually for a moment, and then we want to work on the group to bring you into alignment with your next choice. We are working with choices now, and we are working with requirements for your growth.

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