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Channeling 5/28/2009

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling held in NYC on June 28, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work. If you are new to this blog, it is recommended that you begin with the initial archived lectures.)

We want to talk and we want to talk about love and the requirements of love for you each to discern your needs and your choices as you move forward in life.

The reality in your lives is your traditions hold you to form: “I am this kind of a woman, I require this kind of a man” “I am this kind of a mother, I require this behavior for my child,” “I am this kind of a person, I have to introduce myself to everyone as such so that they can affirm who they think I am as I give them my permission.” This is not love. This is attitude and behavior.

Now you can be in love with the appropriate person you believe you should be with, and you can love the child who behaves in the perfect way, and you can be in love with those who give you permission to be in your selfhood the way you would decide, but that is an equation mathematically that won’t happen very often. And you decide already that this is who you are and what you must bring to you if you are to remain yourselves.

As you choose to leave yourself as you are and re-acclimate yourself to your wisdom as a light being, you choose to listen to a higher calling in all ways. And love comes forth as love would come forth: In it’s own love, which is beyond personality, form and bearing. It is beyond condition. It is beyond an elemental choice except the choice to be in love.

Now most of you still think that you are “in love” when you are in a variety of positions in your relationships that resemble a pattern that you have been given from the media, from your parents’ lives, from societal rules. That is why so many people get sad when their behavior does not conform to an authoritated way of exhibiting feeling:

“I love a man, I am a man. I love something that must not be good, I must be bad.” And love gets distorted. Love does not, actually, but the belief in love becomes a distortion because it’s been leveled by a structure that would have it adhere to its own systems. As you move beyond the structures that you have inherited you bequeath unto yourself freedom. And in freedom comes wisdom. In wisdom comes compassion. In compassion comes great love. As you understand that what your really desire is wisdom, you can then make a pathway to love. If you find love to be the thing that is buried at the center of the garden maze, the path of wisdom and truth can take you there.

In this room tonight there are many people who are grateful for the love that they know. Who have love blessed to them. And there are also people who are frightened of love and don’t believe their worth will hold them in love beyond a system that they have believed is the only system that they can play through. And if you stay with this system that will be the case, and you will be sorry, in your way.

Now those of you who have love and believe you have love have great reason for joy. However, we would also say that the ways in which you can still experience your love can be magnificent in this new paradigm. And this shift we speak of is “I am Love. I am the vibration of love. I bequeath love through my being and through my creations in love.” If you are in the frequency of love what comes from you cannot be other than true love. And true love hold s no fear, it holds no desire other than to be in love.

Now we want to give you something tonight to begin to work with on your own, and that is your assimilation to a frequency in love. And we say “in love” for a simple reason. When you stand in the frequency of love you balance your own systems to the extent that you give permission to. When you are in that system empowered through the frequency of love you can begin to meditate as love. Do you understand this?

You don’t become John who is in love as John, you become love empowered as John magnified. Love becomes the truth of who you are and the magnificence of this love stands forth in holiness.

Now this is not a tribute to you, this is a tribute to the divine aspect of the self that is in love and incarnates as love and the balancing we speak of in love is the acclimation you require to make this so. We have manifested Word here. We have brought through the anchoring and the foundation in frequency as Word, and this is what will now enable us to take you on the next step of this journey into the frequency empowered as, identified as Love Incarnate.

Now the truth of this for each of you is that it’s going to require you to dismantle some systems of creation that have kept you at bay in your legacies. When you look at your lives and you imagine them, imagine a shadow falling across the times when there was no love. And even those of you who have benefited from great love have not only allowed it to be experienced by you in the way you would, you have defied it at times and hidden from the frequency of it because it has brought you sorrow and it reminded you of your unworthiness and your grief.

Now we will speak of God for a minute and we will use the word God big-time tonight, because if you can understand for a moment that God is the king who sits in the throne, as it were, you can actually be in balance. Now we don’t talk of God on a cloud on a throne. We speak of God as that aspect of the self that is incarnated within you now and all men and women. And this part of the self is the legacy of the self that is ascending and carrying the rest of you with it.

But if you imagine for a moment that there is a God holding all that would bring you love, you can allow it, for the moment you need it, to change and transmute and clear the legacy of fear of being in love. And we say “in love” in the truest way, which is “I am in the frequency of love, and in that frequency of love I am manifested as my true self. I am that I am, I am in love, I am in truth and I am created in the image and likeness of my God.”

I now ask each of you present to claim your divinity in wholeness.

“I choose now to anchor in my divinity in a way that I can experience and hold, I chose now to hold forth and anchor in my own awareness of my own divine self in love. I chose now to become aware of those things that disengage me from my ability to give and receive the frequency of love so that I can release them to my divine self to release to the creator. I am now choosing to relinquish control of all of the beliefs that I have held of what love is supposed to be, who I am to love, what I am to love, who I am allowed to know, who I am allowed to be, who I can be seen with, who I can loved by, what I have chosen, what I have been taught, what the rules have been, what the government has said, what the bible has said, any tradition that has hampered my ability to be in my love at this time must be disengaged and released so that I may have my truth.

“I give now my full permission to release this engagement in holiness. I give forth my permission to allow the release of the distancing and the cruelty and the empowerment of fear that has kept me from my love and I do this through my own choice and my own free will. I am Word through this intention, Word I am Word.”

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