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Channeling 9/3/2009 "Awareness in Worth"

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling held in New York City on September 3, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We have a lot of talking to do. And refreshing talk, in many ways, because the subject of tonight is “Awareness of Yourself in Worth.” And what this really means is it's time, again, to claim yourselves as the one’s worthy of going on this journey.

Now the acceptance that you have of the self to date, which means where you stand today, is what has taken you this far. And if you can understand right now that this is as far as you get with the consciousness that you’ve attained, you might want to imagine stretching the self a little wider, a little broader in your purview of what you can accept for the self.

Now we would like each one of you to imagine for a moment that what you see before you in manifestation was chosen by you, was incurred by you in thought and decided upon in consciousness. You have all done this. Everything that you have chosen you have called to you and you’ve said “yes.” It would not be in your field if you were not in agreement with it.

Now the trials that come to each of you are when you call to you things that you say you don’t want. And then they are there, and then you have to question “Why?” “Why did I call this? What am I learning from this? And what is the opportunity that is present in this trial?”

Now we are not telling you each that you’re embarking on a trial. That is not the case this time. What it does mean, though, is that you need to understand your own process and claim your power back from those situations that are causing you pain and worry and starting to kick up fear. This is very important. You can each understand that when you do this and when you create in fear, you incur more fear into your energy system. And then that is what you create out of. Period.

Now each of you here has stood on this road for so many years. And if you take a moment and you turn around, see what is behind you. See what you have endured. See what you have gifted yourself with. See all those things that comprised out picturings of your consciousness until this day. And now turn around and see the road before you. What do you wish to see there?

What will be created there is your choice.

The days of labeling yourself as passive to this experience are finished. They are over. And in other ways, we would tell you they have always been over, but right now you’re having to take responsibility for those creations that you have made on order to be able to make new ones. Do you understand this? Now the blessings that come to each of you through this process will be clear the moment you manifest in your choice.

Now we want to tell you something important:

Where you manifest from in this light, in this choice, is of paramount importance. You have lower centers, you have higher centers, you have lower will, you have Higher Will. If you want the Mazaratti, you have to ask yourself "why?" If you want the beautiful boyfriend or girlfriend, you have to ask yourself "why?" If you want all the money in the bank that the bank can hold you have to ask yourself "why?" Because if you don’t ask yourself why, you are creating out of a system of belief that has been inherited. You are not choosing from your truth, you are choosing from designs, and by "designs" we mean those out picturings of identity that you have appropriated from external sources. Do you understand this? When you choose externally based-on paradigms that are cultural, you reinforce the paradigm.

Now want you all to be happy. But to the extent that you believe that happiness is brokered through adherence to rules and to other’s prescriptions for success, you are lying to yourself that you are truly happy. You want to go back to sleep where you can say, “Well, I got it. Now it doesn’t matte. I am achieved. I have the boyfriend, and the cash, and the car looks great.” But these things, ultimately, if they are not born in truth, and by that we mean, if they are not born in congruence with your own Divine Knowing, are just things.

Please understand the difference. When you create a thing, you have choices. You can manifest anything. That is what you do when you work in frequency. So you decide any moment of any day what you are choosing to bring through you. Now understand this: As you create, you choose and you call to you in matter, in material form, those experiences that you are requiring to learn. And these can be good and these can be tough, but they are all called in by you. So what we are telling you now is that when you create in manifestation you go into congruence so that you know, capitol “K,” Know, that you are choosing from a higher place. Do you understand this?

When you are reinforcing old systems that have been gifted to you by culture, and also by fear that says "you do not merit if you do not have this thing," then you are stuck in the mud and in the matrix of a system that has not achieved itself in truth but is being held in place by group agreement that you are part of.

How does one move beyond this matrix? We will tell you. Activating the Divine Spark within the heart center, moving into the frequency of the Word and realizing, actively realizing that you are an aspect of the Divine. And from that place, which is your worth, which is your truth, which is your “I Am” Self, you can achieve wonders in congruence

When you operate from that place, the choices that you make are in alignment with your Higher Self and, consequently, will lift you up to the next level of frequency and to achievement. Now we don’t speak of achievement in terms of success. We speak of achievement in terms of realization of frequency. As you ascend in consciousness you lift your frequency, and every choice you make on any given day will lift you up or bring you down depending on where you choose to go. So that is the lecture about this part.

Paul has been asking us "Are we going back to hearing?” and, in fact we are, but only for a little bit tonight. We have several people that we need present in order to fully work through this shift with this group, and that will happen as the weather changes. Still, we will let you know that the telepathic work that we are going to start to teach you will begin tonight. And this is what we mean:

You are each creating though thought. And as you think, you are working in frequency. You already understand that thought is created in frequency an that the brain is the computer that processes thought. So as you begin to learn what thought is, you can become the transistor for the hearing. And as you work this way you will learn how to operate telepathically, which means to hear in frequency.

Now this is a big deal. And the first thing we want you to know is that you are doing it already. Everyone is. But the amount of muck that stands in the way of your ability to hear is what must be first addressed.

If you have 12 radio stations playing concurrently, you are not going to hear the one with the voice of truth. So your abilities will begin to shift as you learn how to differentiate the multiple voices that you are listening to at any given moment. As we begin to teach you this, we will choose methods to instruct you that will bypass initial resistance. And this is an experiment on our part, but is one we are greatly looking forward to because it is about manifestation.

There are many of you here that did not feel the energy the first time you came, and now you feel it readily. And not only that, you feel it readily in you partner, or the one’s before you. So you have already become systematically energized in frequency on an empathic level. As you claim this, you refine it. As you refine it, it becomes your accessory in hearing yourself and transmitting information to you. As you do this, you can begin to learn how to hear, one step at a time.

So we have some work to do with you tonight, which is about readying you in frequency for empathic, clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient work. And this has to do with attuning your systems to the higher frequency in a way that you can understand. So we will cease the lecture now and we will move into the frequency work that we believe will shift you to the next level required as a tuning fork for the higher frequencies. I am Word though those before me Word I am Word.

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