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Channeling 9/10/2009 "Love"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on September 10, 2009. It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We have to talk about love tonight, and how you need to love, and what it means to love, and who you are in love, an why you love, and what it means to gift love to another.

The responsibility at this time is becoming love. Please understand this. The next level of initiation for this group is to go into love and embody as love. This was not possible until the Word was made form. It was done so through the Christ, it will be done so in all, and at this time the gift of love is what will be magnified within each of you.

How you have loved up until now has been an issue, because the love that you have gifted others with, with very few exceptions, has been held in fear. And the fear of the refusal of love is one of the things that keeps you from gifting your love to another. Do you understand this? “If I give my love and I am not returned, I will be in shame.”

Now if you understand fully that the truth of love is frequency and it has nothing to do with the personality, gifting the frequency of love requires no response. It cannot. So the mistaken agreement you have made with your brothers is that if you gift love, there is a response required. There is a return in the investment. “If he doesn’t do what I like, I will not love him.” “If he does what I say, I will love him up until he doesn’t do what I want.” All of these are false constructs. They are belief systems you have shaken hands with. And the reason you don’t love in a pure way is because you don’t know how. You don’t remember. So we are here to teach you how to love.

We are going to embody love as you, and that is part of the mission of this class. It is the text that is being written now, and it is the journey of man. Now if you can understand the first thing that you will need to learn is what love is not, then you will clear a path to begin to walk on. And as you walk on this path, it is your obligation in certainty to gift this love to others. You cannot be a parcel or an aspect of love without gifting it to another. If you carry love through you and you are, in fact, the conduit of love, love travels through you, it is you, it is your frequency, and as it moves through you it reaches and blesses and holds others in frequency. As it is held by another, it can hold form.

Now you do not gift someone love so that they can embody as love. Understand this please. The embodiment of love is a choice, but it is also a choice that is made at a soul level in consciousness. It does not happen by accident that people come here and have an experience of frequency one day and then the next day go “What the heck happened? What was all that about?”

The way you process frequency is extraordinarily individual because you each have karma that you are choosing to clear in this lifetime that has been about what has precluded you from this level of embodiment in the past. Everyone is doing this. And these are the junctures you reach when you want to say, “I’ve had it. Enough of this. It hasn’t happened yet. I am looking at my watch and if it’s not here by tomorrow, I am going to the movies instead.”

Now the belief that you each have that you cannot embody as love is choice. Understand this please. That is a choice. You make this choice “I can’t, because it can’t be done.” And there you’ve had it. You’ve made your decision. But why not choose something differently? Why not align to the possibility that your love is you in incarnation?

So we told you already, we will not teach you how to love until we can teach you what love is not. Love is not sex. Love is not a body. Love is not a career. Love is not a joint venture. Love is not a marriage. Love is not a child. Or anything else but the frequency that can be realized in and all those things. You can have sex in love, you can have work in love. You can have a partnership in love. But understand this please: The moment you pollute that frequency with an expectation of response you are no longer in the frequency of love and you have changed your experience into one of fear. “He cannot love me because.” “This job can’t be what I love because.” Love is frequency.

What happens when you are in a river is that you are wet, and you can struggle against the current, or you can flow with the current, or you can travel to the sea. In the book that we are writing through Paul, we have spoken a few times about the metaphor of a riverbank, which is where you go when you elect to step out of love. And you go onto the riverbank and you sit there and you say “Okay, I chose what I chose, and I am very satisfied.” And the longer you sit there out of love, the memory of love recedes and the river seems to vanish.

Please understand this, everyone: As you travel, there will be many times when you feel as if you are thrown on the rocks, or washed up with the tide. And these are indeed times of learning. But your choice is always to return to love.

“I am now choosing to restore myself in my knowing to my divine sense of love. As I do this, I enjoin with my soul’s choice for me to journey forward in this frequency. As I do this intention, I am calling to me the frequency of love that will heal me and assist me in my knowing of what I am required to do to be in love. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now Paul has been told, and we will tell you, that the river is a running one. And the river has an end, and that is the sea. All rivers flow to the sea. And the sea, of course, is Creation. It is the love of God, it is the embodiment. And that is where you are destined to go.

In times past, it was believed that you could not see the face of God until you went to heaven. Until something happened that lifted you above this reality. Sometimes people would have an experience of near death and come back and tell the stories. And sometimes people saw through the veils of illusion enough to paint the pictures for others to see. And consequently, you all have identity investment in a schemata of what heaven is. A picture of what it could be. But you understand now that seeing the face of God is, in fact, seeing our own face and seeing the face of your bother in true love.

“I am knowing myself in love. Word I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now the requirement of this time for you, very, very simply, is to begin to learn where you are not in love, and where you are withholding love from yourself intentionally, or because you believe you should, which is, of course, intentional as well. But we will give you an example: “I hurt someone, I must feel guilty and therefore hold myself out of love.” “I did something bad, I deserve to be punished, I should hold myself out of love.”
These are two examples of guilt, and guilt produced blame against the self and is, quite simply, judgment. And when you are operating from judgment, as you know, you block the frequency of love. You judge yourselves, you judge a system, you judge a government, ideally the one you don’t like, and you judge everything very grandly.

How do you know what’s what? How do you know what is the truth? How do you know and who are you to judge? Who are you to judge yourself? Who are you to judge your brother?

Now we will tell you one thing. We have spoken a lot about knowing. And when you are truly in your knowing, you do know what is what. But you cannot be in your knowing and not operating from love. Do you understand this? Love is a frequency.

Now honestly, we do not expect you to see something that you judge and say you love it. Those two things cannot co-exist. However you can see the crime, whatever it may be, but you can see the participants of the crime in Divine Love. And you can also see the crime itself as an out picture of fear that is requiring healing. And as you all know, you do not heal fear with more fear. That is the cause of war and that is the trajectory that this planet is on and what it will be facing if it does not change. So you heal in love, and you understand what you see. But when you are in love, you will know, and you will not be knowing in a pretty way.

Please get over the idea right now that “knowing” and being spiritual means you’re nice. It doesn’t mean that you’re nice, or that you’re polite, or anything else. Now of course, if you are in a high alignment, you will not be cruel, because that is low frequency. But understand, please ,that the piranha was created by God, as was the mermaid. Do you understand this? All things that are created have required actions. And requirements for love, at times, can require truth and they can require readjustment of what you believed to be the requirements of love.

So everybody get over the picture that this is a Hallmark Card, that this is a nice thing, and that you walk around grinning like an idiot all the time because you are in love. Love is an action, love is a frequency, and pulling a body out of the street may not be a glorious thing to do, but it is in love.

Now when we speak of healing others, and we will teach you how to heal when we can, in love, you are acting as an emissary, always as an emissary of the Christ, or the light, or whatever you want to name it. That is your job. When you think for a moment that you are the emissary because you are special you are actually bypassing the frequency of love and moving into something else.

So we are calling you into recognition. “I am knowing myself in love” requires a real humility and a real sense of gratitude, because you are being gifted with this industry. It is your birthright, but your birth is a gift as well. How easily we all forget when we focus on the inane, how trivial all this is. All that is flesh will be dust. Your beauty will be dust, your home will be dust, and all that you value today will be gone eventually. But that which is gifted to you in spirit will last, and you, my friend, will be here as well in form. Just not the form you know of. So we gift you love tonight.

Now Paul is wondering if we are going to teach telepathy and, in fact, we are. And we will deal with this as we do through the recognition of love. But until you understand what you are and what you can be in this frequency, we cannot teach you much.

Now some of you here have this down. You get it and you know it and you can do it. But not everybody can. And Paul struggles radically with the concept of love, which to him still feels like an abstraction. So we take it out of the abstract for you, and we gift it to you in frequency in a way that you may feel.

Now we told you already that you have to learn what love is not. And this is your homework this week: “Where am I not in love? What moment in the day am I not in love? Who am I seeing before me and where am I not in love? Look at yourself in the mirror. Be naked if you wish. Where am I not in love? Where do I not see myself as loved, and where am I withholding love?” Do you understand this?

The job that you have today is to become consciousness. We cannot make conscious. You have to choose this and do the homework. And we have said to you many times already, the days of sitting back and letting the spirit guides do the work are over. If you are going to be enjoining to serve, you have to get to work. This is the time. This is the time. This is the time.

Now we would like you each to receive love through the third eye. And we’re going to work with you as a group first to astonish you. And what we mean by this is, to gift you with an understanding of yourself as seen in love.

“I am now knowing myself as seen in love. I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

Receive, receive, receive, receive, receive. Let it come, let it come, let it come. Let the energy come in through the third eye and receive yourself as seeing yourself as loved.

Now our mission with you is very simple: To get you busy in your awareness. And you cannot do this without support from one another. So this week, we want you each to team up and we would like you to do two check-ins by telephone or mail, however you communicate, about where you are not in love. If you do not keep a notebook, you must. But write it down: “I was not in love today when.” Please see this. It’s simply a tool. Once you see where you are not, you can be. It’s so easy. As we said to you at the beginning of this teaching, it is choice:

“I can be in love. I am knowing myself in love. And I am worthy of my love.”

Now we want to work with you as a group and we want to do it this way. We want to ask you each to think of a time when you loved. How you felt love truly. When it was who you are. When you can imagine yourself as being love. Please try this now. And actually, if you cannot think of a time, imagine it. Imagine what it must feel like to be in love.

“I am Word through this memory of being in love. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now allow the frequency of this memory to assist you. Allow the feeling of love to begin to move through your being. Allow it to come though you. And realize that this is a part of you. This aspect of love is who you are. Understand this please. This aspect of love is who you are.

“I am now choosing to realize myself in love. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

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