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Channeling 9/17/2009 "Responsibility"

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling held in New York City on September 17, 2009. It was followed by group and individual instruction and energy work.)

We have much to do tonight, and the work comes quickly. And we’re moving Paul out as far as possible for the work to commence as is required.

The jurisdiction of yourselves as the one in charge of your lives has commenced. Now we need to explain this to you. It’s actually very important, because you have transitioned in frequency to the level where you are no longer allowed to blame and to fear the actions of others, the doings of others. You have moved out of that matrix, whether or not you know it, and as you refuse to align to this, you reclaim your pain, your reclaim your sorrow, and you do this through the intention "I am not worthy of my love.”

The belief that you are not worthy of your love finally, is what is impressed when you are in fear of another, when you are blaming another, when you are out of focus in your own worth and in your own divinity.

Now the trouble you get into in image of the self as seeing the self as pristine in frequency without allowing the feelings that you have to come forth. Now if you get in trouble, you deny your feelings in order to hold this image of the self as pristine. “I am not allowed to blame, but I feel all this blame. What am I to do?”

Well we want to give you the answers you seek as we can. And in order to do this, we need you to understand that the matrix of fear that has been compressing this within you has actually been released, and the energies that you focus on that would reclaim it are, frankly, habit and shadow.

Now if somebody hits you in the nose, we are not saying to you “punish them back,” and we are not saying to you “pretended you’re not unhappy.” That would be dishonorable. However, what we are saying is when you are provoked in frequency you have an immediate choice to make as to how you wish to respond. “Do I want to respond out of the habit of blame, or denial, or protection? Or do I want to move into a choice in higher frequency?” This is really that simple.

Now Paul is wondering what we mean by “provoked in energy.” To be provoked in energy is to be hit with something, pushed, fingered, played on in energy. Now if somebody provokes you, you are in response. That’s why somebody provokes, in order to give you what they want back. So if you attune to it, to the level of provocation and you meet it that level you are choosing to engage in lower in frequency. The moment you stop it you are realigned to a new way of doing things.

Now when you choose a new way of doing something, the first impulse always is to question is the validity of it. “I’ve always walked to work this way, what’s the benefit of going that way?” “I’ve always said I’m sorry when somebody was angry because I thought that was the right thing to do. Why am I not doing it now?”

Well the new way, or course, has to be received and become habituated. So much of what you have done in the past has been about responding in fear and the energy of fear camouflages itself in many, many ways. The choices that you have made in your fear have created every bit of trouble in your lives. We guarantee you this.

When you are aligned to love you are operating out of a frequency in higher dimensions. As you work though love, you are attuned to love. As you are attuned to love, you vibrate in love. As you vibrate in love what you call to you must be in congruence. There is no other way. That is the fact and that is the reality of your experience. Your choices tonight, and there are going to be choices made tonight, are to receive yourself in a new responsibility to your own awareness of responsibility to your whole lives. To every aspect of your life. This includes your body. This includes your Christ consciousness. This includes your business. And this includes any and all relationships that are cause for pain. You have to choose them all anew in realignment to the Creative Force that you have claimed.

When you have claimed “I am Word” you have claimed dominion, whether or not you realize this. And your alignment to dominion, as it is, is not a free ride. Quite the contrary. It is a choice to manifest as yourselves in high frequency. As you have chosen this, you have dictated choices and responses that will come to you realign you. And any aspect of your life right now that is not in alignment with this must come into congruence. It’s really very simple.

The free ride would be “I don’t have to work on it. I don’t have to make the choice. I’m a spiritual guy. I meditate every day. I must be great.” Well, that’s not the way it works anymore. This is all about being in frequency. You are always in frequency. Each one of you every moment of the day is in frequency. So what you do with your frequency is what you choose. When you are in alignment with higher frequency what you choose is in accordance with it. When you’re in low frequency, that becomes your story.

Now the reason we gift you with this tonight as an offering for you to choose, is because the work is going to accelerate in the next three weeks very rapidly. And as the work increases, which means your work changes, you have to restore yourselves periodically to the new level of frequency that you are operating at. You cannot restore yourself to where you were two weeks ago because that no longer exists. It’s not possible to restore yourself to a memory. That is no longer truthful.

Why is the work accelerating? The planetary shift that has been in progress for some time is uplifting. And the requirement of this for each of you is to realign. When the temperature changes, you change your clothing to accommodate. When the frequency changes you have to adjust your consciousness. When the consciousness is swift in its acceleration, changes can happen very rapidly and they are not always pretty, because there is often a reaction to change as people try to hold to what they know and claimed as themselves.

You will see this out pictured on the news. You will have experiences of yourself. This is all priming for change. This is not scary, per se. This is the fact: A lot of people right now are not claiming themselves as in their power. The extent that they choose to reassign their power to an external structure, and this is a government, it can be a church, it can be a spouse, is the level that they are laying claim to their own lower frequency.

Every man and woman has been created in the image and likeness of God. That is the truth. That means that in your systems, in your causal bodies, in your DNA is the knowing of this. The awakening of this is here, it is now, it is present and the choice to regroup and claim your divinity is ever present. However, those of you who are not willing to do this will be running for cover, because the unknown, such as it is, can be frightening.

Now the unknown, in this case, that we speak of is a relaxed grid of fear. That is what is leaving, everybody, and understand this: When the planetary grid changes, those things that you have assumes to be true through experience and through collective agreement that they are true come into question. Now if a Martian landed on the lawn of the White House tomorrow there would be a lot of people who would say “So what?” because the culture ahs been shifting to embrace this concept for quite some time. However, if the culture began to realize, in truth, that they were all in one love, that they were all of one race, that they were all of one God, can you imagine the cataclysm? Do you know how much investment there is staying in separation? The ego has a field day with this.

Now the relaxing of this paradigm that we will say is a paradigm of control allows for change and, of course, as we said, there is often reaction. When change comes, somebody yells “No,” and usually the no-yeller tries to call others to him to support him in the claim and then, once again, you have division and separation. Nobody is going to tell anybody what to do this time. That is the old paradigm, and that is why we say to you, in claiming your authorship, you claim your truth. In claiming your truth you are in your Divine Knowing, in your Selfhood. As you stand in this knowing, which is the truth of your being, how you reclaim yourselves through your actions will require you to stay in high frequency. It’s really that simple.

So imagine one day you are walking out of our home and you’re singing in high frequency. Your whole being is radiating at this new level, and then suddenly something happens to throw you out. What is your choice going to be? Now do you realign to lower frequency? Do you assess what you are experiencing and them make a decision? Or do you deny the evidence and suppress? These tend to be your options.

Now once again, you can always claim this: “I am Word through that that I see before me” and then you can re-attune your vision, your consciousness, meaning, what you see and how you interpret, to the higher level. As you do this, you realign your intention to remain in high frequency. When you choose to opt for the lower, please understand, that you can do this in ways that are tremendously deceptive.

“Oh, I agree, that was a terrible things that she did.” “Oh, did you see what they said on the news about how they are lying about this or that thing?” “I saw what I saw and it was not good.” All of these things are examples of self-justification and self-righteousness that are really operating to create division, and the smugness that some present in the name of enlightenment frankly is, a camouflage for low consciousness.

To believe that someone is good at their essence is to know the truth of them. To deny their behavior is not spiritual. To accept them as God in body is your responsibility. That is who you are, and you cannot be this if you claim that someone else is not. How can you? Who can rise above another and claim themselves to be the Christ without seeing the Christ in all before them? No one. It is not possible. That is a lie.

To claim that you are in the light while somebody is outside of it is to be in self-deceit. You have no idea the passage someone else makes or the requirements for their soul’s growth. When you move into your knowing in an authentic way, you will see the truth and you will know it is the truth because you will not be judging. And, as long as you are judging your brother, you are not in truth. This is a promise to you. That is a fact. That is self-justification and it is parading as way to keep you separate.

Now what do you do then, when you have a fight with someone you care about, or you are outraged by something that has happened and cannot stand it? We will tell you: Do not deny it. Do not pretend. Do not go into coercion with your emotions. Accept what you feel so that you can begin to work with it and move back into congruence.

People get in trouble when they start to work with duality and separate their emotions into good ones and bad ones. How ludicrous. It’s energy and it’s emotional response. When you finally do the work, you can understand what is hooking you and then transmute the hook.

If you don’t care what people think of you, you will not get your feelings hurt when someone laughs at you. If you have no investment in being the smart one, you don’t care if somebody thinks you’re stupid. It doesn’t matter. You have your own work to do in this regard. So we are not telling you to pretend you don’t. That would be a lie. But we are telling you that the work can be done and the magnificence of it is that you are able. We have given you the tools. And you have God, Source, the Universe, what ever you want to name it as, to back you up. So there really is no excuse, at this point, to remain a victim in your consciousness. When you go into approval of that, you abnegate your authority, and the moment you have done this, you have stepped out of the Divine River and onto the riverbank to work it out.

Now Paul has been given a system of evaporating frequency…the system is as follows: Your choices to transmute frequency are very, very simple. “I am Word through that I see before me” makes a claim that that which you see before you is in congruence with Divine Light. When something is in congruence with the light, it is in its form, it’s in its divinity, and you are in recognition of this.

So we would like you all tonight to choose one thing: one emotion, one block, one system of problems and work directly on them in your own causal light. “I am Word through this thing I know to be so. I am Word though this thing before me. I am Word trough this feeling.” However you want to claim it, you choose to, and you move the frequency to do the work.

The system we have given Paul is to set this intention:

“I am now choosing to release any and all blocks that keep me in my knowing in limitation. I am now choosing any and all systems of belief that tether me to constructs of fear. I am now choosing to realign my knowing to my own knowing of my freedom as a Divine Being. And in doing this I call forth the love pf the Creator, the Powers and the emissaries of the Word to support me in this complete transformation of my being. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now the choice to do this is yours. And we cannot get in there with you unless you say “yes” and you request our support. We will not un-bug you, as it were, without your permission. You choices are always there.

Tonight we began this talk by saying that this was a responsibility. That this was no longer about sitting back. But we want to teach you one thing about the choices that you make.

You are still making choices based on what you thought you were supposed to be. Based on what you think others will think of you. Based on societal constructs. “He’s supposed to look like that.” “She should have more money.” “I should know what I’m doing by now.”

Make a list of all of those beliefs you hold that are tethered to those things, and you will find out that 50% of your life has been built on them. So please, please, please, do not create from an old system. As you move forward, as you challenge these beliefs, they will call back to you and say, “No, no, no, you’re supposed to have this much money, or that career, or that lover, or that marriage or that” -- whatever you want to say.

Now there is nothing wrong with any of these things. Allow them, if they are there. But do not choose from the old place because, if you do, you relinquish your own control and you go into agreement with the stuff that was problematic to begin with. If you were raised in a certain religion and you were told that you had to dress a certain way, that is a construct. If you were told as a child that you were a prodigy and great things were supposed to come of you an you operated from that impression fully and made all of your choices based on others approval of your gifts, that is a construct. If you are spiritual, and think everything’s supposed to be spiritual in a cosmetic way, that is a construct.

We all have these things. There is no one in this room, or in this town, that is not operating form these agreed constructs. Now become aware of them. See where they exist already, but then choose anew. You don’t have to quit your job, or stop doing your hair, or anything crazy like that. But please choose anew.

How do you choose anew? You go into your knowing, “I am in my knowing. I am Word through my knowing.” And then you go into alignment with what you require to move forward. Period. Do you understand thus?

We will teach you again next week. But there are many of you here and we have work to do, and we have told you what some of it will be. So the first thing we need to ask is your permission to work with you individually on these things. We will come as you require. There is a group of us now in preparation for the larger work to come and we assemble and we gift you with our presence. So if you wish, in silence say “yes” and we will know.

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