Saturday, November 13, 2010

Channeling 3/4/10 "Triumph"

We’re ready to go. And we have been waiting, for this week is a good one, to triumph. And by “triumph” we mean to stand in your power and claim victory over those aspects of the self that have been in disturbance, have been in fear, have been in rotation, and keeping you at bay from claiming your victory as soul-worthy of “I am Word.”

Now to claim this fully, we will say, is a strategy that will bring you where you need to go in your lives. Wherever you need to go you will be called to through the information that is given to you as you claim your power in Word. As you decide, you become the decider in truth. As you decide, you become the decider in triumph. And as you decide you are carried forward by your choices in high esteem by those who would support you on your journeys.

Now the triumph that we are speaking of tonight is about a refusal to allow the lower self to stand guard over the truth of who you are. The lower self would like to keep you in a place of abeyance to its needs, and the needs it has created have been formed out of requirements of the soul that were there that are no longer required. So as you once needed some behavior to support you and you outgrow that, the need for it is gone.

Now we said soul creates these things and Paul is wondering what we mean. In a funny way, the self that you are today has been manufactured by you throughout a long time of incarnations to bring you to this place you stand in. And the way you have been formed has been through experiences that are imprinted into the energy fields that you hold to you. And as you stand in your frequency, the way that you stand is inhabited by this past-self recollection of what has gone before it. So those things were created and they are in your field, and they can be un-created as you decide that you are no longer allowing yourself to be held back by the self that would keep you in abeyance to past history.

So tonight we decide with you that the decision is made, that you can now be cleaned up of the past in such a way that you can claim victory. Paul is seeing an image of a man standing on a castle wall, looking out at the horizon. It is a high wall. It has been a wall of protection, and the vista is wonderful outside of the castle wall. And he has been held there for a period of time by the requirements he has created, he has chosen, he has been gifted with through societal needs and norms. Now today he stands and he faces the future with wonder.

The requirement for you each as you journey forward is to stand in your knowing. “In my knowing” means I am coming from that aspect of the self that is in truth, that is in wonder, and that is in alliance with my Higher Self, the Divine Self, “I am Word.” As you have done this, as you have chosen this, you have chosen to move forward and outward more fully than you ever have. Each one present has done this in one way or another, and those who join you tonight and other nights will be joining you on this journey to triumph. And we say “triumph” with gratefulness because we are grateful to you for your work. And we are grateful to you for the willingness to allow this work to continue forward.

Now we try to connect each one of you to your knowing through these nights, and through these meditations. And we choose to work with you, as we can, in frequency, to bring forth the needs that you have that must be recreated in a higher way to carry you to where you say you want to go. And when we say this, “I am Word through those I see before me,” we are claiming for you your power and your victory.

So we said, this week is a big one. You each have things you wish to clean out. You each have things you have chosen to clear out and you will. But the big one that comes up tonight is fear of love. The fear of being loved in a deep way that will heal you to receive the grace you require. As this is done as a group the cracks appear in the armor you have worn, and the light pours through, and heals and fills and liberates the souls that have been unloved, those aspects of the self that have been held in sorrow and guilt and unworthiness.

Now the fear of this, we will say, is not only your own, but is a matrix of sorts that holds the planet in a respect, because it has been held for so long. Now the belief that you are not loved by the Divine is inherited by you culturally. And the withstanding of it, the belief that you could be without this love, is held systematically in many religions, because you were told you had to go to the altar, to someone else, to receive the blessing of the light. Well, we say those days are long gone, and you each have privilege, every man and woman has their entitlement to God and to love. As you choose it, it comes. As you allow for it, you create through it. And as you join in your knowing with the possibility that love is there, love is there. Period, period, period.

So we say to you tonight, your joy is our joy, your truth is our truth, and your freedom is our choice as we continue to work with you. Tonight is the night you say “yes” to the self in a deeper way, the self that requires love and the self that is free to move forward on his path in wonder and worth. So we will work with you each tonight, and we will also treat you to a solitary knowing. And that is this: The worth that you have in your knowing, the worth that you have as you are known by us in truth, must be identified and must be loved and held in truth, and we will give this to you.

We are telling you this: We are going to shine our light on you in such a way that that aspect of the self that is already in involvement with our frequency will be higher and receptive than it has been before. And you will each receive the frequency lifting at the heart center that you require to name yourself in a deeper way: “I am in Love. I am in the frequency of Love. And I am in Truth in my knowing. I am Truth in my being. And I am willing to serve as I grow and claim my power as a minister in the frequency of Word.”

Each one of you present has claimed power in knowing. Each one of you present has chosen this. Each one of you has decided that your path will be taken at a higher frequency in this incarnation. And the knowing of this withstands all other things and temptations as they come, only go to prove to yourself that this was the path that you were to take. As you admonish the fear, the fear will release. As you trust yourself, the fear has no place to go, because the fear is in deceit. As you listen to the body you stand in, the body will become transforming, in its own way, what it is required to be in order to serve at the highest level you can. And as you choose this, your frequency rises and you are greeted by us in light and truth and worth because, of course, we know who you are. We have chosen you as you have chosen us. And we have come to you in respect and with an offering.

Now we want to welcome a new one tonight, and we wish to say this to James. Your choice to be here tonight is a reflection of many things, not the least of which is your desire to serve. But your awareness at this stage of your evolution, that there is more than the physical body, will become what you accelerate at. And by this we mean, this frequency that we are offering you to support you in your work, will be held by you in awareness and cognizance in a trusting way that your authority can accept. And once you are in accepting of it, it will work with you in tandem of your awareness and your knowing.

So the group tonight is about triumph, and the welcoming to each of you is about worth in love, and “I am now choosing to stand in my knowing as a loved one. I am now allowing myself to bring forth the truth that I own and accept the truth that is offered to me. And I realign my frequency in high knowing in accordance with my own desire to serve. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now tonight is for you each and we will commence with the work in a moment. But we want to start out by telling you one thing. As you work with others in this frequency, your awareness will change, of what the work is. And as you work on this frequency with others, your ability to share it will enlighten you and you will be carried forward in the work, as you choose it. To the extent that you allow yourself to serve, you will be chosen to serve. To the extent that you gift yourself the opportunities to be in attunement with the frequency of Word is the extent that those you are required to work with will be brought to you in Truth.

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