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Channeling 3/11/10 "Judgement"

We’re ready to talk. And tonight’s about knowing and responsibility and judgment. And we say judgment for the very reason you think we might. The ideal of being out of judgment contains problems within it, but the deal breaker is when one is in judgment, one is not operating in frequency at a level where a level where you can be attuned to the Christ vibration.

Now we tell you this. The hunger you each have for embodiment as source, as that aspect of the self that is divine, is recognized by each of us who attends you. And each of us commits to you the work that is required to assuage you away from the temptation to be in judgment of the self and of your fellows and of your work and worth. However, all we can do is provide you with the instruments, the techniques, the ability to shift your energy frequency to a higher vibration in conjunction with your own will and intent. We cannot for you decide that you are no longer in judgment when in fact, you are. And when you are in judgment you are assuaging yourself out of the design you have aspired to be in.

Now our consciousness, at the level we vibrate, in does not hold judgment. We have moved beyond that, and we do not instill it in anyone we teach. We do not work in that way. So you must understand this tonight: that any judgment you hold against yourselves and your fellows and your worth and your work is something that you are in charge of yourselves. You cannot say, equally, that we are together in this function because we are not, and you are not in charge of it to the extent that you are unconscious of it. And tonight we must bring you into consciousness of judgment and where you gain energy from it in ways that are not supportive of your growth and ambition to ascend.

Now tonight the frequency is high and it will get higher as the night progresses. But each one of you here still holds to you those things that you judge, that you have decided about, that you believe to be so in your self righteousness, in your awareness of your own worth in comparison to the worth of someone else. And to the extent that you continue this habit of believing yourselves to be higher or lower than another is the extent that you lie about your own growth. Because a very fast way to sit on the sidelines and watch the game progress without you is to judge the other players on the field as inferior. And in fact, the doing of this creates an obstruction to your own awareness of your Christed Self.

Jesus the Christ, the one who embodied, as others have, was without judgment. He learned though his lessons and the teachings that we gave him that there is no such thing as love in judgment. It cannot exist as such. And as each of you grow and ascend the rungs of this teaching of consciousness you will become faced with that aspect of the self that chooses to judge and goes into agreement with judgment at a higher level.

Now we say “higher level” by meaning this: In spiritual growth there are categories of development. As you have gone to school and you ascended through your grades, the same thing happens in our work with you. But you do not judge the first grader. You do not judge the second grader as anything other than perhaps more advanced in his study. He is not greater than. He may be younger than. But there are many youngsters who move faster through their studies than people twice their age. So the barometers you use to tend to judgment can be camouflaged in rankings or decisions that have been culturally accepted.

It is approved of to talk about people as unenlightened who do not agree with you. Paul and Jeannette had this discussion last night and we were laughing because they were both judging and in agreement about those that they judged. And they are not judging, they are just agreeing with a system that they partake in. We will explain:

If the group of you decides that the group down the block must be misguided because they are working with a different energy and a different technique, you can sit back on your chairs and congratulate yourselves for being right, or you can accept that there are different stations that the train stops at to get to the higher destination, and many people take different trains to get to work, as it were.

Now tonight we are telling you that judgment does not serve you. And this is not new information. But will be new is the level of authority you are now given to teach yourselves what it means to be out of of judgment, and out of judgment means to be in lightened. Period. When you are out of judgment, when you no longer see the inferior as damned or lower and you see it for what it is which is a stage of evolution and development, then you can know who you are, which is a piece of God evolving as herself, as himself, in her realization, in his realization of his Godhood.

Now tonight we give to you the presence of the sacred knowing of love. And what we mean by this is the sacred knowing of love will transmute the frequency of judgment when it is called upon in action. When you are in belief of the self in a judgmental way you can call on the frequency of love to teach you a new consciousness and allow the divine action of love to heal that aspect of the self that requires judgment to assuage her fear, his fear, that perhaps you are not good enough, or that someone else is worse than you, or better than, or however you mask your fear.

We have said to you that what you fear you are in judgment of and what you are in judgment of you fear, and there are reasons for this. As you choose your growth, you call to you things you need to learn. And you learn them through action and through the aspiration to move into higher knowing as you shift upwards through the experience you have called to you.

So now tonight we gift you with the knowing of love, and this is a little different, because it will be an action you call in to serve you in your growth in an active way. We are a little tired, at this point, of having to explain everything many times before you decide that you do not have to question and you can accept, now we encourage you to question and work with our teaching. We do not want you to decide at one moment that it all must be accurate and therefore there are no questions needed. However, if you do not work with the teachings you are gifted with and keep it in the realm of conjecture, we cannot move you forward. We are not able to without your choice. And your choice, of course, is to go upstairs, to fifth grade as it were, or to graduate school, if you wish. But as long as you are still reading the primer from first grade and trying to decide whether it’s okay or not we cannot give you the new textbooks.

So Paul is wondering what does this mean on a practical level. What it means is that everyone present is aspiring and everyone is moving and the choice to move, while it is honored, can only be taken so far. As you ready yourselves for each stage of development, you will call to you the experiences you require to serve you in this next stage. This is promised. You do not graduate without a test, and sometimes the tests comes in ways you do not like, but they are workable, they can be worked with, and you will continue to work with them in your choices as your grow.

So tonight’s work is in loving and knowing and vibrating in love as you grow, so that you can bypass judgment through consciousness and not stick the pin in the map of judgment in a way what keeps you there again and again out of habitual thinking. So we keep you upwards tonight in vibration so that the work can happen expeditiously and we will do it with you, we assure you of this.

Now we will talk for a moment about vibration and how you are choosing to create new vibration through your choice to Word. When you claim “I am Word through this or that, it myself or her, or his bones or her limbs or her tongue or her false consciousness,” you are assisting the energies in vibrating at a new frequency. We have turned the light on, as it were, and as we turn on the light those things that must be illumined and created anew will be connected to that possibility. It is not a static action. And tonight we will you this: The choice to Word creates a new frequency within you as you work with it. You do not deny the self the food that you gift to your brother, however, you can’t partake of the food unless you work with it consciously. We will say to you this: There will come a time, in fact, when you are vibrating all the time in this frequency because it is what you know and what you have become. You will be gaining in frequency as this work continues but, until that time, you must become conscious of the action of Word and use it as a conscious action.

Now those of you who work with this daily are participating in a new way, in a new paradigm of light and intention that we decide with you will work with you as it does. We have worked with this before, but you are, in fact, the first group to hold this system fully and activate with it through the language we have offered you. And tonight we will work with you newly in love in a similar fashion.

The deprivation of love that you have each experienced has made it very difficult for us to give you love in ways that you can align to fully, because you are fearful of the love that we would gift you. You believe that if you are loved you will be hurt, or it will be taken from you out of sin, or self-judgment, or illusion, and we do not do that with you, we promise. We are serving God in our action. Our function is to teach and to serve the evolution of consciousness on this plane through this triumphant time of great knowing that will befall this planet and this plane of consciousness in the coming years. And as this comes, those of you who have been taught will be the teachers of those who require the teaching. We have gifted you each with the choice to become yourselves in consciousness. And as you have consciously committed to this action you have gifted yourself with the choice to embody as Word.

“I am Word through all that I see before me” is the commitment to God, to God’s creation in alignment with His intention of love.

Now we personify God as “he” for several reasons, but we do not want you to get caught up in a vocabulary that may not be in service to your own requirements or agendas. But the masculine principle, “I am in action,” is “I am Word,” and the marriage of the Divine Feminine with this action is the Christ that is born in man.

You are the vehicles of the Word. You are the piece of God illumined in soul to come forth as love.

Now we say love. The action of God in love is, in fact, the requirement of your work tonight and, in an ongoing way, will be the work of this group for a while. And we say “a while” because we have no idea how long it will take us to work with you to bypass the self-hatred, or the fear of divine love that you have inherited globally, culturally, and through incarnations over time.

Those of you who were in service in past lives were burned, were heretics, or served in love with a denial of the self as part of your teaching. And we can no longer teach as we have. You do not have to go into service to bypass physical form to have an experience of love anymore. The bodies that you stand in are the vehicles of God in expression. Your frequency is the expression of God in the body. And when you die, when you dis-inhabit this form, this frequency will ascend as you have left it and rejoin and merge with the plane of consciousness that it has ascended from. We gift you tonight in love with this consciousness.

“I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.

I am Word through my vibration. Word I am Word.

I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.

I Am Word through all that I see before me, and I am knowing myself in love.

I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

The triumph we spoke of last week was a triumph of the will as it aligns to higher vibration, to ascend. It is not all passive you know. You do not sit in meditation without doing what you are called to do in action through a result of our teachings with you. It is not a passive experience anymore and, in fact, the extent that which you pretend it is is the extent that you slow down your growth.

“I am in my knowing of the requirements for my growth” will begin to serve you with the issues you need to contend with directly in love and consciousness as you continue your ascension, so tonight’s work in love is the vibration of Christ in consciousness in the growth you have sought and in the awareness “I am in my knowing of all that I require to continue my path in the highest frequency available to me.”

So we thank you each for your participation in this and we gift you tonight “I am in my knowing of myself as love. I am Word through those that I see before me. Word I am Word.”

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