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Channeling 3/18/10 "Recreation"

We’re ready to go. And thank you all for being here and accommodating us. Because tonight is about us, and the requirements we have for the movement you need as individuals as a group and as a consciousness energy that is hoping to stand up in the light in fullness.

Now each one of you have the ability. Each one of you has the knowing of what is required of you. Each one of you knows, on a certain level, that the requirements of this time are about understanding what you need and moving towards it in consciousness. And we’re going to ask you tonight to know what you need and to become what you need in action. And this means there is no more stalling, there is no more saying “Okay, I’m, wiling to do the work when I get around to it.”

Now the work for each of you is different in some ways and the same in others. There are people here who have withstood these teachings for lifetimes and are coming into their own once again. And there are people here who are newer to the work, but on a different level. Each one present has a common knowing of what is required. And the traditions we speak of when we say “work,” mean discipline and action, and those things that you do in action.

This is no longer about waiting to be told what to do. So we said our requirements are thus. And as we continue with you, and we intend to continue with you for some time, we ask that the group restates its commitment to one another to support one another through this growth process and to stand up for yourselves in the light. And that means to be responsible for what you have created, and what you do create and no longer allowed are you to blame another for your situations or your circumstances.

Now tonight we’re going to teach you something new, and that’s about creativity and what creativity really means. And we’re not talking about arts and crafts. We are talking about intention, and that which you put out into the world to create form.

Each one you present already is creative, in that you are creating form. And things that you bring forth are things that you have required, in one way or another, to facilitate your learning. If you could understand it in that way, you are no longer victims by your circumstances. You are simply there in the first row of the class and the life you have created is the teacher and the lesson in one.

Now if you decide tonight that the way that you create can be transformed you will be helped to create anew. And what this means is that those things that you have created will come into form in a new way. You are still dealing, right now, with the residual impacts of what you have created in the past. But the past is the past, and to the extent that you align you frequency to the task at hand, what you create with now will bring you to a new place. How could it not, we say to you? How could it take you someplace you’ve been when the thought is transformed in consciousness?

So tonight we are teaching you a new way of being creative and establishing this as a habit is your job. We cannot sit by you each day and monitor each thought that you have, but we can stand next to you and urge you to the right thought. And as we urge you to the right thought we support you in making the choices that would come to you in this way. So tonight is about creating anew and a new way of thinking. We will teach you this now.

So you’ve been standing in a room and you have not liked what you’ve seen. Your first impulse is to do one of two things, to leave the room, or to live with the room as it is. You tend to think in those terms. When you do not like your job you decide you need to leave your job or stick with it and suffer. The idea that you could be creative within this situation has always bypassed you because you are trained this way. The new way to be creative in your thinking it to listen to the self in a new way, and as you are listening to the self in a new way what you think will change because you will realize that the bifurcating of experience has been a process of choice. You do not decide that you can leave your husband or stay and suffer the marriage or to work on it. You decide in things that will support you now and how you are supported by your thoughts is part of the creative action we speak of.

So this is the system we would like to give you tonight:

“I am choosing to think the thoughts that will support me in recreating any situation in my life that requires recreation.”

Everybody here needs to do this. And as you do this, you work with the energy and the frequency of the Word to bring about change.

Now if you set an intention, “I am Word through this, or I am Word through that,” and you do not follow through with action, you are sitting back with an expectation of mumbo jumbo. Now you can choose to Word through things and allow the frequency to do the work that is required of it, but if you engage in the same patterns of behavior that create the situation, or created an illness you are not contributing to change. It is as if you are saying “I am going to buy the diet book but I am not going to eat what’s on the page.” Do you understand this?

So tonight we tell you this. You have the directions; you can recreate any situation in your life through this action.

Now Paul is wondering what recreation means, and we will tell him. It means what has been is bring realigned to a new frequency where it cannot extend to its old patterning. Because the new frequency is higher, what has been in the old frequency no longer can stay. It is truly that simple. However, each one of you has a habitual pattern of saying “Yes I want it but I don’t want it at the same time, because if I did want it I would have it already. Because I don’t have it must mean I don’t deserve it, or cannot have, it or somebody says I should not have it.” And thereby you sit by the wayside and wonder why you don’t manifest.

You do not manifest because you do not believe and you do not allow your frequency to hold what you ask for. Now if you want something to come into form in a creative way, “I am Word through the new job.” “I am Word through the new hip.” “I am Word through my body in a new way” you can do this and, in fact, you are doing this when you set an intention in “I Am Word.” And when you do this, you each decide that this can be so through the action of saying it.

However, if you do not hold this to be true, you have spoken a litany of words, and you can work on this as well and we will tell you how. When you want something but you do not hold it in your field, it disappears. When you want something and you cannot hold it you can believe that you were not able to hold it in your frequency for one of several reasons.

The primary reason is fear of having it and the belief that you cannot have it, or you would be hurt by what you wanted or it would be taken from you. So therefore, even though you manifest what you say you want, what you truly want and what you truly believe has been out pictured through the response to it. And this is why people have money and lose it or find a lover and lose it and say “There I go again, I have lost another lover.” Now again, if you feel that you are victimized by circumstance in this way, you are actually contributing to the resistance of the Divine Light that would support you in changing the pattern. You are, of course, empowering the pattern to stay entrenched.

So how do you change your frequency to be able to hold a new vibration? “I am Word trough this, I am Word through that.”

Well the first thing we would tell you is that you need to know that this is real, and that the work you do is real. And each one of you has had enough experience here with the frequency of Word to know that we are not talking blindly. But then the question comes, “How far does it go? How far can I go with this work?” We will tell you this: How far do you want to go? That should be your question. As far as you want to go in creation is as far as this frequency can take you. No on can stop you but you. Now this is a group frequency when you gather, and when you are on your own you are individualizing it in your choices when you contribute to the light though “I am Word.”

When you decide today that what you say you want you can hold, what you hold will stay with you and the resistance you have had to holding it will need to be recreated. And yes, again, we come back to the idea of recreation as an action you can take. So if you’ve always believed that if you have money you will be scorned, or you will be used, you have to recreate that thought, you need to release the patterning that created that thought or transmute the whole frequency through “I am Word.”

Now we will tell you what this means: When you choose something to recreate it is in your frequency, it is in your conscious energy field already. It hangs out like a label on a store that says pickles five dollars or fresh fruit. It’s a label that you have given yourself. And you will walk around with that label in your frequency and you will be that pickle, or that orange, or an out pictured belief system to the extent that it continues to stay there. But when you choose to move it, “I am now choosing to release this need to believe in such and such. I am now carrying a new wave of frequency through the situation and this belief system to transform me. I am Word through this intention, Word I am Word,” what you do, essentially, is clean up the label. You are peeling it off and throwing it away. It no longer needs to be there, and consequently, it no longer needs to hold itself to you.

Now those beliefs that you had around these things stick around as well. And sometimes there is a chain reaction to a belief. Things get entrenched in multiple ways and therefore they must be cleaned through the same process. “I am now choosing to Word through this belief system that is contributing to this pattern. I am Word through this intention, Word I am Word.” And then you are responsible to it. Not just for speaking the words, but moving with the frequency, where the frequency leads you.

Now you are not alone in this. You are being worked with and supported and we are teaching you as we can to stand up for yourselves in the light, which means we see you as grownups, aspiring to growth and to authority of mastery as a Christed being. There is no one who can keep you from this but you, and we say this one more time: You are the one who chooses. You are the one who gives permission to this process, through the asking and trough the receiving of it. You are being worked with by us and you are choosing this each time you arrive here and each time you decide that this is worthy of your attention.

So we thank you for listening to us. Tonight was a talk about what we need from you in order to work with you more effectively. We must give you the work to do so that you can work with us, and as we work with you, we realign our frequency to you for greater effectiveness. The triumph of this group, in our eyes, is the willingness to continue, and to learn, and to leave behind the self that was no longer helped by the old patternings that are releasing from you now.

So we thank you each and we will continue now with the group in frequency work.

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