Sunday, July 5, 2009

Channeling 6/4/2009

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling that was held in New York City on June 9, 2009. It was followed by group and individual instruction and energy work.)

This is about us now, and not the soul that sits before you with issues. Now you all have issues and we require you at this time to navigate through them and decide what’s what.

Now you have overwhelming ideals about what is expected of you through this time, and we want to address those ideals individually in order to bring you the next level of comprehension of where you stand.

By ideals we mean those things you have set before you, that stand before you and self-identify as you at some specified time where you will anchor them in. “I will be this man someday.” “I will be this woman someday.” “I will heal this wound.” “I will have my love.” “I will accept what I know and not be so afraid.”

Now these are the ideals we speak of, and we say “navigate” because you are the ship that is moving through the water of your own consciousness to find yourself. You are the landing that you require. You are the harbor that you seek. And you still believe on some level that this will be found in some other realm, in some other ideal, in some other consciousness than the one you inhabit today.

You can only inhabit your consciousness as you stand today. You can’t do it tomorrow or in the past because those things are mirrors and they are not present. You can stand today and reflect the future, reflect the past, but this is only done in the present time.

Now we say ideals because ideals are good things and you require these things, in some ways, to promise you that your journeys will not lead you to fear and to reckoning of pain. You decide that you can be on this journey towards conscious creation with the intention to align yourself to Jesus, to the Christ, to the magnificence of All That Is, to the Nirvana that is present for you however you wish to decree it, you can state these things and you can believe that you are there. But your fear, frankly, is that you will be left, you will be left, you will be left, and when you are left at sea in this boat that is your consciousness you will have to contend with anything that could befall you.

Now we want to work with you tonight in choosing reckoning. And we say reckoning with the realization that it brings with it fear, “to be reckoned with,” “I am being reckoned with,” which means I am substantiating a claim of otherness with that thing I am I reckoning with. When we say reckoning, we decide that the time of triumph is associated with a reckoning where as you might perceive it to be something frightening. David and Goliath was a reckoning. There are reckonings in daily life when you require yourself to stand in your knowing and face the truth of what you are when the world would say no. This is happening now. This is the time of a new reckoning. And we say this with great truth. The reckoning brings you your alignment to the Christ frequency.

You thought quite simply that you would be sent off to school with your lunch in a pail and sit in the cafeteria and inhabit yourselves as your true self. This does not happen without a reckoning of sorts. This does not happen without a reckoning. And the thing that you are reckoning, the identity that you are in confrontation with is yourself in fear. That is the personhood, the selfhood, the identity that you are going to be asked to confront in a way that will cause you the reckoning of truth.

“I am not that fear. I am not that thing I have believed myself to be. I am not that horrible man, or that ugly woman, or that lonely person, or that disfigured ideal that I have stood before in shame, or in fear, or in worry. I am this thing I say I am: I am Word, I am Word, I am Word.”

Now we will trumpet this song for those of you who would listen:

“I am Word. I am Word. I am in my knowing of myself as my Divine Self.”

So we say to you now, the reckoning is upon you. You cannot pretend anymore that you are not this thing you claim to be. This is not a new shirt with a price tag on it that you try on in the store and leave there when you decide it is not a comfortable fit. You are doing alchemical work here at a very deep soul level, and the confrontation with the self that was made in fear, that denies the Creator, that lives alone in her fear and worry and shame is who must be seen and loved, and in that love the reckoning happens.

You do not reckon with fear by fear. You do not reckon with fear by rage. You reckon with fear through love and wisdom. And this is the teaching of the time. Now we wish to remember you each tonight as you stand here before us on the brink of great change. And we say great change is come. And this is the time of understanding what it is. There is no reason now to fear yourself other than to believe that has all been a false teaching, that you have each come here for some time in the belief in transformation that was convenient but not truthful.

We will tell you this tonight: That the truth of this time in transmission, in quantum physics, in the reality of what you will experience now, is gong to transform your consciousness to the way it was intended to be.

“I am in my knowing,” means “I am in my knowing of God and my own worth as a created child of God in his knowing. I bring this to me now through this quantum identity that I am inhabiting. I am standing in my knowing as a dimensional being. And I am requiring my knowing to bring forth the wisdom I require to inhabit fully the dimensional reality that I now partake in, and as I do so, my experience of myself, my worth, my love, my brothers, my feelings, my body, my inheritance is transformed in love. I receive my knowing now as Word. I accept my knowing as Word. And I call to me the wisdom that is required to bring this inhabitation to full form. I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now we answer your calls tonight, and we say this with love. When we say we answer your calls we mean the choices that you will make as you journey from this night on. The call has been made to you and you have risen to its sound. And as you have risen, you have deiced that the path that you stand in will be transformed to inherit you as you are today and now, in this second, in this moment, in this instant of your knowing of your inheritance: Word I am Word.

We offer you this tonight because the journey before you is unlike what you have believed it would be. And we are telling you a truth here. The transformation that is coming will realize itself in its way. Your way would be a lessening of the requirements of it. Your belief would still be anchored here in this dimensional frequency when you believe you want a thing, or a husband, or a job, or something specific. We are telling you now that what you would create from this place is a limitation of what we would gift you with. So we ask you tonight to say:

“I am in my acceptance of my divine heritage. And that which I call to me now will be brought forth in wonder. That which I claim will be gifted to me. That which I receive will be my anointing. I am in my knowing. I am in my acceptance. I am in my wonder. And I am in my love. Word I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now we bring love to fill this room and we anchor you each as love. And we are telling you this lovingly: When we say you are love, you are inhabiting yourselves as the adjournment of fear. We say to you this with great praise: The alignment to love that is our new mission with you adjoins you and adjourns fear. Period.

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