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Channeling 6/19/2009

(The following is the transcript of the lecture portion of a group channeling held in New York City in June 19, 2009. It was followed by group and individual instruction and energy work.)

Now we want to start, and the talk is good tonight. And we’ve been waiting for a week to accelerate you because there’s a mission to come. And when we say mission, we mean a big one, because the work of this group is steady and elongating itself as you continue to work with one another.

As you commit to this frequency, as you stand in the Word and claim your power as a divine being, you amplify your frequency. As you amplify your frequency you stand in truth and you must become that which you are. The Christed Self comes forth as Word and you stand in your own truth as you do this. As you do this, what you create in your lives becomes your truth out pictured in beauty, in clarity, in choice. We say choice. So many of you still contend with the belief that you are victims of other people, of circumstance, of decisions you have made and you cannot unmake and to the extent that you believe this you are in your powerlessness.

To the extent that you describe yourself as fearful, you are in your fear. To the extent that you decree, "I am a man who feels poorly about myself or you," you are defining yourself through that choice. Each way you say it, you contend with the delivery of what you have chosen in this life. We suggest that the path before you is a great one, and as you stand forward in your truth what you create out of Christ manifestation can only be beautiful.

Now you must understand beauty as we describe it. Beauty is not about appeasing the senses in an appropriate way. Beauty as we see it is Christ in manifestation, and that means you are becoming the creator embodied as yourselves. Now beauty we say is the manifestation of, yes, yourself as the Christ. And to the extent that you deny this of yourself and of your fellows you are in deceit of your truth. You are in deceit and fear because you cannot be wonderful and not see the wonder in your fellow man. You cannot stand in your truth and not bear witness to the Christ embodied in another.

Now we say this to you because you think it’s easy or it’s supposed to be pretty and that the path before you is simple. Well guess what, everyone? You have chosen a path that requires you to contend with those things that impede you from becoming your truth embodied. Because you have chosen this, what you call forth to you, at times, is the significant teaching you require to contend with those things that stop you from manifesting as yourself in Christ.

If you decide today “I don’t need it anymore. I don’t want to do the homework. I’m tired of thinking about myself this way,” you can choose to get on board another bus that will take you someplace differently. There are many busses to take to the truth. However, we have taken you on a long ride so far, and the preview is getting to be exciting of what can come.

Now if you decide you don’t need it, you will chose it anyway eventually, because you have already chosen to come forth as your Christed Self when you decided “I am Word, I am Word, I am Word. ” And with this decision you made a contract with your own soul’s worth to become what you were intended to be. So, in a funny way, you have already bought the ticket, you are on the path, and that means that those things that stand in the road and block the bus's progress will have to be contended with.

It’s not that terrible if you understand the massive adventure that you are undertaking to become yourself in truth, to stand firm in the awareness of your own ideal of yourself as the divine being you are intended to be is a grand thing. Standing before you is all that you need to manifest this.

You are becoming yourselves. We are grateful for this, and we are standing with you to heal you of those things that cause you pain and fear. We are not telling you this in a way that will hurt you. We are telling you this so you can be healed. And by this we mean we want you to take charge of your own history and make due with the choices you have made to bring you to this stage of development and then move forward in your truth as the light being you are.

We are gifting you tonight with the mission. And the mission we say is a wondrous one. The mission is coming to you in pieces as if you are learning, a day at a time, a new word that you will string together to form a sentence that will become a sentence that will become your claim of your lives:

“I am that I am. I am my own divine being in creation. And that which I bring forth before me is in wonder.”

Now stand together if you would. We are going to work with you as a group for a moment, because the mission you are choosing, if you so choose, will require each of you to rely on the others present in the way that is appropriate for your healing and for your learning.

“I choose tonight to make myself known to myself as my divine being incarnate. I choose tonight to heal those wounds that have kept me from my knowing of my own power and my own truth. I choose tonight to realize the beauty that is in my fellow man and in my own name, I am Word, I sing a song of my own creation:

I am alive, I am well, I am healed, I am on my journey and I am in the light with my fellows. I stand firm in my choice to become my own incarnate self as Word. I am Word through my being. Word I am Word. I am Word through my vibration. Word I am Word. I am Word through my knowing of myself as word. Word I am Word.”

Thank you and receive love through the bodies you stand in. Receive, receive, receive, receive. "Yes," when you feel it. Let it come, let it come. Feel this please through the heart and third eye. Let yourself receive yourself as loved. Believe you are worthy of your choice. “I am knowing myself. I am Word.” I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.

Now sit if you would.

We want to teach you something. And when we say teach, we mean it. This is not just about our talking, as much as it is about our intention to receive you each into your own power as the learner who will become the teacher.

We told you two weeks ago that this would be the class for the teachers, and we want you to understand what this means in requirements for the course you are about to take.

Those of you who decide that they want this mission will be taken with us in our stead to be taught individually, not as a group, but you will become trained in energy work by us individually. Sometimes through Paul, but as often as not though our work with you in your meditations, in your dreams and in and through your willingness to serve as a teacher of the vibration we call Word. As you say "yes" to this choice you carry with you the decree that you will be taught and then you become aligned with the frequency we endow you with.

Now we said a course for teachers. And what a course means is a practice of study and a discipline that you will work with as you decide you are able to. As you decide you are capable of healing others though the Christ work we claim as Word, you will become known for the ability and you will attract people to you who require what you are giving them, and then you will be teaching them.

If you understand this, you will be disciples in a funny way, of the frequency you are incarnating as. Now disciples is a crazy word and implies there is someone to follow in discipleship but that is not the meaning of the word as we use it. You become the Christed ones embodying the selves in this frequency and then you chose to serve the frequency for the benefit others. As you do this you align to the frequency more and more and you are taught what you need to learn.

You will use this decree as a teacher of the frequency of the Word:

“I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my vibration. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.”

Now you have been taught this well, but what you haven’t fully understood is that it is a doorway and it is a path towards healing. And as you create with this you are in a position to support others in their work and on their journey. You will talk, Paul, in a moment, but we will talk now about that they are doing, and this is important because there are people here who are new, or who disbelieve or who are correcting themselves as they understand what this has been about all this time.

You have believed that you were here for yourselves, and you have been. Because the healing that you require begins within the self and you cannot support others to the extent that you are not willing to engage with your own process of healing. As you put the breaks on and say "I don’t want to deal with this, I don’t want to change, I don’t want to feel my feelings, I don’t want to look at what I’ve done, or how I’ve treated others,” is the way that you stop the process. However, you must understand that those feelings come up as an opportunity to heal and to see and to understand and to learn and to teach.

If you understand what you have endeavored to do is a kind of truth and willingness to become yourself by encasing yourself in your frequency and divesting yourself of those things that have impeded your growth, you will see that this has been a path for you since you first came.

Paul, you are ready now to do this work in a public place, which is why we have brought you forward now. The timing is no coincidence that this is happening now. This has been prepared for a long, long time, prior to this lifetime, and each of you here who decides to becomes, in this, your own prophet, your own being; your own living self in manifestation of light has chosen this as well. None of you are here by a boo-boo. None of you came because the food was good or the company was so nice or because it was easy to sit in a hot room and hear somebody talk so loudly when you would rather be asleep.

We understand why you are here.

You came in fear. You came in courage. You came in love and you came in heartbreak. You came with a desire to become yourselves healed, aligned, enjoined with yourself as your own true self embodied as the Christ that you are intended to be. That is why you came, and we are here to say to you, we gift you with this, we come to you in our love for you and we gift you with this. You are not here because the food was good. You are here because the love that will treat you with this will support you in your transformation as the being that you are.

Now ask yourself this: Why am I here? What does your heart tell you? Why am I here? What do you know when you ask yourself this question? Do you want to be a teacher of this energy? Do you want to work with this frequency and with us to align others to the vibration and to the healing in the Word? Ask yourself this, please, and you will know the answer.

No one is ashamed. No one is disallowed. No one is fearful. Now we will tell you this. Some of you are worried that you are not worthy of attempting to become this, let alone to teach it. And we will tell you, that is your fear teaching you. Our teachings do not teach unworthiness. Our teachings heal and clear and choose the highest with you and for your good. You are aligned to the extent that you choose it.

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