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Channeling 6/11/2009

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling held in New York City on June 11, 2009. It was followed by additional instruction and group and individual energy work.)

We’re talking about things now that need direction. And this includes your lives. Where do you want direction and how do you go about getting it? This is the big question for the time.

Last week we told you that you were the savior, in many ways, and the expectation that someone else would come to you and heal you or charge you with your mission is a temporary ideal that keeps you from your own power. So this week want to talk about knowing and your direction so that you can begin to anchor yourselves as the one who knows.

“I am in my knowing.” I am in my knowing means that I am taking responsibility on a level of consciousness to bring forth that which I need to know what I know and honor that through my consciousness in all that I do.

When you say “I am knowing, I am knowing, I am knowing,” you are actually saying that you know something and if you don’t know something why would you say it? Now you can ask yourself this tonight:

“What would happen if I anchored in the quality and the choice of ownership of all that I have ever done, all that I have chosen, all that I have decided and kept at bay because I did not want to know that I decided, that I chose, that I knew?”

How many of you who sit here tonight still blame other people for the qualities that you hold as your own? How many of you still believe that your worthiness is contingent on an expectation by someone else to tell you you are worthy? How many of you still believe that your lovability is based on someone else’s love for you? All of these things, we will say, are things that you have chosen, and as you choose these things, you diminish your self-identity as the Christ incarnating in a body, which is who you are in truth.

Now to diminish the self in one way, in an ego way, is not a terrible thing, necessarily. “I don’t know everything. I don’t have the answer to this one,” can lead you on a path of great humility and wonderful discovery to the extent that you accept that as a gift.

“I want to know. I don’t know now, but I will know.” Now that is very different than deciding that you know something that you know something about because the ego wants you to conform to its rules. “I know that I am the right one.” “I know that she is wrong.” “I know I am better than this job.”

If you can hear these thoughts, they are all about power, and constructions of power, and weighting the self against someone or something else to decide you are better or worse than or something other than that. So we will say to you: if you are truly in your knowing, you are not operating from that place.

So for you know yourself in truth requires you to regard yourself in a quiet way and know “I am in my knowing, Word I am Word.” I am in my knowing means “I am in the knowing of myself as I am, as I am as the Divine Self that I am incarnating as.”

Now when you decide that you know something for convenience and you say “I know what I know” you may be accurate, but deciding and knowing can be two different things. And you can deicide something: “She’s not the right one for me. She’s not wrong, she’s not right. She’s not for me.”

Knowing something is very different. When you are in your knowing you are actually bypassing the predicament of fear completely because fear does not exist at this level of consciousness. And we tell you this directly: When you’re responding in your fear, you cannot really be in your knowing in the way that we speak of. If you imagine for a second that somebody is trying to harm you and you know that "She is trying to harm me,” "He is trying to harm me,” the thought itself, the knowing itself does not hold the fear. The fear is actually the response to the knowing. Do you understand the difference? It’s how you choose to respond to your knowing.

So we want to decide now, and we used the word "decide" intentionally, that you can be in your knowing in the honest and most truthful way that you can claim tonight, and as you claim your knowing on this level of consciousness, you actually belie the belief that you cannot know. You actually change the predicament of consciousness between knowing and deciding as you go forward.

Now Paul is saying, “What are you talking about?” So we will explain it to him:

The choice you make tonight to anchor in your knowing as the way we say, which is from a profound place of identity “I AM in my knowing." I AM is your identity. As you claim this you can move into decision from your knowing. If you decide that you are in your knowing you can be, and you can claim your knowing but we are trying to make a distinction between deciding something and knowing something. I can decide to take a walk around the block or go to the moon. That is different than knowing something. "I know that I must go for a walk," "I know that I can go to the moon” can then prompt the decision we speak of. Are you understanding the difference that we speak of? This will be encouraging to you as you continue to create from your knowing.

Now the disfigurement of the ideal of knowing has a pattern to it. The disfigurement of knowing has to do with other things than knowing, inclusive of fear of others' decisions. "I am in my knowing because I don’t want John to be angry with me" is, yes, a way of knowing something, but it is still a fear-based reaction. “I am knowing that what I did will incur wrath.” Well, that is fine, that is not an emotional response. That is simply your stating of your knowing, and then you can respond accordingly.

Paul is saying, “What did you mean by disfigurement of knowing?” The disfigurement of knowing means when you believe something to be your knowing but is, in fact, created out of previous patterning that you have not contained and created in a new way and healed. That’s what we are saying. If you know you need more money to be happy, you may know that, but you may also be operating out of a pattern reflected by your choice to have a lot more than other people. Do you understand the difference? So knowing from a true sense is truly a simple way of being in your response to your true self.

Question your knowing to the extent that you make decisions based on it that are perpetuating patterns that you say you would like to release. This is important to understand. If, once again, if you decide that that girl is not the one for you, and you know that, are you perpetuating a pattern of self rejection that you are then out picturing in your relationships or, in fact, are you knowing that maybe you are still operating from an old pattern? And once you change that pattern your identity will reflect that change.

Now we are tying to be specific in our examples. We said to you last week that you are going to be teachers of the Word and this is actually very true to the extent that you choose it, but you cannot choose it until you know it for yourselves to be your truth. And we will be very patient with this because we believe you are, in fact, entitled to be in your knowing before you claim your path.

Earlier tonight we spoke of things and Paul is saying, “What were they?” But we were speaking about your decisions and your directions and how you look outside of yourselves to be told who you are.

Now there is a point to this. And to see the other in his beauty, in his perfection, in his willingness to be revealed as his Christed Self is a wondrous thing. And the ability to do that for another is wonderful. However, you are not telling someone who they are, nor are you directing them by standing in their witness is the Christ.

When you say to someone “Would you tell me what I am?” The truth of the matter is you can only tell them “I see the Divine Perfection in you, I see your truth. I feel you. I know you as you are,” but choices, ultimately, are made by the individuals who live them, whether or not they believe it.

Tonight we want to release some patterning around feeling like you are not the one in charge of your life, and that everybody else is the one who knows what they know. We are also going to remind you that as you do this, you are required to relinquish the patterning that states that someone else can be responsible for your well being.

Now we don’t mean this in a way that is not loving and is not supportive. We would always want you to be in love and support of your friends, of those you see before you, of your family. But the distinction we will make is when you stand and say, “I am the one responsible for your friendship, for your healing, for your love” and you place someone in a position of power like that again, you create a dynamic and a structure that is not divine but based in a form of control or fear.

So tonight we are simply saying “Time to let go of others in the way that stands in the way of your ability to be in love.”

When you are in love with someone in a true sense you are in your dominion as love. And the other is in his perfection as love, regardless of what he presents. It can only be love that loves. It can only be love that sees love. It can only be love that reflects love back to another. So you are this thing. You are this love. And as you recognize yourself as this, you create as love. As you create as love, you change everything in your lives.

Paul has had an example this week, in a funny way, of what happens when you step out of the way enough to let spirit act in its own accord. And spirit acts in love and it is a reminder to him that such things can be. When we spoke to you a few moments ago about the things that stand in the way and holding others in ways that makes them responsible for your happiness or for your healing, you are actually not in love. And we want you to take this seriously. Because until you recognize this, the release will not come clean. So we want to gift you all tonight with your choice to be in dominion, in love, and in your freedom and in your knowing.

Now knowing again is who you are. I am in my knowing states “I am this thing, and I know.” You can also know that you don‘t know and then you can be taught on a consciousness level, but in order for that to happen, you need to understand that deciding something is not necessarily the same as knowing it, and believing something that you have been taught is not the same as knowing something. And recreating a pattern that you have lived with for a long time that you mistakenly believe to be your knowing is not your knowing.

“I only like fattening food because my mommy made it for me, and that is who I am.” Well, you are knowing who you were, but on a higher level, your knowing knows what you need and you are mistaking a patterning for your knowing.

“I know that men will not like me.” Well, that is your knowing and you create from it, but why would that be something you would know as a truth? Do you understand this? Now we are talking a lot tonight, and it’s for a good reason. We will be taking a break soon as Paul travels and we want to arm you with information and choices because when we reconvene, the work of this group is going to transform. We will be ready for it and we will prepare you as well.

Paul is saying “How?” Well, we will give you a little preview about what the changes will be. When we reconvene, each one here who chooses to stay will be released from the fear of activating themselves in truth as a teacher of the Christ frequency.

This does not mean that you have to open up a school. It does mean that you will be operating at a level that will teach others in your frequency, in your choices and in your knowing. As you do this, you call others to you who will require the level of change that you are embarked upon.

Paul is seeing the image of two people here, Stavros and Jeffrey, and they are walking down the street in opposite directions with little ducklings waddling behind them. And in a funny way, we are giving Paul that picture because it’s a truthful one.

Now all of you here will have your own different ways of experiencing this and teaching this. Jan, yours will be with the body. And Reiko, yours will be in your consciousness. And everyone here will have the experience as the teacher that is approved of by themselves at a soul creative level. Nobody is giving you an assignment that you do not want. We would not expect you to do it. But when we speak of this change, we are actually saying that it's time to take the show on the road.

And this is for each of you: Are you willing to stand in our truth and face the light and say: “I am willing to serve? I am willing to stand in my truth. I am in my knowing, and I am loved by my Creator. Word I am Word.” As you call this through you, you become what you say you are. And as you stand in your truth, you become a resonant chord that effects and carries a tone of transformation and of love far and wide.

The book will do this as it’s published, but understand people: You are the book. You are the action of the book. You have already taken the course or are taking it now. And as you have done this, you have participated in its creation. And as that person who has stood here and claimed “I am Word through those before me,” you are the one who will now stand in honor and state it before the world.

Now we gift you this in love. We gift you this in understanding of your own requirements. We gift you this in your own choice to be what you say you are.

Paul is hearing someone say, “I am Marcia Brady” who is not Marcia Brady and Paul is saying “That’s insane,” and Paul is right. In your case, to claim something that you are not is not helpful to anyone. But when you claim your divinity, you are truthfully saying, “I am the Word. I am an aspect of my Creator. I am the choice to embody myself as myself. I am Word, I am Word, I am Word.” So we say this with love.

Now we want to do a little work with you tonight and we thank you for your patience in hearing. We would like everybody to stand and face the light before them. Receive love through the bodies now, through the bodies you stand in. Allow yourselves to receive through the bodies you stand in.

“I am in my knowing. I am in my choice. I am in my worthiness. I am in my love. I am in my clarity and I am I my wonder. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Now we want you to decide at this moment that any choices you have made throughout your life that you have relegated to someone else will now be returned to you in knowing. This does not mean retribution. It simply means “if I told my husband I was leaving him because he was a jerk,” you will take responsibility for your choice. "If I told my mother I was a drunk because of how she treated me,” I will release that choice and claim my own understanding of my actions. This is not harmful, it is actually liberating. Because suddenly, no one can control you, and the belief that you all have that someone can control you is so much a part of your pain.

We would like you to say now:

“I am in my knowing that no one is capable of controlling my decisions, and that I am free in my love, in my responsibility, and in my choice to claim my power in my own choices, in my own responsibility and through my own asking and receiving of my knowing. Word I am Word though this intention. Word I Am Word.”

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