Thursday, July 9, 2009

Channeling 7/3/2009

(The following is the lecture portion of a group channeling held in New York City on July 3, 2009. It was followed by group and individual instruction and energy work.)

Ask them each to receive a hand on heart and the third eye. We want to work on you energetically before we talk. And we want to align you again. And we talk about alignment in a very specific way these days. What alignment means is your self in your tandem self, your creator self, congruently working together. And when we say you are in alignment, we mean that you are in tandem with the creative self, which we will call the Christ Self in manifestation.

We decided last night that we have to work on our language a little bit, only to the extent that people get frightened by an ideal they have embellished with things that are not appropriate. And while we understand this is real to them, we also understand that part of the work of this group is to be the laboratory for what will go out into the world in a larger sense. So we will not tell you that we are not talking about the Christ when in fact we are. That is the frequency that we are attuned to and you are attuned to through our energies and through your responsibility to work on this as you do each week you connect with the frequency of the Christ.

We will tell you that the responsibility of language in its present form will be our responsibility and we will teach you in the way that we require to bring forth the highest amount of energy frequency that is available to each of you to work through, and to be and to inhabit.

I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.
I am Word thorough my vibration. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.

Now, when we say this to you, we are in charge of an attunement that you are bringing forth through your action. “I am Word” is the intention to be yourself in this frequency. When you decide that you are this thing in truth, then you can connect at a much higher level than you have allowed yourself to do to this date.

Now, we want to talk about what we mean here. We are actually telling you that the work you have done until now is in preparation for a new truth of who you are.

You understand this still intellectually. And you speak to each other as if you know what you are doing. But we are now showing Paul an image of a foundation of house that has been built in the earth, and in this foundation, which you have placed, which is yourself in this frequency, you will build, and what you will build is yourself in this truth.

“I am Word” is not an intellectual ideal. It is who you are in a vibration. And as you speak in this vibration who you stand as becomes yourself in your truth as you align to yourself as this thing, what you stand in becomes you and cannot not be what you say, and who you stand by, and what you choose. You become congruent with your identity as "I am Word."

Paul is wondering “Now, does this mean we go away in a personality?” Absolutely not. Why would we dismantle the beauty of who you are on that level? What we have said to you in the past is those things that stand before you and in the way of your inhabitation as “I am Word” are released by this intention to stand in your ownership of your light.

When you stand in this, those things that cannot be held in that frequency are dismantled. To the extent that you choose to hold onto them and protect them because you believe them to be you personality self, then you are hiding from your own mastery as a Christed being. If you can imagine that you have been shoplifting and you have a case of carrots hidden under your overcoat, you can see how silly this seems. You do not need the carrots anymore than you need those habits and personality traits and conditions of requirement that you have based your self-identity in.

Why would you think they were you? We will tell you. Because you have been convinced through habit that this is what you are.

Now if we were to tell you tonight that each one of you is estranged form your own divinity to the extent that you cycle through your habits in unconscious behavior, you would say, “Yes, I get that.” But if you were to understand that the frequency that you are is able, already, to relinquish and release these habitual patterns, you would be surprised at the recognition that you would have that you really still want these things to stay.

Now you have a choice tonight. You can stand in your ownership of your frequency and you can align to this Word as you would any other night, or you can stand truthfully and say:

“I am now choosing to relinquish those behaviors that stand before me and create a block or an obstacle or a problem that will require me to release it in order to inhabit myself firmly and fully in my own Christed being.”

Now don’t be frightened by this. What you are simply saying is “I am now choosing to get with it and to move forward and to be less protective of those behaviors that I have created that are stopping me from becoming what I say I am.”

“I am Word” is not a false statement. You are still Word when you are being compulsive, or you are being frustrated, or you are being in your behaviors that you say you do not want. You are still Word.

However, to the extent that you align to the new behavior as what you are, “I do this,” “I like that, “ “I don’t want to stop this,” you are also saying that aspect of the self cannot come into congruence with your own higher self.

Now Paul is predicting that there are people who are saying, “Hey, wait a minute, I don’t want to give this up.”

Well, nobody is telling you to give something up. We are simply telling you to come into agreement with yourself on a higher frequency in order to change and transform those aspects of the self that are keeping you from understanding and being in your experience of your Christed knowing and being. Word I am Word.

Now we are not telling you that you need to stop something tonight and go off tomorrow and get into a program, or stand in your room and make all the lists of the things that have to get out of the way. You can if you want, but that is a tall order. We are speaking now about responsibility and residual intentions to align to the frequency you are in fullness.

“I am the Word through this aspect of my self that creates these problems. I am the Word though the belief that if I let these go, I will not be myself. I am Word through all that I see before me: all I have damned, all I have blessed, all I have given my truth to and all I have believed to be a lie. I am Word through all I see before me.”

Now you will stand as a group and we will offer this to you as we can:

“I am now choosing to relinquish any and all behaviors that stand in the way of my inhabiting myself fully and firmly as my divine self, as Word. I am Word though this intention, Word I am Word. I am Word through this intention through those before me. I am Word through this intention for (participants named). I am Word through all I see before me. Word I am Word.

Now we praise you each for your alignment to come. And as you inhabit yourself fully and firmly in your Christed Self, you know your name: I am Word, I am Word, I am Word.

We are asking you now to align to the possibility that you have become this thing you say. That you are not only in order, you are in opportunity as this creation to become yourself in a conscious and truthful ownership of your own divinity. I am Word is not a theory, it is a truth.

Thank you and sit.

Now we will work on you individually for a little bit and then we will talk some more.

If any of you are feeling the cold energy around you as Paul is now, you are feeling the release that you just decreed. Paul is feeling it in his hands and his legs. And this is a patterning of his own behaviors that are, truthfully, overdue for release. So we are working with him as we are working with each of you.

Now you have decided to divest yourself of things that are not serving you, and nothing more than that. So do not be afraid. Be in celebration that you are choosing the high road and that you are becoming what you say you are: I am Word.

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