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Channeling 7/23/2009

(The following is a transcript of the lecture portion of a group channeling held on July 23, 2009 in New York City. Group and individual instruction and energy work followed.)

We’re going to get busy now, because there are things to discuss and responsibilities to be held to. And what we mean by responsibilities are things those that you create and then decide you have to deal with, and those things that you create and decide you don’t want to deal with.

Now responsibility comes when it is called into you, when you make it, when it is brought to you by another, and then you choose to stay in response. To be in response means to be in engagement. And to be in responsibility means to stand by your choice in significance of the response you have chosen, or the response that has been gifted to you or the response that you have incurred by your actions.

Now it’s all choice, finally. Each one of you stands in choice. And as you stand in choice, you bring things to you and you call things to you that call to them other situations, other circumstances that then must be contended with.

When you decide in fear and you take actions in fear, or you blame, or you counter your own inferiority with blame of another so you don’t have to deal with our own stuff, you are incurring your own responsibilities. When you choose to act in fear and decide that you are right to act in fear, you are trying to sidestep responsibility.

But, finally, understand this: That choices acted on from fear create more fear. That is why a war is a war. That is why fear is there. So once fear is acted on by you in choice, in responsibility, you are responsible, then, for the repercussions of the choices you have made.

“I don’t want him to leave me so I act in fear to keep him here,” creates responsibility. “I don’t want to be in that job so I’m gonna screw it up,” and that requires that you be in response to your actions.

Now if you don’t want to be in a job, you change your job, you don’t have to create situations that would dictate you leave. That is unconscious behavior. When you are in relationships and you don’t want to be there, you choose to depart. And you do this with integrity and not in fear or in rage or in anger, because ultimately those things are products of fear.

Now each one of you knows what fear is. But what you don’t understand is why you create from it. And why you create from fear is that is the action of fear, to protect itself and to build from its own energies.

If you can imagine a house that was built in light and a house that is built in fear you can imagine the difference in inhabiting one or the other. As you understand yourselves, you will see that the houses that you are have been made in fear in the past, and these are the creations now that you are having to contend with in your physical lives.

“I took a job because I thought I needed the job because the job I really wanted I was afraid I would never get, so I have created a life around a false sense of my fear.” And then you walk around wondering why you hate your job. You were never in that job to begin with. Your fear created it and you chose it as fear.

We have talked to you about love. When you are in love, and in the frequency of love, you become that thing, and those things that you respond to in love become those things that are wonderful in your life.

When you create from fear, and yes, everyone, obligation is fear in many ways as well, then you create a false feeling within yourself that what you should be doing is what you need to be doing and “shoulds” and “needs” are very different things.

“I should sleep because it’s late” is very different than “I need sleep because the body requires rest.” “I should be in this job because it’s a good job and I wouldn’t be in it if I wasn’t qualified” is very different than “I need this job because this job fulfills my requirements for my growth or for my requirements for my physical life.”

We are not going to tell you today to quit your job that you created out of a sense of obligation or fear and take the one that’s nice because we want you fed. But we do want you to understand that these things that you have created in your life that are structured from fear are being dismantled, and this is very upsetting for many people beyond the group.

But tonight, we speak to you as the members of the group who are entrained in a passage of Christ training in consciousness. And that is what this group is, a training in Christ consciousness and frequency. We are telling you this because you can become what you say you are, but you will not to the extent that you recreate your patterns in fear or in rage, because the rage is born in fear.

And because unworthiness, at its core, is a fear, those things that are created in your unworthiness: “I don’t deserve it,” "it can’t be for me,” "he could not want me,” “that job would never have me,” “she wouldn’t talk to me if I was walking with her,” all of these beliefs are fear-based. And as you create from them you have to dismantle them.

So the process of dismantling these structures is happening now, and some of you are feeling it big-time. Some of you are saying “Well, I sort of did this already, it’s not gonna be that bad.”

We want you to talk about this with your friends. What does it mean to divest the self of those beliefs you created in fear, and how do you take responsibility for those actions you have taken in fear that have been used in other ways by you to protect the identity that you think you are?

“I must be a teacher because I have students.” Well, yes, you are a teacher, but that is not your identity in Christ consciousness. It’s an aspect of what you do. And who you stand as, finally, in the truest sense, is the Christ come in you.

Now this light wants to shine. It is shining already. And the heavens are full of light and we say heavens when we say who we stand in with you in frequency is aligned with beautiful light. But the coming of this in you is not strategic. It’s not always easy or comfortable or friendly to face a mirror and see your pain and see what you have created in your fear, in your sense of unworthiness, or unlovability, or unforgiveness of yourselves or your brothers.

When you stand in your unforgiveness, your ego self stands triumphant and crows like a cock at dawn “I am in my Word!” Now that is an aspect of the self that is truthfully not who you are but who wishes to control the vessel that you stand in. We are speaking of you bifurcated in a certain way.

Now the Christ consciousness, which is an aspect of the self that is coming into fruition through the work we do with you, is the aspect that is truthful. The self that denies the Christ or the God Self or the light or whatever you wish to call it, and stand separate from his fellows is the part of you that is being contended with.

How can you be superior to your fellow in any way shape or form? How is that even possible? How can you dare, on any level, to state your supremacy on one hand and then state “I am Word, I am the Christ come in man” in another sentence? That cannot be the same thing.

Ideologies have created separation in the past. And I say this, and I speak as "I" in this moment,


And this sentence will sing until the leveling has occurred when all men and women see themselves in truth as worthy of the Creator.

And you cannot stand in your worthiness and deny your fellow entry into the Christ. That is the sin against God. To deny the self is to deny the brother. To deny the self is to deny the light in someone else. The moment you stand in judgment of your fellow you deny yourself your own knowing as the light. Do you understand this?

So the times have come to dismantle these things that separate you from one another and our cry to you in a cry of love and truth. The man you are, the woman you are, the one you stand as requires love. And this love is present, but available to you only as you allow it and become yourselves today as you stand in truth.

“I am Word through my body” is the claim of the body in this frequency. “I am Word through my environment” states that you are present and aware of the divinity in that which stands before you. “I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word” is the consciousness of the Creator made whole in man.

Christ consciousness as Self. That is the call here. And individuation still is present because the ego has its place, so you don’t put the fork in the mouth of the woman next to you by accident at dinner. You need to know your mouth is your mouth and the keys to the apartment you live in go to the right door. So we are not taking you out of yourselves, we are giving you yourselves in wonder, in truth and through the action of the Christ in man.

So we say to you tonight, what you call forth, you call into being. And if you blame, if you condemn, if you fear, if you cry out against, if you decide for against anything, you become induced into a creation of fear.

Now when we say “against” we state this very simply. “I would never belong to a club like that” immediately puts you in that club. Do you understand this? You have not neutralized it, you have created a relationship with it frequency-wise that then you have to dismantle.

Now we are not being silly. There are lots of organizations we would hope you would never join. But that is not about judgment, that’s about truth, and as your frequency lifts, and frequency finds its own place, you would never be there anyway.

Are we speaking in ways that you can comprehend?

We are trying to decide tonight how to tell you certain things that will bring you forth in your fullness as the light. As you stand in fullness who you stand as becomes a brilliant thing that is seen and aligned and in its worth. And the process of getting there, some days, is not easy, but it is worth it. As you stand in your knowing, you stand in love, as you stand in love, you can become this thing you say you are: “I am Word. I am Word. I am Word.”

Now we are with you. The room is full tonight. There many of us here to assist you in the work that is to come. And we say it is work. The time of playing in the light is over. The industry is here. The times have called for it. You cannot dabble any more.

If this is not for you, you will not come. If this is not for you, you will be called elsewhere. If this is not you, you will be loved regardless, and there is no blame.

But the passage of this time is greatly significant and who you stand as, in the light, will be seen. And if you are aware of this, you can choose it. If you choose it, it will be. That is promised to you each. If you choose it, you will be this thing you say are in truth. We would not lie. We have no call to.

We have to give you things to take with you now, on this next phase of journeying. And these are the things we wish to gift you with:

Your integrity is the first thing we want you to stand as. And we say stand as because your integrity will be the barometer for what is truthful to you and what is not truthful to you. When you do not resonate with an action that you take because that “take” is in fear, you will know it. You will frequency-wise shift into an understanding in your integrity that this was not the right thing to say, or speak, or act on.

Now this can be simple: “I didn’t tip the guy who brought the food.” Or it can be large “I didn’t acknowledge the love I have for someone because I was fearful.” Do you understand this?

Your integrity will now be the barometer for you to gauge your knowing. And as you stand in this you will become more aware of what you require to keep your frequency aligned to the light in the highest way possible. “I didn’t need that sex.” “I didn’t need that drink.” “I didn’t need that bothersome phone call, but I didn’t handle it well.” Will be ways you can understand yourselves differently.

Now tomorrow you are each going to have a choice, one time in the day, and we promise you this, where you will be called to stand in your integrity, and that means you will not do the easy thing. You will not placate out of fear. You will not react out of fear. You will take the name you have, “I am Word,” and you will become this in your action. You will stand in your truth and you will speak your claim and you will not have fear. The fear that you may experience would only be the fear of going against habit.

But we tell you this: When you are in your integrity and you are knowing your truth there is no fear. The only fear you might have is of reprisal for speaking the truth you have, and that is very different than knowing the response you have. There is never fear in your knowing, and we use the word tonight, ”integrity” to teach you a different system of accessing yourself and your information.

This was the first thing.

The second thing we wish to gift you with is love. We wish to gift you each with love so that you may hold another one in the frequency of love and know that this is so. We are not speaking of conjecture anymore. We are not speaking of the idea of love, or the body as love in a form. We are speaking of true love.

To be in true love transcends feeling and form, and we wish to gift you with this in a way that you can operate from. To operate from love means you act as love. You are this thing. And we call to you now the information that you each require to become this thing. Now this will be individual, but we are gifting you with it anyway. It’s as if you are each getting a bag, a “hobo-sack” Paul sees, that you will carry with you and you will always remember it.

“I am holding my love, I am in my love, and I can act as love.”

That is two.

The third thing, and the final thing, we with to gift you with is the Christ in a way that you can feel. Now we are not telling you a lie. We want you to be able to call and summon the frequency that you say you are in a way that you can feel. Because as this becomes demonstrate-able to you each you can signify, you can stand in your light and be what you say you are.

We are bypassing the intellect. We are telling you this in a way you will have to experience as frequency as your selves. And the Christ that we speak of is in the light you are.

Now this light will become manifested in each of you tonight in a significant way that you can operate from. And those of you who stand in this night will believe in your worth from now on. This is a gift, and it’s a serious one. You will each have this information in your being in ways that we believe you will be able to accept and respond to, as you need it.

Now Paul, would you say this for the room "I am Word through the ones before me." And as he says this we are going to be working on you each. Each one present will be worked on.

"I am Word through those before me. I am working on each one present as the Word. And each one is being gifted with her own relationship, his own relationship to his Christed Self in a way that is understandable, acceptable and responded to. I am Word through this intention for those before me. Word I am Word. I am Word through those before me. Word I am Word."

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